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1. Is this your first 100% online course in Taylor’s University Programme? If yes, what
are you expecting in this online learning? If no, what are the differences between
this course with the other course(s) that you have taken?

No, my first online course was TITAS during my first year, first semester degree
course. I have seen lots of similarities between the two modules namely, TITAS and
Hubungan Etnik and I think it is related in some parts.

I find this course has lots of interactivity between the courmates as it does not seem
so with TITAS which is filled with more online learning and online interactivity. The whole
course seems well planned to ensure the students really interact as much to learn with some
elements of fun. It is a great way to attract and maintain the attention of the students.

2. What is your acceptance of online learning on the first week of the lesson?

I had experienced this in my first semester hence it was more like an overview of
what I had expected in the first week. The whole lesson was based online and it’s nice to
discuss our work with our friends instead of listening to lectures in university. It’s a perfect
learning environment for those who wishes to learn with a little help of visualisations. There
are lots of external videos and references placed to help the students identify the problem
and make sense of the whole topic and lesson being taught.


1. What is your expression when you know the module will be taught 100% online?

At first I thought it was a great opportunity for me as I will have spare time and work
on the online course at my own pace since I have already much homework to do for the day.
I can make spare time to allow myself to finish it by the deadline. Thus, I liked the structure
of the module as it is flexible and allow students to make their own scheduling and make
effort at their own time.

2. What are your challenges that you faced when you start using virtual learning
platform for Hubungan Etnik Module?

There were not much challenges when I was using the virtual learning platform
during my entire course. It was an interesting platform and base on my previous experience.
I already had in mind what to do. There are no major problems faced but it might be non-
mobile friendly and it causes some problems while surfing on the web. Sometimes, this can
be a small problem but often times it might seem like it’s a waste of time.

1. Before joining Hubungan Etnik Module, what is your perception on ethnic relations in
I always liked to learn about the history of Malaysia ever since I was in secondary school but
these days my interest started to shift. I am pleased to be able to learn and improve my
knowledge on this subject.

2. What do you need to know in order to be best prepared for this online learning?

There are many ways to learn a certain skill. By online learning, it gives space to the
students to freely express their opinions since there’s no one to judge upon. It’s a space to
let others see and view another’s perspective and thinking on the topic. Learning to share
one’s opinions will help each other to improve and be more open towards others. This helps
us to open our minds and challenge our values in life.