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Don't Fence Me In tty A’ Em’ Gdim D Dmaj’ Db Dmaj’ D Em’ pte pe de Sf eallTTas lo + 4 Oh, give me land, lots of land un-der star-ry skies above. Don't fence me in. a A’ Em” a Em’ A Gc’ Gdim__Dmaj’ D® i £ — cS pS [ ]="TS aw SS a ae a a ce = -? Let me ride thru the wide 0 - pen coun-try that Tlove. Don’t fence me in. Let me Dmaj’ D’ Daug’ Co ta Se SSS be by my-self inthe - ning bre lis - ten to the mur-mur of — the 1 c cdim Gm* it Pap ws [pga de ds ete - 2S cot - ton-wood trees. Send me off for-ev - er, but I ask you _ please, +2 Gmaj’ Gdim D bd’ Gmaj’ pi SS a jae ase ae ii tien anes tone ee sia meadiadwe Ge Gla paug’ Gmaj” pS a On my, cay = use, Jot me wan-der 6 = vor i sae peal wnt 9 re i ‘omay’ i Sip + a | Gmaj’ Gdim D Ibood qd aw fees we ts Can't look at hob-blee and