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1. Benefits of travelling: e. I’m looking forward to receiving a convenient c. Rich countries : assume their responsibilities towards
a. Fun : “A holiday gives one a chance to look backward compensation; otherwise I shall feel free to take the matter poor countries/ help & donate / provide the necessary tools
and forward.” May Sarton to the court. and expertise to boost the educational level
• To provide some excitement and an escape from the 4. Space tourism : positive aspects 8. Virtual school (pros)
hum drum of ‘ordinary’ life. a. Personal experience • Easy/ flexible/ convenient : learners feel free to study
• To break the ordinary daily routine • Satisfying the human desire of adventure whenever & wherever they like, no more obligation of
• To get rid of stress due to studies and work • Challenge and making the impossibilities possible. attendance or travelling/ options are varied
• To have fun through different activities • Live a rare experience of weightlessness • Cheap : just a pc and internet connection/ less expenses
• To recharge your batteries. b. Good for humanity/ part of scientific research for transportation, books…
b. Knowledge “The world is a book and those who do not • Resolving mysteries that surround the outer space • Information : available, varied, up-to-date, easy access
travel read only a page.” • Discovering an all-new world to get
• To attend art shows (give examples : festivals, art • Exploring space and discovering the yet undiscovered • Coping with globalization process : the world is
galleries, museums…) facts about space becoming a small village where the notions of time & space
• To broaden your horizons. • finding new minerals, new precious materials are no more restricted behind walls
• To see the world beyond your four corners. • Finding new human-like species in the outer space 9. Virtual school (cons)
• To experience new cultures and lifestyles. 5. Space tourism : negative aspects • Not practical/ harder : needs costly equipments
(software & hardware) not attainable for the poor/ requires
• To meet interesting and like-minded people. a. Dangerous : risk of death / flying in the outer space is
still not safe highly-skilled expertise (computer savvy people)
2. Recommending about a holiday (a letter):
a. Accommodation : spacious room/ with a picturesque b. Costly & expensive : only the well-to-do can enjoy such • Lack of motivation to learn / absence of
view/ calm and serinity of the place/ full options : air- an experience/ the poor are deprived of the dream competitiveness/ lazy students are more likely to fail
conditioning/ internet connection / spa/ gym c. Unfair : the rich are splurging a billions of dollars to • Anti-pedagogic : necessity of face-to-face interaction/
b. Food : luscious & varied as expected/ taste the spicy satisfy their silly personal whims while millions of children the role of the teacher is minimized
food … in poor countries are starving to death  Anti-social : communication, friendship, community
c. The residence (hotel, house…) is two-minute walk to the 6. Education/ learning / lifelong learning (benefits) ‘to life___ more aloofness
beach/ the city centre not far/ transport available (as seek knowledge from the cradle to the grave’ 10. Ability Grouping
advertised) a. Vocational purposes : to enrol and attend school - to Students are assigned to classes based on their measured
d. Staff/ guide/ room maid : friendly , helpful study different subjects - to pass exams - to get degree - to ability or their achievements.
e. Enjoyed the scheduled programme (visits/ sightseeing/ have necessary qualifications - to get a white-collar, a. PROS:
festivals/ excursions/ cruise) prestigious, well-paying job - to get promoted at work • Students are not forced to rush or wait
3. Complaining about a holiday (a letter): b. Non-vocational : to learn - to get knowledge - to • better achievement
a. Accommodation : dirty room/ no view/ noise/ couldn’t combat illiteracy and ignorance - to be a good citizen - to • selecting suitable material, approach, assignment..
sleep/no air-conditioning/ no internet connection (as contribute to the progress of one’s community - to cope • high achievers excel, progress faster, build self-esteem,
promised) with the change ‘Never stop learning; knowledge doubles avoid boredom, compete more
b. Food : disgusting/ rotten/filthy __ not luscious as every fourteen months.’ Anthony J. D'Angelo • low achievers provided with more individual attention,
expected - had to eat out and pay extra money/ son got sick 7. Illiteracy/ out-of-school children/ drop outs repetition and review
due to rotten food ___doctor (solutions) b. CONS:
c. The residence (hotel, house…) is far away from the a. Parents’ responsibilities : to be conscious of the • Students May Get “Stuck” In a Group (nerdy vs dumb)/
beach/ the city centre___ had to walk in the blistering heat / importance of education/ to enrol and keep their children at snob
no transport available (as advertised) school/ support them / encourage them with studies • superiority vs inferiority
d. Staff/ guide/ room maid : not friendly , not helpful_ b. Community/ organizations/ governments : provide the • excuse to bullying / teasing
basic needs of schooling/ provide tools and equipments at
always shouting • lose self-esteem/ feel stigmatised
schools/ take care of poor children and provide them with
• additional work for teachers
basic life necessities (food, clothes & shelter)

11. Technology (pros & cons) and expertise to boost the educational & economic level / c. U.N. international community + super powers: sign,
a. Means of transport : (e.g car, plane, rocket) faster / stop seducing and luring the brains from poor countries via respect and implement the international treaties (Kyoto
easier/ time-saving/ more comfortable/ ability to explore irresistible privileges/ more investment in poor nations Protocol) + ban polluting activities (chemicals & nuclear) +
distant areas and the outer space ≠ deadly accidents, health 14. Morals & Virtues protect nature (forests, seas, species..)
problems, lack of sport, obesity, pollution…. • Moral concepts consist of values, virtues and ethics that
b. Means of communication : (e.g mobile phone, help individuals distinguish their actions as being morally 5/ Ecodriving
internet, satellites) easier, cheaper, more practical ≠ health right or morally wrong
problems, information is no more credible, • Virtues are a moral concept categorized as intellectual or a. regular car maintenance (check oil & tyre pressure)
c. Means of entertainment : (e.g electronic games) fun, practical. Practical virtues are broken down into moral or b. Safe driving style (avoid sudden breaks/ smooth use of
pastime, safe, develop mental skills, educative games ≠ non-moral virtues. The most important moral virtues gear/ avoid unnecessary options)
addiction - health problems/ educational difficulties/ social include courage and honesty, which are generally c. alternative ‘if it’s not far; don’t go by car’
hardships considered morally right and a positive reflection of an
6/ Country life
12. Play station/ Video games individual's character
a. PROS: • Values are a moral concept used in decision-making and a.health vs disease , fresh air vs pollution
• Increased visual acuity. conflict situations. A person's mindset and behaviour are b. calm vs noise , crowd vs open space
• A great social activity. directly connected to a person's value system, and most c.community virtues vs moral decline
• Can teach people more about life. religious traditions specify values that should be adhered to.
• games can help improve problem solving and logic Three important moral values are freedom, love and 7/ Employment Morale
skills. empathy, and these values are often taught within the home
• To assist in education. Studies have shown that children and in schools a.mutual respect bw employers & employees
playing educational games learn more because they do not • Ethics are a set of rules that help determine right from b. rights & duties guaranteed (salary, work hours,
realize that they are learning/ increases attention span wrong in regards to interpersonal interactions. conditions, medical care insurance…
• they are fun Responsibility and restraint are two important ethics, which c.priority for productivity, quality…
b. CONS: strengthen a person's character and improve interpersonal
interaction when observed. 8/ Apply for a job (letter)
• become completely addicted
• not to go to work (or school), 14. Keep fit/ healthy diet (solutions)
a. Follow a balanced & healthy diet (eat different types of a.personal information (age, qualities, ambitions..)
• not to eat properly/ not to exercise enough. b. qualifications (degrees)
food) ‘an apple a day keeps the doctor away’
• violence./ copying violent video game crimes c. experience
b. Regular practice of exercises (sit-ups/ press-ups/
• taking drugs, getting drunk and smoking walking/ jogging..) ‘if you want to get thinner, diminish d. enclosed docs + phone number
• give people false expectations of real life your dinner e. looking forward
15. Smoking (ways to quit)
13. Brain drain (solutions) a. Strong will & determination
a. Brains’ responsibilities : they have the right to look for b. Remember the drawbacks
better opportunities abroad/ to assume one’ responsibility c. Change lifestyle/ avoid smoking reminders
towards one’s nation/ to contribute to the progress of d. Find a better alternative (sport)
education and economy at home
b. Governments in developing countries : provide the 16. Ecology (solutions)
highly-skilled intellectuals with the necessary tools of a.individuals’ responsibilities (R.R.R.) / energy saving /
scientific research/ to give extra privileges (high salaries) / eco-driving / economical methods / cleanliness
encourage them to stay b. Governments & organisations: sensitizing people / pass
c. Rich countries : assume their responsibilities towards and implement strict laws / find alternatives (factories,
poor countries/ help & donate / provide the necessary tools control..)