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Rent-A-Car Contract Agreement

This Car Rental Agreement (“Agreement”) is made and entered into as of April 11, 2018, between Mr.
Ali Z Chowdhury ("Renter"), with the address of Apartment 5A, Plot 02, Dutabash Road, Baridhara,
Dhaka, and Mr. Shamim Shikdar Manik ("Owner"), with an address of K/16, Block-E, Kazi nazrul
Islam Road, Mohammadpur, Dhaka-1207. This Agreement is subjected to the following terms and

Rental Vehicle Details:

Owner hereby agrees to rent to Renter the following vehicle:
Make: Toyota Corolla
Year: 2004
Colour: Benson
VIN: Dhaka Metro (Ga) 27-29-34

Rental Period:
Duration: 6 (six) months.
Start Date: 03rd April, 2018
End Date: 03rd October, 2018
The Parties agree that this Agreement terminates upon the End Date specified above. Notwithstanding
anything to the contrary in this Agreement or any Exhibits, either Party may terminate this Agreement
at least one (1) month prior notice.

Terms & Conditions are as follow:

 Body Rent Fees: 47,000 BDT/month.
 Fuel: Cost shall be covered by the Renter as 12 taka/km.
 Duty Time: 10 hours.
 Overtime Cost: 80 taka/hour.
 Out Station Allowance: 1,000 taka/day (Which covers Driver’s accommodation and Food
 Working Days: 26 days/month.
 Holidays: 1 day/week, Govt. Holidays.
 Holiday’s usage charge: 1,000 taka/day.
 Lunch: 150 taka/day, After 8 P.M dinner 300taka.
 Bonus: 5,000 taka (Yearly contract 20,000 taka in two EIDs, Half-yearly contract 10,000 taka
in one EID) will be paid by TEKKEN CORPORATION directly to Driver.

Daily Basis Rental Fees as follows:

 Body: 2,200 taka/day.
 Oil: 12 taka/km
1. Vehicle owner/Driver will maintain daily log book which will be signed by user and submitted
to office daily (if possible).
2. Vehicle maintenance cost is the concern of the vehicle owner.
3. Driver’s monthly salary/payment is the concern of the vehicle owner.
4. Bill voucher of each month should be submitted within 1st week of each month.
5. Toll, Ferry & Parking tokens should be submitted to Renter and paid by Renter.
6. The vehicle duty shall be started as per the schedule of the Renter.
7. The vehicle shall remain responsible to User/Renter Company during leasing period.
8. It there is any violation of Terms and conditions, Renter can terminate this contract.

Signature of Owner Signature of Renter

Date: 11 April,2018 Date: 11 April,2018