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Number 3

1. The failure of concrete in axial compression is produced by:

a. Compressive stresses;
b. Tensile stresses perpendicular on the direction of the force;
c. Tangential stresses parallel with the force
2. The concrete grade depends on:
a. Characteristic compressive strength
b. Characteristic tensile strength
c. Nominal compressive stresses
3. Prismatic strength is determined on:
a. cube
b. cylinder
c. prism
4. The Feret’s relation is:
a. Rt=0,3(Rb)2/3
b. Rt=0,3(Rb)2
c. Rt= (Rb)2/3
5. Split tensile strength is determined on:
a. cube
b. steel
c. cylinder or part of prism
6. The breaking of concrete in torsion shows:
a. Perpendicular cracks
b. Oblique cracks
c. Parallel cracks
7. Swelling occurs when concrete hardens in:
a. water
b. air
c. formwork
8. For determining the elasticity modulus of concrete it must know:
a. εb, Ab
b. σb, Ab
c. σb , εb
9. The relation for determining the modulus at failure is:
a. Er= tgαr
b. Er= tgαo
c. Er= tgγr
10. The secant modulus is:
a. Eb’=λEb;
b. Eb’=(1-λEb
c. Eb’=(1-θ)Eb

11. Soft steel has:

a. Visible yielding limit
b. Theoretical yielding limit
c. Conventional yielding limit
12. Wire rope are realized of:
a. Wires or bars
b. Wires or strands
c. Mesh and bars
13. In the first stage of working of beams the behavior is elastic for:
a. Concrete and steel
b. concrete
c. steel
14. The second stage of working of beams is:
a. Plastic stage
b. Failure stage
c. Service stage
15. The depth of compression zone at beams is noted:
a. x
b. y
c. ho
16. The design of beams is made considering:
a. inclined cracked section
b. normal cracked section
c. inclined section
17. The relation for d is:
a. d= h-c-Ф/2
b. d= h-c
c. d= h-x-Ф/2
18. The area of reinforcement required to resist moment in rectangular beam is:
a. As=Mult/(fs∙z)
b. As=Mult/(fs∙x)
c. As=Mcr/(fs∙x)
19. The singly reinforced rectangular section has the total compressive force equal to:
a. Fc=(αfck /γc)(0.8x)
b. Fc=(fck /γc)(0.8xb)
c. Fc=(αfck /γc)(0.8xb)
20. How many resultant forces the singly reinforced section has in the 3rd stage:
a. 1 resultant forces
b. 3 resultant forces
c. 2 resultant force