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Outline Drawings : mm
HV37 is high reliability resin molded type high voltage
diode in small size package which is sealed a multilayed
Cathode Mark
mesa type silicon chip by epoxy resin. Lot No.

o 4.2 o 0.8

High speed switching
Low VF
25 min.
High surge resisitivity for CRT discharge 15 25 min.

High reliability design

Ultra small pakage

Applications Cathode Mark

X light Power supply
Type Mark
Voltage doubler circuit
Microwave emission power HV
HV37-08 37-08

Maximum Ratings and Characteristics

Absolute Maximum Ratings

Items Symbols Condition HV37-08 Units

Repetitive Peak Renerse Voltage V RRM 8 kV

Average Output Current IO Ta=25°C,Resistive Load 400 mA

Suege Current I FSM 15 Apeak

Junction Temperature Tj 155 °C

Allowable Operation Case Temperature Tc 125 °C

Storage Temperature Tstg -40 to +155 °C

Electrical Characteristics (Ta=25°C Unless otherwise specified )

Items Symbols Conditions HV37-08 Units

Maximum Forward Voltage Drop VF at 25°C,IF=IF(AV) 18 V

Maximum Reverse Current IR1 at 25°C,VR=VRRM 5.0 µA

IR2 at 100°C,VR=VRRM 50 µA

Maximum Reverse Recovery Time Trr at 25°C 100 nS

Junction Capacitance Cj at 25°C,VR=0V,f=1MHz 15 pF

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