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Some tips for AILET LLM Essay Questions:

AILET LLM paper provides you with four to five essay topics out of which you have to
attempt one. The topics usually revolve around Constitutional Law, Criminal Law, Tort Law,
Contract Law and Jurisprudence. However, an essay may also be on a contemporary legal
issue which will be in some way connected to the laws mentioned above.

There is no minimum length or maximum length for the essay but 2 to 2.5 pages must be
written. A lot depends upon the size of your handwriting but a very long essay is to be

One must practice writing a lot of essays before taking the examination and while
undertaking this exercise focus must be on concluding the essay well within 30 to 32 minutes.
Since it's a 1.5 hrs paper, do not take more than 55-60 minutes on MCQ's.

Before writing the essay, jot down some bullet points. Structure your essay well. 3-4 minutes
have to be mandatorily spent on this. Unless you structure the essay well, there will always be
lack of coherence in the essay. Hence to avoid that do some brainstorming on the topic before
you begin writing it.

In my view, atleast 4 to 5 headings have to be there in the essay but this is a personal view as
one may write the essay without headings as well. Structuring is being emphasized only to
please the eyes of the examiner. Also, one must underline the headings to make the essay
look neat and well-structured.

Central focus must be on introducing the essay topic and concluding it. It should reflect the
depth of your understanding of the topic. If you don’t introduce the topic well or conclude it
well, chances are that you will not score high in this part of the paper how so good your
content may be. This is because examiners focus a lot on the introduction and the conclusion
part. An abrupt ending or a shallow understanding of the topic in your introductory part of the
essay can become counterproductive. Also, unnecessary stuff must be avoided at all cost.
Use good legal words but not in excess.

-Anubhav Verma