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Promote Food

Safety Compliance

ProSave™ Ingredient Management System

Improve productivity and ingredient quality with
Rubbermaid’s new ProSave™ Ingredient Bins and
containers while promoting food safety compliance. These
management systems provide you with all of the right tools
to maximize your efficiency for ingredient storage. 9G76/9G77/9G78
Sliding Lid
Improve safety
compliance with
dedicated internal
scoop storage
Sliding Lid for Ingredient Containers
• Quick one-handed access.
• Patent-pending rotating lid.
• Hook options for 32 or 64 oz. Contour Scoop.
• Includes measuring scoop.
• Certified to NSF/ANSI/3-A and 2 Standards.
Enhance food
production efficiency
with rotating clear lid

Ingredient Bins
• 55% productivity savings with one-handed access.
• Patent-pending sliding lid design provides easy
access to ingredients.
• Clear doors allow for easy identification and
inventory of contents. 9G57 9G58
100 cups 200 cups
• Integrated scoop and hook provide dedicated
scoop storage for safe ingredient handling.
• Maximize storage space with the ProSave™ Mobile Racks
for Ingredient Bins.
• Certified to NSF/ANSI/3-A and 2 Standards
and complies with FDA Food Code 3-304.12.

To learn more about Rubbermaid’s Ingredient Management System

visit: www.rcpworksmarter.com
not priced 2009 LAGASSE 9_1 OP 282 CM/PM Sect 09_WasteReceptacles

Transport & Storage

Kitchen Supplies
Kitchen Apparel
Bar Supplies
Insulated Products
Beverage Service
Table Service

& Equipment
Transport & Storage Racks & Carts

ProSave™ Carts & Racks

Maximize your storage capacity. ProSave™ Cart and Mobile Rack shelves
have safety positioning locators to securely store and transport bins.
Ensure proper cart or rack loading by placing bins on bottom shelf first,
meeting UL tip and threshold standards for safe transport of Safety
Storage Bins throughout the flow of food transport. Four 5" non-marking
casters. Chrome.
A. ProSave™ Cart for Shelf Ingredient Bins
Two shelves, each shelf holds four 40 cup bins (RCP 9G60), two 100 cup
bins (RCP 9G57 WHI), or one 200 cup bin (RCP 9G58 WHI)—all bins sold
separately. 26w x 18d x 473⁄4h.
RCP 9G59 Each 520.89
B. ProSave™ Mobile Rack 38" wide for
Shelf Ingredient Bins
Three shelves, each shelf holds six 40 cup bins (RCP 9G60), three 100 cup
bins (RCP 9G57 WHI), or one 200 cup bin (RCP 9G58 WHI)—all bins sold
separately. 38w x 14d x 48.3h.
RCP 9G79 CHR Each 522.00
C. ProSave™ Mobile Rack 50" wide for
Shelf Ingredient Bins
Four shelves, each shelf holds eight 40 cup bins (RCP 9G60), four 100 cup
bins (RCP 9G57 WHI), or two 200 cup bins (RCP 9G58 WHI)—all bins sold
separately. 50w x 18d x 67.2h.
RCP 9G80 CHR Each 726.00
D. ProSave™ Wall Mounted Rack for
B Shelf Ingredient Bins
One shelf holds one 40 cup bin RCP 9G60 (sold separately). 10.6w x 10.5d
Ingredient bin x 7.1h. Chrome.
sold separately. RCP 9G81 CHR Each 112.00
E. Dunnage Racks
Perfect for storing frozen, cold, or dry goods inventory off of the floor. 12"
high deck meets flood safety guidelines; NSF Approved. Slotted deck allows
maximum air circulation for sensitive items. Heavy-duty aluminum frame
will not corrode. Freezer-safe; withstands temperatures from –20˚ to 120˚F.
Duramold™ precision engineered resin and metal composite structure for
unsurpassed durability and service life. Molded-in tie-down slots for load
security. Textured deck surface reduces load slippage. Perimeter deck
D channel retains small items. Conveniently stack to save space when not in
C use. Black.
No. WxLxH Load Capacity Each
RCP 4489 BLA 24" x 36" x 12" 1,500-lbs 428.00
RCP 4490 BLA 24" x 48" x 12" 2,000-lbs. 518.00
RCP 4491 BLA 30" x 60" x 12" 2,000-lbs 570.00
F. ProSave™ Sliding Lid with Scoop
Rotating clear sliding lid with integrated scoop storage, fits BRUTE®
containers RCP 2610, RCP 2620 and RCP 2632 (sold separately). The lid
allows for one-handed access and quick identification of ingredients. The
E sliding lid's patent-pending design enhances efficient food production
and improves safety compliance. Optional dolly for the 20 and 32-gallon
containers is sold separately. White. 17w x 17d x 4.75h.
No. Description Each
Sliding Lid with 2-Cup Scoop
F RCP 9G76 WHI Fits 10-gal. container RCP 2610 93.00
Sliding Lid with 3-Cup Scoop
RCP 9G77 WHI Fits 20-gal. container RCP 2620 131.00
Sliding Lid with 4-Cup Scoop
See page 344 for RCP 9G78 WHI Fits 32-gal. container RCP 2632 157.00
Brute® Round Containers
Seamless polyethylene construction won't dent, rustt
or leak. Reinforced rim and base. Yellow, white and
gray only are NSF/USDA Approved for food contact
and NSF tested/certified.

418 Don't Forget FLOOR CLEANERS pages 98-101 Can’t Find It? Call Us!
Ingredient Bins • Scoops

Kitchen Supplies
Keep it fresh!
A. Safety Storage Ingredient Bins
Provides improved safety and productivity. Patent-pending dual opening/
closing allows for one-handed access while stacked, on a shelf or under a
prep table. Integrated two-cup Safety Portioning Scoop and Hook comply
with the FDA Food Code 3-304.12. FIFO (First In, First Out) Barrier aids
proper rotation of ingredients. Lid locks onto base to protect ingredient
integrity. Front and rear handles for safe, stable portability. White with
clear lid for quick identification of contents.
Cap. Size Shpg.
No. (Cu. Ft.) (W x L x H) Wt. Each
RCP 9G57 WHI .836 cu. ft. 11.5 x 23.5 x 16.8 13.25-lbs. 217.00
RCP 9G58 WHI 1.67 cu. ft. 19.15 x 23.5 x 16.8 18.5-lbs. 310.00

• Provides mobile bulk storage of ingredients
• Lightweight, easy to transport
• Made of FDA Compliant materials
• USDA Meat & Poultry Equipment Group Listed
Strong structural web base with smooth molded three-layer thick walls.
Seamless construction and rounded corners for easy cleaning. Two-piece lid
slides back or flips up for easy access. 3" extra-wide casters, two swivel.
White with clear polycarbonate lid for quick identification of contents.
Cap. Size Shpg.
No. (Cu. Ft.) (W x L x H) Wt. Each
B. Slant Front—Sliding lid. Scoop hook keeps scoop in the bin, but out of
ingredient, preventing cross-contamination. Includes 32-oz. Bouncer® Scoop.
RCP 3600-88 WHI 23⁄4 131⁄8 x 291⁄4 x 28 30-lbs. 433.11
RCP 3602-88 WHI 31⁄2 151⁄2 x 291⁄2 x 28 32-lbs. 454.37
RCP 3603-88 WHI 41⁄8 18 x 293⁄4 x 28 35-lbs. 497.91

Designed for better weight distribution and improved handling. Durable
clear polycarbonate or white polyethylene. Easy to clean; dishwasher safe. B
C. Bouncer® 32-oz. Contour Scoop
NSF Certified. Clear.
RCP 9F75 CLE Each 16.12
D. Bouncer 6-oz. Bar Scoop

RCP 2882 CLE Each 9.30

See page 3 for symbol legend.

Prices are subject to change. Don't Forget DISPOSABLE GLOVES pages 189-191 419
Kitchen Supplies Storage Containers & Lids

Lids sold separately.

Round Storage Containers

D Semi-clear polypropylene for visibility. Stackable and nestable for compact
storage. Easy-grip handles. Dishwasher safe. NSF Certified. Temperature
range: -40°F/-40°C to 150°F/71°C. Lids and containers sold separately.
No. Each
A. 2-Quart Capacity—8 ⁄2 dia. x 4h.
E RCP 5720-24 CLE 4.65
B. 4-Quart Capacity—81⁄2 dia. x 73⁄4h.
RCP 5721-24 CLE 6.51
C. 6-Quart Capacity—10 dia. x 75⁄8h.
RCP 5723-24 CLE 7.75
D. 12-Quart Capacity—131⁄8 dia. x 81⁄8h.
RCP 5726-24 CLE 16.74
A E. 22-Quart Capacity—131⁄8 dia. x 14h.
RCP 5728-24 CLE 22.63
22-Quart Sauce Pail—(Not shown.) Removable bail for easy transport.
B 131⁄8 dia. x 14h.
RCP 5729-24 CLE 32.86

Nest when stored

Locks tight to reduce leakage and help prevent spoilage. Mark-It-Fresh™
to save space.
area for dating and labeling. Dishwasher safe. Yellow.
Lid for 2- and 4-Quart Containers
Fits RCP 5720-24 and RCP 5721-24 (sold separately). 83⁄4 dia. x 7⁄8h.
RCP 5722 YEL Each 3.72
Lid for 6-Quart Containers
Fits RCP 5723-24 (sold separately). 101⁄4 dia. x 1h.
RCP 5725 YEL Each 4.03
Lid for 12- and 22-Quart Containers
Fits RCP 5726-24, RCP 5728-24, RCP 5729-24 (sold separately).
131⁄2 dia. x 11⁄4h.
RCP 5730 YEL Each 9.30

Square Space-Saving Containers

Square containers store up to 25% more on a shelf than round containers.
Break-resistant, clear polycarbonate for visibility and long life. Smooth
interiors for easy cleaning, dishwasher safe. Precise measurement
graduations—red for U.S., blue for metric. Easy-grip, pocket-style handles
with drain holes. Stack in use and nest for compact storage. NSF Certified.
Temperature range: -40°F/-40°C to 212°F/100°C. Lids and containers
sold separately.
F. 83⁄4 x 85⁄16 Square Containers
No. Capacity Height Each
F RCP 6302 CLE 2-qt. 211⁄16" 10.23
RCP 6304 CLE 4-qt. 43⁄4" 14.88
RCP 6306 CLE 6-qt. 615⁄16" 18.29
RCP 6308 CLE 8-qt.* 83⁄4" 21.08
*[6 Each per carton.]
Lids and containers
sold separately. Lid for Square Containers
Durable, white polyethylene. Snap-tight fit reduces leakage, helps prevent
spoilage. Dishwasher safe. Mark-It-Fresh™ date control feature for
inventory. Pull-tab with grip ribs. Fits RCP 6302, RCP 6304, RCP 6306 and
RCP 6308 (sold separately).
RCP 6509 WHI Each 6.20

420 Don’t Forget DISHWASHING DETERGENT pages 66-69 Can’t Find It? Call Us!
Measuring Cups • Scrapers • Cutting Boards

Kitchen Supplies
Keep it fresh!
A. Bouncer Measuring Cups

Clear, break-resistant polycarbonate. Commercial dishwasher safe.

Temperature range: -40°F/-40°C to 212°F/100°C. Withstands freezer cold
and steam-cleaning heat. Measurement markings are hot-stamped in red
for U.S., blue for metric. Certified to NSF/USDA Standard #2. USDA Meat
& Poultry Equipment Group Listed.
No. Capacity Each
RCP 3210 CLE 1 Cup 9.92
RCP 3215 CLE 1 Pint 17.05
RCP 3216 CLE 1 Quart 17.46
RCP 3217 CLE 2 Quarts 24.04
RCP 3218 CLE 4 Quarts 26.04
B. High-Heat Scrapers
All-purpose scratch- and melt-resistant scrapers resist heat up to
500°F/260°C. Stain-resistant blades will not scratch grill or cookware.
Cool-touch handle for safety. Certified to NSF Standard #2. Commercial
dishwasher safe. White blade, red handle. A
No. Length Each
RCP 1962 RED 91⁄2" 18.29
RCP 1963 RED 131⁄2" 23.87
RCP 1964 RED 161⁄2" 37.20
C. Clean-Rest™ Scrapers
Clean-rest feature keeps blades off counter tops. Flat blade molded onto B
handle for a permanent bond. Seamless construction prevents dirt or
bacteria buildup. Commercial dishwasher safe. White.
No. Length Each
RCP 1901 WHI 91⁄2" 3.15
RCP 1905 WHI 131⁄2" 5.89
RCP 1906 WHI 161⁄2" 8.06


The only cutting boards that prevent three types of cross-contamination.

The patented Food Safety Hook ensures sanitary carrying, preventing
body or apparel contact. Boards hang on wire shelving for safe drying
and storage. The original Kolor-Cut® System helps monitor safe
preparation of different types of foods. Durable co-polymer construction
provides superior heat, chemical and warp resistance in commercial
dishwashers. Tough surface won’t dull knives and prevents unsafe cut
grooving where dirt and bacteria can hide. The cutting board choice of
professional chefs worldwide. Shpg. wt. 32-lbs. 6 cutting boards per case.
No. Color Size Case
SAN CB152012GN Green 15w x 20d x ½h 37.60
SAN CB152012RD Red 15w x 20d x ½h 37.60
SAN CB152012WH White 15w x 20d x ½h 29.20
SAN CB152012YL Yellow 15w x 20d x ½h 37.60

See page 3 for symbol legend.

Prices are subject to change. Don't Forget SANITIZERS pages 72-73, 75 421
Kitchen Supplies Cold Food Pans

• See-through, durable plastic food pans are break resistant—won’t rust,

dent or bend. Quieter than metal
A Lightweight, dishwasher- and microwave-safe pans with nonstick surfaces
for easy food release and cleaning. Steep walls hold more, minimizing
refills and overfills. Quart and liter measurement markings show content
level. Time coding detail for marking the time when food is set out. Pans
nest for compact storage. Covers have deep molded handles with secure
finger grips and Mark-It-Fresh™ windows for date coding and labeling
contents. NSF Certified. Made of FDA Compliant materials.


For food storage and prep, deli display and cold bars. Temperature range:
-40°F/-40°C to 212°F/100°C. Clear polycarbonate resin. Covers sold
No. Height Capacity Each
A. 1⁄6 Size—63⁄8 x 67⁄8.
B RCP 105P CLE 4" 12⁄3-qt. 8.06
RCP 106P CLE 6" 21⁄2-qt. 11.16
B. 1⁄3 Size—67⁄8 x 1213⁄16.
RCP 117P CLE 4" 4-qt. 13.33
RCP 118P CLE 6" 53⁄8-qt. 15.50
C. 1⁄2 Size—103⁄8 x 1213⁄16.
RCP 124P CLE 4" 63⁄8-qt. 15.19
RCP 125P CLE 6" 91⁄3-qt. 19.22
D. Full Size—1213⁄16 x 2013⁄16.
C RCP 132P CLE 6" 205⁄8-qt. 33.48
Covers—For cold food pans (sold separately). Clear.
No. Fits RCP Each
RCP 108P-23 CLE 105P, 106P 7.73
RCP 121P-23 CLE 117P, 118P 7.77
RCP 128P-23 CLE 124P, 125P 10.63
RCP 134P CLE 132P 19.53

Maximize the use of natural

lighting. It reduces energy
costs and studies have
shown it has a positive
impact on productivity and

422 Don’t Forget DINNERWARE pages 382-389 Can’t Find It? Call Us!
Food Boxes & Lids

Kitchen Supplies
• Durable food storage boxes and lids reduce food spoilage A
• Standard industry sizes accommodate existing storage racks
and counters
Clear polycarbonate for visibility and stain resistance; white polyethylene
for more economical storage and transport. Tight-fitting, snap-on lids
double as bun pans or cold food trays. Dishwasher and freezer safe. Easy-
grip handles and Mark-It-Fresh™ date control panels on boxes and lids for
inventory control. NSF Certified.
Size 18 x 26—Boxes and lids sold separately.
No. Color Each
A. 5-Gallon—31⁄2" high. B
RCP 3306 CLE Clear 46.50
B. 81⁄2-Gallon—6" high.
RCP 3308 CLE Clear 58.33
RCP 3508 WHI White 42.92
C. 121⁄2-Gallon—9" high.
RCP 3300 CLE Clear 69.20
RCP 3500 WHI White 55.51
D. 211⁄2-Gallon—15" high.
RCP 3301 CLE Clear 108.17
RCP 3501 WHI White 82.41
Clear Lid—18 x 26. Fits RCP 3306, RCP 3308, RCP 3300 and RCP 3301.
RCP 3302 CLE Each 29.19
White Lid—18 x 26. Fits RCP 3508, RCP 3500 and RCP 3501.
RCP 3502 WHI Each 25.47
Size 18 x 12—Boxes and lids sold separately.
No. Color Each
E. 2-Gallon—3 ⁄2" high.

RCP 3307 CLE Clear 26.97

RCP 3507 WHI White 22.32 E
F. 31⁄2-Gallon—6" high.
RCP 3309 CLE Clear 29.76
RCP 3509 WHI White 27.59
G. 5-Gallon—9" high.
RCP 3304 CLE Clear 44.64
Clear Lid—18 x 12. Fits RCP 3307, RCP 3309 and RCP 3304. F
RCP 3310 CLE Each 18.29
White Lid—18 x 12. Fits RCP 3507 and RCP 3509.
RCP 3510 WHI Each 17.67

See page 3 for symbol legend.

Prices are subject to change. Don't Forget SPONGES pages 118-121 423
Kitchen Supplies Ice Handling

Safe Ice Handling System

A suite of innovative, end-to-end integrated ice management tools designed
to increase operational efficiencies while reducing food safety concerns.
Reduces the risk of cross contamination and improves employee safety.
A. Brute® “ICE ONLY” Container
Ensures safe ice handling; complies with HACCP guidelines. All-plastic
construction will not rust, chip or peel; resists dents. Double-ribbed base
increases stability and dragging capacity; reinforced handles for carrying
ease. Certified to NSF Standard #2. White. 10-gallon capacity.
155⁄8 dia. x 171⁄8h. Shpg. wt. 19-lbs.
RCP 9F86 WHI Each 39.68

A B. Scovel™ Two-Handled Shovel

Combines the easy handling of traditional scoops with the capacity of
a shovel. High side walls reduce spillage during ice transfer. 120-oz.
capacity for faster loading time than standard-sized scoops. Features
reinforced leading edge for improved durability and offset handles for
ergonomic maneuvering. NSF Certified and dishwasher safe. Includes
hanger for wall storage. Transparent Blue. 29.36l x 8.76w x 6.98h.
Shpg. wt. 3.10-lbs.
RCP 9F52 Each 93.00
C. Pro Save™ Scoop with Hand Guard
Angled handle positioned over ice cavity protects hand from contacting
ice, reducing risk of cross contamination. Relieves wrist strain. Reinforced
leading edge improves durability. Combines with an open style Scoop Holder
(RCP 9F43, sold separately) when stored. NSF Certified and dishwasher safe.
Transparent Blue. 11.97l x 6.7w x 7.72h. Shpg. wt. 7.10-lbs.
RCP 9F50 Each 37.20
D. Scoop Holder
For use with 74-oz. Scoop with Hand Guard (RCP 9F50, sold separately).
Open for air drying to reduce the risk of mold and bacteria growth.
10.05l x 7.48w x 5.43h. Shpg. wt. 5.83-lbs.
RCP 9F43 Each 29.76

424 Don’t Forget CAN LINERS pages 360-367 Can’t Find It? Call Us!
Kitchen Supplies
Ice Handling

Safe Ice Handling System

A suite of innovative, end-to-end integrated ice management tools designed
to increase operational efficiencies while reducing food safety concerns.
Reduces the risk of cross contamination and improves employee safety.
A. Ice Tote Lid
The Ice Tote Lid fits securely on the Ice Tote, RCP 9F54 TBL (sold
separately). This reduces cross-contamination risk during transport by hand A
carry or when totes are placed on the Rubbermaid® Ice Cart, RCP 9F55
BLA (sold separately). The Ice Tote Lid is NSF Certified and commercial
dishwasher safe. Black. 11.25"w x 12"l x 2"h.
RCP 9F73 BLA Each 24.20
B. Ice Tote with Bin Hook Adapter
The Ice Tote (patent-pending) features an angled top surface and pouring
spout to reduce spills. Fits in most commercial dishwashers and includes
a rear hang hook for upside down tote storage. Ergonomic comfort
grip allows for safe transfer and ease of use. Ice Bin Hook Adapter
allows the Ice Tote to attach to nearly any ice machine, reducing cross-
contamination, ice spillage and employee back strain, while improving
efficiency. NSF Certified. 5.5-gallon, 25-lb. capacity. Dedicated Ice Only,
Blue tint. 13.3"w x 12.2"l x 22.1"h.
RCP 9F54 TBL Each 127.00
C. Ice Only Cart
Ice Only Cart holds four Ice Totes, RCP 9F54 TBL (sold separately). Ice cart
safely and securely transports 100-lbs. of ice. Handle folds flat for storage.
Includes hook for on-board storage of Ice Tote Lids, RCP 9F73 BLA (sold
separately). Metal components for handle and side rails, structural foam
deck. 5" non-marking casters transport up to 500-lbs. 21.4" wide, 39.1"
length. Black. B
RCP 9F55 BLA Each 651.00

See page 3 for symbol legend.

Prices are subject to change. Don’t Forget BEVERAGE DISPENSERS pages 428-429 425
Safe Ice
Handling System

Designed to improve productivity

while promoting employee safety
Developed to meet one of the most common issues
within a commercial kitchen, Rubbermaid® Safe
Ice Handling System addresses the transfer of ice
between ice machine and holders throughout the
kitchen—promoting the safe handling of ice to
reduce the risk of cross-contamination and improve
employee safety.
• Scoop Holder (9F43)—The leading edge is
reinforced for durability, and the holder is
removable from mounting surface for commercial
dishwasher safe cleaning.
• 74 oz. Scoop with Hand Guard (9F50)—Capacity
is 15% greater than standard scoops. The ice cavity
extends under the handle to shield and protect
hand from ice contact. The Scoop’s angled handle
position over the ice cavity improves leverage and
control while helping to relieve wrist strain.
• 120 oz. Scovel™ Two-Handled Shovel (9F52)—Fills
Ice Tote 3 times faster than a standard scoop. High
sides keep ice contained in the cavity, reducing
spillage. Rear and forward handles provide
leverage when lifting ice during transfer.
• Ice Tote & Ice Bin Hook Adapter (9F54)—
Features an angled top surface and pouring spout
to reduce spills. 5.5-gallon, 25-pound capacity and
ergonomic comfort grip allows for safe transfer
and ease of use. Patent-pending Ice Tote fits in
most commercial dishwashers and includes a
rear hang hook for upside-down tote storage.
The Ice Bin Hook Adapter allows the Ice Tote to
attach to nearly any ice machine, reducing cross-
contamination, ice spillage, and employee back
strain, while improving efficiency. Patent pending
and NSF Certified.

To learn more about Rubbermaid® Safe Ice Handling System

visit: www.rcpworksmarter.com
Chef Hats • Hair Restraints • Aprons

Kitchen Apparel
A. Royal Chef Hat
Elegant, fully pleated design. Made of high-quality paper for increased
comfort and durability. Royal line sweatband for longer wear. Seven-hole
vented top increases airflow and comfort. 100% biodegradable, all-natural
renewable resource. White. Adjustable size.
No. Height Qty. Case A
RPP RCH7 7" 28 44.91
RPP RCH9 9" 24 38.49
RPP RCH10 10" 24 39.92
B. Stirling Chef Hat
Fluted paper features a peel-and-stick adjustable tab. Disposable,
lightweight and comfortable. Ready-to-wear—no assembly required. 100%
biodegradable, all-natural renewable resource. White. Adjustable size.
No. Height Qty. Case
RPP SCH7 7" 15 23.53
RPP SCH9 9" 12 31.09
RPP SCH10 10" 12 19.26
C. Royal Classy Cap
Made from lightweight, crepe paper for lengthy use. 100% biodegradable,
all-natural renewable resource. Plain white. Adjustable size. 100 caps per B
pack; 10 packs per case (1,000 caps).
RPP RCC2W Case 148.85
D. Latex-Free Nylon Hairnet
Essential for use in food processing areas, hospitals, labs and
manufacturing facilities. For sanitary protection. Lightweight and
breathable. 100% nylon netting. Biodegradable. Dark Brown. 24" size.
144 hairnets per pack; 20 packs per case (2,880 hairnets).
RPP RPH144LTDB Case 628.00

Essential for food processing and handling areas, hospitals, labs and C
manufacturing facilities. FDA Accepted. 100 hair restraints per bag. D
E. Nylon Hairnet
Black. Large (21") size.
IMP 7386K21 Bag 26.90
F. Spun Bonded Bouffant
White. Large (21") size.
IMP 7387W21 Bag 7.79

G. Disposable Apron
Ideal for foodservice. White polyethylene, 1.0 mils thick. One size fits all.
32 x 50. 100 aprons per dispenser.
GLX 390 Dispenser 19.38 E

FDA Food Code 2-402.11 Hair Restraints

“All food employees shall wear hair restraints, such as hair
coverings or nets, beard restraint, and clothing that covers body hair,
and is designed to be worn to effectively keep hair from contacting
exposed food.”

See page 3 for symbol legend.

Prices are subject to change. Don’t Forget COFFEE SERVICE page 411 427
Bar Supplies • Warewashing • Insulated Products

A. Condiment Dispenser
Convenient, hygienic storage for condiments, garnishes and more.
A Textured, see-through lid made of durable polycarbonate features
convenient finger tab for opening ease. Commercial dishwasher safe.
Six one-pint inserts. Black. 195⁄8w x 61⁄4d x 33⁄4h.
RCP 2890 BLA Each 97.03
B. Cutlery Bin
Four-compartment bin is ideal for storage or dispensing of cutlery and
B condiment packets. Ribbed design and special resin material provide
strength. Comfortable handles. Gray. NSF Certified. 111⁄2w x 211⁄4d x 33⁄4h.
RCP 3362 GRA Each 19.84

Bus/Utility Boxes
Economical storage for heavy loads. Reinforced handles, bottom and
ribs for long life. Rounded corners for easy cleaning; dishwasher safe.
NSF Certified Std. #2.
C. 45⁄8-Gallon
Gray. 20w x 15d x 5h.
RCP 3349 GRA Each 16.31
75⁄8-Gallon—(Not shown.) Gray. 211⁄2w x 171⁄8d x 7h.
RCP 3351 GRA Each 25.75
D. 7-Gallon Divided
Two compartments. Brown. 211⁄2w x 171⁄8d x 7h.
D RCP 3350 BRO Each 37.56

E. Ice Chest
Keeps beverages and perishables cold for hours. White lid for best sun
reflection. Includes vented food tray. 48 quart chest holds 72, 12-oz.
beverage cans. Self-draining plug and two folding handles. Blue.
RHP 2A15 MODBL Each 52.48

Insulated Beverage Dispensers

Keeps water or cold beverages cold for hours. Crack-resistant polyethylene
for long life. Screw-top lid for a tight seal. Recessed, dripless spigot and
E comfortable carry handles.
F. 5-Gallon Water Cooler
Orange. 121⁄2 dia. x 19h.
RHP 1685 ORG Each 47.60
10-Gallon Water Cooler—(Not shown.) Orange. 16 dia. x 202⁄3h.
RHP 1610 ORG Each 98.46

G. PROSERVE® Pizza Delivery Bag

Ideal for food delivery professionals. Four layers of insulation keep food
hot for up to four hours. Easy time temperature monitoring and labeling
with large identification window secured to carrier. Holds four 16" or three
18" pizzas. Constructed of durable, commercial-grade nylon with non-
woven polyester insulation, expanded polypropylene interior insulation
F and reflective vapor barrier to evenly maintain temperature. Hook and loop
closure; hanging loop for storage. Red. 193⁄4w x 211⁄2d x 73⁄4h.
RCP 9F37 RED Each 80.29

428 Don’t Forget PLASTIC CUPS pages 374-375 Can’t Find It? Call Us!
Beverage Service • Table Service
May I help you?
Beverage Dispenser
A. Three-Gallon Noncarbonated Beverage Dispenser
Durable, clear polycarbonate tank. Includes tank, base, drain tray,
lid and labels for lemonade and iced tea. Tank may be interchanged
between bases. Certified to NSF/USDA Std. #18. 103⁄8w x 163⁄4d x 187⁄8h.
RCP 3358 CLE Each 208.89

Designed for safety and lower replacement costs. Durable polycarbonate A
pitcher resists chipping and breaking and is lighter than glass. Drip-proof
spout. Handle designed for comfort and control. Dishwasher safe. Certified
to NSF/USDA Standard #2. Clear.
No. Capacity Each
B. Bouncer® Pitchers
RCP 3336 CLE 32-oz. 12.71
RCP 3338 CLE 60-oz. 13.45
RCP 3339 CLE 72-oz. 18.91
C. Bouncer® II Pitcher
RCP 3334 CLE 60-oz. 17.36
D. Economy Pitcher
Durable, high-density polyethylene construction. Tight-fitting three-way lid
features closed, open and slotted positions. Commercial dishwasher safe.
Blue. One-gallon capacity.
RCP 3063PR PER Each 20.20

Sturdy Chair™ Youth Seats

with Microban® Antimicrobial
• Microban® antimicrobial protection helps prevent the growth of stain-
and odor-causing bacteria—keeps chairs looking new longer
• Designed for safety—meets ASTM, TUV and European standards
• Attractive contemporary styling complements dining rooms
• Stackable design minimizes storage space D
Built-in Microban® antimicrobial protection will not wash or wear
off during the life of the chair. Durable, heavy-duty molded plastic
construction with platinum color that won’t rust, chip or dent; cleans
easily. One-piece T-bar and safety harness safely and comfortably secures
child. Convenient handle in backrest for easy, one-handed maneuvering.
Use as a youth seat or add Optional Tray RCP 7815-88 PLA (sold
separately) for use as a high chair. Platinum.
E. Sturdy Chair™ Youth Seat with Wheels
Wheels are covered to prevent damage and improve appearance.
Fits under table. 233⁄8w x 231⁄2d x 293⁄4h. Shpg. wt. 18-lbs.
RCP 7805-88 PLA Each 324.78
Sturdy Chair™ Youth Seat without Wheels
(Not shown.) 231⁄2w x 231⁄2d x 293⁄4h. Fits under table. Shpg. wt. 18-lbs.
RCP 7806-88 PLA Each 247.78
F. Optional Tray
Designed to contain spills; easy to clean. Removes easily with one hand;
stores under seat. Fits youth seats RCP 7805-88 PLA and RCP 7806-88
PLA. 181⁄2w x 111⁄2d x 31⁄4h. Shpg. wt. 21⁄2-lbs.
RCP 7815-88 PLA Each 81.22

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Scales Digital • Mechanical

• Stainless steel construction

• NSF Certified

A. All-Purpose Mechanical Receiving Scale
Memory Lock™ holds weight reading when display is covered by an
A oversize package. Shatterproof lens. Measures in 1-lb. increments. 250-lb.
capacity. 131⁄4 x 101⁄2 platform. 2 scales per case.
PEL P250S Each 154.40
B. Heavy-Duty Digital Dual Capacity Receiving Scales
Detachable LCD display on 9-ft. cord allows viewing at eye level. Tare
feature removes the weight of the container. Auto-off and low-battery
warning. Strong, durable reinforced steel design handles heavy packages
and containers. Nonskid platform. Includes AC adapter; optional 9V
battery operation (battery not included). 121⁄2w x 12d x 21⁄4h. 2 scales
per case.
No. Capacity Measurement Each
PEL 4010-88 150-lbs. 0.2-lb./0.1kg increments 228.54
PEL 4040-88 400-lbs. 0.5-lb./0.2kg increments 267.56
C. Mechanical Portion Control Scales
Great for food processing use. Rotating dial for easy tare. Alignment notch
for precise and quick zero reset. Stainless steel construction will not rust.
B Dishwasher-safe housing and platform remove easily without tools. NSF
certified. Measures in 1⁄4-oz. increments. 32-oz. capacity. 75⁄8w x 51⁄2d x
81⁄2h. 6 scales per case.
Mechanical Scale
PEL 632SRW Each 146.00
Mechanical Scale with QuickStop ™

Time-saving QuickStop™ feature makes needle stop quickly.

PEL 632SRWQ Each 211.74
D. Mechanical Scale
Rotating dial to tare out container. Platform can be used as handle.
Measures in 1⁄4-oz. increments. 32-oz. capacity. 6 x 45⁄8 platform.
6 scales per case.
PEL Y32R Each 100.78
E. Shockproof Digital Portion Scale
Can be used for weighing produce, fish, meat and other ingredients. LCD
C digital display with hold mode. Removable platform for easy cleaning. Auto
shut-off preserves battery power. Use AC adapter or 9V battery (not incl.).
Measures in 0.1-oz./1g. increments. 2-lb./1,000g. capacity. 7 x 74⁄8 platform.
3 scales per case.
PEL FS2P88 Each 414.48


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Mechanical • Digital

• NSF Certified

A. Pocket Thermometer A
Great for food processing and pasteurization. Easy-to-use field
calibration—no tools required. Innovative, anti-roll design and
shatterproof lens. Dishwasher-safe for quick, complete cleanup. Includes
sheath with pocket clip. Measures 0°F to 220°F. 1" dial, 5" probe.
PEL THP220DS Each 8.48
B. Value Pocket Thermometer
Great for food preparation. Preset marker. Shatterproof lens. Includes
sheath with pocket clip. Measures 0°F to 220°F. 1" dial, 5" probe. B
PEL THP220C Each 6.81
C. Refrigerator/Freezer Thermometer
Tube-type thermometer easily clips to shelving. Stainless steel with
horizontal spirit glass. Measures -40°F to 80°F/-30°C to 30°C.
PEL R80GC Each 7.43
D. Refrigerator/Freezer Thermometer
Large, easy-to-read dial with clearly marked temperatures for accurate
reading. Measures -20°F to 80°F/-30°C to 30°C. Hangs or stands for easy
installation. Stainless steel construction with shatter-resistant lens.
PEL R80DC Each 9.40

IP54 waterproof rating for ease in cleaning. Large, easy-to-read digital
display. Max/Min temperature memory plus hold feature.
Auto-off conserves power.
E. Digital Thermometer
Easy-to-use field calibration for ensured accuracy. Sheath with break-
resistant pocket clip. Measures -40°F to 450°F/-40°C to 230°C. 43⁄4" probe.
PEL TMP1000 Each 39.00
F. Combination Thermocouple/Infrared Digital
Standard Type-K thermocouple probe; designed for built-in storage and
protection. Infrared with 8:1 optics for accuracy up to 8" away. Includes
travel pouch for extra protection. CE Approved. Requires one 9V battery
(incl.). Measures -40°F to 450°F/-40°C to 230°C thermocouple; -40°F to
600°F/-40°C to 300°C infrared. 2w x 11⁄2d x 91⁄2h.
PEL TMP4000 Each 300.00


See page 3 for symbol legend.

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