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Professional Development Plan

School Year: Spring 2018 Year: Sophomore X Junior☐ Senior☐

Name: Kevin Tohak Program Area/Major: High School Mathematics

Advisor: Andre Johnson

A. Certification of Teaching Capacity Standard/Elements(s) to be addressed:

1. Professionalism
2. Classroom Climate/Culture 1. Professionalism
3. Instruction 2. Classroom Climate/Culture
4. Evaluation/Assessment
5. Impact of Student Learning
B. Teacher’s Strategies
Expected Outcomes and
Goals for Elements Activities/Actions Resources Needed Timeline
Evidence of Completion

Goal 1: Show up on time At the end I will have met the Code of Ethics handbook Spring 2018
Code of Ethics for North Carolina
I will uphold the Code of Ethics for Dress appropriately and the Standards for Professional Course content
North Carolina and the Standards for Conduct
Professional Conduct Avoid cell phone use Cooperating teacher

Appropriate language

Goal 2: Getting to know my students Students held a positive Course content Spring 2018
appropriate relationship with
I will maintain a positive and nurturing Encouraging students student intern. Peers
learning environment
Being respectful to all students Cooperating teacher
Professional Development Plan – End-Semester Review
Teacher: Academic Year:
C. Evidence of Progress Toward Specific Standards or Elements to be Addressed/Enhanced

D. Goal 1 was successfully completed ​ ​YES ☐ NO​ ☐

Goal 2 was successfully completed ​ ​YES ☐ NO​ ☐
E. Future Plans (identify what your goals for the next semester of your teacher preparation program will be)