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sthootdne Cisco Career Certifications & Training cisco ——— Preliminary Examin ion Score Report Cisco Certified Network Associate Date Test 20-Dee.2017 ‘PLEASE READ: IMPORTANT INFORMATION Candidate ico Sala {©The sor information disphyed on this rept is preliminary and Candia : 251299986 doesnot eonstite a fil sare apt Cie Sesto ase isco IACSCO}: cscoisiai77s {Be adit of exam seers by analyzing exam espns or Reptation I: 327005670 ‘cnssene. Your sure maybe asi as indeterminate itis Validation 1D: ‘saaaoeos2 toc above the psig evel and Cio cannot eri thal Testing Se: mx represent valid mene of your ability as sampled by the Exam Nerber oo.t2s ‘sam. Afer review and mass, Your sore will ether be: Passing Seo: 10 8) Clif ax "vale ad you fia exam eat wil be Your Sea: 983 ‘reported sup pusonvuscom/auhensas You can Grate: Pass ‘iw eam sess by sing the rept and vlan ‘numbers displayed inthe lef column within 72 hours of your ‘The oficial sori ase on a seal of 3004 1000 pints. ‘cam session. 1) Classifeds indeterminate and you wil be advised of the Cisco pic eis ha you wait a minim of 180 day belo ‘options or taking the examination. ‘etki a paso exam (wih a denial exam umber). ‘+ Mitis exam complete ceritcaon coquicemen plese allow 10 days for Ciseo wo eeeive your exam rel Then login the CCenfication Tracking Sytem at ‘haai/voew ison comlelctifictonsosin view your teat tats. Ensure that your name and mailing address ‘srecorect You will recive an cri wih inrctons explaining bow wo obtain your certs if applicable 1+ Terecrte or sop receiving commnictoes lathe Crieation Tracking Sytem and select your preference in the (Opt InOpt Out section. ‘© Foradditionalceicaion and wining resources, visit hapidwseciscocom/s/eamncsoace ‘The following report shows your performance in each section of the exam: ‘The Ceniicaon Exam Policies webpage wunecisn com/ulcxamiy) provides singe resource giving Key cxifation policies, ‘agreements, and the CCT pie age for information specie wo the CCT program, Cons this ston for cnet infrmion on program Pulls for Cisco Carr Cetifieaions exams “The sores eto are cua Netw Feadamnials 90% LAN Swit Tetnloges 10% Routing Tecnoogies 94% “WAN Technologies 86% Infact Services 10%