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I AM the Apr

Door EASTER !!! ‐ “I am the Resurrec on and

John 10:7-9 1
the Life”
John 11:25

1. We are Safe Because Jesus is the Door (v7)

“I am the Bread of Life”
□ I will take my worries to the Lord and receive the security the He offers. 8 John 6:35‐51

15 “I am the Light of the World” John 8:12, 9:1‐25

22 “I am the Door” John 10:7‐9

2. We Recognize How Jesus is Unique as Our Door (v8) 29 “I am the Good Shepherd” John 10:11‐14
□ I will iden fy “func onal saviors” that never deliver and abandon them for the
unique Savior that fills my highest longings.

“I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life”

6 John 14:6
with Daryl Crawford

13 “I am the True Vine” John 15:1

John 8:24, 28;

3. We are Welcomed to Enter through Jesus, the Door (v9) 20 “I AM”
8:58; 18:5
□ I will enter through this door and find salva on in Jesus.

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