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Social media strategy

Created for LadyBug House by Emily Fix

March, 2018

This document is intended to implement a social media strategy for LadyBug House. As time goes on,
strategies will need to be updated based changes within the organization or changes within Facebook,
Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram. It is recommended that this document is reviewed and revised on a yearly
basis or more to be in line with the most current information about social media engagement and strategy.

Strategies for scheduling posts/content

1- Create a schedule based on Facebook’s best traffic/engagement time

Facebook is by far the most popular social media platform in the U.S. My recommendation, especially in
the beginning stages of enacting a social media plan and training, is to focus posting content during
Facebook’s times of highest traffic/engagement. Other platforms have their own target audiences and
“premium” posting times, but they can be utilized on a supplementary basis to keep things streamlined
and easier to learn.

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday

Lowest traffic Lower traffic Moderate Traffic Highest traffic Higher Traffic

Fundraising New Videos

Images with content
Relevant articles, Relevant articles, captions Blogs & Personal
shares from other shares from other Blogs & Personal Stories about
pages, personal pages, personal Re-post blog/video Stories families
posts posts content
“About Us” pieces Images w/ caption
Break day Break day Re-share featuring staff, or
fundraising “What is ____?”
content (maybe addressing
unknowns about
LBH, palliative
care, etc.)
According to the research done by Sprout Social, Thursday and Friday afternoons on Facebook are the
highest traffic times during the week, followed by Wednesdays. Monday and Tuesday tend to be lower in
traffic comparatively. On all of the days, about 1pm tends to be the highest traffic times, followed by

My suggestion would be to maximize these “premium” times and post the highest quality content to get
more engagement, and to also lead people to the main web page.

2- Using a scheduling tool, use the same content to engage with Twitter and Instagram at their premium

All social media platforms have their own specific audiences (not everyone uses all of the different
platforms) so understandably, they all have their own premium posting time. For instance, Monday is the
lowest traffic day for Facebook but it’s the highest traffic day for Instagram. My suggestion would be that
for important content (like fundraising, videos, etc.) it would be crucial to engage with Twitter and
Instagram at their premium hours. This can be made easy with a scheduling tool like Hootsuite.

Best hours/days for Instagram: Around 2am and 5pm on all days, but Monday is the highest traffic day over

Best hours/days for Twitter: Around 12pm and 5pm on all days, but Thursday is the highest traffic day over

Best hours/days for LinkedIn: Around 5pm on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays are equally high in
traffic. LinkedIn has very little weekend traffic.

Even if the LBH doesn’t always turn to these sites as main social media platforms, it might be a good idea
to drive up extra engagement for fundraising and special event. Also, Instagram an excellent want to
create short, organic videos that can be saved for later (funny videos from around the office, InstaStories,
etc.) and Twitter is a great way to engage in “hashtag” awareness, like #cancersucks or #worldcancerday.

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday

Instagram, 5pm: Break, no post Break, no post Twitter, 12pm: Facebook, 1pm:
Repost of article Video, link to Blog post: What Is
from previous webpage Palliative Care?
#pediatriccancer Facebook, 1pm: Twitter &
#palliativecare Video, link to Instagram, 5pm:
webpage Crosspost from

Recommendations for additional content

Right now, most of the content is educational which is excellent. You never want social media to seem
like a pushy commercial for a product, users tend to be turned off by it immediately. However, I do think
there should be a focus on making the content more engaging. It’s about striking a fine balance between
encouraging people to engage without it feeling like a sales pitch. Some recommendations I have for
posts are:

Use a social media management tool like Hootsuite.

These tools are great because they allow you to post across multiple platforms at various times. A
volunteer could schedule all of the necessary content in an hour or two for the whole week, or even the
whole month.

When posting content, assume that many people seeing the post are interacting with LBH for the first

You never know whether the person reading the post is a long-time friend of LBH or someone discovering
LBH for the first time. Someone who doesn’t know anything about the organization might not understand
why a blog, video, or image is being shared. A short blurb about how it relates or is relevant to the
organization could be the difference between someone making a discovery that sticks with them for life
or whether they just scroll by.

Remember, when posting articles from non-LBH blogs/websites, you’re not driving the user toward LBH’s
Sharing informative articles from news sources/blogs is great, but they shouldn’t be most of posts. You
are asking the user to click on someone else’s website, not yours! It might be helpful to share how and
why a certain article relates to the work LBH does when you post it.

Keep posts short. Catch their eye and bring them to the website.

Videos and images catch user’s attention…words do not. When posting to articles/blog/interview
content, a short quote with a link to the larger content gets people to engage and most importantly,
brings users to the main website.

Track and log content

With rotating volunteers and people running the social media, it’s important to have a log of what
images, videos, and articles are being shared and when. This will keep people from posting the same
types of content too often and can help people “cycle back” through content when they are temporarily
running low on things to post. My suggestion would be an Excel/Google Spreadsheet that would log the
content, date, and any associated links.


Content: Platforms: Date

Video 1 Facebook, Twitter 1/1/18
Article 3 Facebook 1/3/18
Link Facebook, Twitter 1/5/18
Fundraiser Facebook, Twitter, Instagram 1/7/18

Suggestions about inclusion/diversity on LBH’s media platforms:

It’s important for all LBH’s media- video, social, visual- to reflect a message of inclusivity if they want to
attract a broad range of donors and prospective patients. It’s important to note that inclusivity cannot be
assumed, it needs to be actively pursued by LBH’s social media team. When posting articles, infographics,
or videos, there should be a diverse representation of families and individuals. It’s important that people
of color, LGBTQ folks, and people with disabilities are fairly and adequately represented in LBH’s media.
Once a month or so, look through the social media pages at the different posts. Are a wide range of folks
represented? If not, it’s important to find stories, photos, and other media to work in to the social media
Suggestions for content- Blog posts:

Blogs are easy, lower-stakes content that can drive more social media users directly to the website by
getting people to “click”. They can be written by a different person every time and make great recyclable
social media content! Here are some blog post ideas:

- Words from Suzanne (could be monthly? Weekly?)

- Q &A session/Educational posts. What is palliative care? What is the difference between respite
and hospice? Medical terminology, etc.
- House/building updates
- Meet the volunteer! (A volunteer writes a short bio and why they volunteer at LadyBug house)
- Recaps and photos of cool events
- Fundraiser information
- Short family/patient interviews or updates
- Comforting/Inspirational post/letters


Getting into the habit of planning, creating, scheduling, and tracking posts will help set LBH up for future
success on their social media platforms. Consistency will help LBH build more of an online presence, and a
variety of content will keep followers/users interested in what’s going on with the organization.