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For this assignment you will choose from the options below to create a persuasive piece of
writing. No matter what you choose you will have to present it to the class in 3-5 min.

1). A speech for a public figure (like President Obama) about your topic (persuasion)
(a) The speech must be intended to persuade listeners to take action
(b) ... must include a works cited page that includes correct MLA citation for all
(c) ... must follow MLA guidelines
(d) ... must mimic the speaking style and diction used by the person the
speech is being written for
(e) ... must include an introductory paragraph (not intended to be read by the
speaker) that informs me of who the speech is for, what it is about, and
what it is intended to persuade the listeners to do
2). A children’s book about a topic of your choice (20-30 pages, 2-5 sentences per page)
(a) The book should be intended to educate children about your topic in an
age-appropriate manner
(b) ... must include full-color illustrations or pictures
(c) ... must include a full-color front and back cover
(d) ... must include a works cited page that includes correct MLA citation for all
sources used (including images if not hand drawn)

3).The Fun Theory (persuasion)

(a)The Fun Theory posits that “fun is the easiest way to change people’s behavior for the better.”
For this essay you will think of a problem (e.g. people don’t throw their trash in trash cans often
enough), and propose a way to make the good behavior fun (e.g. the world’s deepest trash bin). It
is your job to convince a corporate funding source to adopt, finance, and implement your plan.

4). Create a commercial

(a) A digital 2-3 minute commercial
(b) The commercial must be intended to persuade viewers
(c) Viewers should be able to tell intended audience
(d) The message should include Pathos, Ethos, and Logos

ALL students will submit a 1-2 page final reflection to go with their chosen assignment.
***Due the day after you present.
***MLA format (refer to Purdue Owl if you need to look back)
—Why did you choose the assignment that you did?
— What did you struggle with?
— What was successful?
— What process did you take in completing this assignment?
— What sources did you use?
— What would you differently if you could?
— How do you think your presentation went? Would you do anything different?
—Additional comments that you want me to know.

Rough draft: _____________________

Final draft: _______________________

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