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When there is peace, Mother Earth will always be the best

planet to live in. Shaping my bodice is made of used tarpaulin
and my skirt is made of rubber mat ornamental plants usually
used in our school as decoration materials, the doves landing
on the rubber mat is an emblem of the balance that young
women like me puts into consideration while enduring the
demands of life. Ladies and gentlemen, I am

2. Fashion reflects our personality and gives color around us.

My attire is made up of used bottle caps, plastic garbage,
straw, cd, disposable cups and spoon, recycled brochure,
candy wrappers and foam wrap in my wings and through
fashion and style, I can save the environment by converting
waste and other used materials into reusable products.
Ladies and gentlemen, I am _______.

3. Consuming less means throwing away less, while reusing

things actually helps to save Mother Earth. Ladies and
gentlemen, I am__________________, wearing a gown made
out of cupcake paper cups, plastic straw string, used
disposable spoons and used plastic bottles which are
discarded things but can still be reused. There is no such thing
as away, when we throw anything away, it must go
4. The ocean is everything I want to be. Beautiful, mysterious,
wild and free. Ladies and gentlemen, I am
__________________ and my blue gown is Filipiniana-
inspired which color represents the ocean which is
ornamented with paper plates which represents the waves
and symbolizes unity towards preservation and conservation
of Mother Earth.

5. I am ___________________. I am a warrior of the Earth and

a protector of Mother Nature. I am wearing a gown adorned
of used rubber mat, used curtain and plastic leaves which
represents the diversity of Mother Earth. The flower pot gives
significance to the path of life which gives us more reasons to
grow more trees. The Sarimanok is a symbol of wealth and
prosperity. Its colorful feathers represent the diversity of the
people of Surigao uniting to preserve the environment.

6. I am the Flower of the Sea. I am wearing common trash that

can be found on the coastal areas of our beaches such as used
paper plates, disposable spoons, and plastic bottles which we
often think that it has no more value. Turning trash into a
beautiful masterpiece can help protect our marine life and
our nature. I am ________________ saying that useless
things can be useful, if we know how to recycle.
7. (NO NUMBER 7)

8. Creativity is making marvelous out of the discarded. Ladies

and gentlemen, I am ____________________. My gown is
made out of recycled junk food wrappers, plastic water proof
sheet and designed with used broken Compact Discs, plastic
bottles and cellophane. Indeed, recycling things into other
things, is like magic.

9. I am wearing a garment made out of used fish net, recycled

plastic bottles and tin bottle caps from our school canteen,
designed to depict a bird. I am _______________, saying that
become like a bird, expand your wings, learn new things, and
fly as high as you can to help preserve Mother Earth.

10. E-Waste or Electronic Waste is not just mere recycling

but it is also recycling business ideas and investment
opportunities. I am wearing a ball gown bejeweled with
electronic components that are not used anymore such as
circuit board, electronic cards, CDs, capacitors and resistors,
copper wire, plastic conduit, signal plate and used insulation
foam. Not only are we doing the right thing by recycling e-
waste but we are also contributing to the sustainable
development of our communities. I am ___________.
11. To achieve true sustainability is not just the job of our
local leaders but of young people like us. I am wearing a ball
gown made out of garbage bag which represents challenges.
It is ornamented with mirrors from a broken glass which
represents the light. Despite the challenges we are facing
today on the issues in our environment, we should reflect on
the light which we shall mirror the mistakes of the past and
the light that will lead us to a sustainable future. I am

12. The recycling of resource by the aggregate behavior of a

diverse array of people is much more than the sum of
individual actions for it requires the unity of all people
including the young ones and today, I am wearing a
Filipiniana-inspired gown festooned with used compact discs
from our school, plastic bottle caps, feathers and recycled
sinamay from flower shops. Ladies and gentlemen, I am
13. The purpose where I want to start, is the idea of use. It is
not recycling but reusing and today, I am wearing a gown
made out of wastes from food that we consume every day
such as noodle wrappers, milk, cereal and junk food
wrappers. These wastes go everywhere and we are living on
this planet as if we have another one to go. I am
________________________ an advocate of our Mother

14. With every drop of water you drink, every breath you
take, you’re connected to the sea. I am Jessa Mae Madamba,
16, the Spirit of the Sea. I am representing the ocean in a
garment made from recyclable materials. My dress is formed
from empty bottles of nature’s spring mineral water. My
head dress is a recycled ceiling fan cover ornamented with
caps from the plastic bottles. My whole attire is embellished
with LED lights from lighters and sprayed with gold and aqua
blue paint.

15. The world is our kaleidoscope. It presents to us that we

have ever moving thoughts. The dress is made out of trash,
recycled silver packaging, cups, paper plates, mirror and
plastic bags which proves that wastes can be made in to
fashionable clothes. I am __________, saying that there is no
limit to innovations and experiments.
16. Plans to protect air, water, wilderness, and wildlife are
plans to protect man. And by protecting our Mother Earth,
we are making this planet sustainable for the next
generations to come. My gown is made out of