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OCID Form 9


Please provide the following content components in the space provided below. Once completed, please send this form to impactstories_cotdiv@yahoo.comof the Schools
Division Office of Cotabato. Attach additional files as required.
Headline Enter the Headline here
- Maximum 15 words MUMHS Grade 11 ABM Class Conducts its First Basic Accounting Culmination Activity
- Shorter is better for School Year 2016-2017
Testimonials (Quotes/Narrative) Enter the Testimonial (Quotes/Narrative) here
- Maximum 150 words There is an overwhelming evidence that a single act of responsibility or
- 2-3 sentence direct quotation about the impact story’s compassion towards one’s work, no matter how small, is an act that creates a wave that
subject matter (person, project, event, etc.) tosses up a soul that he or she serves upon.
- It should be written from the FIRST PERSON Point of I am beyond grateful to those who shared their ideas and kind acts in
accomplishing the first basic accounting culmination activity for the first batch of SHS
- Include name (and title/organization, if necessary) of the
person who expressed the testimonial ABM students.
Ms. Jesel Jane Mendoza, a Grade 11 ABM student, shared a message during the
sharing of impression at the end of the activity.
She said “The activity helped me a lot because I learned from it and I’m sure that
the knowledge I got is useful in the near future when I go to college. Basic knowledge is
the first step in my career. I will be able to understand higher accounting by then”, she

About the subject or subject matter Enter the Subject/Subject MatterDetails here
- Maximum 150 words In the genuine attempt to maximize learning capabilities of the SHS ABM
- 2-3 sentence blurb about the subject matter students, the MUMHS administration and ABM teachers conducted its First Basic
Accounting Culmination Activity last March 17, 2017.
The activity was held at the conference room of the school. The students were
set in semi-formal attires and were allotted with free snacks and lunch. Ms. Mary Joy
Cartagena, a Certified Public Accountant was invited as a guest. The activity was also
graced with the appearance and motivational messages from our principal, Ms. Decie
N. Bantay and by the Senior High School coordinator, Mr. Elias S. Diamante.
As the ABM adviser and mentor in basic accounting subject, it is my highest
intent to engage the learners in actual accounting work scenario. The objective of the
activity was to expose the learners in the preparation of required financial reports in

The story Here is where the complete narrative should be. Feel free to tell the complete story. Be generous
with your descriptions.
In the advent of K-12 Program implementation of the Department of Education,
the Mariano Untal Memorial High School administration and teaching personnel
uphold the utmost accountability and core dedication to employ best possible
learning environment among its learners. Anent to this, its academic and non-
academic curriculum implementers are steadfast in their teaching approaches inside
or outside the four corners of the classroom.
During our accounting session in mid-February, 2017, I and my ABM class were
planning to gather in a one day activity that would conclude the semester’s
accounting lessons. As much as my heart’s desire to satisfy the cravings for learning
of my students, I was hesitant that the proposal of conducting the culmination would
fall into deaf ears. But the result was the opposite. Our principal, Ms. Decie N. Bantay,
accepted the plan seconds after reading it and was eager to support us all throughout
the activity.
With thrilled disposition, thirteen ABM learners were gathered in the first hour
of the morning. All in their semi-formal attires wearing smiles that reflected their
enthusiasm. Heels, hair and make-up were on for the eleven ladies. Sleeves, slacks
and shiny black shoes for the two gentlemen.
I was in awe as I stood before them for the preliminaries led by Ms. Jesel Jane
Mendoza, the ABM class president. The statement of purpose followed after some
light body exercises. I explained that the objective of the activity was to engage the
learners with the actual accounting work that commence from recording business
transactions to the preparation of the required reports. Furthermore, the learners were
encouraged to participate in all assigned tasks. The performance of each learner will
be computed accordingly after each learning assessment and would be part of the
computation of their final grades.
Our principal, Ms. Decie N. Bantay gave her inspirational message and
emphasized the importance of continuous learning. Mr. Elias S. Diamante, the SHS
coordinator gave his encouragement to the young aspiring business people.
The highlight came during the speech of Ms. Mary Joy Cartagena, a Certified
Public Accountant and also the school’s Administrative Assistant III. She expressed
her most humble beginning as a CPA and stressed her different experiences in
accounting work. She elaborated the prestige of entering the accounting world along
with its umbrella-like opportunities that awaits the aspirants. Indeed, the participants
were enriched with required knowledge and motivations to advance their steps
towards achieving their dreams.
The battle between knowledge and ignorance kicked off when the activity
proper started. Armored with the five months familiarity of basic concepts and
problems in accounting, all thirteen went on their own instincts. They drove on each
items, some in slow pace, others were hasty. The easy part encompassing the
theories on multiple choices was a lot lighter for them. Their confidence surfaced in
high level.
The snacks and lunch were served as set. Some motivational videos and
presentations boosted the spirit of the class while indulging the sumptuous food.
Then came the classifying, summarizing and balancing part, some stood the
test of time given, some asked for minutes of extension. The last part of the activity
was the preparation of financial reports. All calculators out, prayers too. It was the
hour of heavy drum rolls. Some gasped to release the uneasiness on the situation. My
fingers could not count the times they met my eyes. It was a sign of their discomfort,
of lowered confidence, of the need of reassurance from me. I gave my full trust as I
patted my hands on their shoulder blades. The climax of the activity came in. There
was a deafening silence as one looked for his or her own work. They were tasked to
observe proper entry of figures, headings, double ruling and indentions. Precision
was necessary. Correctness of data and careful erasures was highly considered.
Time ran in an unknown pace. All thirteen submitted their work for evaluation.
And as I went on their papers, it was reasonably a job well done for all. I paid a lasting
applause for their achievement not only for that day but on the days ahead of them.
Moreover, in this small step of exploring dimensions of extensive learning, I
know they got what they need for their chosen field. Maybe uncertainties and anxieties
are clear but fear and falling back is not a choice. Headstrong, they must keep going.
Of far importance is to acknowledge that their attempt of not letting grass grow on
their feet in the field of learning is a clear drive of achieving things, if not better, are
surely best.

About the location or venue of the subject Enter the Location Details here
- Maximum 150 words The Basic Accounting Culmination Activity was held at the school’s conference
- 2-3 sentence blurb about where the subject matter room. The venue was set up with tables and cloth, chairs and led projectors. We were
resides or originates, or where the project or program is allotted with two stand fans, a microphone and a water dispenser.
implemented. (If given the chances, the same class would like to propose a culmination activity that
- Include data and figures unique to the location; mention
bears the same objective for the ABM 12 student before this semester ends. A venue
success stories as well as challenges faced
outside the school with a function hall and seminar-like facility would be a cherry on a
salad bowl –smiles and wink)

About the writer Enter the name and contact details here
- Name and contact details The writer is Ms. Rosemarie D. Renegado. She is the Grade 11- Adviser for the SY 2016-2017 in
- 2-3 sentence bio sketch (designation, relationship to the Mariano Untal Memorial High School.
subject/involvement in the program) Contact number: 0930-240-4184

Contact person for questions or clarifications about the Enter the name and contact details here
story Contact writer please.>>>>0930-240-4184
IMPORTANT:  Only submissions done in this template will be considered.
 Please include photos and/or videos with your submission. They should be sent as separate
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NOTE: Areas of impact stories may include, but not limited to the following: 1. Alternative Learning System (ALS), 2. Special Programs: Special Education (SPED), Special Program in Journalism (SPJ), Special Program in the Arts (SPA),
3.Senior High School (SHS), 4.Oplan BalikEskwela, BrigadaEskwela, 5. School Building Construction and Rehabilitation, 6.K to 12 Implementation,7.Kindergarten Education, 8.Teaching in Mother Tongue, 9.Child Protection and Anti-Bullying,
10. Health and Nutrition,11. Information and Communications Technology, 12.Out-of-School Youth Programs, 13.Teacher Training and Professional Development, 14.Disaster Risk Reduction and Management (DRRM), 15.National Greening
Program (i.e.GulayansaPaaralan), 16..School-NGO Connection, 17.Action Research, 18. School-based Management (SBM).

Ms. Rosemarie D. Renegado presented the statement of

purpose for the activity.
Jesel Jane Mendoza led the preliminaries of the program.

Ms. Mary Joy Cartagena, CPA, gave her inspirational

message. She highlighted her experiences in accounting
world and how accounting become a prestigious and most
sought course of study today.