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Grease Uninterruptable Source

Why so many automotive suppliers are using the GUS

A GUS finds and Without a GUS,

trapped air can
automatically removes cause grease
voids and trapped air from fixtures to look
like this

called for grease
bead on full
Without a
but trapped air
GUS, trapped
caused nozzle to
air causes
grease to ooze skip and drool.
from nozzle
Potential problems with
windshield wiper motors
caused a ($50 per vehicle)
ten million dollar recall.
The National Highway Without a GUS,
Traffic Safety critical No grease
components can causes
Administrations said “the rejections,
be assembled
windshield wiper motor “corrective
and shipped
may have been made without any actions”, and
without grease being grease or without recalls.
applied to the shaft gear”. the required
amount of

A GUS can save you thousands of

Without a GUS,
dollars every year by allowing production will be
continued production during shut down during
pail or drum
grease, drum, and pail changes. changes. Shut
downs can cost
thousands of
dollars every year.

To meet exacting 1. Remove trapped air from grease

grease 2. Dispense via G. P. Reeves positive displacement piston dispensers
specifications: 3. Verify dispense with electronic pressure sensor, UV sensor, or vision system

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