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Section A

Q1. Write True or False: /5

1. One can offer Salah before its actual time. _________False______

2. Khabbab Ibn Al-Aratt was once made to

lie down on burning embers. ______ _ _True_______

3. For women “Awrah” means the whole body

except the face and the hands. _________True________

4. Fatima (‫ )رضي هللا عنها‬removed the intestines from the back

of her father and scolded the Quraysh in strong words. _________True_______

5. Mischievous utterances means something

that is said to cause happiness. _________False_______

Q2. Fill in the blanks: /10

1. Allah’s messenger asked Ali Ibn Abee Talib to give a feast and
invited his relatives.
2. When Uqbah Ibn Abee Mu’ayt tried to strangle the Prophet, Abu
Bakr (‫ )رضي هللا عنه‬rushed to the spot and saved the Prophet.
3. Uthman Ibn Affan (‫ )رضي هللا عنه‬was a wealthy man of Umayyah tribe.

4. When the Prophet (‫ )ﷺ‬reached the verse that requires prostration ,

he prostrated.

5. The Quraysh did not accept Islam because Islam is the enemy of

Q3. Circle the right answer: /5
1. A special meal for a lot of people means:
a) Meeting

b) Feast

2. Possibility of danger means:

a) Threat

b) Hostility

3. Evil deeds mean all kinds of:

a) Virtues

b) Vices

4. Sanity means:
a) Sound mind

b) Mad

5. Children must be ordered to pray at age of:

a) Seventeen

b) Seven

Q4. Match the right endings: /5

jk Prophet (‫)ﷺ‬
himself would lead turned away once accepting it.
Umar’s (‫)رضي هللا عنه‬
2. acceptance of the cruelties of the disbelievers against the
Islam was weak. (_3_)
It makes one’s hair
3. stand on end to that he fell unconscious.
think of (_5_)
Islam is such a
4. powerful force the prayer in house of Arqam.
that nobody (_1_)
Abu Dhar Ghifaree
5. (‫ )رضي هللا عنه‬was a turning point in the history of Islam.
mercilessly beaten (_2_)

Section B

Q1. What is the meaning of conditions of Salah? /2

It means some requirements in Salah which are necessary for the

validity of prayers.

Q2. How did the Prophet (saw) arrange to spread the word of Islam

to his relatives? /3

Allah’s messenger (saw) arranged a feast and invited his relatives

to call them to Islam and to warn them against idolatry

Q3. When did the Prophet’s people start rejecting him? /3

The Prophet’s people started rejecting him when he criticized their

false gods and warned them against worshipping idols

Q4. Why did the Quraysh make fun of Utbah? /4

The Quraysh made fun of Utbah by saying that Muhammad(saw)

has cast a spell on you because he advised them to leave

Muhammad (saw) alone and to be neutral.

Q5. Describe the different ways in which Bilal (RA) was tortured. /4

Bilal’s master would through him on his back on the burning sand

and would order a heavy rock to be placed on his chest.At times

both his arms were tied behind his back and he was lashed

mercilessly. Sometimes he was kept hungry.

Q6. How did Bilal bear all those miseries? /2

Bila lwould bear all those miseries with patience,saying “Ahad

,Ahad”(Allah is one,Allah is one)

Q7. What did Abu Bakr (RA) ask the Quraysh when he came to save

the Prophet (‫?)ﷺ‬ /2

Abu Bakr asked the Quraysh “Would u kill a person simply because

he says that Allah is his Lord”

Q8. Why did the Quraysh treat Muslims most unkindly? /2

The Quraysh treated the Muslims most unkindly so that other

people would not dare to join the new faith.

Q9. The disbeliever did everything to stop the Prophet’s (‫ )ﷺ‬mission.

What was his mission? /2 The

mission of the Prophet (saw) was to spread the word of Islam.

Q10. Who was sent to make offers to the Prophet (‫?)ﷺ‬ /2

_Utbah ibn Abee Rabee’ah was sent to make offers to the


Q11. Do you think Utbah was an ordinary person? /2

Utbah was not an ordinary person. He was one of the chief of


Q12. The center (Dar Al-Arqam) served many uses. Explain. /3

House of Al-Arqam became the first centre to learn the teachings

of Islam and to offer Salah. It was used for all Islamic activities. The
new Muslims would come here to accept Islam

Q13. Name the followings: /4

1. He assured the Prophet (‫ )ﷺ‬of his help and support.

Ali ibn Abee Talib (RA)

2. The youngest daughter of the Prophet Muhammad (‫)ﷺ‬.

The youngest daughter of the Prophet Muhammad (‫)ﷺ‬was Fatima
3. The Kunyah of Utbah:

The Kunyah of Utbah is Abul Waleed.

4. The first martyr woman in Islam?

The first martyr woman in Islam is Sumayyah (RA).