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Longlands Youth

Development Forum

Integrating Parenting
Skills Project with
existing Skills Development Project…
Introduction of proposed Skills Development Project
Project Objectives

As within the objectives of every programme, which have a social responsibility clause towards the intended
beneficiaries, Longlands Youth Development Forum has a social responsibility towards the community of
Longlands& the surrounding rural areas. The social& moral decay from any community originates from the
lack of access to education, unemployment& opportunities for young people, that is why capacity building
for any community& thus referring to Longlands the surrounding rural areas, should be implemented by
developing the infrastructure& to create sustainable job opportunities, by initiating community based projects
or income generating projects. Longlands Youth Development Forum, through its networking& community
based projects, conducted an Area Needs Assessment within the area of operation to ascertain the viability
to initiate a structured Job Creation Project, by introducing a Skills Development project by introducing a
structured Skills Development and Training Project, to capacitate existing community based organizations,
educating unemployed matriculants, youth, adults and school learners & to create viable job opportunities
for youth within the community of Longlands.

Targeted beneficiaries to proposed project:

 which is 20 young men& 20 women between the ages of 18 – 35 (Longlands)
 which is 20 young men& 20 women between the ages of 18 – 35 (Keisie - Kamma)
 which is 20 young men& 20 women between the ages of 18 – 35 (Gong - Gong)
 Management committees of the different organizations within Longlands& surrounding areas

Timeframe to proposed project:

 9 months

Training standards& related accreditation

 Basic Construction, Road Construction, Electrical, Plumbing
 Basic& Advance Computer Training
 Parenting Skills Workshop for the participants of these Projects
 Training will be within the criteria for accreditation by the (ISETT)Information Systems,
Electronics and Telecommunications Technologies , which will be acknowledged by The
South African Qualifications Authority (S.A.Q.A.)
Exit strategy related to Skills Development Project
The intended outcomes for the Skills Development Project are further strengthened& realized by the:
 The proposed project proposal, which include the participants of the Computer& Skills Training for
the different organizations benefitting from the project, during the initial training period, which will
be for a period of 3 years when implemented – Longlands
 The project outcomes and objectives for this project is the education and training of school learners
from grade 4 to 9, enabling school learners from previous disadvantage communities to access
basic computer training as part of intervention to eliminate early school drop – outs and promote
education through structured learning programmes
 The project outcomes and objectives for this project is the education and training of adult
community members from previous disadvantage communities to access basic computer training
as part of intervention to eliminate illiteracy and promote education through structured learning
programmes, enabling them to become employable.
 Children programmes:
Microsoft Paint (for the movement of the mouse)
Typing Master Pro or Typing de Lux (to learn to type with both hands)
Big Boet Skills Development Range:
1. Big Boet Toddler (Age 3 – 5)
2. Big Boet Grade 0-1 (Age 5-7)
3. Big Boet Grade 2-3 (Age 7-9)
4. Big Boet Grade 4-5 (Age 9-11)
5. Big Boet Grade 6-7 (Age 11-13)
These programs concentrate on Reading, Spelling, Math, Science, Art, Music and Thinking
 Community programme:

Organizational Information
The purpose of this document is to provide a strategic overview of the work programme of LYDEF and to
provide potential donors and supporters a clear description of the projects and strategy embarked on by civil
society youth of Longlands and our affiliates.
Longlands Youth Development Forum is in the process of registering as a non-profit organization in terms of
the Non-Profit Legislation for civil society organizations, which want to receive funding from government or
any public source. The constitution of LYDEF is in the process of being amended, so as to undertake
prescribe activities that will effectively support and strengthen the work of our affiliates. In terms of local
government legislation LYDEF is a Community Based Organization who prioritize the development of youth
as set out within the Youth Development Framework for Local Government, The National Youth
Commission& other related legislatives. These youth development entities are inclusive, non-racial and do
not discriminate on the basis of religion, gender, cultural or political affiliation.
Longlands Youth Development Forum (LYDEF) was initiated by a group of concerned civil society
individuals and youth organizations in May 2009, in an attempt to pool scarce resources, expertise in
fragmented social, economic and youth CBO’s environment in the Longlands area. Longlands is a rural
town within the Northern Cape, historically linked to the area which forms part of Anglo Boere War. It is also
a service town for rural settlements in Keisie – Kamma, Rooi – Rand& Winters Rush. The population in this
area is characterized by a significant number of young men and women under the age of 35 years and a
proportionally large number of scholars. Latest figures indicate the portion of youth to be around 2 000, of
which 1 000 are scholars.
These issues facing the youth sector within Longlands are enormous hurdles, such as:

 Lack of adequate and relevant educational opportunities

 Substances like alcohol & drugs (dagga & alcohol abuse)
 Lack of economic development opportunities
 Youth in conflict with the law
 Youth at risk
 A seemingly inaccessible health system
 A government system that does not see youth development as a priority, but rather a liability
 A non-youth friendly community environment

When analyzing the context of the above issues it is important to evaluate the relative investment in youth
and the cost – effectiveness of such investment by government & the private sector. The cost to government
associated with risky behavior almost, always exceeds the investments made into youth. It is therefore
crucial that more appropriate investment measures be taken into the proactive development of youth. The
Department Local Government has put in place a comprehensive Youth Development Policy Framework,
which indicates the strategic intent of local government in addressing youth issues. The extend of youth –
focused interventions will be a cost effective way to improve health , reduce poverty & benefit society in the
long term. It will also determine the success of this Policy’s, initiated by government. Youth Development
Strategies are well development at National level, but often find it difficult to reach the youth through
provincial youth entities. Local government is not yet in a position to comprehensively define youth
strategies on a pro – active basis & should rely on their Local Youth Development .Forums, to direct local
government youth policies. We Longlands Youth Development Forum (L.Y.D.E.F) is in the final stages of
amending our constitution , which content a change of name , the mandate , the vision , the mission , main
& secondary objectives , dissolving of our interim executive, re-opening of our bank account, as well as our
strategies. L.Y.D.E.F. aims to drive towards a set of achievable programme outcomes, which will be put into
action in our strategies.

Organizations information

Executive Management
 Chairperson – Donovan Koopman
 Secretary – Ms. Jeneal Fritz
 Treasurer – Mr. Stoffel Frances

Funders/donors& achievements to date

 L.Y.D.E.F. has not been funded by any Government Department, private business, corporate body
or Trust. The projects& programmes that has been initiated, was implemented by acquiring
assistance, support& resources from the local school. However, Eye on the Child& Asibavikele
sponsored fruit, G.N. Pressly Intermediate School sponsored R 20 000.00 towards the 1st pahse of
the Skills Project and the venue& The Department Social Development sponsored the trophies&
catering for the Sports Day that formed part of a Holiday School Programme in June& September
2009. L.Y.D.E.F. initiated this programme as early intervention into unemployment, illiteracy, school
drop outs, youth in conflict with the law& promoting continuous school participation to identified
problem children referred to by the School Social Worker, Eye on the Child& Principal
Ms. Beatrice May (School Social Worker) & Donovan Koopman - Programme
Coordinator with Programme attendees on completion of School Holiday
Programme – 15 July 200

Child Welfare S.A – Delportshoop Representatives of Department Social Development

Sports day 30 September 2009
Partners involved
 Training – Stoffie”s Skills& Training Centre
Creative Minds – Computer Training Centre
New Dimednsion Skills Training Solutions
 Co –Operative Training – SIGENTU (Pty)Ltd
Responsible for Training of numerous Municipalities& Community as per Company Profile
 Entrepreneurial/ Small Businesses Development – SIGENTU (Pty) Ltd
 Provision of venue – G.N. Pressly Intermediate School
 On job training (as part of exit strategy) – G.N. Pressly Intermediate School (Construction of
School hall& upgrading of sports facilities)
 Project Management
Donovan Koopman,
Experience: Project design, implementation& management
Scope of interest: Life Skills, Arts& Crafts, Early Childhood Development, Career Guidance& Small
Business Development, Youth Development, Community Development, Project Management,
Strategic Planning and Proposal Writing
Success indicators
 Acquiring relevant funding for S.D.P.& other related projects
 Meeting Training Requirements as per Training Schedule
 Individual Performance Reports on learners
 Successful registration of Co – Operatives
 100% Project participation
 Successful Construction of the sports facilities of the school

 Reporting will be conducted by Donovan Koopman (Project Manager)

 Should there be otherwise indicated on a standard reporting form as required by potential sponsor
or donor

Budget& Financial Controls

Total amount requested for project implementation:
 R 926 000.00
Main line – items& costs
 Training Cost – R 850 000.00
 Catering for workshop participants – R 76 000.00
Day – to – Day finance control
 The requested amount for project implementation will be paid directly into the accounts of the
respective service provider as per submitted quotations& no actual control of finances will occur
within the organization. The designated person do not have the relevant knowledge or training, that
is why capacity building for all management members has been initiated to actively& efficiently
function within the organization.
Financial audit
 Longlands Youth Development Forum or any other youth organization have not implemented or
coordinated such a project within its area of operations, due to lack of support& assistance towards
youth development. As a C.B.O. who is in the process of registration& amending the interim
constitution, no mentioned can be made to financial management or audits.

Project Managers and contact numbers:

 Project Manager – Donovan Koopman
Cell. number: 072 2020 3672

 Onsite Project Manager – Gavin Pyl

Cell. number: 071 992 4997

 Email address: lydefnc@yahoo.com

Photos of S.D.P. for past 2 weeks

Longlands Computer Launch: 19 April 2010

Computer training centre (before) Final set- up of Computer training centre

Project Managers with 1st Computer Training attendees Computer Training attendees with facilitators Training attendees
busy with training
KEISIE – KAMMA: 29 April 2010
Briefing session on proposed Skills Development& Training Project for 40 learners