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Informative Speech
 Pick a topic you can use in your informative speech as well as your persuasive speech
 Pick a topic you care about
 5-6.5 minutes
 5 powerpoint slides
o Supporting main points
o Visuals and graphics
o Bullet points
o Thesis statement, preview statement, organizational structure, transitional
statements are required
o 3 verbally, orally cited sources
o 3 references in your reference list (outline)
 Reference list
 10 points
 Include at the bottom of the ouotline
 APA or MLA format
 Any oral citation needs a reference
o 1-2 notecards
o Good delivery
 Well crafted intro, main points, transitions, conclusion
o Business casual dress code (for informative and persuasive speech)
 Do’s
 Dress pants
 Collared shirts
 Blouses
 Sunday dresses
 Don’ts
 Denim
 Flip-flops
 Spaghetti straps
 Crop tops
 Shorts
 Mini skirts
 Workout clothes
 Sweats
 Goals of the speech
o Talk about an issue and provide a fresh experience
o Educate audience about a topic
 Types of informative speeches
o Definition
 Essence, meaning, purpose, or identity of something
 What something means (or what it means to you) EX: What all the
LGBTQA+ letters mean
o Explanation
 Analysis of a topic, event, how something works
 How you do something if you do something cool EX: conducting
o Descriptive
 Paint a mental picture on multiple senses
 EX: if you went somewhere really cool talk about it and describe it
to engage all the senses
o Demonstration
 Physical and verbal modeling
 Teach your audience how to do something EX: leadership exercises
o Narrative
 Tells a story
 If you have a cool story, talk about it
o Spatial
 Descibes or explains events as they occur in space
 EX: explain the economic and civil repercussions of
o Comparison
 Talking about 2 topics and how they are similar and different
o Categorical
 A few different main points