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FY 17 Budget Appeals

Review and Decision Report

School BURKE

Network 9


Date of Appeals December 22, 2016

Review Meeting Previous review: November 1, 2016


Amount of Request $90,000


Principal’s Student enrollment necessitates the need for one assistant principal and one
Justification clerk; both are currently in place for this school year.

In addition to the information given above, Burke has received an influx of

students who have individual educational plans that require paraprofessional
support as well as additional current students who are in the process to receive
special education services. In addition to new students, current Burke students
who have IEPs are in need of additional paraprofessional minutes than can be
currently covered with existing staff. After 6 weeks of student observation and
specialized services, it has been found that paraprofessional services are still
needed throughout the school day for the student(s) per IEP requirements.
Please note again, that these minutes of service cannot be covered given existing
funding levels and existing staff. Burke wants to ensure that students with
disabilities participate in shared educational experiences while pursuing
individually appropriate learning outcomes with necessary supports. In order to
do this, Burke would need to add two additional SECAs. The total position cost
for each SECA is approximately $45,000. Therefore, we are requesting an
additional $90,000 of funding to provide these services.

Network Chief’s The school has 444 students; 1 assistant principal and 1 clerk.
There are 2 students ( & ) and
their IEPs require full time paraprofessional support, and 1 student transferred in
that requires a part time paraprofessional. Additionally, 1 student whose IEP was
started EOY has now been completed and requires paraprofessional support
while in the general education setting for 800 minutes.

The school desires to be in compliance with the students' IEPs. The

aforementioned students enrolled and their IEPs indicate the need for the
requested paraprofessional support.

Enrollment Funding
FY 16 20th FY 16 FY 17
Day 5/31/16 Current
LRE 1A 7 7 8 SBB Allocation $1,649,963
LRE 1B, 1C 11 11 9 DL Allocation $715,861
LRE 2 35 31 24 Amount spent on DL $869,785
LRE 3 5 8 11 FY 17 SPED Teachers 5.0
Cluster 0 0 0 FY 17 SPED Aides 6.0
Pre-K 0 0 0
Total 58 57 52

School IEP Minute Comparison Data

FY16 FY16 FY17 FY17
20th Day 5/31/16 9/2/16 Current as of
Total Para 20,355 30,995 35,930 32,915
Total 55,497 53,529 48,839 51,749
IEP Minutes

Summary of Denied – ODLSS to provide support and feedback.
Decision  Re-review based on change in number of paras currently opened at the
 During the review and notification process of the previous request, the
school had 2 para positions closed, which changed the number of paras
from 8 to 6. A re-review of the appeal was warranted and conducted by
the Appeals Committee.
 In re-reviewing, Appeals Committee is concerned with the fact that 29 of
52 diverse learners require para support – an unusually high percentage.
o ODLSS district representative will review IEP and para needs to
determine whether there is an over-reliance on para support at
school, and to review scheduling.,.
o The Network Chief will also review tiered support that are
implemented, specifically looking for Tiered 2 and 3 SEL.
o A SECA sub will be provided in the interim until the feedback is
 The school can re-submit the appeal, if necessary.