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thyssenkrupp in India

Corporate presentation
December 2017

1 Overview thyssenkrupp Group

2 thyssenkrupp India

2 March 2017 | thyssenkrupp in India

We are an integrated diversified
industrial group

3 March 2017 | thyssenkrupp in India

We are a global corporation
~ € 43 bn. sales and 158,739 employees
Present in 79 countries with >2,200 sites

.4 March 2017 | thyssenkrupp in India

Fiscal Year 2016/17 | thyssenkrupp Corporate Headquarter in Essen, Germany
thyssenkrupp operates in 12 key industries

Automotive Infrastructure & Buildings Mining & Metals Chemicals

Energy Gen. & Dist. White goods Food & Beverage Aerospace

Mechanical & Plant

Engineering Oil & Gas Shipbuilding Special Vehicles

5 March 2017 | thyssenkrupp in India

engineering. tomorrow. together.
Three words to describe who we are
what we do, and how we do it.

6 March 2017 | thyssenkrupp in India

We advance our customers – with big and small solutions
“engineering” describes how we think

7 March 2017 | thyssenkrupp in India

We are dedicated to future challenges
and develop sustainable solutions to improve our life

8 March 2017 | thyssenkrupp in India

We share our knowledge,
combine and leverage it to create innovations
9 March 2017 | thyssenkrupp in India
We move the world: World Trade Center
71 elevators and 12 escalators
Enables travel at nearly 23 mph to reach the top in 60 sec.

10 March 2017 | thyssenkrupp in India

We enable sustainable energy:
thyssenkrupp is one of the world’s leading suppliers of
slewing bearings for wind turbines

11 March 2017 | thyssenkrupp in India

We manage giant puzzles:
Orchestrating supply chains for the aerospace industry
with millions of parts from hundreds of suppliers

12 March 2017 | thyssenkrupp in India

We manage complexity:
Building turnkey clinker production lines
with the option to use alternative fuels

Rothe Erde
13 March 2017 | thyssenkrupp in India
We mix ideas to create right solutions:
Creating complete chemical plants
from EPC to technical and operating services

14 March 2017 | thyssenkrupp in India

We shape sustainable mobility:
Hybrid materials for the automotive industry
Strong as steel, but far lighter

15 March 2017 | thyssenkrupp in India

We advance our customers with innovations:
MULTI Wireless Elevator for bi-directional travel
Reduces up to 50% elevator space

16 March 2017 | thyssenkrupp in India

We share common values and take on responsibility
for the global community that we live and work in
17 March 2017 | thyssenkrupp in India

1 Overview thyssenkrupp Group

2 thyssenkrupp India
2.1 Key facts and mission
2.2 Portfolio overview for your industry in India

18 March 2017 | thyssenkrupp in India

Partner in India for over 150 years
Sales of over ₹ 3,378 crore with >7000 employees

As a globally
diversified industrial
group, we want to
create value for all
our stakeholders and
become the market
leader in all our
areas of operations
in India.

19 March 2017 | thyssenkrupp in India

Fiscal Year 2016/17 | thyssenkrupp Regional Headquarter in Mumbai, India
We are well represented in India

20 March 2017 | thyssenkrupp in India

Our Indian operations are managed by local teams
We operate a global network of experts
Bharat Vishnani Kesava Iyer Venkatesan
Ravi Kirpalani Managing Director and Managing Director Electrical
CEO thyssenkrupp India Member of the Board Steel India &
Elevator India CEO Rothe Erde India

P.D. Samudra Malay Das

Dr. Gurnad Sodhi
CEO & Managing Director CEO & Managing Director and
Managing Director
and Member of the Board Member of the Board
Marine Systems India
Industrial Solutions India Industries India

S. Sakthi Kumar
Managing Director Berco Vinay V Kanitkar Gopi Hanumanthappa
Undercarriages India & Managing Director System Managing Director
Acting CEO, Engine Engineering India Aerospace India
Components India

21 March 2017 | thyssenkrupp in India

Market leading technology across diverse industries

Our unique cold cyclone technology with least

emission levels for CFBC boilers

Powering over 60% windmills in India

Over 60% market share in Cryogenic Ammonia

storage tanks

Over 70% market share in Chlorine Plants

First and only dedicated Aerospace material

and logistics facility

Only manufacturer of grain-oriented steel

22 March 2017 | thyssenkrupp in India

We see ourselves as part of the Indian society
Corporate social responsibility in India

Support of the hockey village Donation of computers to schools

Blood donation events, Mumbai and Pune Donation of equipment to hospitals

23 March 2017 | thyssenkrupp in India


1 Overview thyssenkrupp Group

2 thyssenkrupp India
2.1 Key facts and mission
2.2 Portfolio overview for our industry in India

24 March 2017 | thyssenkrupp in India


Trends Components Systems Services

The auto industry is • Machining of • Plant design and • Services for
undergoing a strong crankshafts for automotive automotive
transformation. medium and assembly assembly
Manufacturers face heavy commercial systems for auto technology
multiple trends from vehicle engines and engine OEMs
electrification, new
competitors, etc.

25 March 2017 | thyssenkrupp in India

Construction, Buildings & Infrastructure

Trends Components Systems Services

Our cities are growing • Elevators and • Cement plants and • High-quality spare
rapidly. According to escalators for housing aggregate crushing parts and after sales
forecasts, the number of and commercial machines, e.g. for services (e.g.
people living in cities is • PBB1 for airports basalt, limestone, modernization,
set to increase by three granite modification,
billion in the next 30 • Track chains, frames, relocation, spare parts
years. This will pose shafts, crankshafts supply management)
trends for transport and and bearings for
traffic – and for construction
infrastructure and the equipment
design of buildings. • Construction materials

1. Passenger boarding bridges

26 March 2017 | thyssenkrupp in India

Mining & Metals

Trends Components Systems Services

Mining is a key sector • Bucket Wheel Excavators • Open-cast mining • Maintenance,
in the exploitation of systems and equipment rejuvenation &
• Spreaders
raw materials. Capital for various minerals modernization and
• Long distance (e.g. coal, lignite, iron-
spending in the spare parts the
Conveyors/Shiftable ore, bauxite, limestone,
sector has increased Board
Conveyors etc.)
steadily in recent
years to meet • Crawler mounted • Material handling
growing demand for trippers systems from individual
raw materials from • Stacker cum Reclaimers machines to complete
manufacturing solutions for mining and
industry. • Wagon Tipplers metallurgical plants
• Crushing & screening • Minerals processing for
equipment various minerals

27 March 2017 | thyssenkrupp in India


Trends Systems Services

In times of highly • Development, design, and • High-quality spare parts and
volatile raw material building of plants for fertilizers, aftersales services (e.g.
prices and ever tighter petrochemicals, refinery units, modernization, modification,
environmental organic/inorganic chemicals, relocation, spare parts supply
regulations it’s a storages, and industrial management)
challenge to improve products • Engineering consulting in
cost efficiency and • Related materials handling LSTK, PMC and EPCM modes
sustainability. systems for plants, i.e. fertilizers,
petrochemicals, organic
chemicals, refinery units, chlor-
alkali, etc.

28 March 2017 | thyssenkrupp in India

Energy Generation & Distribution

Trends Components Systems Services

While fossil resources • Slewing bearings • Boilers up to 150 • High-quality spare
are in ever scarcer up to 3.5 meter MW using the parts and after
supply, demand for • Grain oriented various boiler sales services
energy is growing – (GO) and non-GO types, e.g. CFBC (e.g.
throughout the world. based electrical boilers, biomass modernization,
So how can we manage steel for boilers, oil/gas- modification,
energy responsibly? transformers and fired boilers, relocation, spare
And how can we generators waste-heat, etc. parts supply
develop renewable • Balance of plants management)
energy sources? for larger plants

29 March 2017 | thyssenkrupp in India

Food & Beverage

Trends Components Systems Services

Favourable monsoon • Centrifugal • Full Sugar Plants • High-quality spare

this year has raised Machines and machinery parts and after
sales services
hopes for higher sugar • Mills • Milling Plants (e.g.
output. Favourable • Falling Film • Process House modernization,
Ethanol policy being Evaporators • Bagasse fired modification,
planned by the • Continuous Pans Boiler relocation, spare
government. • Balance of Plant parts supply
SEA countries are management)
investing in Sugar

30 March 2017 | thyssenkrupp in India


Trends Components Services

Air traffic volumes are • Aluminum, steel, titanium and • Supply chain management
rising – above all in the non-metallic materials
USA, but also in China,
India, and Russia.
Global demand for
aircrafts is growing.
New manufacturing
facilities are being built

31 March 2017 | thyssenkrupp in India

Mechanical & Plant Engineering

Trends Components Systems Services

For the engineering • Slewing bearings • Cement plants • Engineering
sector, accessing new up to 3.5 meter • Wagon Tipplers consulting for
markets is a challenge plants, i.e.
because the playing • Mining e.g. fertilizers, petro-
field is changing. Barracuda chemicals, organic
Increasingly stringent Excavator chemicals, refinery
energy and environ- • Stacker cum units, chlor-alkali,
mental requirements Reclaimers etc.
are hurdles, but we • Maintenance
have them clearly in services

32 March 2017 | thyssenkrupp in India

Oil & Gas

Trends Components Systems

The energy industry is • Slewing bearings • Upstream: Core engineering, consulting/
in transition. While oil up to 3.5 meter design services, due diligences studies on
remains a reliable raw behalf of prospective purchasers of
material, gas, and infrastructure, assets, and prospects
renewable energies • Downstream: End-to-end solutions for a
have gained in variety of refinery units; associated with
importance in recent India's leading oil refining and marketing
years. companies for their MSQ upgradation and
refinery refurbishment programs
• Engineering consulting for refinery units

33 March 2017 | thyssenkrupp in India


Trends Components Systems Services

Over 80 percent of • Slewing bearings • Escalators and • Maintenance and
world trade is handled up to 3.5 meter elevators modernization for
by ship, and the trend is • Steel products • Naval ships and all elevator and
rising. At the same time and other submarines escalator
demands on modern materials products
ships are also
increasing, in terms of
equipment, efficiency,
and size.

34 March 2017 | thyssenkrupp in India

Special Vehicles

Trends Components Systems

Special vehicles on • Slewing bearings up to 3.5 • Standard machines for
modern construction meter (e.g. diggers, antennas, crushing and sizing rocks
projects operate under tunnel diggers, medical up to 5 mm
high requirements. scanners, etc.)
Contemporary • Machining of crankshafts for
architecture requires special vehicles
complex ground
preparation, a
challenge that impacts
directly on the design
of the equipment.

35 March 2017 | thyssenkrupp in India

Thank you!
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