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March 10, 2016

Kansas Commission on Judicial Qualifications

301 SW Tenth Avenue

Topeka Ks 66612

This complaint is against Nancy Anstaett regarding docket number 1270, In the Matter of Lori A. Bolton
Fleming and the continued February 23 meetings for lack of quorum against Robert Fairchild, Jeffry Jack,
Kurtis Loy, A.J. Wachter, Lori Bolton Fleming, Robert Fleming, Oliver Lynch, Janice Russell, Richard Smith,
and John Sanders and the complaint against Kurtis Loy, A.J. Wachter, Lori Bolton Fleming, Robert
Fleming, Jeffry Jack, Oliver Lynch, Richard Smith, and John Sanders that have both been continued again
until April fools day on April 1, 2016

Greetings Ethics Committee:

I would like to complain against Panel A attorney Nancy Anstaett of your committee for violations of
Rule 2.3 Bias, Prejudice, Harassment, and Responsibility to Decide Rule 2.7 and Disqualification Rule
2.11{A}. She should have recused herself in accordance with Kansas Supreme Court Rule 602{g} from
participating in docket number 1270 in the matter of Lori Bolton Fleming but she stayed with was a
violation of Rule 2.11(A). Nancy S. Anstaett, who should have been disqualified being on Panel A for the
December 22,2015 complaint on docket number 1270 in the matter of Lori Bolton Fleming because she
violated Article 3, Section 15 of Kansas Constitution which says "A Brief History of The Commission" in
2013 Annual Report says "All members are appointed by the Supreme Court and serve four-year terms
with a twelve-year term limit". This violates Article 3, Section 15 of the Kansas Constitution because I
have included a picture of her showing that she has been a member with the commission on judicial
qualifications since July of 2002. Twelve years from her original start in 2002 would be July of 2014
which would have been up a year and a half ago. It also shows on the 2013 Members list that her term
does not expire until June 30, 2017! How can that be, that is 15 years on the committee and 3 years
longer than the 12-year limit allowed to members to serve on the commission. After reading when past
judges had started with the commission it seems that several of them exceeded there 12-year term limit
and they are the following: J. Patrick Brazil who started in 1984 but was on the commission in 2013
which is 29 years on the commission, Theodore Ice who started in 1994 but was on the commission in
2013 which is a 19-year term he served, Bruce Buchananon who started in May of 1999 and was still on
the 2013 commission which was 14 years on a 12-year limit, Robert Fleming who started in May of 1999
with Bruce Buchanan and was still on the commission in 2013 which exceeded his 12-year term, and
Mikel L. Stout started with the commission in 1984 but somehow he was still on the 2012 member list
which shows he served a 28 year term of his 12-year limit.

The above mentioned judges were also co-defendants with Robert Fleming when Erik R. Yost sued the
Kansas Commission on Judicial Qualifications as a Plaintiff vs. MIkel S. Tout Jennifer Jones, Nancy
Anstatett Patrick Brazil, Theodore Ice, Christina Pannbacker, William Swearer, Carolyn Tillotson, Robert
Fleming, Bruce Buchanan, Mary Davidson Cohen, Robet Creighton, David J. King, and Lawrence Sheppard
in the United States Court of Appeals, Tenth Circuit NO. 09-3099 which would violate Kansas Supreme
Court Rule 602(q) as well. Therefore Nancy Anstatett should never been allowed to hear docket
number 1270 in the matter of Lori Bolton Fleming and the meeting on December of 2015 needs a RE-
KRPCRule 1.7 conflict of interest.

The committee has also shown bias and prejudice against me by allowing several people in Crawford
County to file "JOINT COMPLAINTS ON JUDGES" but "DISCRIMINATED" against me by saying that I was
only allowed to complaint on 1 judge at a time. In The Kansas Commission on Judicial Qualifications
letter dated December 22, 2015 to me, your letter says "The email that you submitted as the basis for
your complaint does not appear to exist in the complained-of form but rather appears to be significantly
altered or incomplete version of the email that was actually sent".

Well what part of the email was altered? Didn't it show the email came from a public computer at 01:43
P.M. and Lori Fleming admitted she sent an email? Does your committee have to re-vote when judges
and lawyers that hear a complaint where they had no jurisdiction to hear it like Nancy Anstaett and
Mary Thrower because oftheir past history with Robert Fleming?

And the main reason I am complaining on Nancy Anstaett is that she was the chair from 2009 to 2011
and she failed to comply with the rules because she allowed several judges to exceed their 12 year term
limit while she was the chairperson of the Kansas Commisson On Judicial Qualifications.

Please appoint another commission to investigate these issues and why was Robert Fleming allowed to
be on the commission from May of 1999 to 2013 when it says on the 2013 report that his term ends on
June 30, 2014? "A Brief History of The Commission" in 2013 Annual Report says "All members are
appointed by the Supreme Court and serve four-year terms with a twelve-year term limit". This violates
Article 3, Section 15 of the Kansas Constitution. Nancy Anstaett worked with Robert Fleming and she
should have recused herself from docket number 1270 in the matter of Lori Bolton Fleming and the
December 2015 meeting needs a fiRE-VOTE".

According to Rule 602(C} There should have been a vacancy for Robert Fleming after 2011 since he
started in 1999 and his qualifications for the appointment of being a member for the commission were
no longer met since he had exceeded his 12 year limit!

Nancy Anstaett being the chair in 2009 to 2011has also violated Supreme Court Rule 602(g) which says
"If the commission anticipates difficulty in discharging its responsibilities due to the disqualification or
unavailability of its members, the Supreme Court, upon request of the chair or vice-chair of the
commission, may appoint temporary commission members to serve as specified. I think the fact that I
am part of a civil class-action lawsuit in case number 15CV79P against Panel A and Panel B would have
been evidence of a need for a disqualification by all the judges of Panel A and Panel B in accordance with
Rule 2.7 Responsibility to Decide and Rule 2.11(A) Disqualification.

Nancy Anstaett also failed to properly issue a "LEITER OF INFORMAL ADVICE" with docket dismissal
1270 in accordance with Rule 609 Investigation. An "examiner" of your committee informed that Lori
sent the email but it did not say what the altered version said. So according to Rule 609 it says that "The
judge shall be contacted during the investigation, and shall be advised informally that an investigation is
being made, and the subject thereof'. Where is the "informal advice" Lori Fleming should have
received? How does a complaint get docketed from August 2015 until December of 2015 and the judge
does not at least receive a caution or informal advice???????

Why did the committee at the very, very, least not at least follow Rule 610 "Dismissal-Notice; Letters of
Caution and Informal Advice" and issue Kurt Loy and Lori Fleming a caution for the "posse comeaut
comment" or informal advice to not be using judicial letterhead at 01:43 p.m. for her private business,
and having ex-parte conversations with her former law partner?

P.5. Please re-open the investigation of Lori-Bolton-Fleming since one of your members of Panel A Nancy
Anstaett exceeded her 12-year limit which should have disqualified Nancy S. Anstaett from voting in the
matter of Lori Bolton Fleming docket number 1270. It seems four of your previous ethic chairpersons
have violated the 12-year limit and Nancy S. Anstaett was even the chair from 2009-2011. Nancy should
have been disgualified from Lori Bolton Fleming complaint because she was a former chairperson and so
was Robert Fleming.

Please investigate this matter and please disqualify Nancy Anstaett from hearing any of my complaints
that are scheduled on April Fools Day meeting on April 1, 2016.

Sincerely, ~. /

Kasey King ~ 7
PO Box 101

Opolis Ks 66760


Nancy S. Anstaett, a lawyer member of the Commission, practices in

Overland Park and is a member of Rowe & Anstaett, L.L.C. She
graduated from Kansas State University, magna cum laude, with degrees
in journalism and sociology in 1977. She attended Washburn University
School of Law and received her juris doctorate, magna cum laude, in
1980. She is a member of the Johnson County and Kansas Bar. eo.{'
Associations and the Kansas Women Attorneys Association. Ms. Anstaett If-.'-{
has served on the Kansas Continuing Legal Education Commission and .-,-.e(iY'
was elected to the Kansas Supreme Court Nominating Commission where she served from 1996-......-1:
2000. She has been a member of the Commission on Judicial Qualifications since July 2002.:-1f 7(J 0
. - ti-cHn3
The Honorable J. Patrick Brazil received a BSIBA degree from
Rockhurst College, Kansas City, Missouri. He received his law degree
from Washburn University School of Law. Judge Brazil was a state
district judge from 1972 until his appointment to the Kansas Court of
Appeals on December 11, 1985. He was appointed Chief Judge June 1,
1995, and served as Chief Judge until his retirement in January 2001. He
continued to serve as a Senior Judge for the appellate courts until July
2012. He has served in the officer positions of the Kansas District
Judges' Association, including president from 1980-1981. He was a member of the Pattern Jury
Instructions Committee of the Kansas Judicial Council and served on the Kansas Continuing
Legal Education Commission from its creation in 1985 to July 1, 1991. In 1994, he received the
Outstanding Service Award conferred by the Kansas Bar Association and was a 2012 recipient of
The Lifetime Achievement Award from the Washburn University School of Law. He is a
member and Paul Harris Fellow of the Topeka South Rotary Club and has served as a trustee of
the Topeka & Shawnee County Library Foundation and Washburn Law Alumni Board of
Governors. Judge Brazil has been a member of the Kansas Commission on Judicial
Qualifications since 1984, including service as chairman from 1991 to 1994 and vice chair
(includes chair of Panel A) from 2003 to 2005. He was instrumental in the reorganization of the
Commission, making it one of the first judicial conduct commissions in the country to separate
the investigative and adjudicatory functions into separate panels.

Bruce Buchanan, a lay member of the Commission, is president of Harris

Enterprises, a media company based in Hutchinson. He received a
bachelor's degree in journalism from Kansas State University in 1981.
Following graduation, he worked as a reporter and editor at the
Hutchinson News, then joined the Harris Group's management training
program. In late 1984, he was named editor and publisher of the Parsons
Sun. In 1990, he became editor and publisher of the Olathe Daily News. In
1996, he moved to Hutchinson as editor and publisher of The News. He
became a director of Harris Enterprises in 1995 and vice president in 1998. He assumed his
current post in 2006. Buchanan is on the boards of the Kansas Cosmosphere Foundation and the
Hutchinson Regional Medical Center. Both organizations are based in Hutchinson. He is past
president of the Kansas Press Association. Buchanan has been a member of the Commission
since May 1999 .

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