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Loretto, PA 15940


Student Teacher Carissa Blair __________________ Grade 2nd

Subject _Mathematics_________________________________________
Time Needed 60 min Lesson Concept 3-Digit Subtraction: Regroup Hundreds

PA STANDARD(S) (Write out standards):

Use place value understanding and properties of operations to add and subtract within 1000.
Represent and solve problems involving addition and subtraction within 100.

ASSESSMENT ANCHOR(S) (Write out the anchors):

OBJECTIVE(S) (Be sure to include all four parts):

Students will actively participate as observed by the total completion of the in-classwork as it is completed as a
Following lesson 6.10, students will correctly complete 10/12 homework subtraction problems that may require

Go Math Chapter Book
Scrap Paper

ACTIVITIES (There are three sections here):

OPENING (hook, purpose and basic plan)

Students will review Calendar Math and Fact Families with instructor, day 77.
Have students pick up a piece of scrap paper. Ask students write the following numbers in tens and ones only:
512 and 405.

BODY:(Bulleted step by step)

 Play the Interactive Student Edition (Teacher) Chapter 6, Lesson 6.9, found on ThinkCentral. Login
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information is found in the front of the binder. AKA the Jessie Video.
 Have students turn to page 445, page 445 in teacher’s edition as well, having students tear out pages
 Read the question at the bottom of page 445 aloud to the students, ask them the questions posed in the
explore section of the teacher’s edition. Solve as a class.
 Model and draw for the students, asking deeper questions such as those posed in the book.
 Have a student complete #1 at the board as students solve at their seats.
 Have students solve #2-3 independently, then have 2 students demonstrate on the board.
 Have students independently complete all problems on page 447. Review as a class.
 Play the math on the spot video.
 Complete #s 14-15 as a class.

CLOSURE (Wrap up and brief summary):

Instruct students to tear out their homework, pages 449-450. They may begin working on it after calendar
math is reviewed and daily math practice sheet is completed (back table). When finished, students may work
on homework until it is time for science/health/social studies to begin.

Use of verbal praise, verbal cuing, redirection
Preferential seating
Aids are present and helping students with relevant needs.

ASSESSMENT (How you will determine that student has mastered objectives?):
Instructor will continuously, informally assess students for comprehension, attention, and participation
throughout the lesson.
Students will complete workbook pages 445-448 and homework page 449-450, correctly completing at least
9/10 on the homework.

SELF-ASSESSMENT/REFLECTION (Complete this section if you have taught this lesson to peers or in clinical

Students said they were really struggling with the topic at first. I broke the students who were struggling into a
second small group which Lisa (aid) worked with. She was able to give them more attention and as the
lightbulb clicked they re-joined the main group.

I need to utilize the aid like this more often. I think I may hold back too much for one or two students and in
the process loose much of the rest of the class. Making a in the moment decision of who to break off for small
group instruction worked really well for the students who needed more attention.

The substitute gave good feedback about the lesson, more in week 4 reflection.

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