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Madame, Monsieur,

Êtes-vous soucieux du développement professionnel de vos Managers ?

L’école de Management de l'IAE Lille vous propose un programme en Master 2 – International
Executive MBA
Ce programme présente de nombreux atouts :
• les cours entièrement dispensés en anglais,
• la présence d’étudiants venant des quatre coins du monde,
• les cours sont dispensés par des enseignants anglophones hautement expérimentés
• le Networking professionnel tant national qu’international
• l’emploi du temps flexible des étudiants alternant une semaine de cours et une semaine en

L’accueil de professionnels souhaitant acquérir davantage de compétences étant une des priorités du
MBA, nous avons le plaisir de vous annoncer que des places prioritaires sont réservées pour vos
managers pour l’année universitaire 2018/2019!
Vous trouverez en pièce jointe, la plaquette du MBA où vous découvrirez le témoignage des
entreprises qui nous ont fait confiance.
Nous nous tenons à votre entière disposition pour tous renseignements complémentaires.
Bien cordialement,

ABOUT US Programme  Director  

Pascal  Philippart

Part of the  University of Lille, IAE Lille is the

Programme  Course Director
first University School of Management in the
North of Paris. Jocelyne  Groux
For nearly 60 years, we have been
developing educational programs adapted to
the needs of businesses and communities in Secretary of the Master IE-MBA
a constant spirit of innovation in all areas of Chloé Lefebvre
management and business administration.
Té: +33 3 20 12 34 15


IN THE GLOBAL IAE|Ecole Universitaire de Management
104,avenue du Peuple Belge
59043 Lille Cedex- France
Té :+33 3 20 12 34 50

Academic year

“I do believe that providing

"IAE has a good reputation for
support to my staff members
the competences they bring to
who have an ample ambition for
students.So when i told my
self-improvement is a valuable
company I was aiming to get in
investment. This programme not
the IAE reflected some
only develops employability
skills but also and above all
                 Felix Gorisse,UK improves their job performance 
 and increases productivity, which eventually lead
WHY INTERNATIONAL to creating more value to the team members and
“When Roquette agreed that I
start a master as a long life EXECUTIVE MBA? Thailand Post as a whole”

learning program, I had to Ariya Thongbai, Vice President,

propose to HR the different Thailand Post Co., Ltd. – Thailand 
masters that I believed would                 
Sandwich courses: bring up-to-date
benefit not only me but the 
   o   m     p   a   n y  .  I  p r o p o s e d d i f f e r e n t o p t i o n s o n e o f business school information straight back
which was the Lille 1 MBA. The company agreed into the workforce, thus allowing growth “The rythm of the alternance
to this choice after proposing it to an internal not only for the candidate but for the offered by the IAE- International
jury compesed of function heads”  Executive MBA program is very
business itself
     A   l e   x    A
     n d  r  e  w B l i j k e r s , B e l g i u m important, as we believe that the
more time the student spends at
 Soft skills: your employee will have a the company the better, for the
“This programme provides me
greater ability to lead, manage and latter to practice his knowledge”
with knowledge and skills
essential for launching and
motivate your staff Amandine Mametz, Human Resources,
leading a company. I think the Arc Company- France  
International Executive MBA at                 
Iae is an indispensable basis for Network opportunities: your employee
working in an international field will be studying with high-calibre “The quality of the studies
of management”  students who provide an excellent offered by the IAE business
                 Sawinan Wanitchakan, Thailand opportunity to expand professional school, the courses offered
network of contacts and expertise entirely in English in a very
“This International Executive MBA multicultural context and the
is oriented towards “business sandwich courses is what led us
realities”. It has helped me in my Immediate return: a new, holistic to select the International
day-to-day task as an Executive MBA program for our
appreciation of your company will mean
entrepreneur, allowing us to gain manager”
you can contribute to achieving a
a bigger picture of the solutions Human Resources,
sustainable competitive position in Oney Digital Marketing Company- France 
needed by a company” 
                  today's changing business environment                 
   Maxime Coucke, France