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24K Magic & Thriller

KORG Kronos Sequencer Files

designed by Umut Erhan.

Watch 24K Magic here:


Watch Thriller here:


Watch installation video here:


Installation Notes:

1. Back up your Kronos

2. Copy the folder “Umut Erhan Kronos Sequencer Files” to your


3. Load required programs to empty banks using the “UE Seq

Note: Loading the PCG file will overwrite the banks U-CC and U-DD

• If your banks U-CC and U-DD are NOT empty;

• Open the PCG file>Programs>Bank U-CC

• Select programs individually using “Multiple Select”

• Select Load and find empty slots in one of the EXi Banks

• Do the same thing to Bank U-DD (find HD-1 Banks)

• After you finish loading, you have to reassign timbres in

Sequencer mode to new bank references.

Example: Let’s say you have loaded U-CC001 “Saw u” to U-EE112. Go to

24K Magic Sequencer and change timbre2 from U-CC001 to U-EE112. And
repeat the same thing until you change all the references. Check the tables

w w w. u m u t e r h a n . c o m 2
4. Load sequencer files using SNG files:

• “24K Magic UE x61.SNG”

• For 1st gen Kronos or Kronos X use “Thriller UE - X73.SNG”

• For New Kronos use “Thriller UE - New73.SNG”

Note: Kronos doesn’t store Songs on Sequencer mode. You have to load
them each time you turn on your Kronos. If you make any unwanted
changes just load the SNG file again.

Note: If you want both songs to be loaded select Append instead of Clear
while loading the second SNG file.

5. Load the samples. You have two options:

a. You can use Load Required Samples (check video)

Note: It finds the samples automatically from the sample folder in your
internal drive.It is faster and easier. However you have to load them each
time you restart Kronos.

b. You can add KSC files to KSC Auto-Load page.

I. Go to Global Mode > KSC Auto-Load tab.

II. Click on Add KSC.

III. Find “24K Magic UmutE v2 samples_UserBank.KSC” and

add it.

IV. Find “Thriller UmutE sample.KSC” and add it.

V. Select Do Auto-Load Now or restart your Kronos.

Note: Kronos loads required samples automatically but it slows down the
boot time of Kronos.

6. Go to Global Mode > Controllers/Scales tab

• Assign your expression foot pedal to Foot Pedal cc04.

• Assign Chord Pads to lowest white keys:

C-1, D-1, E-1, F-1, G-1, A-1, B-1, C0

w w w. u m u t e r h a n . c o m 3
24K Magic
- In order to play the right hand melody at the intro section, you should use a
Talkbox (such as MXR M222). Output of talkbox patch (Timbre 16) is
currently assigned to Output 3. If you own a Talkbox, you can connect
Output 3 of Kronos to input of your Talkbox. If you don’t have a Talkbox,
you can go to IFX tab and change the output of timbre 16 from Output 3 to
L/R. (I didn’t use the internal vocoder of Kronos, because it has low

- On your Midi keyboard go to lowest octave using Octave Down button and
find C-1. And midi channel of your midi keyboard should be set to CH1.

- You can use Karma Scene 3 to play bass patch (Wood Bass 24k u).

Note: C section, starting at bar 68, uses a different bass patch (Phunky Power
Bass 24k u)

- Program references are different in New Kronos. Load the correct SNG file.
(More explained in installation video)

- Auto version changes karma scenes, SW1, SW2 automatically so you can
focus on playing the keys. Start with auto version then try the manuel

Note: The drop effect at the very begining is played by the sequencer. But you
can find the program at U-CC009 MJ Thriller Fall D5.

- Midi channel of your midi keyboard should be set to CH16.

w w w. u m u t e r h a n . c o m 4
Extra Notes:

You need an Expression Pedal (I use Roland EV-7 or EV-5) for some of
the timbre changes.

In order to play the right hand melody at the intro section, you should use a
Talkbox (such as MXR M222).

24K Magic is designed for 61 keys so you can use it on 61,73 or 88

keys without any problems.

Thriller is currently designed for 73 keys, it is also suitable for 88 keys.

However if you load it in 61 keys, some of the programs will be out of

Bonus Files:

• 24K Magic TalkBox samples recorded by Umut Erhan (~50 wav files)

• Original samples cut from acapella versions

• Backing mp3 track files (drums, bass)

• Karaoke mp3 files

• Midi files (drums, bass)

• %25 discount coupon code for upcoming UE Kronos Sound Pack

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Disclaimer: www.youtube.com/umuterhan
Sounds and samples in this pack, created by
Umut Erhan, can be used for commercial and www.instagram.com/umuterhan_
noncommercial music production purposes.
The unique contents of this pack are www.patreon.com/umuterhan
copyrighted by Umut Erhan and are not
eligible for resale or redistribution, without
legal permission from Umut Erhan.

Umut Erhan claims no publishing rights to

recordings of the original artists. Clearance of
samples derived from the original recordings
are the responsibility of the user.

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