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Weekly Evaluation of Student Teacher by Cooperating Teacher (Formative SurveyMonkey


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Page 1: Student Teacher and Cooperating Teacher Information

Q1 Student Teacher's Name (First and Last)

Emily Simmons

Q2 Cooperating Teacher's Name (First and Last)

Suzanne Eavey

Q3 Name of Your School

Grassfield Elementary

Q4 School Division Chesapeake Public Schools

Q5 Semester of the Student Teaching Placement Spring 2018

Q6 For which week of placement are you evaluating the Week 6 of

student teacher? placement

Page 2: Professionalism

Q7 Reliability/Dependability. The student teacher has Superior work

exemplary attendance, gets to work on time, and
perceives the need to attend to all assigned duties and
tasks immediately.

Q8 Oral Expression. The student teacher is articulate, Superior work

demonstrates proper use of grammar, and is expressive
and animated as appropriate.

Weekly Evaluation of Student Teacher by Cooperating Teacher (Formative SurveyMonkey

Q9 Judgement and Tact. The student teacher maintains Superior work

good relationships by being sensitive to other's feelings,
opinions, and needs for safety and responds accordingly.

Q10 Written Communication. The student teacher's Superior work

written communication is organized, clear, and free from
grammatical errors.

Page 3: Professional Qualities and Characteristics (Cont.)

Q11 Self-initiative/Independence. The student teacher Superior work

demonstrates initiative by (a) sharing ideas, (b) being
creative and resourceful, and (c) working effectively with
limited supervision, and (d) independently implementing

Q12 Collegiality. The student teacher works well with Superior work
other faculty and staff as part of a team, willingly shares
ideas and materials, and actively seeks opportunities to
work with school personnel.

Q13 Interaction with Students. The student teacher Superior work

actively seeks opportunities to work with students and
accepts responsibility for student learning.

Q14 Response to Feedback. The student teacher not Superior work

only is receptive and responsive to feedback but also
solicits suggestions and feedback from others.

Page 4: Teaching Responsibilities

Q15 Professional Knowledge

Strength Provides developmentally appropriate experiences.,

Presents accurate and current content.

Area for Improvement Uses high-quality questioning techniques.

Q16 Instructional Planning

Strength Materials are appropriate and ready for instruction.,

Plans differentiate instruction as appropriate.

Area for Improvement Plans have procedures for assessing student progress.

Weekly Evaluation of Student Teacher by Cooperating Teacher (Formative SurveyMonkey

Q17 Instructional Delivery

Strength Effectively incorporates student-centered technology.,

Uses instructional time effectively.

Area for Improvement Uses a variety of instructional strategies., Actively

engages students throughout the lesson.

Q18 Assessment of and for Student Learning & Student Academic Progress

Strength Student work samples, quizzes, and tests provide

evidence of learning., Collects & assesses student work.
Links to instruction.

Area for Improvement Uses a variety of informal and formal assessments.

Q19 Learning Environment

Strength Students demonstrate positive social interactions

w/peers & personnel., Quickly redirects or intervenes
when necessary.

Area for Improvement Establishes routines and procedures to mitigate issues.,

Sets and reinforces behavior expectations.

Page 5: Recommendations and Commendations

Q20 Areas that require the student teacher's corrective action.

Emily has worked hard to make transitions go smoothly between lessons. She has taken constructive criticism and made adjustments.
Emily is very energetic and willing to put forth her best efforts. I feel that she has taken corrective action on this part of her student
teaching experience.

Q21 Areas in which the student teacher has demonstrated excellence.

Emily has incorporated technology in our classroom. She uses data from student assignments to plan additional lessons and activities
on our Chrome books. She successfully uses Google Classroom to collect and review data for each student. Emily has had a large part
in the success of technology in our classroom this year. Colleagues in the building have also shown an interest and Emily has been very
gracious with her time and ability after school, helping the teachers.