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Shandong Sunsmile Musical Instrument Inc.

is a division of Sunsmile Group, which was established in

1975. Sunsmile has over 20 years of experience in the musical instrument industry, and we are specialists
in the manufacture of all types of guitars. Committed to providing quality products with the latest fashion
trends, it is our goal to provide our customers with the latest styles in professional guitars at the best
We use exclusively, seasoned and hand-picked woods to make our instruments. Our computerized
precision manufacturing processes guarantee you superb craftsmanship, comfortable handling, rich sound
and excellent playability.
We consider ourselves to be the No. 1 Guitar Manufacturer in China, not only because of our outstanding
products, but also because of the outstanding service Sunsmile is capable of providing you.
We value every inquiry from our customers, and that’s why we guarantee to provide a quote for your
inquiry within 24 hours. We make it a priority to provide quality products, best possible service and
competitive pricing to our customers around the world.

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Electric Guitars··································································································01~45
SJS Series & SAN Series···············································································01~04
SGEM Series & SPGM Series·········································································04~05
SBG Series & SPS Series···············································································06~07
SST Series ································································································08~12
STL Series·································································································13~16
SJA Series & SOL Series···············································································16~18
SHS Series & SPK Series···············································································19
SCP Series & SPR Series & SMB Series·····························································20~23
SLP Series & SSG Series···············································································24~27
SFV Series & SFB Series···············································································28~29
SCT Series································································································30
SEA Series & SRC Series···············································································31
Vintage Series····························································································32
SBGB Series , SES Series & SDE Series····························································33~36
SPM Series & SBD Series··············································································37~39
Kahler Series······························································································40~41
Acrylic Series·····························································································42~43
Left-handed Series & Short Scale Series·····························································44~45
Electric Basses··································································································46~56
SE Series & STB Series··················································································46~47
SBL Series & SBN Series···············································································48~49
SPB Series, SJB Series & SBC Series································································50~52
SBBG Series, SMH Series & SBF Series·····························································53
SVL Series, SBS Series, SHB Series & SMS Series················································54
SBP Series & SNF Series···············································································55~56
Acoustic Guitars & Basses····················································································57~72
Jumbo Series······························································································57~62
Acoustic Basses··························································································62
Dreadnought Series······················································································63~69
Roundback Series························································································70~71
Acoustic Short Scale Series·············································································72
Classical Guitars································································································73~79
Ukulele, Mandolins & Banjos·················································································80~84
Guitar Bags, Hard cases & Straps············································································85~89
Guitar Accessories······························································································90~94
Guitar & Bass Jumpstart Packages···········································································95
Custom Shop & Customer Services··········································································96
Certificates & The Global 225················································································97
Color Options····································································································99
Custom Shop
Experienced luthiers and woodworkers can assist you with knowledgeable advice, professional quality workmanship and the very best
parts for building guitars. Bigsby, Floyd Rose, Lace, TV Jones, Schaller, EMG Pickups, Seymour Duncan Pickups, Fishman EQ, Wilkinson
Pickups、Tremolos and Machine Heads are widely used for the intermediate and professional level guitars.

If you are interested in making guitars to your own specifications, please contact us for more information. We believe that we can provide
the service that you need. A ‘Confidentiality & Non-Disclosure Agreement’ will need to be signed; it is our duty to keep your own designs
confidential and well protected.

Customer Service
Being experts in the Musical Instrument business, we will not only provide you with superb quality products at competitive prices, but also
the best possible service to strengthen your competitiveness in a demanding marketplace.
Manufacturing Cooperation

Since the costs of materials are lower in China than in other countries, many Western/Korean/Japanese guitar factories are seeking the
cooperation of Chinese manufacturers to make guitars on their behalf. Our Company can ensure you high quality products. We will
sign a "Confidentiality & Non-Disclosure Agreement" to ensure that your intellectual property rights are well protected. We are a well-
qualified cooperating manufacturer in China.
Delivery Time Well Guaranteed

96 All of our clients who order Guitars during January to June will have guaranteed delivery time for their orders placed during the Busy
Production months, (July till December).
OEM Guitar With Custom Packages

Not only can we make your own logo on the headstock, we are capable of providing guitar jumpstart packages (a package contains
standard guitar / bass, amplifiers, tuner, picks, strap and gig bag) with your logo on the gig bag, strap, picks, guitar boxes, or even on
the amplifiers, subject to the quantity of the order.
Door-to-Door Delivery

After the goods are made by us, we are capable of delivering the goods directly to your warehouse in most countries.
Exclusive Distributor Right

Have you ever done marketing for your supplier's products and after one month's good selling, found your competitor has a quotation
from your supplier at the same price? Or even worse, your competitors have even better prices than yours?
Instead of selling and offering to everyone, we want to form a firm relationship with you and increase your competitiveness by
offering the Sunsmile Guitar models that you purchase, only to you in your basic marketing region. Marketing materials including
Catalog, Video Demonstration, and promotional strategy are available for all Sunsmile Guitar Distributors.
Financial Service/Accounts Payable Terms

L/C at sight or 30 - 90 days L/C is acceptable to us. Furthermore, we can offer you extended payment terms from Net 30 days up to
Net 60 days for Dealers, subject to your satisfactory credit review and approval.
Buying Office/Trading Company Service

In answer to client’s requests, we provide Buying Office services for Musical Instruments like Woodwind & Brasswind Instruments,
Violins, etc. By dealing with us, you can enjoy the one-step purchasing process for various musical instruments, which are made by
multiple, experienced Chinese factories.
Our Buying Office department consists of Purchasing Specialists who are experts on dealing with Chinese Factories. Our Quality
Inspection Team is highly experienced with different musical instrument’s inspection. If an instrument does not pass inspection, it
will be rejected and have to be manufactured again. After our Quality Inspection process we organize warehousing for our customer’s
stock. Then we arrange all export and shipment requirements, saving our customers money through freight consolidation of multiple
product categories.
Shandong Sunsmile Musical Instrument Inc.
Address: No. 32, Xinghua East Road, Liaocheng, Shandong. China
Tel: 0086-635-8267166, 0086-635-2186668
Fax: 0086-635-2186669
E-mail: info@ssmii.com        ssmii@hotmail.com
Website: www.ssmii.com

All specifications subject to change without notice. Copyright © Shandong Sunsmile Musical Instrument Inc. All Rights Reserved.