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On the fifth day of the journey, we visited the Museum of Free Derry in the city of

Derry. The appointment for the visit was at 9:30 am o'clock, so in order to arrive on
time we left the city of Letterkenny at 8:30 am o'clock.
Once we arrived at Derry we began the visit of the museum with the testimony of a
man working at the museum. He was there during the dramatic Irish event of the
twentieth century known as "Bloody Sunday". He told us his story and explained to
us the succession of the events, the number of victims, the impact of the event on the
population and the world and the different weapons of each side. In order to illustrate
his words he showed us the big plastic and rubber bullets that the police was using
during the clashes, but also the home-made explosives used by the protesters. The
testimony was very impressive and dramatic partially because he told us that his
brother was one of the victims, he died at seveteen years brought down by a soldier
who was afterwards completly cleared of any charges . Many other civilians died on
this sunday, brought down by the army. The autopsy of the dead bodies revealed
later that some of the victims were shot in the back.
Then we visited the exposition of the museum, which was very interresting and
which enlightened us on this event as well as on the word of the man who had
welcomed us. During the visit we saw many different objects such as bullets,
projectiles, suits, leaflets and banners. We learnt more on the stakes of the
protestation and the independence. The victim were not only civilians, indeed, thanks
to a tablet which includ every deaths engendered by this revolt, we learnt that
servicemen were also killed. At the end of the visit, just before leaving the museum,
we watched a short movie of a peaceful gathering of the families of the victims, it
was very touching.
Once outside we followed a guide who showied us the differents places of the
confrontation and the historical and religious past of the neibourghood. This religious
separation has engendered many conflicts through the years in the city. During the
walk the guide told us that he had seen, when he was a kid, one of his friends died
just in front of him. The litlle boy had been hit in the head by a rubber bullet, it was a
bit schocking for us. The guide left us on the bulwarks of the city with a beautiful
Finally, we all went to a shopping center in order to eat our meal.