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Student Teacher Science Lesson Planning Template

Sample Science Lesson Plan – for observation

Date 6/3/2018 Student Hiya Ibrahim

Time 12:00 School First Academy School
MCT Garnel Desravins Class 3C
Lesson Unit: people and resources No of 28
unit/page Lesson: students
The three R's (reduce, reuse,
page: 258-259
Context of the lesson
what does three R's refer to and example of each one.
Identify what is recycle.

Teaching goal
How to prevent pollution by consuming three R's.
Learning objectives
By the end of the lesson students will be able to:
- Identify ways to prevent pollution by reducing, reusing and recycling.
-Recognize what are the three R's stand for.
-Provide examples for each one of the R's.
-Classify resources to (reduce, reuse, recycle).

Assumptions about prior learning ((what I think that they know and dont know about the lesson))
I think that the students have an idea that there is pollution in our earth but they dont know how they can
help the earth or prevent pollution.
Anticipated problems and possible solutions (( what problems may happen ? Technology issues,

Personal focus for this lesson (( for me to be more engage, smile more, my voice ))
use external motivation which will active and motivate he students to participate as well as to behave well.
Target language (( key words, terms, phrases)) Teacher language ((my lecture part, my language
3 R's I will use an appropriate language with words at their
reduce level so they can understand. Also I will ask many
reuse open ended and closed ended questions to check
recycle their comprehension.

Main tasks or activities (( write phrases)) Resources and teaching aids

Engage: story telling laptop, projector, posters, pictures, flash cards, job
Explore: classifying materials activity cards(speaker, writer, materials manager, behavior
Explain: they will explain their poster manager), markers, glues, surprises box
Elaborate: Bingo game.
Evaluate: ask questions, teacher of the day.
Consider these grouping strategies:((groups Consider where the children are working:
individual pairs)) in the classroom
groups, in pairs

Planning Stages Within the 5-E Inquiry Model

PURPOSE: of the engagment
 to convey the context of the lesson(s)/unit by conveying an important Key Question
 to engage students in investigations that reveal their thinking to themselves and the
 to record the initial ideas of students
 to engage their interest
Key Question:
how can we help the earth and prevent pollution?
Questions for whole group discussion:
what is pollution?
From where does the waste come from?
Think of ways that can reduce the pollution?

Teacher (( what they do in engagment in detail Student ((what they do in engagement in

I will tell them a short story to give them idea of detail))
the lesson but not directly. The story will be like first they will listen to the story.
“there is a boy his name is Ali. In the weekend he Then they will share their ideas with me of
was so bored so he turn on the TV. While he was how to prevent pollution and I will write the
searching for a channel to watch a movie, suddenly ideas on the board.
he stopped at braking news channel. And in the
breaking news they said that there is a huge
problem need to be solve!!! which is the (earth
they said that anyone can solve this problem and
give us idea will get the name of the hero because
he will protect the earth!

Do you like heroes?

Ok who's your favorite hero?
Also you can be a hero! If you protect the earth
from pollution!
So now tell me how can we reduce or prevent

 to test ideas and develop knowledge using explorations, investigations, experiments
 to modify and record ideas as they change due to activities
 to develop new questions and testable hypotheses
Activities (list) Driving Question
- Classifying pictures - What are things that can be
Materials: A3 papers, glue reduced, reused and recycled?
Teacher Student
-Give them instruction of how to do the activity -The group material managers will come
and show them example if its necessary. The and take the materials.
instructions will be like: '' each group will be
provided with a paper and pictures and you have -They will work together and classify the
to classify the pictures according to the 3 R's, the pictures.
things that we can recycle or reuse or reduce. - The first group that will finish will raise the
paper and will get points.
- I will prepare for each group an A3 paper and
pictures of materials that we use in our daily life.
- I will ask the group's material manager to get the
materials for his group.
- turn on the timer, then walk around to guid them.
- praise and reward the first group who will finish.

Student Communication Product:

- Oral discussion of what they do and the reason of that.

 to answer the Key Question through student explanations
 to provide students with relevant vocabulary, formal definitions and explanations of

Materials: students work

Teacher Student
I will ask the students to demonstrate their work The speakers of each group will come in
and I will ask them questions “why did you put this front of the class and explain their poster.
her?” and other questions.

 to extend students' conceptual understanding through application or practice in new

Activities: Teacher Student

-Each two pairs will have a
Bingo game - I will explain the game worksheet with bingo game.
procedure. -The students will listen
- Then I will read the instruction carefully to my instructions.
Teacher of the day of who I'm? -They will cross the picture
that represent my sentence.
The first group who cross a
line will win.

-I will choose a teacher of The teacher of the day will

the day and ask him to say summarize the lesson or say
what he has learned from what he understand from the
this lesson. lesson.
 for students to assess their understand of the learning objectives
 for the teacher to assess student understanding of the learning objectives

Skill/Reasoning Learning Objectives Assessment Instrument

-Explain how the three R's help to prevent discussion questions
-Give examples of the three R's.
Teacher Student

I will ask a question like “what do we mean by by giving them two minutes they will discuss
reduce, reuse or recycle?” give me examples. in groups and give me the answer.
I will give them thinking time 2 minutes.

Today's lesson went very well and I'm so proud of that. I think it went well for many reasons. First thing is
because I know their interests and how they want to learn so from my experience children's in this age like
to learn through fun, hands-on activities physical activities and need both external and internal motivation
through their learning process because it encourage them to do their best. So that why in my lesson today I
started it by reminding them of the classroom rules and the reward system then I showed them the surprises
box and I told them that if you behaved well and participated with me you will get point for your group and
the higher group will get the chance to take anything from the box. By doing that I have put a goal in their
heads which is to get this box and in order to achieve it of course they will try their best to follow the rules
or instructions. Another thing that motivated them is the engaging part when I started to tell them the story
they were all of them listening to me carefully even the noisy boys were quite which mean they love stories
so it was a perfect engaging because I didn't give them the lesson title directly. Also my strategies have
played a vital role in the class and they were effective but the ring for this lesson was not as the previous
lessons I thought that I have to change this strategy but my teacher Mr Garnel said its a good strategy and do
not replace he said because when I used it the students were busy in doing the activity thats why they didn't
response quickly and this is really hard to get their attention while they are working because their focus is on
the activity.