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SWC MCT/MST Lesson Observation: Feedback to Student Teacher

EPC 3903

Student teacher’s name: Jawaher Ahmed Grade Level: KG - 2

Unit/Lesson: Story Telling – Mr. Rabbit Date: March 15, 2018

Competency Area E G S M U

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Implementing and Managing Learning X

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Overview of the lesson:

Jawaher had story telling entitled “Mr. Rabbit” with the children.


- Visually attractive pictures.

- Tone and intonation have improved, although, still have big room for improvement.

- Has employed better classroom management strategy.

Areas for development:
- Make sure to provide appropriate tone, intonation, emotions and pause/timing while discussing.
This will bring out students’ interest to listen.

- Never ignore misbehavior if it is repeated several times (student who kept on ringing bell). I suggest
that you start the story telling with a song about how to behave in class. It will also be a way to
generate / draw motivation to the students.

- Before you start delivering the story, make sure that everyone is paying attention. Otherwise, tell
them (also demonstrate) to sit properly, listen to the teacher, etc. (train them that once they hear
the bell, they need to pay attention, etc.)

- Since you will tell a story without the help of a projector, book or any other reading materials, the
more that is a challenge for you because students’ motivation and attention will all rely on the way
you deliver the story. So LEARN HOW TO ANIMATE. Get their curiosity.

- Even if you are just telling story, you should still give differentiated tasks to the students.

- You still need to end you story telling lesson by a PLENARY.

Focus for next lesson:

- Please be guided accordingly from the above-mentioned areas for development.