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KP Astrology

posted by Ajay Pandav August 26, 2017

In deep memory of late Shri K.S. Krishnamurthy, late Shri Jyotindra

Hasbe, and with due respects and regards to Shri Suresh Shahasane,
eminent writers                            of Krishnamurthy Jyotish Rahasya, and
Guruvarya Shri Sunil Gondhalekar,                     I wish to submit the
following few lines on Krishna Murthy Four Step Theory for the
Seminar being conducted at Chennai on 29th August 2004.
            The Krishnamurthy four-step theory is based on all the basic
rules and concepts of Krishnamurthy system developed by late Shri K.
S. Krishnamurthy.                    In this K.P.system, Shri Sunil Gondhalekar
resident of Thane, Mumbai, well known Astrologer in Krishna Murthy
and founder of KP Four Step theory has done scientific studies and
developed KRISHNA MURTHY FOUR STEP THEORY is very accurate to
predict the future events by judging the horoscopes. The second
method, in which case the date of birth, time of birth or place of birth
is not kown to Jataka                    ( Jataka, a person who asks questions)
either one should do birth time rectification by using LSRD at the time
of solving the problem, and then predictions can be done. It is
advisable to take a number out of    K.P. Nos 1 to 249 and then prepare
the horoscope, analyse it, and give predictions to the Jataka.
            Generally, it is the experience of all Astrologers that when we
request to       tell  the date of birth, time and place of birth, the Jataka
is not accurate about his time of birth, which makes difficult to
prepare horoscope and do the predictions. In such cases, I feel that
taking a number out of KP Nos 1 to 249 from Jataka and the question,
KP Astrology
one can prepare KP Prashna Kundali and give accurate predictions,
rather than relying on confused time of birth and other birth details.
In KP Four Step theory, the “Sub” of a House is very much important.
Therefore, it is necessary that the base of predictions should be on
accurate horoscope either it may be original Janma-lagna Kundali or
Prashna Kundali.
            K.P. FOUR STEP THEORY :
            MAIN PRINCIPLES :
            The Four Step Theory includes -
(1)   The planet is to be judged in which constellation it is.
(2)   The lord of constellation of the planet
(3)    The sub-lord of the constellation (called as “Sub”, which is very
important to decide the happening of event, whether yes or no),
(4)   The star-lord of the Sub.
            All these four steps of the planet are to be judged, for example; -
            1) The Planet                                                       Mars
            2) Constellation-lord of the Planet                      Jupiter (Vishakha
            3) The sub-lord of the Constellation - “Sub”    Mercury      
            4) The star-lord of the Sub                                 Ketu
            The planets will work as significators of Houses in four steps –

(I)                The planet in House and the planet lord of the House.
(II)             The starlord of planet in the House and Lord of House
(III)          The Sub-lord of planet in the house and Lord of House
(IV)          The starlord of Sub-lord in the House and Lord of House.
             There are two types of signficators of planet. One is ordinary

and second one is strong and powerful. The planets, which are not in

constellation-lord, are the strong and powerful significator planets

and gives definite, strong strength and effectiveness in predictions of

a particular event correctly. The planet in its own constellation lord is

also treated as strong significator. The secondary or ordinary

significators are the planets, which are in constellation lord are not

that much powerful to give effective results.  When the planets are in

conjunction or aspect of other planets maximum to the extent of 4

degrees will be effective significator & can be considered planet in
KP Astrology
happening of event.

            A case study illustrating the four-step theory is enclosed.

            The “Sub” of the particular cusp is to be judged whether it is

strong significators of the particular beneficiary houses and then the

Mahadasha, Antardasha and Vidasha should be related to the

beneficiary significators. For example, if the “Sub” of 7th house,

which is marriage house, should be significator of 2, 7, 11 and 5 or 8

houses, then the marriage is expected. If marriage is there, then one

should proceed to see the period of Mahadasha, Antardasha and

Vidasha which should relate               to    2, 7, 11.

            The cusp, topic, significators and their effects are shown as

follows :

House Topic relates When the sublord of

No. to this house is Effects

significator of –       
1. Health, Life, 1,5,9,11 Good health, Age

Longevity of more than 66

Life, 2,7,6,8,12 years.

Dangerous Age upto 33 years,

Accident as it relates to

1,5,9,11 & 2,7,6,12 Maraka sthana and

8, 12 Badhak sthanas.

8,12, and Badhak Age upto 66 years

6,8,12 Dangerous


Danger to life and


Ill-health and

2. Financial 2,6,11 Money lot of influx
KP Astrology
status of money

5,8,12 Losses of money

2,10 Above normal

1,3 Normal

3. 1) Table Talk, 11 Table-talk,

agreement, agreement, visa

Visa, etc.

interview, Success in table-

shares talk, agreement,

investment visa. Sub-lord of 11

house, should be

significator of 3rd

house, if it relates

3, 6, 11 to 12 and 8, the

2) Lottery 3, 11 success will be with

3) Election pains.

ticket Lottery prize

Sub of 3rd should be

significator of 11


4 1) Education, 4, 9, 11 Education & higher

higher education

education 3, 5 Obstacles in

4,9 11 & 3,9,12  education

Education in Education in

abroad abroad sub of 12th

4,11, 12 & related to house related to

2) Purchase Mars 3,9,12

of land or a
house Purchase of land or
KP Astrology

5. 1) Child 2,5,11 Child is expected.

In prashna kundali,

sub of 5th house in


nakshatra, there

1,4,10 will be no child.

No child

Female is expected

to give number

between        1 to

11,2,5 249(KP Nos) for

query regarding


As regards

question asked by

male, sub-lord of

11th house, should

be significators of

2, 5, 11

For specific male or

Child 5, 4 female baby, sub-

Adoption lord of 5th and 11th

house should be in

fixed sign, and

should not be

7. 11 retrogade and in

dual sign.
Love Sub of 5th should
KP Astrology
marriage 12, 6 be significator of 5

and 4 and should

not be in retrogade

Failure in constellation.

love affairs. 7, 5 Sub of 5th is

significator of 7th

and 11th, one gets

Love affairs. success in love

marriage. If Sub is

significator of 12th,

self-refusal and of

6th the other party

refuses for


Sub of 7th house is

significator of 5th

house there will be

only love affairs.

6 Job Service 2, 6,10,11 Sub of 6th should

be significator of
Change in job 1,5,9, 2,6,10, 11

Illness 6,8,12,1 Change in job 1, 5,


Sub of 6th
significator of

1,5,11 1,6,8,12 and period

Recovery of Mahadasha
KP Astrology
from relates, there will
illness 2,4,11 be illness, diseases.

Recovery from
Return to illness in 1, 5 and 11

house from and related period

hospital after 6,10,11 of Mahadasha

recovery Recovery from

from illness illness and return

Victory in 6, 7, 9 to hospital.

Court Case Sub of 6th should

be significator of
10, 11th house

6, 11, 12 Court Case stands

during the Dasha

period  of 6 & 7
Court Case – houses and

winning the decision in Court

case case will be during

Dashas of
significator of 9

Sub of 6th is

significator of 6, 11
the decision will be

in favour, if it
relates to 12th

house, decision
will be in favour of
KP Astrology
other party and if
Mars is related to

6th house, the

other party will go

in appellate court
against the


7. Marriage 7, 2, 11 and 5, 8 Sub of 7th should be

strong significator
of 2, 7, 11 or 5,8

marriage takes
place during

related Mahadasha
Divorce 1.6.10, 12 and 3rd -

divorce by legal Divorce takes place

proceedings during related

Mahadasha. 6
indicates living life
separately, 3

indicates legal
Reunion of steps.

married life 11, 2, 7

Sub of 11, should be

No marriage strong significator

Second 6,10,1 of 2,7,11 and

marriage 2, 8, 11 related Dashas

No marriage
7th sub mercury or
KP Astrology
in mercury
constellation, or in

dual-sign or sub in
Business, 2,7,10,11 conjunction with
Trade 8,12 mercury and

5,11 significators of 2,8,

6,12 11, there will be 2nd

Profits in business

Losses in business

Partnership breaks

8 Longevity of 6,8,12,1 Danger to health,

life 1,5,11 life

8,12 Safe life

Calamities 8,12 and Badhak Accident, Cripple

sthanas Death
Prizes, 2,6,11 Prizes and

unexpected unexpected gains


9 Research 9,10,11 Success in research

Travels to 3,9,10 Travels

holy places

10 Job, business 10,6,2, Sub of 10th in fixed

sign related to
2,6,10, 11 indicate
Job plus 2,6,10 and Mercury job, service.

business constellation
10th sub Mercury or
KP Astrology
in mercury

related to 2, 6,10

1,5,9 and 7 indicates job

Retrenchmen plus business in

t in present related mahadasha

job? period.

10th sub relates to

1,5,9,12 1,5,9 and not in

retrogade planet
7,8,12 and related

10,5,3 mahadasha gives

Ill fame change in job or

House Sell leaving job

End of service or

1,6,9,10,11 suspension in job

Juiter, Mars, Mercury Court matters in

Success in and Saturn related. service

politics   Sale of House,

land, fixed assets

5th sub significators possible

of 2, 6,10, 11

Success in politics
10th sub relates

Jupiter, Mars,
Mercury and

Saturn and
KP Astrology


Representative and

12 Punishment, 3,8,12 Sub of 12th related

imprisonmen to Rahu and Saturn

t, and significator of

3,8,12 and
Sub-lord of 2nd

house related to 8th

3,9,12 house gives

Foreign tour punishment.

12th sub relates to

11,8,2 and 4 3,9,12

Rahu in 12th gives

5,8,12 abroad touring

Repayment definitely.

of loan. Return to home

from abroad

Repayment of

On getting the positive clearance of the “Sub” of the particular
house to which the question belongs, the period of Mahadasha,
Antardasha and Vidasha is to be judged in relation to particular
significators of the event. When the chain of significators is fulfilled
in regard to Dashas, then it can be predicted that the particular event
will take place in particular Vidasha. Even if, the period of Vidasha
when the event will take place is calculated and predicted, that will
KP Astrology
also be the best prediction to help the Jataka to know the near about
period of happening of event in his or her life.
In Krishnamurthy theory, the transit of Sun in lord of
Mahadasha, Antardasha and Vidasha will give the correct time of
happening of the particular event. The transit gochar of the strong
significator from Rashi, Nakshatra and sub-lord of Nakshatra will

confirm the period of event. The transit of Sun is required to be

considered while concluding the period of event. When the period of
Mahadasha belongs to Mars, Mercury and Venus, Sun and Moon, the
transit of lord of Mahadasha from Rashi, Nakshatra (Constellation)

and Upanakshatra (Sub) should have co-relation with the strong

significators of houses to which the particular question is related.
Particularly, when the sublord or nakshatra-lord of vidasha becomes
strong significator at first two steps, out of 4 steps of the particular

planet, which is powerful for happening of event are to be considered.

Fast Moving Planets are Sun, Mars, Venus and Mercury :
When the lord of Dashas are Sun, Mars, Venus, Mercury, which
are fast moving planets, then the transit of strong significators from

Rashi, Nakshatra and Upanakshatra is to be judged and when the fast

moving planet’s transit from Nakshatra will be positive at first two
steps of the lord of Nakshatra, then the  period of event can be

Slow Moving Planets are Saturn, Jupiter, Rahu and Ketu :

When the lord of Dashas are Saturn, Jupiter, Rahu and Ketu, the
transit of strong significators from Nakshatra (Constellation) and
Upanakshatra (Sub) is to be judged and when the slow moving

planet’s transit from Upanakshatra (Sub) will be positive at first two

steps of the lord of Nakshatra, then the period of event can be
                                                                                    OM Shanti Hari Om
KP Astrology


Krishna Murthy Lagna & Kusp Kundali (Horoscope)

Repr Sa 12 Mar
Ra esent t s
Ketu Repr Su
KP Astrology
esent n
Planets which are not in constellation: Powerful : Sun, Moon, Rahu
Planets in own Constellation : Powerful : Ketu

KP Four step theory : Powerful significators

  Sun 12,8     Saturn - 1,2,4,5,8,1

  Ven 10,5 Mercury   Venus 10,5
Sun 0,11,12
  Rahu 1, 4,   Ketu   Sat -
2 7,12,8   Venus 10,5 3,6,7,8,9,1
Mo 2
  Mars 10,11   Rahu
1, 4, 2
10,11 Mars 7,8,10,12
  Moonü 3   Jupiter   Rahu 1,4,2 1,2,4,7,8,1
  Mer 12, 9,   Sat 4,2   Mars 10,11
Mer 0,11,12
6   Sat –   Ketu 7,12,8
  Mer   Venus   Ketu 7,12,8 Jup 2,4,5,10
  Ketu 7, 12, 10,5
Ven 2,4,5,10
  Mars   Venus   Ketu Sat 5,10
  Jup 10   Sat 4, 7,12,8,
Rahu 1,2,4,7,8,1
  Mer 2   Ketu 7,12,8
  Ketu 7, 12,   Sat -   Venus -
8   Ven   Sat 4, 2
Ketu 2,4,7,8,12
KP Rule :
KP Astrology Antarda Vidasha
Marriage, the
Venus Sun Sub lord of 7th
22-1-1993 Jupiter 25-12-2004 house, should be
to 25-3- to strong
22-1-2013 2003 to 12-2-2005 significator of 2,
23-11- 7, 11 and 5,8
2005 cusp (house), if
so during the
period of
related to these
significator, the
marriage will be
So this rule is to
make applicable
in this case.


          A girl, whose date of birth is 4-1-1971, time of birth 07-37 hrs at
Palghat (Tamil Nadu), enquired about her marriage. Ascendant
Capricorn and Janma Rashi is Pisces. The planetary position in Cusp

chart is -          Sun and Mercury  in Saggitarus in 12th house, Rahu in

Capricorn           1st house, Moon in third house of Pisces, Saturn in 4th
house of Aries, Ketu in 7th house, Uranus in 9th house, Venus, Mars,
Jupiter and Neptune in 10th house. Mahadasha of Venus upto 22-01-
KP Astrology
2013, Antardasha of Jupiter upto 23-11-2005, Vidasha follows with
Venus upto 25-12-2004,  Sun 12-02-2005, Moon 4-5-2005, Mars
306-2005 and Rahu on               23-11-2005.

          KP Four Step Rule :

“Sub lord of 7th house should be strong significator of 2, 7, 11
and 5, 8. If yes, marriage will take place when the chain of
Mahadasha, Antardasha and Vidasha relating to 2, 7, 11 houses will be
          Here, Sub of 7th house is “ RAHU” and Rahu is strong significator
of 2, 7, 11 and 8 houses, which confirms that there is marriage in her
life. Delay in marriage caused due to placement of Rahu in 1st house,
and Rahu is also strong significator of 1, 10, 12 houses, which are
negative for settlement of marriage.

          When marriage will take place ?

          The chain of Mahadasha, Antardasha and Vidasha should be of     
2, 7, 11.
Mahadasha         -        Venus from 22-1-1997 to 22-1-2013 and
                                       Venus is strong significator of 2 and 5.
Antardasha         -        Jupiter from 25-3-2003 to 23-11-2005
                                         and Jupiter is strong of 2, 5 and 7 ( drishti yoga)
Vidasha               -         Sun from 25-12-2004 to 12-2-2005 and Sun
                                        is  strong significators of 2,11, 5 & 8.
          Here the chain of 2, 7, 11 Dashas, means, Mahadasha of Venus
significator of  2nd house, Antardasha of Jupiter significator of 7 & 5th
House, and Vidasha of Sun 2, 11 and 8 is very much positive for
marriage. Therefore, the marriage will be held during Vidasha
period    25-12-2004 to 12-2-2005.   Gochar transit : -

Mahadasha - Venus – transit of Venus on 25th December 2004

is in Mercury Nakshatra (Jestha) and it is there upto 3rd January 2005
and Mercury is strong significator of 2,7, & 11, which is positive for
marriage. Then, the Antardasha of Jupiter – transit of Jupiter upto
27th December is in Sun nakshatra and from 30th December 2004 to
8th January 2005, it is in Mars nakshatra, and in Rahu Sub from 8th
January to 25th February 2005, here, only Rahu is strong significator

of 2, 7, 11 houses. Then, Vidasha of Sun – Transit of Sun upto  27th
KP Astrology
December, in Ketu nakshatra and from 28th December to 10th January
2005, Sun is in Venus nakshatra and Venus is strong significator of
2nd house. Therefore, the marriage will take place between the Gochar
transit of Venus, Jupiter and Sun, the strong significator of 2, 7, 11
houses between 8th January 2005 to 25th February 2005.

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