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Mother, Muse, Nude and Virgin Read your lease

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Oppidan Press
Press Edition
Edition 4,85,
7, 25 9April
May 2007
August 2007

By Lionel Faull, Simon Allison, Claire Carr and non-execution of responsibility charge disciplinary process has not interfered both panels returned a verdict of
Mma-tshepo Mokgoko was laid by de Klerk and the racism with the fulfilment of either party’s insufficient evidence. Shishuta can still
charge by Adesina. responsibilities. take her grievance through departmental
The matter has come before a Ford said that tensions were evident disciplinary structures.
specially-constituted disciplinary board, between de Klerk and Adesina during a SRC President Fatema Morbi was
which has made its recommendations. series of meetings earlier this year, which critical of Dr Johnson’s handling of the
“The next phase is for the two parties to Ford attended, to discuss the expansion panels’ reported recommendations:
f come together,” Johnson said. He stated of Kimberley Hall. “By refusing to release both panels’
that he was keen to have the matter reports, the issue is being swept under
resolved in the shortest possible period the carpet.” However, Johnson said: “It
of time, but “both parties are involved is up to the staff member in question to
in different activities which make it hard decide what can and cannot be released.”
for them to come together”. Shishuta declined to comment.
Neither de Klerk or Adesina would Johnson revealed that the university’s Constitution passed
comment to The Oppidan Press. Harassment Policy (which deals with
Vice-Chancellor Dr Saleem Badat was racism) is currently under review, after using “big stick”
The charges date back to the similarly circumspect. A second racism grievance, laid last both disciplinary panels deliberating
beginning of 2007, although Johnson did SRC Vice-President Evan Ford year by Sociology lecturer Babalwa Shishuta’s grievance, pointed to By Mike Winn
not specify which staff member had laid expressed concern that the ongoing Shishuta against a student, has recently shortcomings in the current policy
which charge. He also declined to specify disciplinary process is undermining been resolved at disciplinary panel document.
the substance of the allegations, because the Dean of Students’ position: “In her level. The grievance was brought before The Vice-Principal recently
no final decision has been reached. position, she has the racism charge two separate disciplinary panels, after approached heads of academic
However, from information gathered hanging over her head in her everyday Shishuta expressed her reservations departments and challenged them “to
during the course of The Oppidan Press’s interactions with students and staff.” about the first panel’s recommendations. develop a common approach on how to
investigations, we can confirm that the However, Johnson said that the ongoing The Oppidan Press understands that manage racial incidents”.

The meeting followed an

At a glance unsuccessful sitting of the Student
Forum on 4 August which did not
reach quorum. Only 59 interested
parties attended of the required 83.
At this meeting, Evan Ford, SRC
Dr Saleem Badat, Vice-President and Chairman of
Vice-Chancellor: No comment the Student Forum, responded to
the apparent lack of interest: “We
Dr Colin Johnson, are going to have to get out the big
Vice-Principal: Interview stick.” Ford made moves to terminate
the membership of those student
Dr Vivian de Klerk, representatives that were not attending
Dean of Students: No comment the Student Forum. Defending his
move at the time: “I don’t see any
Professor Jimi Adesina, other way forward and I regret that it
Professor of Sociology: No comment has come to this.”
Terminating memberships reduced
Babalwa Shishuta, quorum to a manageable level,
Sociology Lecturer: No comment allowing the Constitution to be ratified
on Monday evening. The Constitution
Gordon Barker, radically changes the SRC structure,
University Prosecutor: No comment giving Oppidans the chance to run for
all but one position on the committee.
Sarah Fischer, This year only one position was held
HR Director: No timeous response by an Oppidan.
Katherine Furman, the SRC chair
Etienne Ferreira, of the constitutional working group,
CB&S Manager: awaiting Fischer’s explained that the Constitution will
return before commenting be rubber stamped by the University
Senate before being instituted for the
Fatema Morbi, coming SRC Elections at the end of
this month.
Illustration: Alex Dubb

SRC President: Interview

SRC President Fatema Morbi said:
Evan Ford, “It’s been a long process. I’m so glad
SRC Vice-President: Interview it’s done.” This correspondent is as

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for up-coming TriVarsity.
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The war on weather page 5
 Buying and selling clouds

Ed’s view point Letters to the Editor

The Oppidan Press: sensationalist, vindictive dragons New liquor by-law
Dear Editor, over what I considered to be a fairly find it somewhat amusing that after Dear Editor,
trivial celebration event. acknowledging that drinking a beer
The field of journalistic reporting is Unfortunately, after reading the through a snorkel is not considered Just thought I’d try add my two cents
a tough and treacherous one, where article, I have realised that alcohol at the funnelling – a practice forbidden on with regard to the proposed new liquor
reputable journalists must keep the Underwater Club has now become the Rhodes campus – they still managed to by-law.
public informed of significant events soapbox from which they wish to preach; repeat the word a further 11 times in Once the law has been implemented,
while striving to maintain a degree pity the front page wasn’t devoted to the article, drawing the focus away from I think Grahamstown can once again say
of objectivity. There are dragons that something of more consequence, like actual events, and instead capitalising hello to its notorious reputation as the
live in the field of journalism, called the rape allegations. I am more than on the association of funnelling with drug capital of South Africa. Students no
sensationalism, vindictiveness, bias and a little disappointed by the willful alcohol abuse. I also note with some longer being able to drink will turn to
What would you prefer: a well- willful misdirection, who sally forth to misdirection and single-minded pursuit exasperation that drinking at a societal the next viable option in a town lacking
fleshed, accurate and balanced report do battle with journalists everywhere, of sensationalism shown by both Leon function is by no means unique to the in entertainment: drugs. So instead
detailing as many sides of the story as is and I’m sorry to tell you that in the Schnell and Lionel Faull, who wish to be Underwater Club and I am consequently of loud, drunk students roaming the
feasible; or an anaemic piece of bit-part last edition of The Oppidan Press, the respected as journalists, but appear more unsure what The Oppidan Press hoped streets late at night, Grahamstown will
reporting, slowly asphyxiated in an dragons won (see “Murky Waters”, 23 concerned about getting a story than to achieve with this article, beyond be teeming with drug dealers and their
atmosphere of suspicion and distrust? May edition). reporting one. attacking the Underwater Club, but I customers.
Full credit to Dr Johnson, Fatema As a student at Rhodes University It seems that they wish you to believe sincerely hope that their next attempt So I hope the law does not pass
Morbi and Evan Ford for engaging with who attended the Cheese and Wine held that the Underwater Club misbehaved at reporting news will not be quite so and students are allowed to carry on
us in an open and honest way. While by the Underwater Club, I have been at the Cheese and Wine and are now comparable to tabloid journalism. drinking late into the night.
we understand that much is at stake bemusedly watching the back and forth trying to cover it up, which is, of course,
for two of Rhodes’s most talented and between The Oppidan Press staff and the a bit ill-planned on their part, as anyone Sincerely, Cheers,
successful academics, the fact remains Underwater Club committee members, attending the event would disagree. I Jaclyn Hill Alex Lenferna
that both Dr Vivian de Klerk and

The Ombud: complaints don’t hold water

Professor Jimi Adesina are accountable
to large numbers of students under
their respective jurisdictions and public
scrutiny comes with the territory.
Another factor has been the wor-
rying tendency of a number of players
the headline “Murky waters”, in which Head of Sports Aziez Madatt, because Dean of Students, Dr Vivian de Klerk,
in the story to attempt to intimidate
it described the drinking ritual and funnelling involves large amounts of commented: “Staff at the university must
this newspaper with threats of legal ac-
questioned whether it complied with alcohol, which was not the case here. remember that they are role models”,
tion or to coerce us into revealing our
alcohol use policy at Rhodes. The story That is his opinion, but others may differ. and confirmed that she had spoken
sources of information. There’s nothing
stated that Bernatzeder and the diving Most dictionaries define funnelling as to Montoya-Maya about the incident.
like a threat to make a journalist’s hack-
instructor (and residence warden) the act of pouring something through (According to The Oppidan Press, she
les rise and send him or her plunging
who had instigated the ritual, Phanor a funnel-shaped instrument, and that also reassured him that the incident
headlong into an investigation. We’ve
Montoya-Maya, had been “cleared of description certainly applies to what would “blow over”, perhaps the sanest of
been around long enough to know that
wrongdoing” by Rhodes University. occurred at the Underwater Club all the responses to the controversy.)
there’s no smoke without fire.
It went on to call for greater clarity in function. But whether it should be In the circumstances, I cannot fault
Be this as it may, we call upon both
the university’s alcohol abuse policies labelled “funnelling” or not is really The Oppidan Press for running the story
de Klerk and Adesina – whatever the
relating to students and social clubs. a moot point, since the university in the way it did. As the editor explained
merits or demerits of their respective
There are four main complaints: doesn’t explicitly ban funnelling and in the accompanying editorial: “When
Pic: Gaynor Barnard

cases – to come to a genuine under-

one, that The Oppidan Press had no offers no definition of the practice. a public figure at our university, in this
standing of one another’s grievances.
right to report the event as it saw it, The real issue is whether the club was case a res warden, is photographed at
We sincerely hope that the likes of
because it had been invited to cover a encouraging alcohol abuse (which would a sports club function pouring beer
Badat and Johnson are moving hell and
social function; two, that the coverage undoubtedly be against university rules). down students’ snorkels, a newspaper
high water to get both parties to see
was unfair because it singled out the should ask questions.” That is what The
eye-to-eye. By Robert Brand Underwater Club, while ignoring similar Oppidan Press did. It may be criticised
It’s not just de Klerk and Adesina’s
or worse behaviour at other clubs; three, for choosing what journalists would
personal pride and reputation at stake.
that the report was inaccurate because it describe as a ‘hard’ angle (and others
What about the effect of this fall-out
labelled the drinking ritual “funnelling”; may call sensationalism), but it produced
on the university’s ability to function
and four, that the newspaper had a story that is substantially accurate
properly? As Ford pointed out, how
“sensationalised” a trivial issue and thus (the only fact in dispute boils down
can de Klerk carry out her day-to-day
unfairly brought the Underwater Club’s to semantics); fair (it gave everyone
duties as Dean of Students when there
name into disrepute. concerned the opportunity to comment,
is even the remotest possibility that she
The first three complaints I can and published those comments
is guilty of racism? How can Adesina
dispose of fairly easily. The journalist’s prominently); and that raises important
hope to command respect among his
right to report what he saw cannot questions about conduct at officially-
colleagues if there is even the faintest
be disputed; indeed, it would have sanctioned social functions and about
likelihood that he might be guilty of
been a dereliction of his journalistic The complainants believe not, and that the implementation of alcohol abuse
failing to carry out his own responsi-
duty had he ignored what he believed is why they claim that The Oppidan Press policies at Rhodes.
The following facts are not in dispute: – mistakenly or not – to be a breach had “sensationalised” the issue.
The charges have been in the
The Oppidan Press’s journalist went to of the university policy on alcohol at They may be partly right. The
Rhodes disciplinary pipeline for the As The Oppidan Press ombud, my role
the function to take photographs of social events. For the same reason, the intention, according to those involved,
better part of this year; it’s time for both is to act as an independent adjudicator
what was expected to be a routine social second complaint doesn’t hold water. was not to encourage excessive use
de Klerk and Adesina to settle their of complaints from readers about content
event. During the event, graduates were The journalist was covering what he saw. of alcohol. But to an outsider, the
differences and move on. At the same in the newspaper and the conduct of its
fed beer through their snorkels. After He gathered and reported comments initial impression could not have been
time, Rhodes’ disciplinary officers need journalists. I undertake to investigate
the journalist had photographed four from all the parties involved. He otherwise. Club chairperson Bernatzeder
to create the conditions for reconcili- complaints to the best of my ability, to
of these drinking rituals (for want of contextualised the story by referring must have realised this, which is why she
ation to happen. We’ll all be better off gather the opinions of all involved, and
a better phrase), the club chairperson, to and explaining the university’s asked the photographer not to publish
for it. report my findings honestly. In return,
Andrea Bernatzeder, asked him to policy on alcohol abuse. There was no the pictures. Montoya-Maya, too, clearly
stop taking photographs and not to obligation on the newspaper to ensure felt uneasy, because he apologised to the editor has undertaken to publish my
publish those he had already taken. He that similar practices at other clubs the newspaper (before later retracting findings in full, without editing. Whether
consented, and the photographs were immediately receive similar coverage. his apology, claiming that he had he takes any advice I offer is up to him.
not published. The Oppidan Press did, Was the newspaper wrong to describe since realised that the drinking ritual Please email your complaints to
Lionel Faull
however, run a front-page story under the ritual as “funnelling”? Yes, said did not amount to “funnelling”). The r.brand@ru.ac.za.

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Perfect 10s, pretty posteriors and other The Oppidan Comm ent

prickly problems with porn

By Amanda Strydom visual stimulation as much as men and teem, does it not add to those unrealistic
that he is imagining himself with the goals? By knowing that these kind of
woman in the movie, not the woman he women are what turn men on, does
is with. it not exacerbate women’s feeling of
By this time, I was seriously worried self-loathing?
that these men have converted to a fan- So men: go ahead and watch
tasy world where all women are perfect your pornography, but keep in
The one, let’s call him Dave, wants a 10s, C-cups, with derrière’s to die for and mind what it can do to your
girlfriend who loves cooking, watching not an inch of cellulite. girlfriend; and remember, you’ll

Pic: Lindsey Riddin

rugby and indulging in pornography. These unrealistic ideas have filtered have to come back to the real world at
Have you considered a boyfriend yet into popular culture; music videos, sometime or other.
or are you planning on being single fashion shows and even Barbie dolls
forever? promote an idealistic and improbable
The next man, Scott, reckons women vision of the female body. Barbie is the
should watch porn to pick up some tips
and techniques to please him better. Gee,
perfect example – if Barbie was a
real person, made with her current
Events with meaning
Scott, I don’t know how many gymnast proportions, she’d be over seven By Xoliswa Dzakwa
Barbies with all the correct proportions feet tall and unable to stand.
you’ll actually find out there.

The next school of thought, that

being of Jim and Peter, is that women

need to see the beauty and perfection in
the act and not be so critical. Okay fine,
except that porn movies are rehearsed,
edited and redone until they reach so-
called perfection and they don’t show
the gritty side of the act. They’re not true
reflections of reality.
Then, finally, there’s Fred. He thinks By exposing women to more airbrushed
that it could be really sexy for both Barbies, in a world where physical per-
boyfriend and girlfriend to watch porn We have recently held two
fection seems to be the biggest driving
because both would be in the mood at workshops aimed at improving and
force behind bulimia, anorexia,
the same time; therefore, less work for relieving some of the stresses of digs
the male. Great ideas, Fred, except that life. On Monday 13 August we will be
plastic surgery
women aren’t really as turned on by holding a movie night at Roxbury to
and low self-es-
raise funds for HIV/Aids Awareness
Week. Three exciting movies will be
shown: The Bourne Ultimatum, The

Antidote to African apathy Simpsons and Die Hard 4. Oppidans

can come buy a ticket at the Oppidan
Secretary’s Office for only R10.
may shed a few tears, feel really sorry We also have the famous Cheese
By Lara Faris for the characters (not the real people), and Wine on 23 August at the Op-
and then either change the channel pidan Dining Hall. The main purpose
The world is selfishly focused on glo- to South Park or go out for a piece of of this Cheese and Wine will be to
balisation, global warming and global chocolate cake washed down with a allow those Oppidans, running to be
frothy cappuccino. We feel better and on the SRC next year, to campaign
politics. The world is trivially focused on
forget about the situation. The problem and make themselves known to the
Iraq, women’s corporate power, interna- rest of the Oppies so that they can
is: what can we do? I know that I am
tional sport events, Bush’s intellectual unable to donate and, as much as I vote for them.
levels, currency exchange rates, oil, and would like to, 4X4-ing to Uganda as a
What about Africa? Starvation, po-
volunteer in an upliftment project is a
bit unrealistic.
litical genocide, child soldiers, exploita- John Mayer sings that we are waiting
DIGS 2008! tion, poverty, civilian war casualties,
drug trafficking, rape and mutilation of
for the world to change, and we are do-
ing exactly that. What we don’t realise is
COME VIEW OUR HOUSES AND GET THE women, rebel group terrorism, HIV/ that we are the world, and we can make
Aids, and meagre education facilities
BEST DIGS EARLY don’t even nearly explain the injustices
it change. I might not be able to actively On 3 September there will be a
do something right now, but the only Security Awareness Day. On that day
suffered by our neighbours. way for the world to change is just to people can go for a free self-defence
I have read stories of a fourteen year care. The way that the Western world lesson and attend workshops on se-
old girl in the Democratic Republic of looks at us, we are looking at the rest of curity tips and guidelines in Graham-
SECURE, MODERN KITCHEN Congo (DRC) gang raped by 16 soldiers, Africa in the same way. Don’t postpone stown. We really encourage Oppidans
RENTAL R 3600-00 numerous quiet villages devastated by watching eye-opening movies like Hotel to attend as these events are aimed at
CALL US AND COME VIEW rebel groups, children of nine years old Rwanda, start reading about the history improving your digs life.
abducted from their homes, turned into of Somalia, Rwanda, Liberia, Sudan and The Oppidan Committee and
AVAILABLE NOW: soldiers and brainwashed into killing the DRC, talk about your findings, and sub-wardens are working really hard
their own families. In Africa alone, start feeling. When on Facebook, start to arrange useful events for Oppi-
FAMILY HOUSE IN SECURE COMPLEX dans and now it is up to you to get
19,000 children die each day, 75% of war to support and talk about causes like
PERFECT FOR KIDS!!! CALL US FOR MORE casualties are innocent civilians and 26 fighting the exploitation of the Third involved and enjoy yourselves this
INFORMATION. million people are threatened by acute World. Educate yourself now, so that in term.
ROOMS IN DIGS CLOSE TO CAMPUS! hunger, while greedy governments, if your bright future you can make a large
they exist, keep all the development aid donation, or have the means to fund Dates to diarise:
to fund their luxurious lifestyles. After upliftment programs. You’ll be in the 13 August — Roxbury Movie Night
much analysis, economic specialists ‘know’ to help Africa with the ‘know- 23 August — Cheese and Wine
claim that debt relief is not enough and how’. 3 September — Security Awareness
Africa needs to push for trade liber- Day
alisation with open markets and fair
trade. The final verdict: Africa has the To start with, look these up:
resources but not the ‘know-how’ to
COLLETE Jillian Soné help itself. http://cosmoseducation.org/
Tel: 046 636 1388 Hollywood has fed us with movies
Cell: 083 268 8808 addressing the harsh realities in Africa:
Email: rentals@eragrahamstown.co.za The Constant Gardener, Blood Diamond www.unitus.com
We offer top quality service and exceptional customer care. Con- and Hotel Rwanda. What gets to me is www.AMREF.com
tact the rental agents on 046 636 1388 the natural indifference that follows. We


Pic: Leon Schnell

Place of prayer and peace
By Michael Kaeflein means that our philosophy is based the brothers, is religiously antiseptic and
on community life.” This aspect and a contains only the barest of essentials.
desire to pray with others was what drew It can accommodate 25 people. After a
Brother Andrew to the Order. tour of the guesthouse, Brother Andrew
Based in the United States, the Order explains that it offers unrivalled peace
is acceptable in Africa because there and quiet — except during Fest and
were no colonial overtones that came graduation, when it becomes just as busy
with it. Brother Andrew says that this as Grahamstown itself.
means that they “would be more easily There is one area that is off limits to
accepted in the country”. me. Brother Andrew explains that only
Brother Andrew is a monk at the monks are allowed in their communal
Mariya uMama weThemba Monastery, residence, which allows them to
Pic: Leon Schnell

which is situated on a hillside on the experience ‘enclosure’. It sounds rather

mountains outside of Grahamstown. secretive, and seeing the bemused
The Monastery’s name means ‘Mary, expression on my face he quickly
Mother of Hope’ in isiXhosa, and has explains: “We believe that if we live
a magnificent view of the valley with together closely without distractions
neatly ordered gardens teeming with from the outside world we will hear
greenery. There is a heavenly peace here. God speaking to us,” he says.
“The Monastery was established He, and all the other brothers, do a lot of
in late 1998,” says Brother Andrew. praying. In church five times a day, their Directions to Maria uMama weTembu
Pic: Leon Schnell
The idea took shape when one of the morning starts with vigils at six o’ clock. Monastery
Anglican brothers from America was All of their services are open to the Head out of Grahamstown to the
on a retreat in South Africa in 1989 and public. The four monks at the monastery N2. Turn right, as if going to PE. Go
was staying with Archbishop Desmond spend up to two and a half hours a day past the turn-off to the Monument,
Tutu. Tutu mentioned to him that when in worship, which mainly entails singing and take the next exit right onto
apartheid fell the country would need psalms. Rautenbach Road. Turn immediately
religious-based community models. Among the other activities that keep left into Highlands Road (before the
Pic: Leon Schnell
Pic: Leon Schnell

After apartheid, the brothers tried to fill the brothers busy are administrative railway line) and keep going. The road
this gap, which tied in well with their tasks, errands, and in the case of one of will become gravel after a while, and the
philosophy. the monks, writing poetry. Monastery will be on your left (opposite
“We are a Benedictine order, which The guest house, which is run by all Cold Springs Farm).

The terrorist The rainmakers

and the veil By Simon Allison games begin, emptying them of rain to
ensure that the opening ceremony takes
a matter of international importance. If
China develops the technology to the
Misconceptions of Islam place under clear blue skies (or a grey extent that they can meet their own water
haze of pollution, given Beijing’s patchy needs, this will undoubtedly be at the
By Claire Waterhouse and Simon Allison environmental record). expense of neighbouring countries such
This is all well and good for those as South Korea and India, which have
who have benefited from the increased water problems of their own. Moreover,
rainfall. But there is a finite amount of this will provide China with political
rain in the world at any one time, and if leverage over these countries, and could
it rains more than it should in one place, even become weapons of war. What
We’ve also started messing with the it means somewhere else is not getting better way to weaken an enemy than to
weather. Obviously, the weather can have any. Already, there have been rumblings turn off the taps? Tanks can’t roll without
a large and often unpredictable impact of discontent from some of China’s water, soldiers can’t fight; it could cripple
In the last few years, Islam’s profile on our lives. If it rains too much, rivers cities and provinces. “Meteorological opposition.
has risen dramatically – unfortunately, overflow and houses, businesses and officials in Zhoukou were soon accusing There are also the economic
this is a result of the killing of people are destroyed. If it rains too little, their counterparts in Pingdingshan of ramifications. If clouds can be controlled,
thousands of civilians worldwide. nothing grows, water runs out and more overusing available natural resources by that means they can be bought and sold.
Bearded terrorists, car bombs and people die. intercepting clouds that would have likely More important than the price of oil
the oppression of women seem to be This is a bit of a problem for countries drifted to other places, say, like Zhoukou,” will be the price of rain, giving countries
inextricably linked with Islam in the like Bangladesh, Sudan, India and China, wrote the China Daily. South Korea has with large territories (and lots of clouds),
minds of much of the Western world. who suffer greatly from the vagaries also started asking questions about the such as China, Russia and Canada, a
Pic: Mike Dexter

But how fair is this perception? of rainfall. So it was only a matter of Chinese rain-making practise. huge financial advantage, as well as the
“Islam is a peaceful religion,” says time, really, before some solution to this While rain-seeding remains in its political capital which accrues from such
Muhammad Shiraan, MSA treasurer. problem was found and one of nature’s infancy, and its effects are marginal at an advantage.
He added that the Qur’an, Islam’s holy Rhodes students before worship. final frontiers was tamed. best, it seems unlikely that the actions of Of course, if controlled, it could be
book, is often taken out of context by The solution is called rain-seeding, one area or state will have a significant a force for positive change. Bangladesh
extremists. He’s got a point. The Qur’an and Saudi Arabia, women have to be and it’s a technique that’s been around for impact on another. But, in a world where gets way too much rain – if these clouds
is notoriously difficult to interpret, as fully covered by law. In others, like a few decades already. It involves putting acute water shortages are predicted in could be precipitated before they get
this has to be done from the original Turkey, the veil is actively discouraged chemical silver iodide into certain types some places as early as 2020, and science there, it could put an end to the floods
text, which is written in ancient classical because it’s considered to be subversive; of clouds to precipitate rainfall. This is continues to develop at such a rapid which habitually devastate the low-lying
Arabic – a far cry from the modern a threat to secular democracy. done either by sending up planes to spray pace, it is conceivable that controlling country.
language. Extremists take advantage of In South Africa, it is very much a the clouds with the chemical, or shooting the clouds If history is anything to go by,
this, using isolated quotes to support personal choice, as Samina Anwary, the it into the clouds with rocket launchers. will soon however, rain-seeding will be used as
their causes, where a thorough reading MSA media officer, relates: “I don’t feel Ski resorts sometimes do it to increase the turn into a source of state power rather than
of the Qur’an would undermine their under pressure to wear the veil. I wear chances of snow; Stalin did it to make the international development.
positions. it because I feel more comfortable. I rains come early, so it wouldn’t rain on his
“Jihad [Holy War] is only permitted can go out without eyes following me May Day parade.
as a last resort in Islam,” says Shiraan. wherever I go. I feel protected.”
“And even then, the killing of innocent She is adamant that the veil is
women and children is not allowed. not about being oppressed. “I don’t
Even trees are protected in the Qur’an.” understand the logic of people who
Oppression of women is another link the veil with oppression. How is it
controversial issue the religion has oppressive to not advertise your body?
to contend with. For many, this is Surely it is more oppressive to have your But there’s never been any proof that it
characterised by the wearing of the half-naked picture on some billboard actually works, because it had never been
veil, which is seen as demeaning with everybody looking at it? My tried on a large scale. That is, until the
and discriminating against women, body is for myself and, one day, for my Chinese realised their Northern provinces
preventing them from participating husband, and I should not have to share were getting a bit dry, and decided to
fully in public life. For some, the very it with just anybody.” do something about it themselves. In a
opposite is true – the veil is in fact a Muslims all over the world have massive weather modifying campaign,
symbol of freedom, as it allows women faced increased persecution for involving nearly US$100 million, 32,000
to leave the house and engage with the their beliefs since the 9/11 attacks. people, 30 aircraft and thousands of
outside world while maintaining their Misconceptions are rife and followers anti-aircraft guns and modified rocket
chastity and virtue. Many women also of Islam are having to justify launchers, pioneering Chinese scientists
choose to wear the veil as a statement themselves more than ever. Luckily, claim to have markedly increased
of the strength of their faith, in much this discrimination does not seem precipitation in dry areas of the country.
the same way that a Christian wears a to have penetrated at Rhodes. “It’s a In Beijing alone, scientists are claiming a
crucifix or a Jew wears a yarmulke. good platform, and probably the most 10-20% increase in rainfall over the year
The issue is so contentious that not tolerant campus in South Africa,” says as a result of weather modification. The Pic: Supplied
even predominantly Islamic countries Shiraan. If only the rest of the world organisers of the 2008 Beijing Olympics
can agree on it. In some, such as Iran showed the same level of tolerance. have so much faith in the technique that
they plan to seed the clouds before the China’s updated version of the traditional rain dance.


Wallace’s Pharmacy
Vitamin B injections for R100.00.

Diet Special: USN Diet Fuel & tablets for R329.95.

Open an account with Wallace’s for high-
quality pharmaceutical careCold and Flu Winter pack for R79.95.
and give-

Open an account with Wallace’s for Peppergrove Mall Peppergrove Mall

high-quality pharmaceutical care Tel: 046 622 7373 Tel: 046 622 7373
and give-aways! Email: wallace@intekom.co.za
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Art is not what you see , but
 what you make others see.
– Miles David ”
The Big Screen
The challenges of
Woman from Muse to Artist
By Sarah Laird
small town cinemas
Pic: Leon Schnell

In early times, such as during the

Renaissance, women were rarely encour-
aged to adopt the role of the Artist.
Johnny Kluivers, the owner of Roxbury. Art schools preferred to accept male
students, as they were allowed to be

Pics: Supplied
By Hayley Mueller exposed to more life experiences than
the ‘constrained’ females, such as being
allowed entry into brothels to paint nude
courtesans. The few female artists who Woman as Venus. Woman as Virgin.
were known had to focus their artwork
on subjects ‘suitable’ for the female sex, virtues, such as embodying virginal in- them. Dealing with issues such as sex,
including still-life and domestic scenes. nocence or maternal instincts. Famous violence and identity, female artists
Thus, their works were controlled by illustrations of feminine purity include became self-conscious of the roles they
societal pressures, in terms of both imag- those representing the Virgin Mary were expected to play, especially those of
ery and meaning. holding the baby Jesus. Religious icons doting wife and mother. These elements
While few women are well known have long formed a big part of tradition- that once restricted women’s ability to
Following the closing down of for actually having created the art, it al depictions of the female form. be allowed to create art, now form the
the Odeon in 1998, run by Johnny’s was very common for them to feature One of the most notable subject mat- actual subject of their oeuvre.
father, Johnny pursued his life-long as either the cause or the subject of the ters throughout art history has been the Within today’s society, gender bound-
dream of opening up his own cinema. works. The idea of the ‘Muse’ has been female nude. The nude was seen as either aries have been blurred. It is difficult to
“I grew up in the cinema,” explains attributed with helping a male artist representing prostitutes in eroticised pinpoint one specific role that the female
Johnny, “and I’ve always loved it.” His reach his creative abilities since as long poses, or depictions of the neo-Platonic artist, or subject, should take on. Rather,
passion began when he was in high ago as the time of gods and goddesses concept of ideal beauty, where viewing the very concept of what it means to be
school and he worked for his dad in in Ancient Greece. Depictions of Venus the artwork would lead one into the a woman is being dealt with, allowing
the projectionist booth. or Eve have always been popular motifs; space of the Divine. The female form was for countless ways in which they and
Opening up your own cinema however, they are often viewed through fast considered to be the ultimate per- their works can be defined. There is no
often proves challenging, especially the prism of eroticised interpretations, sonification of beauty, and many male allowed for women artists to take more doubt that women have always played
in Grahamstown, where your biggest as the works were made for and by men. artists sought to depict this ideal. control of their creative outlets. Women an integral part within the history of the
competition isn’t a rival cinema, but Mostly, women within artworks were Coming somewhat full circle, the began to critique the very constraints Arts, and today they continue to form a
a file-sharing computer program. shown as allegories of desired feminine Feminist and Post Modern movements that had previously been placed upon vital cog in the art world.
Johnny explains that this is why he
stopped Roxbury’s half-price special.

“There simply weren’t the num-
bers coming in to warrant a special
because students get the films off
ResNet anyway.” However, people
still prefer watching their favourite Friday 10 August Saturday 11 August Wednesday 15 August
films on the big screen. Popular
features such as Harry Potter are 13:15: Lecture by 18:00: RUPSA Ball, 20:00: The Battle of
sold out in the opening week, which Gillian Slovo on Nadine themed ‘A Touch of the Bands series be-
shows that the love of cinema is still Gordimer’s Burger’s Midas’ at the Protea gins at De Taphuijs,
alive and well. There will even be a
Daughter at Zoo Major Hotel. Tickets from continuing every
loyalty program sometime next year
where members can receive special as part of African Book committee members Wednesday for the
discounts. Week. at R90. For non-mem- next few weeks. Free
Johnny explains that NuMetro bers, single tickets cost admission for mem-
and Ster-Kinekor are exhibitors and 20:00: Sharc HIV R100. bers, R10 for non-
distributors – they both receive and Aloud Concert at members.
show the films first, and then dole Barratt Parking Lot.
them out to other cinemas. These
films are rented, never owned, and
Prices valid till 19 August Featuring Cassette,
Goldfish, Newtown and
because there are only a limited
Razzmatazz. Tickets at
number of them, there is a priority
chain according to the turnover each Tassenberg 750ml Jumbo Burgers the Kaif for R35.

R12 R9
cinema makes. As Grahamstown is
99 Thursday 16 August Friday 17 August Friday 17 August
so small, Roxbury is near the bottom, 99 – Sunday
resulting in it getting films a little each
later than other cinemas. 19:30: The Soccer Club 19 August 17:00: stART student
However, the advantage of owning will be hosting its art exhibition at Saint
a private cinema is that there can be Cheese and Wine and TriVarsity weekend at Aidan’s Chapel. stART’s
more nuanced catering for the needs St. Raphael 1.5l White/brown bread the first ever Rhodes Nelson aim is to encourage all
of its community. Roxbury manages

R2999 R2 99
Soccer Club auction at Mandela Metropolitan young artists to speak
to screen a number of art films to the Soccer Club House. University up, to express their
satisfy Grahamstown’s cultural ap- per loaf in Port Elizabeth.
Six soccer players will ideas and expose their
petite. “I think it’s just because I really
prefer art films,” laughs Johnny, who be auctioned off and talents. R10 submis-
encourages this genre. In recognition winners will receive sion fee. Contact Carla
of the loyal art movie-lovers, Roxbury movie and meal vouch- on g04l3081@campus.
will be holding a mini festival of ers. Members and non- ru.ac.za or 082 318 6358
foreign art films from 17 to 30 August members are invited. for more information.
with a line-up including many award-
winning films.


Hitting the G-spot

Diary of the
other woman
The secret of style is in the hair
By Takondwa Nyasulu

By Nomaphelo Dlayedwa and Solomzi Khoza actually a type of medicine and could be hair short: “I love it. I think it’s got to do it with a friend at home. Make
dangerous for your scalp. Since purple do with being different. It’s also easy to sure, though, not to leave the dye on
hair dye isn’t generally stocked in shops, maintain and I think it suits me.” too long during application, or your
the best way to ‘purplify’ yourself is at Of course, if going bald is not to your scalp could be discoloured. Catherine
a salon. But this is really pricy, costing taste, there are many different options McDonald, a second year student, says
It’s like a little routine we have. Off
from R200 to R400, depending on the available. The most popular of these are that she dyes her hair every four weeks:
come the clothes, on goes the condom,
length of the hair and the intensity of the hair extensions. Braids, cornrows and “It only takes about thirty minutes,
and with enough intensity to make a
colour. weaves are just a couple of the choices and I do it myself whenever I have free
small tear seep through the corner of
If dying your hair purple is not to around, though they do cost a fairly time.” Dyeing your hair yourself will
my eyes, he enters me. “What about
your taste, a mohawk may be the next hefty sum. This type of beauty not only be more difficult with long locks, but
foreplay?” I hear you asking. What about
best option. Ask a friend to help you costs in coins but in comfort too. Hours there are a variety of shades available
it? There’s no time for that. The room is
For many, a woman’s beauty relies chop your locks off. But be warned, after a new hair extension has been from different product ranges with
filled with the sickly sweet smell of hot
on her hair, and women spend lots of walking around campus with half your inserted it is still painful to laugh and non-drip formulae.
sweaty sex. I think it smells like honey
money and time trying to perfect their head shaved off for two weeks following sleep. But it does look good, as long as Siyabulela Hoboshe, the owner
and almonds. When I’ve caught my
style. But men also get creative with hair TriVarsity is not a wonderful experience. you stay out of the rain. of First Class Hair Salon in Queen
breath long enough to put my clothes
options, especially around TriVarsity. Similarly, the female fad of going Almost everyone who passes through Street, started working with hair in
back on, I blow him a kiss and leave.
At this time, guys around campus will hairless may not be to every lady’s taste. university has experimented with their 1996. “I always loved working with
My lover and I have been playing
be sporting purple slashes in their locks Those who braved the bald trend last hair colour. The best way to change your hair. It makes me happy and proud
this game for as long as I’ve been here
and highly-greased mohawks stuck up year quickly learnt that hair (or lack hair colour is to blend in highlights at of myself,” he says, smiling. Hoboshe
and yet we’ve never spent an entire night
in midair. of it) is the first thing to be noticed on first, slowly building them up to become says both genders need to take care of
together. We can’t, because he has a
Most guys use Gentian Violet to anyone, no matter their gender. Candy more drastic over a few months. If their looks: “Everyone comes to my
girlfriend and I’m the other woman.
colour their hair purple. This is not Guvi, a third year student, says that since getting your hair dyed professionally is salon. There are a lot of guys keeping
You could say that in a way we
recommended, however, because it is grade seven she has been keeping her not financially viable, then you could me busy.”
have an open relationship. I’ve seen
girlfriends come and go and I’ve

Has Fat Cat got the cream?

remained the only constant figure in
his love life. He does not like the idea of
me being with other men, so when I’m
from the usual cafés and restaurants on reasonable. Breakfast is served all day and in a steady relationship, our affair is put
By Takondwa Nyasulu on ice and we avoid each other. I avoid
High Street. you’re looking to pay between R30 to R37
The former digs – previously known as for a burger, but look out for daily specials. him to escape the temptation and to give
the rather dodgy Blue House – in which Fat The staff are friendly, though you may find my new relationship a fighting chance.
Cat is located, has been transformed into a yourself a little frustrated if you’re on the When that fails, I’m back in his bed.
relaxing escape from the usual humdrum run because the food does take a while. We’ve discussed the idea of us becoming
of life in this town. The cacti that fill the Fat Cat is not licensed to sell alcohol yet, a couple, but we know each other too
front yard are up for sale, but also create so you are allowed to bring your own wine well, and I know from experience that
a beautiful and unique background for and there is no corkage fee. The restaurant he’d never be able to be faithful. As Dr
Pic: Catherine McDonald

those who prefer to enjoy their food and is open from 08:30 till 17:00 and closes Phil would say: “If they’ll do it with you,
The Fat Cat coffee shop is located on coffee outside in the sun. The area inside is late on a Friday and at 15:00 on a Saturday. they’ll do it to you.” Strangely, I couldn’t
African Street just opposite Peppergrove equally inviting with an unpretentious and Ultimately, it’s a great place to go if you just handle that. We also wouldn’t want to
Mall. It’s a good place to go if you’re looking homely feel to it. want to enjoy a bit of solitude or a quiet give up the thrill of being aware that we
to try something different and get away The menu is quite varied and prices are chat with your friends over coffee. could get caught; a steady relationship
between the two of us would take away
the excitement.

In the beginning, it was hard being
the other woman and feeling like I was
second best. I was bent with guilt at the
thought of how his girlfriend would
Sudoku is a simple feel if she ever found out. My intention
game with a single was never to hurt anyone. When I first
rule: slept with him I wasn’t aware that he
had a girlfriend and by the time I did I’d
Complete the grid fallen for him. I tried to break it off, but
by placing digits one I suppose I didn’t try hard enough. He’s
through nine in each become a habit and we’re attached to
cell in such a way each other for different reasons. Maybe
that only one of each I want the ironic security in knowing
Puzzler Media Ltd. 2007

digit is present in that he’ll always be there for me, and the
every row, column comfort of knowing that he’d never lie to
and box. me because he has no reason to. He’s an
open book and so am I.
I’m aware of what people might think
of me because of what I
do. A large part of me
actually doesn’t care.
Pasta Napolitana I’m single; he’s the
one who’s breaking a
commitment he made
to someone else. But
he’s clearly not
worried so why
should I be?

The sex and relationship column of The Oppidan

Press, Hitting The G-Spot, is intended to explore
sex and sexual relations in a responsible and
informative way. Sex – whether you’re getting it
Pic: Leon Schnell

or not – is a big part of being a young adult and

Hitting The G-Spot is here to promote personal
safety, physical health and emotional wellbeing.

SciTech shorts
Modern prosthetic
Researchers quizzed on climate change
By Andrew Slaughter Dr William Froneman, a researcher
medicine outdone with the Southern Oceans Group, did
however highlight some evidence of the
climate change in the Southern Ocean.
By Andrew Slaughter Sub-Antarctic islands have experienced
a drastic drop in annual rainfall in
recent years. In addition, changes in
sea temperatures have affected ocean
currents in the area, which in turn have
Concerts such as Live Earth saw limited food availability for some of the
prominent musicians performing in ven- top predators that feed in the immediate
ues around the world in July as part of a vicinity of the islands.
campaign to highlight climate change. So how will climate change affect
But what do local experts think of Southern Africa? A common response
climate change and how it will affect was that the Western Cape fynbos biome
us in South Africa? The Oppidan Press is particularly vulnerable to changes in
asked prominent researchers at Rhodes climate and could be encroached on by
Researchers are currently testing University, with interests ranging from Karoo vegetation as the area becomes
the functionality of the prosthetic, water research to geography to the more arid.
but the chances that the prosthetic Southern Oceans, what their perception
worked are good as it appears to of climate change is.
have a functional design and it When asking the researchers
shows signs of wear. The toe is whether they had seen any signs of
currently on display at the Cairo climate change in their own research,
Museum in Egypt. the common response was no, as most
interviewees were not specifically
Engineered lettuce looking for signs of climate change in
their own research. Dr Denis Hughes,
Dr Pyle stated that the economic
consequences of a changing climate
to cure diabetes Director of the Institute for Water
Research, stated that any signs of long-
could be dramatic in the long term,
with rainfall and temperature changes
By Seranne Howis term climate change in his research are patchy but severe in some places. He also
being masked by short-term variability stressed that the western parts of South
in climate at the moment. Dr Des Pyle, Africa will be affected the most in terms
a research associate with the Geography of increasing temperature and decreasing
Department, found that the severity rainfall, but that there may be increases
and impact of severe thunderstorms on in rainfall in other areas and more severe
Pic: Gaynor Barnard

poor rural populations in the Eastern weather events. Dr Hughes stressed that
Cape is increasing, but stressed that not enough is known yet about what the
although this may be linked to climate affects will be, and that speculation could
change, it can be more probably ascribed be more disastrous than any changes due
to the increasing vulnerability of rural to climate change in the short to medium
Cacti will be less affected by the decreased rainfall associated with global warming. populations. term.
Researchers at the University
of Central Florida think that they

How things work:

may have found a permanent cure.
Genetically engineered tobacco
plants that possess the gene to

create insulin were grown and fed BRAND NEW
to diabetic mice. The researchers
working on the diabetic mice have 2 BEDROOMED UNITS TO RENT 2008
found that feeding freeze-dried

King’s Gardens
plant tissue to the mice for eight
weeks caused the mice’s own cells to
By Seranne Howis
start producing insulin.
A modified form of lettuce is
64 Freehold “Edwardian” Look Double Storey Townhouses
now being created to achieve the
same effect. Lettuce is cheaper to
produce than tobacco, and avoids
the negative stigma associated with
smoking. The lettuce-produced
insulin would be delivered in
capsule form to carefully control Prostaglandins are hormones
the dose. that transmit pain signals and
control body temperature.
100 dollar laptop Thromboxanes control
blood clotting, which is
By Andrew Slaughter why long-term low doses of
aspirin are used to prevent
heart attacks and blood clot
Aspirin irreversibly
changes the structure of • Security guards • Private garden
these hormones. This ac- • Security cameras • 3 carports
The laptop, worth approximately tion differs from that of • Swimming pool • Stove/fridge/washing ma-
R700, has a rugged waterproof other similar painkillers, • 2 bedroom, 2 ensuite chine
casing, and no moving parts and such as ibuprofen, in that bathrooms • Prepaid meter
therefore no hard disk, DVD or CD with ibuprofen changes are • Guest toilet
drive. Instead, the laptop has 1GB reversible. • Open plan living
of flash memory. The processor is a Aspirin has been shown
relatively slow 433Mhz. The operat- to reduce the occurrence
ing system is Linux based, only 130 of several types of cancer
MB in size and is free. The screen (including prostate, colon,
uses very little power and has dual mouth and throat). How-
colour and black-and-white modes. ever, regular doses of aspirin
In areas without power, the laptops may lead to intestinal bleed-
Charmaine van Staden
will come with either a solar panel, ing, and if blood clotting is 079 491 8355
a hand crank, a foot pedal or a pull- reduced, serious bleeding
string recharger. The laptop also has from injuries can occur.
a built-in camera for video commu- ied
nication or for taking photographs. Pics:


economic indicators

Exchange Rate (2 August 2007)

Commerce in the community Business shorts
Weighted average of the banks’ daily
By Shingirirai Chaza fourth, he told me about how the branch
has already found important projects to
A slap in the face SA boosts broadband
rates at approximately 10:30am. involve itself in.
“The students pick a few different By Shingirirai Chaza By Shingirirai Chaza
Rand/Dollar R7.1177 projects within Grahamstown which
Rand/Pound R14.4529 they feel will benefit from having support
Rand/Euro R9.7289 from SIFE,” says Mamba. Students often
have some prior knowledge in business
Interest rates (31 July 2007) or economics, although this is not a
prerequisite to join the society. Skills such
Repo 9.50% as business ethics, business literacy and A group of former Harvard
Repurchase rate: rate at which the entrepreneurship are brought into the University students claim that Mark The cable will be split into two
private banks borrow rands from the community where they are needed, and
One of these is SIFE (Students in Free Zuckerburg, who started Facebook, parts: the first leading to Brazil, and
SA Reserve Bank. in turn help business owners gain the
Enterprise), a non-profit organisation that stole the concept from them after the second to London. Currently,
most from their ventures. they had asked him to work on South Africa has only one cable
Prime 13.00% aims to integrate real business issues with
There are four particular projects internet coding for their website, connecting it to the world. This
Benchmark rate at which private community concerns.
currently receiving support within the which is now known as ConnectU. cable is subject to the sole control of
banks lend out to the public. Four months ago, Rhodes opened a
Grahamstown community: financial The lawsuit against the founder is Telkom, whose monopoly over it is
SIFE branch, and is already beginning to
literacy workshops; the Municipality based on breach of contract and the due to end in September.
The interest rate benchmark was reap the rewards. Sitting at the Centre for
Flea Market Project; an initiative to misappropriation of trade secrets; This situation has led to
increased by half a percent to 9.5% Entrepreneurship, in a blink-and-you-
develop brand awareness for a group of the creators of ConnectU claim South Africans paying about ten
on 7 June, due to concerns that miss-it office, is Bonginkosi Mamba, the
women making Xhosa beadwork; and that Zuckerburg never finished the times more than their European
increasing food and fuel prices were Rhodes SIFE Director. Having recently
helping to administer the finances of the work he said he would do, and this counterparts for broadband/
also increasing wage demands and returned from the 2007 SIFE South
Mzam’omhle Compost and Firewood gave him a head start in the market, Internet. The new cable should
adding to inflation pressure. African Nationals, where Rhodes came
Project. which was the major factor in the rectify this discrepancy, allowing
To date, the last project has had the success of Facebook. companies faster and cheaper
Inflation Rate (June 2007) most success, with students helping Interestingly, a separate lawsuit Internet access. It could also help to
the Project to create and administer is being filed by Facebook against attract investors.
CPIX 6.4% an effective business plan, and ConnectU. Facebook alleges that All telecom operators would
Consumer Price Index excluding teaching members how to use ConnectU hired programmers have access to the cable, which is
interest rates on mortgage bonds (for and manage a bank account. It is to hack into Facebook’s site, stole supposed to link up with another
metropolitan and other urban areas); hoped this will lead to increased thousands of email addresses and planned cable around the east of
12-term % change. customers and revenue and, used them to invite Facebook Africa, which is being built by
eventually, more jobs. members to join ConnectU. the New Partnership for Africa’s
CPI 7.0% Students interested in being Facebook is one of the most Development (Nepad).
Consumer Price Index (metropolitan part of SIFE can sign up free successful Internet players, with Funding for the proposed cable
areas); 12-term % change. of charge at the Centre for membership recently surpassing the will be split between private firms,
Pic: Supplied by SIFE

Entrepreneurship 30 million mark. Speculation is rife Telkom, and other large telecom
South African inflation exceeded in the Student as to whether it will soon be taken companies who are thinking of
the Reserve Bank’s 6% ceiling for the Administration over or made open to a public stock buying parts of it. The rest will be
third month in June, thus increas- building. offering. funded by the state.
ing the pressure for new interest rate
hikes. The Compost and Firewood Project has been one of SIFE’s successes.
Digs Hunt 2007


Digs hunting: 10 things you need to know Read your lease;

and never thought to ask
By Simon Allison Go down to Telkom and find out if and If not, it will add a significant amount to
don’t be fleeced!
when such a backbone is planned for your electricity bill.
your area; otherwise dial-up might be
By Gordon Barker
1. What furniture comes with the
house? your only option, which is very difficult 7. Does the house have any leaks?
Some properties come fully or semi- when four or five digsmates want to be The estate agent and the landlord
furnished, and some are completely bare. online simultaneously. probably won’t mention this, so ask the
Furniture can be expensive, so be sure to current digsmates if they’ve had any
factor the cost of whatever you need to 5. What kind of power supply does problems. If so, get them fixed as part of
buy into your budget. Ask the landlord your digs have? the contract. Also look out for mould. 1. If there is anything that you do not understand in the lease agreement,
or landlady exactly what comes with the Many houses in Grahamstown are ask for a copy and a day to seek advice. Then seek advice. Some sub-wardens
house, because tenants have been known equipped with old, low-wattage power 8. How hard is it to regain your are law students and could easily assist. If they can’t, they may refer students
to sell furniture that doesn’t belong to supplies which are not designed to cope deposit? on to me. Another option is to go to the Legal Aid Clinic in New Street. Or
them. with modern electricity consumption, Typically, one month’s worth of simply corner a law student at the tea table outside the Faculty of Law at 10:30
especially in winter when heaters draw rent is required upfront as a deposit to or 15:00 Mondays to Thursdays — Friday is not a good day for finding law
2. Is the property well lit? lots of power. This can lead to almost secure the house and for any damages. students there. Students may even be offered a cup of tea as well as advice!
Coming back late at night to a dark daily power outages, and electricity Some landlords/ladies are notorious for
house can be dangerous. Make sure use has to be managed carefully – for confiscating the entire deposit for any 2. Check the duration and dates of occupation. Some digs must be vacated
there is sufficient light from the street to example, the geyser and the oven can’t minor things that are wrong with the over the festival period. This is not necessarily a bad thing if it suits you and if
cover your potential digs, and whether both be on at the same time. While this house. Find out from previous tenants the rental reflects this fact.
the property is equipped with outside is not insurmountable, digs with an what your landlord is like.
perimeter lights. If not, ask to include underground power supply are likely to 3. Check who pays for electricity, water, Hi-Tec, garden service, etc. — don’t
the installation of these in the lease. be less problematic. 9. What’s the parking situation? get a nasty surprise because of a wrong assumption.
Try and find a digs with enough
3. How far away from campus is it? indoor parking. Although Grahamstown 4. Remember that a lease agreement is not a sacred document. If any
If you’ve got a car, this is not much is safer than other places, it is still promises are made by the landlord/agent that are not recorded in the lease
of a problem. If you don’t have a car, dangerous to leave cars parked outside agreement, then add them with your pen and ask the landlord/agent to kindly
make sure you walk from the house to overnight – there have been plenty of initial the amendment to the lease agreement.
the university and to town before you smash and grabs and wheel thefts.
commit. Distances are deceptive, and it 5. If possible speak to those who have stayed in the digs before. What
can often be a lot further away than you 10. Does the house have Hi-Tec? problems did they encounter — security? blocked drains? insufficient off-
realise. It’s also a good idea to make sure It is vital that your digs has an alarm. street parking? disinterested landlord/agent? unreasonable neighbours?
the route is well lit, for those times when Hi-Tec are usually fast and efficient,
you come back home after dark. and are a definite deterrent. This is 6. If you decide to take the digs then inspect the property carefully
6. How efficient is the geyser? particularly important during the immediately upon taking occupation and provide the agent/landlord with a
4. Is the house connected to (or near) This is a vital question, especially for holidays when your digs can be standing written, detailed list of defects. Keep a copy, signed on receipt by the agent/
Telkom’s ADSL grid? winter. You need to make sure that the unoccupied for weeks at a time. For landlord, to avoid later disputes.
Be aware that Telkom takes months to geyser will be big enough so that each insurance purposes, most companies
install Internet in areas that have yet to digsmate can have a hot shower at night. require a security system before they are Gordon Barker is the Oppidan Warden.
be equipped with an Internet backbone. Also, find out if the geyser is insulated. willing to insure your property.

Pam Golding Properties Re/max Frontier Properties Drostdy/ERA Real Estate Homelet Rental Agency
Agent name: Matthew Strydom Agent name: Charmaine van Staden Agent names: Jillian Tyson, Soné Nel Agent name: Doug Read

Pics: Simon Capstick-Dale and Leon Schnell

and Carolyn Ford
Contact details: (046) 636 1075 Contact details: (046) 622 6061 Contact details: (046) 636 2455
082 583 5385 Contact details: (046) 636 1388
Location: 22 African Street Location: 39 New Street
Location: 32 New Street Location: Peppergrove Mall
Services offered: Transport for digs Services offered: Emails digs list to
Services offered: Transport for digs viewing Services offered: Transport for digs interested students;
viewing viewing assists with lease signing.

Estate agent information and details compiled by Jade Fernley. For more details, please visit the Oppidan Committee website, http://oppies.soc.ru.ac.za.


Good luck to students for this semester 9am - Late 6pm - 12pm
Tel Deliveries Fee
Russian Bear: R39.95 (046) 622-3042 R2-50
St. Pettie (sparkling wine):
Hot Sex: R54.65 The bigger, better burger
We now have an
instore ATM! “You Ring We Bring”
Open 7 days per week Telephone
Mon - Sat: 8am - 8pm (046) 622-3042
Sun: 8am - 1pm 28 New Street

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Another sport
By Samantha Dormhel who he says has had the most significant
impact on his hockey career. Carr
disgraced by drugs
attended Maritzburg College and first
represented South Africa at U16 level By Shiraz Jogee
in 1997 and then went on to play SA
school’s hockey in 1998 and 1999.
When asked about the neglect of
hockey as a sport in South Africa, as
opposed to the more popular games like
cricket or rugby nowadays, Carr says:
“These days money and sponsors control
the game, and with no TV coverage,
the sponsors are not exactly going to
As a high-flying hockey player in a come running, even if the results we are
little town, one wonders what Carr is getting at the moment are good!”
doing in Grahamstown? “I spent six Carr is said to be the number one
months in the UK playing hockey and drag flicker in the country, but when
then came back to South Africa for asked about any specialisations, he To all cyclists, the Tour de France is

Pic: Supplied
our season. I was put into contact with shrugs it off, saying: “Nothing really the world cup of cycling, the ultimate
Rhodes and landed up coming here to special in terms of international hockey. title one could achieve, and when you
coach and play to make money whilst I do drag flicks for the team, and look back on how Lance Armstrong
back in South Africa.” occasionally enjoy the quiet beer!” Gareth Carr has come to share his Springbok hockey expertise with the Men’s Firsts. created such hype and awareness around
Carr has achieved 43 Test Caps The defender admires Lance the event and the sport, it’s hard to
playing for South Africa and has scored Armstrong for “what he overcame and 12 minute hat-trick against France. realistically the team has a good chance casually dismiss what took place this
a total of 25 goals since 2003, when he how he never gave up, and just the way Despite winning this year’s Africa of finishing with a high enough ranking. year.
played his first test against Malaysia. he used to compete, never lying down Cup, the South African Men’s hockey And for all the ladies out there, Carr “I believe it equals getting a Picasso
The hockey field has always been like no matter the odds stacked up against team wait in earnest to hear if the would like to add that he really enjoys painting stolen. I was working on the
a second home to him as he grew up him”. The highlight of his career was Olympic Committee will send them candlelit dinners and long romantic greatest piece I could achieve and it
watching and learning from his father, winning two Africa Cups, and scoring a to Beijing next year. Carr says that walks on the beach. was taken away from me,” said Michael
Rasmussen when he was kicked out of
his team on the Tour when, firstly, he

Jake White’s B-Team gamble for World Cup success tested positive to doping, and, secondly,
lied about his whereabouts the week
before the event. He was leading the tour
at the time of his expulsion.
By Richard Moor and Anesu Chingono a huge morale boost for rugby in this final World Cup squad). Young players lift the Nelson Mandela trophy at the The other big event was the
country, especially in light of the upcom- such as dynamic fly half Derek Hou- presentation ceremony. suspension of pre-race favourite
ing World Cup in France. gaard were also able to gain further in- Certain rugby analysts also criti- and Astana team captain Alexander
Some rugby analysts have attributed ternational experience and demonstrate cised the decision, noting that although Vinokourov. Vinokourov, who had
For the first time, a South African this success to the omission of many All the depth of South African rugby. players may be rested, match practice been dogged by injury since falling
team was crowned champion. It was Black players being rested for the early The so-called B-team that played in is crucial for the preparation of the early in the race, was removed from
weeks of the tournament. (Trust cynics Australia demonstrated that they were a World Cup. When New Zealand play- the competition on 24 July after two
to downplay the upward trend of SA match for the Wallabies by leading 17-0 ers returned from their prolonged rest different types of red blood cells were
rugby.) at half time, although they eventually period at the beginning of the Super 14 found in his sample, suggesting that
In almost identical fashion, Spring- lost 24-17. The result showed the tenac- season, they struggled to rekindle their he had received a blood transfusion
bok coach Jake White surprised rugby ity and die-hard attitude of the lesser form, which inevitably contributed to contrary to rules. Team Astana
supporters worldwide by excluding the players who played their hearts out. the poor form of New Zealand teams subsequently also withdrew from the
majority of his senior players for the Many rugby players will never have the in the Super 14. competition.
Tri-Nations campaign. This decision has pleasure of playing on Rugby’s premier Springbok fans will be hoping for These incidents have shocked me to
been met with both praise and criticism. stage, and these B-team players were a change of luck and it must not be say the least. We hear about doping and
Key South African players such as playing for the chance to be included in forgotten that Jake White won the U21 similarly linked performance-enhancing
Jean de Villiers, Jacques Fourie and Jake White’s final World Cup squad. World Cup in 2002 with some of the procedures more and more these days,
Percy Montgomery were rested for Nonetheless, criticism came from same players currently representing in sports like rugby, American football
Pic: Supplied

most of the Tri-Nations matches down the Australian Rugby union who felt South Africa. Hopefully he can work and sprinting. This may be linked to
under. This enabled fringe players such that the Springboks were tarnishing his magic again, and his policies will an improvement in doping-detection
as flanker Wikus Van Heerden to prove the reputation of the tournament by be praised; but failure in France could procedures, but also seems indicative of
Nothing else than victory in the World Cup themselves (Van Heerden, incidentally, sending an under-strength team. The place his resting policy under scrutiny more athletes willing to take the risk.
will vindicate White’s build-up strategy. has now been included in South Africa’s Australian players, in protest, refused to and ultimately cost him his job. These athletes disgrace the face of
their discipline. Their actions bring into
question the entire philosophy behind

Typing &
competitive sport, which is to see top
sportsmen competing against each other
on a level playing field. I have always
been amazed and have given due respect

transcription to athletes that do these seemingly

impossible feats, especially the ones that
come out on top – but as a sportsman
myself, I look at doping as nothing less
than stealing and cheating, and have a
no-tolerance attitude towards it. Those
For all your typing who can’t keep up with the pace of it all,
and feel they need to cheat to get ahead,
and transcription don’t deserve the talents they’ve been

requirements. blessed with.

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coach News
Getting by on debt News shorts
Zimbabwe protests
Part One: A soft man in hard times will march on
month, the skoppas charge 50 percent
interest on the last month’s amount. So
By Paul Harris
this month they owed R750.
“The skoppas take the pension card
and ID and on pension day, at the
Makana halls, where the old people
come for their pension, they stand
outside. When my mother comes to get
her pension, they give her the ID and
pension card back. She goes inside and
On upturned crates and sagging collects the money. When she comes out,
couches we drink Umqombothi she must give them back the money and
(traditional African beer) and brandy. the pension card and ID. The pension is The Rhodes SRC headed
The Umqombothi is thick and good, but R820 per month. Last month they took a nationwide initiative for all
the brandy sours in my stomach. It is some of her pension, but I do not know universities to hold a march in
the ukuvelwa kweNdlu (a welcoming how much because the skoppas would protest of the human rights abuses
ceremony) of my friend Thandeka* and not tell me and my mother is too old to in Zimbabwe. The main event was
his father’s family. I did not want to sit understand. She did not have food to eat due to take place in Cape Town with
on the couch. I am a young girl and it is and her electricity was almost finished. protesters presenting a statement
not right. But Thandeka’s uncle insisted Her family is very small: two sisters to Parliament. However, the police
and I sit on the edge, eyes downcast, as if from my mother’s side passed away and refused permission at that time,
I can look my whiteness away. Thandeka the only brother I have is a skelm. So as other marches concerning the
wants to know if I am happy, and I am, nobody on my mother’s side could help. public sector had already been
grateful for the warmth of a family that My father’s family is not related to my organised along the same route.
does not mind too much about my mother, so they could not get involved. Despite the setback, Xolani
skin or my broken Xhosa. But the story My brother and his sister could not go to Nyali, treasurer of the SRC, said
Illustration: Nimi Hoffman

Thandeka is about to tell is not easy to a bank to borrow money, because they that plans to reschedule the march
hear. are unemployed. I could not go to the are underway: “The march is still
“If you do not pay the skoppas back, police because if the skoppas find out on the cards in our internal office,
they will kill you and take everything they will kill me. Anyway, who would now it is just a question of when.”
you own. My name is Thandeka Nquza trust the police?” SAUS are also in agreement that
and I live alone with my two children He laughs and then looks away. “How the march should happen, given the
An artist’s impression of Thandeka Nquza. in Grahamstown East. My mother will the skoppas get their money back? increased turmoil within Zimbabwe
is old and like a child; she lives with I fear for the lives of my brother and at present.
my younger brother. My brother and his girlfriend. And I fear for my life.” With much media attention
The Credit Act (2007) prohibits registered creditors from granting credit reck- his girlfriend stole my mother’s ID expected at the march, Nyali
Thandeka has not lied, but he does not
lessly and allows consumers to apply to a debt counselor to have their debts and pension card. They took it to the wanted to assure students that once
say “I also steal my mother’s pension
restructured if they have taken on too much debt. The majority of skoppas or skoppas and got money and alcohol in organised, the SRC would publicise
card”. He does not say “I also get alcohol
micro-creditors will not have to register with the National Credit Regulator return. They drink most of the time. it widely in hope of a big turnout.
from the skoppas”.
because they have less than the stipulated 100 credit-agreements or a balance
below R500 000. The Act stipulates that skoppas may not levy more than 40
percent interest on a loan. If you have obtained credit from a registered micro-
They did not do this once. They keep on
borrowing money and alcohol and meat. *The name has been changed to protect A new round for
lender who has charged more than 40 percent, or you cannot repay the loan,
you can contact the National Credit Regulator on 0860 627 627 (Toll Share) or
The last time they owed R500. Every Thandeka’s privacy.
liquor by-law
info@ncr.org.za. The NCR may be able to force the creditor to restructure the By Lionel Faull
loan so that you are able to repay it.

De Klerk relinquishes Prof. title

By Lionel Faull and Claire Carr retain the title Professor, and further
recommended that the Vice-Chancellor
approach the Dean of Students and to
request that she withdraw her request.” The proposed by-law seeks to
According to Vice Chancellor Dr reduce liquor trading hours to
Saleem Badat: “The main issue was not so midnight on weekdays and 2am on
much the title, but a recognition that at Friday and Saturday nights.
this university it is a tradition to give up All written input from stake-
De Klerk was a professor in the your professorship if you no longer pro- holders has now been received by
Department of English Language and fess...if you are no longer involved in the the Municipal Council, including an
Linguistics. teaching, learning and research function SRC submission. In it, the student
A Doctorship is a formal qualification of a university. If the Dean of Students body calls for 2am liquor trading
earned by an academic, usually awarded wishes to keep her professorship, surely it hours on Wednesdays, Fridays and
on the basis of a Doctoral thesis; a Profes- should be the same for the VC? The Sen- Saturdays and midnight on all other
sorship is conferred on an academic in ate decision was a rational approach to Dr nights.
recognition of long-term academic ser- de Klerk’s situation.” Before the by-law can be passed,
vice and is generally more prestigious. Badat explained de Klerk’s reasons the municipal lawmakers need to
Although de Klerk declined to com- for making the request: “There were two redraft it. The next step is to call
ment, it is understood that the Commit- parts of her argument: on the one hand, another public participation meet-
tee voted unanimously on the issue. she felt it would make interaction easier ing, where the community can hand
The Committee minutes, dated 22 with parents and students [to remain a in more submissions. Finally, a vote
May 2007, state: “The committee nem con Professor]. On the other, it was because will be taken in Council and the
[without dissent] did not recommend she still wanted to make a commitment to by-law sent to Bhisho to be gazetted
for approval the request of the DOS to doing academic research.” as an official law.

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