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Gene Simmons
opens the vault
10-CD set will cost
$2,000 and be
by KISS frontman

09.13.17 IN LIFE


Supreme Court prices
hands Trump win
on refugees
Court blocks ruling
that would have
expanded exemptions
crisis on
Equality heroine diabetics
Windsor dies Those whose lives
She fought against depend on drug
Defense of Marriage struggle to pay for it
Act at Supreme Court
IN OPINION Shari Rudavsky
The Indianapolis Star
Equifax CEO
Richard F. Smith INDIANAPOLIS For the first
After security breach, two decades Jessica Price had
we will make changes diabetes, she never worried
about the price of her insulin
and supplies, because her
IN MONEY mother’s insurance covered the
cost. Then she switched to her
Median income employer’s high-deductible in-
up for second surance plan.
Suddenly, she faced bills of a
straight year few thousand dollars each time
Household income she went to the pharmacy to
climbs 3.2% to $59,039 purchase her supplies for the
Cudjoe Key in the lower Florida Keys took the full strength of Irma as it made landfall as a “It’s never a question of if I’m
IN SPORTS Category 4 storm early Sunday. Residents began returning to the upper islands Tuesday. going to hit my deductible but a
question of how quickly can I
Patrick out at hit it,” said Price, who works for
Departure could spell
end of NASCAR stint On flyover, damage a non-profit group and has
found herself having to borrow
from her parents to help with
the bills. “If I don’t hit my de-
ductible until June or July, I

surprises rescuers start to worry.”

The increase in high-deduct-
ible insurance plans, coupled
with a steadily increasing price
of the medicine, have left many
patients scrambling for the in-
Florida Alan Gomez
sulin they need to survive.
“It’s an escalating crisis,” said
Keys @alangomez George Huntley of the National
fared USA TODAY Diabetes Volunteer Leadership
Council. He was diagnosed with
much Type I diabetes in 1983.
Research suggests 57% of
people who use insulin in the
than what search-and-rescue team mak- USA face paying list price for
crew had ing its first flight over the Flori-
da Keys on Tuesday was
their supply at some point dur-
ing the year, Huntley said.

A division of Gannett Co., Inc.
seen on
relieved to find far less damage
than expected.
Ever since Hurricane Irma
made landfall as a Category 4
on Cudjoe Key, about 20 miles
Of the 6 million people in the
USA who depend on insulin,
about 1.25 million have Type I
diabetes, a condition in which
their pancreases don’t produce
east of Key West, little informa- the hormone insulin, according
Power, tion has emerged about the fate to the American Diabetes Asso-
of the chain of islands off Flori-
USA SNAPSHOTS© gas on da’s southern tip. aviation enforcement agent Engineers v STORY CONTINUES ON 2A

Savings priority the way Early reports were cata- aboard the flight. inspecting
strophic. Monroe County offi- The crew flew a pair of Florida the Florida
Evacuees in
cials initially forbade residents Department of Transportation Keys from
Florida begin
from returning. The Department engineers who touched down at above found
of Americans would rather
the uncertain
trek home 4A
of Defense sent three aircraft
carriers to the region, warning
two points along US-1 to inspect
damaged foundations under
were secure
save money for a vacation that as many as 10,000 people bridges. Along the way, the crew and safe
than for retirement. ‘We just might need to be evacuated. flew low along most of the island for travel.
A six-member crew from chain, watching for people in
need Customs and Border Protec- need of help.
the tion’s Air and Marine Opera- Mickey Hohol, the helicopter’s
tions flying a Black Hawk emergency medical technician,
booze’ helicopter over the islands said many of the homes he saw
In Key West, Tuesday saw extensive damage experienced severe water damage MICHELLE PEMBERTON, INDYSTAR

the party goes but not anything that would re- from Irma’s storm surge. He cau- Jessica Price says supplies
on despite the quire thousands of evacuations. tioned that much of the damage to treat her diabetes, which
SOURCE AARP/Ad Council survey of 1,500
employed adults 40-59 with HHI of $40K-$99K challenges 4A “I didn’t see anything like include insulin, can cost her
MICHAEL B. SMITH AND JANET LOEHRKE, USA TODAY that,” said Creighton Skeen, an v STORY CONTINUES ON 4A $500 a month out of pocket.

$1,000 iPhone X: A crowd-pleaser on the face of it

Ed Baig
tainly looked intriguing on the
stage of the new glass-topped
It’s a showstopper, the first
iPhone with a beautiful edge-to-
ebaig@usatoday.com Steve Jobs Theater. And I’m still edge 5.8-inch OLED display, with puts on
USA TODAY intrigued after picking up the
phone for the first time, in a
either 64GB or 256GB storage,
starting at $999 or $1,149 for the
the ritz
crowded hands-on demo area. higher capacity. Apple calls the After all the
There’s little doubt iPhone fans, high-resolution (2,436 x 1,125) hype, a proper
many of whom have held off buy- screen a Super Retina display. unveiling 1B
CALIF. ing a phone while waiting for this The phone, which has a glass
TAKE The amped-up, one, will want it. front and back, will come in silver
much-anticipated They’ll have to wait until or space gray.
$1,000 iPhone X fi- Nov. 3. CEO Tim Cook didn’t ex- As expected, Apple removed
nally is here. plain the delay, but the bet here is the home button in favor of the
The top of the line that much-speculated supply ability to unlock the device
among the three new iPhones constraints are in play. Preorders Apple’s iPhone X boasts facial recognition,
Apple introduced Tuesday, it cer- start Oct. 27. wireless charging and a Super Retina display. v STORY CONTINUES ON 2A


Gillibrand will fight aside Bernie

New York senator announced support for a single-
payer system. Along with Sanders
backs Sanders’ and Gillibrand, Warren, Harris
and Booker also are considered
‘single-payer’ possible presidential contenders.
“Health care should be an
health system American right, not a mark of
economic status out of reach to
many just because they don’t
Nicole Gaudiano make enough money,” Booker
USA TODAY wrote in a Medium post Monday.
Sanders made single-payer leg-
islation a focal point of his 2016
WASHINGTON Sen. Kirsten Gilli- presidential primary bid against
brand, often named as a potential Hillary Clinton. During their
Democratic presidential candi- campaign, Clinton questioned
date, announced her support on how he’d pay for his proposal and
Tuesday for Sen. Bernie Sanders’ said she wanted to defend and
forthcoming legislation to create build on the progress made by the
a “single-payer,” government-run Affordable Care Act. She accused
health care system. him during a debate of wanting to
The New Yorker becomes the “tear (the ACA) up and start over
eighth Democratic senator to again,” a claim he rejected.
publicly announce her support While Sanders has defended
for the “Medicare-For-All Act of the Affordable Care Act, he has
2017,” a move that that strength- long said the way forward is a
ens her progressive bona fides if “Medicare-For-All” approach.
she were to decide to run in a Republicans point to an Urban
Democratic presidential primary. Institute study of Sanders’ cam-
Sanders, who generated a huge paign proposal for single-payer
liberal following during his 2016 that says it would increase federal
presidential campaign, has intro- Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand, D-N.Y., is the eighth Democrat to support Sen. Bernie Sanders’ bill for expenditures by $32 trillion over
duced single-payer health care single-payer health care. 10 years, though a Sanders aide
legislation three times and has says the forthcoming bill will cost
never had a co-sponsor. American access to affordable, thing better.” less than the campaign plan.
The bill he will introduce good-quality health care.” Other senators who have al- “Insurance The issue divides Democrats,
Wednesday includes a provision
Gillibrand wrote to allow Ameri-
“As I’ve been traveling around
New York, the No. 1 thing I keep
ready publicly announced their
support include a who’s-who in
companies with centrists preferring to focus
on preserving Obamacare.
cans to buy into a not-for-profit hearing from New Yorkers is that progressive politics: Sens. Eliza- value profits But support for a single-payer
public health insurance plan dur- people are very worried that their beth Warren and Ed Markey of system is growing, with 33% of
ing the four-year transition peri- health care is still too expensive,” Massachusetts, Sheldon White- more than the the public favoring the approach
od to a single-payer system, a Gillibrand said in a statement. house of Rhode Island, Kamala to health insurance compared
federally administered program “Under the health care system we Harris of California, Jeff Merkley people they are with 21% in 2014, a Pew Research
that would eliminate the role of
private insurers in basic health
have now, too many insurance
companies continue to value
of Oregon, Brian Schatz of Hawaii
and Cory Booker of New Jersey.
supposed to be Center Poll found in June.
In the House, a record 117
care coverage. their profits more than they value Their support raises the possi- helping.” Democrats have signed onto the
Gillibrand said she’ll be “fight- the people they are supposed to bility that more than one Demo- single-payer bill by Rep. John
Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand, D-N.Y.
ing with Bernie” to give “every be helping. It’s time for some- cratic candidate in 2020 will have Conyers of Michigan.


available to ration insulin
Oct. 27 iPHONE v CONTINUED FROM 1A of paying $5 gets $70.
“Why has the list price risen?
8 ciation. The remainder have Type One of the biggest drivers is that
II diabetes and take insulin to they started playing this rebate
through a biometric method help out their bodies, which do game. (Pharmacy benefit man-
known as Face ID. Apple claims not produce sufficient insulin. agers) are not negotiating for low-
this is so secure, the chance any One of the newer types of insu- est price, they’re negotiating for
5.45” lin saw 24 price increases from the rebate,” Huntley said. “No-
other person could unlock your
device is 1 in 1 million, compared 2001 to 2014, from $44 to about body cared until the patient starts
with one in 50,000 for the Touch $300, said William Herman, pro- paying list price at the cash
ID fingerprint sensor. fessor of internal medicine at the register.”
The company made mention of University of Michigan, who has
the fact you won’t be able to trick Innovation written about the changing cost
Face ID with a photograph. And of the drug. AT USATODAY.COM
Apple says Face ID will work Wireless Officials from Eli Lilly, which
whether you’re wearing glasses, a charging manufactures insulin, acknowl- NOON
hat or whatever. 2.65” .29” edged that the cost of insulin is a
With Touch ID having gone real problem that touches people Gene Simmons
AWOL with the home button, every day. “It’s a complex prob- We sit down with the KISS
you’ll be able to use Face ID, Ap- What’s new: The all-glass iPhone 8 has a sharper 4.7-inch Retina lem to solve,” said Mike Mason, frontman, who talks about
ple says, to buy stuff through Ap- HD display, improved 12-megapixel rear camera and 7-megapixel vice president of Lilly Diabetes. his band of almost 50 years
ple Pay. It’ll be crucial that it front camera, faster A11 processor and wireless charging. “When you take a look at our and announces a new project.
works well. If there are hiccups prices, our list prices have gone
with the feature, it could turn off up, but our net realized prices 6 P.M.
people still reluctant to use Apple have gone down.”
Pay or who find (as I do) how easy One factor behind the rising
it is now with a fingerprint. iPHONE costs has been the arrival of a NFL locks
next generation of insulin, so- Reporter Lorenzo Reyes hosts
No home button means you’ll
have to break other habits. On the 8 PLUS called analog or synthetic insulin his weekly video segment and
that one day could replace its less gives us insight on some of the
new phone you navigate home by
expensive predecessors, human smartest bets to make in this
swiping up from the bottom of
or animal insulin. Though previ- weekend’s slate of NFL games.
the display, which in turn means
changing the way you access Con- ous-generation insulins remain All times Eastern
trol Center. On the X, you’ll be 6.24” on the market, the newer drugs
able to summon Siri by pressing a do a better job of keeping blood Corrections & Clarifications
side button (or like now by using sugar constant.
a “Hey, Siri” vocal command). People with diabetes have tak- USA TODAY is committed
The second thing you might try en several steps to ensure they to accuracy. To reach us,
contact Standards Editor
Innovation have enough insulin. Some rely Brent Jones at 800-872-
As expected, Apple on samples from their doctor’s of- 7073 or e-mail accu-

removed the home Real-time fices. Others use expired drugs. racy@usatoday.com.
Please indicate whether
analysis of Facebook groups have arisen to
button in favor of the connect those who have extra in-
you’re responding to
content online or in the
ability to unlock the video images sulin with those in need. People newspaper.
3.07” .30”
device through a living near the Canada border
biometric method may go abroad to buy supplies.
What’s new: The all-glass iPhone 8 Plus has a sharper 5.5-inch
known as Face ID. Many, including Price, try to
Retina HD display, improved dual 12-megapixel rear cameras and
limit their use of the lifesaving
7-megapixel front camera, faster processor and wireless charging.
is a fun feature: using your face to drug as much as they can.
create animated emojis, or ani- “You start insulin rationing,
mojis. Make an angry face and which can be dangerous, but it
your animated emoji copies your comes down to: I’ve got to make
facial expression. You can add au- iPHONE this insulin bottle last,” Price said. Monday – Friday
dio, too. Those on high-deductible 8 a.m. – 7 p.m. ET
Is it practical? No. Will it be a X plans often have very different
7950 Jones Branch Dr., McLean, Va. 22108,
crazy hit? I’m guessing yes. experiences in large part because 703-854-3400
The iPhone X also should ben- of a complicated dance between Published by Gannett, Volume 35, No. 254
efit from an improved camera, pharmaceutical companies, in- (ISSN0734-7456)
along with a portrait lighting fea- surers and third-party pharmacy Regular U.S. subscription rates: $29 per month;
ture that launches in beta. It 5.65” benefit managers, who adminis- $300 per year. For customer service-related
inquiries, please contact Barb Smith, VP/Customer
promises studio-lighting effects ter prescription drug plans. Service, PO BOX 650301, DALLAS TX 75265-0301, or
to bolster the backgrounds on the Consider a drug with a list fax 1-800-732-3631.
portraits you take and will work price of $100, Mason said. The Advertising: All advertising published in USA
on both the front and rear cam- company might offer a 70% re- TODAY is subject to the current rate card; copies
eras of the iPhone X. bate, which would lower the price available from the advertising department. USA

Also coming is wireless charg-

Innovation to $30. If a patient had a tradi-
TODAY may in its sole discretion edit, classify, reject
or cancel at any time any advertising submitted.
ing (through charger accessories Bezel-less tional insurance plan, the co-pay Classified: 1-800-397-0070
that adhere to a standard known design might be $25, and the insurance National, Regional: 703-854-3400
as Qi). And perhaps because ri- 2.79” .30” company would kick in the re- Reprint permission, copies of articles, glossy
vals including Samsung got to maining $5. The drug company reprints:
wireless charging first, Apple pro- would receive $30. www.GannettReprints.com or call 212-221-9595

vided a sneak peek at something What’s new: The radically redesigned iPhone X features a much High-deductible plans, in USA TODAY is a member of The Associated Press
and subscribes to other news services. Published
it calls AirPower, an accessory sharper edge-to-edge 5.8-inch Super Retina HD OLED display, which employers aim to defray daily except Saturdays, Sundays and widely
coming next year that will let you FaceID facial recognition, more advanced front and rear cameras some of the money they spend on observed holidays. Periodicals postage paid at
charge three devices you plunk and wireless charging. It also removes the home button and insurance, upend that equation. McLean, Va., and at additional mailing offices. USA
TODAY, its logo and associated graphics are
down on a pad simultaneously, TouchID sensor. The patient no longer has access registered trademarks. All rights reserved.
including an iPhone, Apple to the rebate and has to pay the
full $100. The drug company still POSTMASTER: Send address changes to USA TODAY,PO
BOX 650301, DALLAS TX 75265-0301.
Tuesday) and Apple AirPods. gets $30, and the insurer instead

President may not Trump wins battle

link ‘DREAMers,’ wall over refugees at
But legislative
director says Supreme Court
border security Justices to hear travel ban challenge next month
still is a priority “The government retains the
Richard Wolf authority to bar tens of thou-
@richardjwolf sands of refugees from entering
Heidi M. Przybyla USA TODAY the country, as indeed it has
USA TODAY done for months,” lawyers for
Hawaii, one of the lead challeng-
WASHINGTON The Supreme ers, argued. “The lower courts
WASHINGTON White House leg- Court handed President Trump a have simply applied this court’s
islative director Marc Short said temporary victory Tuesday, standard to protect vulnerable
Tuesday that President Trump is blocking a lower court decision refugees and the American enti-
not insisting Congress fund a wall that would have greatly expanded ties that have been eagerly pre-
along the southern U.S. border as the number of refugees exempted paring to welcome them to our
part of a legislative fix to address from his controversial travel ban. shores.”
the fate of undocumented immi- The high court is scheduled to After a series of court defeats
grants brought to the country as Rep. Ruben Kihuen, D-Nev., leads immigrants and supporters hear arguments next month in a for Trump’s proposed travel ban,
children. as they march Sunday on the Las Vegas Strip. broader constitutional challenge the Supreme Court said in June
The comments suggest the to the travel ban from states and that parts of it could go into
“DREAMers,” those protected “The president get funding for his much more immigrant rights groups. The effect, pending the outcome of
from deportation under the De- controversial border wall. Before earlier dispute was over which the broader case.
ferred Action for Childhood Ar- believes that a the hurricanes in Texas and Flor- immigrants and refugees can en- A decision isn’t likely until next
rivals (DACA) program, may not physical barrier is ida, Trump threatened to shut ter in the meantime. spring.
become a bargaining chip in ex- down the government if Congress Trump administration lawyers The court said travelers from
change for Trump’s border wall, a important to that didn’t provide the funds to build asked the court Monday to set the six targeted Muslim-majority
core campaign promise. equation of the wall. aside last week’s federal appeals countries — Iran, Libya, Somalia,
The fate of the DREAMers has Trump made a deal last week court ruling that would allow Sudan, Syria and Yemen — can
been unclear since Attorney Gen- border security.” with Democratic leaders on gov- more refugees into the USA while bypass the travel ban and enter
eral Jeff Sessions announced this Marc Short, White House legislative
ernment spending, disaster relief the case is pending. That ruling the USA if they can prove they
month that Trump is ending the director for Hurricane Harvey and lifting was due to take effect Tuesday have a “bona fide” relationship
program but giving Congress six the debt ceiling — but Democrats because the lower court said with a U.S. person or entity.
months to find a legislative solu- tutional. Yet Trump also said at have made clear wall funding is a thousands of refugees were The Trump administration at
tion. Trump plans to lay out pri- the time he has “great heart” for non-starter for a DACA agree- “gravely imperiled.” first defined that close relation-
orities for a DACA fix within the those protected under the pro- ment. Rep. Joe Crowley, a New The administration argued ship as immediate relatives,
next couple of weeks, Short said. gram and that, if Congress doesn’t York Democrat and chairman of that by granting entry to any ref- including spouses and spouses-
“We are most interested in get- act, he would “revisit this issue.” the Democratic Caucus, has ugees who had been matched up to-be, children and parents. Fed-
ting border security, and the Amid a backlash to the deci- called that position “hostage with a resettlement agency in the eral District Court Judge Derrick
president has made a commit- sion, Trump appeared to soften taking.” USA, the lower court went far be- Watson in Hawaii ordered the list
ment to the American people that his position about the DREAM- Asked to clarify remarks yond the type of personal rela- expanded to include grandpar-
he believes that a physical barrier ers, tweeting they “have nothing suggesting Trump is flexible on tionship Trump required. ents, grandchildren, aunts, un-
is important to that equation of to worry about.” separating DACA from funding Justice Department lawyers cles, cousins and in-laws.
border security,” Short told re- The White House now appears for the wall, Short said the presi- noted that in its decision June 26 The administration decided
porters at a Christian Science to be clearing the way for a deal to dent is not “backing off” the wall. allowing the travel ban to go into that only refugees who have a
Monitor breakfast in Washington. protect DREAMers, a move “The president is committed to effect, the Supreme Court said personal relationship with a U.S.
“Whether or not that is part of which could have bipartisan sticking by his commitment that the refugees eligible for exemp- citizen or organization should be
a DACA equation or whether or backing in Congress. Trump is in- a physical structure is what is tions should include “students allowed to enter. Watson dis-
not that’s another legislative vehi- terested “in solving the issue of needed to help protect the Amer- who have been admitted to study agreed and ordered officials to ad-
cle, I don’t want to bind ourselves DACA,” Short said, and “believes ican people,” he said. “I’m not go- at an American university, work- mit a broader array of refugees.
into a construct that makes this is an issue Congress has ing to prejudge today” whether ers who have accepted jobs at an Last month, the justices said
reaching a conclusion on DACA failed on.” that’s part of DACA. American company, and lecturers additional relatives deserved en-
impossible,” he said. Since the White House made He declined to comment on who come to speak to an Ameri- try but not additional refugees,
On Sept. 5, Trump began wind- its decision on DACA, the big whether Trump would be open to can audience.” leaving the appeals court in Cali-
ing down the Obama-era immi- question on Capitol Hill has been providing DREAMers a path to Challengers countered Tues- fornia to sort out the details. That
gration program, and Sessions whether Trump would seek to le- citizenship. day that the court should not get court, the most liberal in the na-
outlined the reasons the White verage lawmakers’ support for for involved in “ensuring that every tion, sided with Watson last week
House believes DACA is unconsti- the 800,000 young immigrants to Contributing: Eliza Collins possible refugee is excluded.” rather than the justices.

EDIE WINDSOR, 1929-2017

Same-sex marriage heroine dead at 88 MAN, 60, PLEADS GUILTY IN
She fought the It’s marriage. It’s marriage equali-
ty,” Windsor told USA TODAY in A convicted sex offender was
Defense of Marriage an interview in December 2012. sentenced to 48 years in prison
Act at Supreme Court She was surrounded by photos
and memorabilia from the cou-
Tuesday after pleading guilty in
the deaths of two young sisters
ple’s marathon courtship and who vanished in 1975.
Richard Wolf brief nuptials. Lloyd Lee Welch Jr. pleaded
@richardjwolf Windsor paid more than a half- guilty to two counts of first-de-
USA TODAY million dollars in total after gree felony murder in the slay-
Spyer’s death, including to New ings of 10-year-old Katherine and
York state, which legalized gay 12-year-old Sheila Lyon. The 48-
Edie Windsor, the New York marriage last year. Most of the year sentence is part of a plea
octogenarian whose Supreme couple’s wealth was in the rising agreement that calls for him to
Court victory in 2013 forced the value of the apartment at 2 Fifth receive a 12-year concurrent sen-
federal government to recognize Ave. and a small “country house” tence for two unrelated sexual as-
same-sex marriage and led to its in Southampton, N.Y., bought for saults in Northern Virginia.
legalization two years later, died $35,000 in 1968. Together, the The Lyon sisters disappeared
Tuesday. She was 88. homes are worth millions today. on March 25, 1975, after walking
Windsor’s unlikely legal battle “The money matters to me a from their home in Kensington,
toppled a key section of the De- great deal,” Windsor said at the Md., to a nearby shopping center.
fense of Marriage Act, which had time. But her case, Windsor v. Welch, 60, was charged in the
denied married gay and lesbian United States, was about much girls’ killings in 2015 after mem-
couples the same federal benefits more. “The suit is about a mar- bers of his extended family said
enjoyed by others. It affected riage,” she said, “my marriage to they saw him carrying two large
about a dozen states where same- her and her marriage to me.” duffel bags on family property in
sex marriages were legal. Windsor was an unlikely legal Bedford County, Va. The girls’ re-
Two years later, the Supreme Windsor, center, was 83, when the high court heard her case. titan. She used a master’s degree mains were never found.
Court ruled by 5-4 that state bans in mathematics from New York
on same-sex marriage were dignity for all.” $363,000 federal estate tax bill University to become a senior ACCUSED OF SEXUAL ABUSE,
unconstitutional. Before and particularly after that would not have been levied if computer systems programmer SEATTLE MAYOR RESIGNS
“She will go down in the histo- her court victory, Americans Thea had been Theo. After recov- at IBM. She and Spyer spent most
ry books as a true American he- came to learn about Windsor and ering from a heart attack that of their lives working, traveling, Seattle Mayor Ed Murray an-
ro,” said Roberta Kaplan, who Thea Spyer’s march toward mat- doctors said was triggered by dancing — and lying. nounced his resignation Tuesday,
represented Windsor before the rimony, encumbered by Spyer’s “broken heart syndrome,” the “All through IBM, I lied about hours after one of his cousins
Supreme Court. “Her memory 30-year battle with multiple scle- petite, 83-year-old widow decided who I was,” Windsor said. stepped forward to accuse Mur-
will be a blessing not only to ev- rosis and culminating in their to fight back. She won at every Their trip to Toronto for a civil ray of sexually abusing him when
ery LGBT person on this planet wedding trip to Canada in 2007. federal court level, culminating in ceremony in May 2007, as well as he was a teen in the mid-1970s.
but to all who believe in the con- Two years later, Spyer was her Supreme Court victory in their devotion, was chronicled in It is the fifth accusation by
cept of b’tzelem elohim, or equal dead, leaving Windsor with a June 2013. the documentary Edie and Thea men against Murray since April.
“It’s not ‘same-sex marriage.’ — A Very Long Engagement. Though Murray said the accusa-
tions are false, he released a
statement Tuesday saying he had

Gold diggers: Hoard shows Vikings liked their bling decided to step aside at 5 p.m.
Wednesday. “While the allega-
tions against me are not true, it is
known haul of Viking gold and golden jewelry hacked into bits to important that my personal is-
Traci Watson the biggest in Denmark. serve as currency. sues do not affect the ability of
Special for USA TODAY The find shows that the king No inscriptions accompany the our city government to conduct
who owned the hoard was “filthy hoard to reveal its history. But the public’s business,” Murray
rich,” says curator Lars Grundvad Viking age histories provide a said in the statement.
A Danish farm field has yielded of Denmark’s Sønderskov Mu- clue: Kings evidently showered Joseph Dyer told the Seattle
a priceless harvest: a buried trea- seum, who is studying the find. sumptuous gifts on local chiefs to Times he was 13 when Murray
sure of Viking gold necklaces, “It raises the question: Where build alliances. The style of some regularly forced him into sex
arm rings and other precious did they get all this gold?” SCHAADT,
of the jewelry connects it to the when the two shared a bedroom
objects that could help shed light Despite the image of the Vik- MUSEUM OF dynasty of Viking King Harald at Dyer’s mother’s home.
on the relationships among the ings as brutes, many of the ob- SØNDERSKOV Bluetooth, Grundvad says.
Viking elite. jects are exquisitely worked. “When we found the first ALSO ...
Metal-detector enthusiasts and There are bracelets of gold The king who bracelet, we felt we had found
archaeologists have uncovered strands twisted together, gold- owned these gold at the end of the rainbow,” uPolice had a suspect in cus-
roughly 3 pounds of gold from and-crystal pendants and a items was said Marie Aagaard Larsen of tody Tuesday afternoon after re-
the field, almost all of it discov- unique brooch from which “filthy rich,” Team Rainbow Power, a group of ports of an active shooter at a
ered in the past 18 months. The delicate gold chains dangle. Sønderskov metal-detector enthusiasts. “But medical center in Lebanon, N.H.
cache, known as the Fæsted There are also silver brace- Museum when more bracelets appeared, it
hoard, is the second-largest lets, gold beads and fragments of curator says. became almost unreal.” Staff and wire reports



A sign on a Duval Street store in Key West warns looters to stay away; otherwise, they might face divine retribution or an angry Second Amendment supporter.

Damage can’t cut off booze flow

‘This is Key West!’ McClintock’s hand wrapped
around a frosty drink at the Bour-
and surveying the damage. “The
house my dad built with 18-inch
A mere hurricane bon Street Pub, normally home to concrete is fine, but the tiki bar
won’t stop the party drag queens and a clothing-op-
tional garden.
looks like a tornado hit it.”
There was little indication of
He and Ed Sauer came to Key widespread deaths, and there was
Trevor Hughes West last week to celebrate a growing sense up and down the
@trevorhughes Sauer’s 72nd birthday and got Keys that things weren’t as bad as
USA TODAY stuck when the airport closed be- everyone feared.
fore Irma. At the Tower of Pizza on Key
They’ll leave when it reopens Largo, which got electricity back
KEY WEST Hurricane Irma took but were otherwise taking advan- Tuesday afternoon, a steady
power, water and cellphone ser- tage of the fact Key West wasn’t stream of residents and law en-
vice, but she couldn’t take this ti- about to let a monster hurricane forcement stopped in for pizza,
ny island’s party spirit — or the spoil the fun. burgers and yellowtail sand-
cold Coors Light. “We’d never close during a hur- wiches. Old friends traded stories
Irma devastated the Florida ricane,” said Paul Rick, a 22-year about trees through roofs and wa-
Keys, a string of low-lying islands Key West resident. “This is nor- ter in kitchens, but mostly every-
trailing Florida’s southern coast, mal for Key West. As long as one wanted to clean up and get
flooding hundreds of homes, we’ve got a generator and booze, back to the relaxed life that marks
trailers and RVs as the storm we’re happy.” the Keys.
passed directly over the chain. Raggs Teixeira, 58, chimed in: Bartender Cissy Bourzikos, 48, hands over a warm Jaegermeis- Tuesday, the sun was shining
Authorities have not released any “And really, we just need the ter shot to a customer inside the Bourbon Street Pub. and the ocean waters lapped
formal damage estimates. booze.” casually at the sandy beaches
Tuesday, recovery workers Their casual attitudes were in the base, and coconuts littered tened. Dumpsters and propane around Key West, even if those
fanned out across the islands, contrast to the tremendous dam- the roads. tanks tumbled about like Legos, beaches were dotted with beach
searching overturned trailers and age Irma caused along the Keys. The storm pushed several feet and some parked vehicles were boats and coral dredged up dur-
RVs for bodies. Linesmen raced Three people died during the of sand across U.S. Route 1, but buried up to their axles in sand. ing the storm.
to restore power. Gas remained in storm on the Keys, two of natural workers with front-end loaders People who experienced the Much of the damage to the is-
short supply, and few stores were causes. had cleared that by Tuesday storm firsthand know the winds land’s important tourist infra-
open. The vast majority of the Keys’ morning. came in bands or waves, and structure appears to be cosmetic,
But on Key West, where the approximately 25,000 residents Tangled piles of tree branches those varying wind speeds spared or at least easily repaired, and
sun shines and the booze flows, evacuated when ordered. and seagrass were everywhere, some homes and destroyed most of the hotels on Key West
even snapped-off trees, downed Tuesday was the first day the and many road signs were others. escaped virtually unscathed.
power lines and streets filled with residents were allowed to return knocked down. In general, RVs and trailer “The good thing is everything
rotting seaweed didn’t stop the to their homes, and they were Several gas station canopies homes fared far worse than com- can be repaired,” said Alex Rivero,
party. worried sick about what they were destroyed, the wind peeled mercial buildings and homes 53, as he drove a golf cart across
“You’re surprised? This is Key would find. off pieces of roofs everywhere, built of concrete or wood. his neighbor’s trailer roof, which
West!” said Rit McClintock, 68, What did residents and busi- and many boats were swamped or “It’s so weird: One house will had peeled off and flattened
who rode out the storm in a pil- ness owners find? Downed power blown off their trailers. be perfect, and another will be against the pavement of the Long
low fort beneath his hotel bed. “If lines, no running water and no Dozens of RVs and trailers flattened,” said Cody Cowpland, Key Outdoor Retreats communi-
it wasn’t like this, I’d be worried.” cellphone service or electricity. were rolled over and slammed 22, as he walked down the road ty. “But it’s going to take months
Tuesday morning found Palm trees were snapped off at into trees, and others simply flat- carrying a six-pack of Budweiser to put back together.”

Worst mess closest to landfall Power, and some order,


inside homes, and any possible

returning to Florida
victims, are impossible to see
from above. 1 million homes and business-
The crew spent a week follow- John Bacon es by Tuesday morning.
ing Irma throughout the Carib- and Nicole Rodriguez Irma, which smashed into
bean, and Hohol said he expected USA TODAY Network Florida on Sunday as a Catego-
to find far worse damage in the ry 4 hurricane with 130-mph
Keys. winds, weakened to a post-
“St. Thomas looked like a RIVIERA BEACH , FLA . Virtual- tropical cyclone. Still, there
bomb went off,” he said. “But ly all East Coast customers of were problems. More than
most of the buildings (in the the state’s biggest provider of 500,000 people evacuated
Keys) were still standing. It power should have power re- Georgia’s coastal communities,
seems that the infrastructure and stored by Sunday, and western some of which saw storm surge
the homes were really hurricane- customers will be fully up running through streets. Doz-
proof. I was really surprised.” and running a few days later, ens of roads were closed be-
Authorities in the Keys on Florida Power & Light said cause of flooding in and around
Tuesday began allowing residents Tuesday. Charleston, S.C. In Florida,
and workers to return to the up- Company spokesman Rob Jacksonville also saw heavy
per islands in the chain — Key Gould said a preliminary as- flooding.
Largo, Tavernier and Islamorada. sessment of Hurricane Irma’s Six deaths in Florida have
FEMA Administrator Brock Long more visible. More homes were A U.S. Customs and Border devastation indicated damage been blamed on Irma, along
had said about 25% of homes on engulfed in sand and debris that Protection Air and Marine to the electrical infrastructure with three in Georgia and one
the Keys were destroyed, and an- were pushed ashore from the Operations team surveyed the was not as extensive as expect- in South Carolina. At least 35
other two-thirds were damaged. storm, and canals were cluttered damage in Cudjoe Key. ed. That included the western people were killed in the Car-
Flying down the island chain with boats that broke loose from coast, which took a direct hit. ibbean last week.
showed the progression of dam- their moorings. “It seems that the “What we’re seeing is en- Also Tuesday:
age closer to Irma’s eye wall. The worst of the damage was infrastructure and the couraging, particularly on the uThe cruise industry was
At the north end of the islands closest to Irma’s landfall, near west coast where our main returning to life. Royal Carib-
around Key Largo and Islamora- Cudjoe, Big Pine and Summer- homes were really transmission structures have bean and Carnival planned to
da, most of the damage appeared land keys. There, some homes hurricane-proof. I not come down,” said Gould, resume sailings out of Fort
to be battered and sunken boats. were destroyed, some lost their was really surprised.” whose company provides ser- Lauderdale’s Port Everglades.
Buildings were messy but largely second floors, and mobile homes vice to about half the state’s uIn Central Florida, Walt
intact. were stacked against each other. Mickey Hohol, emergency medical 10.5 million power accounts. Disney World reopened in Or-
Farther down, around the Sev- “You could see how the dam- Gov. Rick Scott said power lando — and the Magic King-
en Mile Bridge that breaks up the age increased as you made your had been restored to about dom appeared untouched.
Keys in two, roof damage became way south,” Hohol said.

‘No face, no case’: Police struggle

to get witnesses to trust system
Milwaukee killing
shows why many
people are too
intimidated to talk

Ashley Luthern
and John Diedrich
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Eddie Powe knew the man who

shot him.
That’s not uncommon in Mil-
waukee, or in other cities plagued
with gun violence.
What Powe did next was un-
usual: He told police who did it.
Many shooting victims avoid
cooperating. Some fear retalia-
tion or don’t trust the system.
Others prefer to exact justice
their own way.
Why did Powe talk? Maybe be-
cause he was angry or scared.
Maybe because he was flooded
with the sort of emotions only a
35-year-old man lying in an am-
bulance with six bullet holes in
him can feel.
An officer asked who shot him.
“Tone,” Powe said.
Paramedics scrambled to con-
trol the bleeding. One pulled an
oxygen mask over Powe’s mouth.
The officer asked Powe once
more if he was certain Tone shot
Powe nodded.
He died two hours later at
Froedtert Hospital. Antonio Smith leaves a Milwaukee County courtroom after pleading guilty in February. Known as “Tone,” Smith was charged in
The killing of Powe came dur- two homicides in 2015 and orchestrating a plot to kill a witness.
ing the violent summer of 2015
when the number of homicides in
Milwaukee soared to a high not
seen since the early 1990s.
It set off a cascade of violence
as the man who shot him tried to
methodically eliminate witnesses
he believed cooperated with po-
lice to put him behind bars.
It is only one of a number of
high-stakes witness intimidation
cases in Milwaukee County.

In the past two years, prosecutors
have filed charges in at least five
homicides, five attempted homi-
cides and two conspiracies to
commit a homicide — all cases in-
volving efforts to permanently si-
lence a witness.
In 2015, prosecutors charged
nearly 190 people with witness
intimidation — a 250% increase Milwaukee Police Depart- On the night of July 19,
from a decade before, a Journal ment evidence markers 2015, Breanna Eskridge
Sentinel analysis of court data show bullet casings on the was repeatedly shot on the
found. Those cases resulted in a sidewalk in front of a club porch of the home on the
lower rate of dismissals, more where Eddie Powe, left, left above. Eskridge, Powe’s
convictions and longer sentences was fatally shot the evening girlfriend, held him the
than those issued in 2005, the of July 11, 2015, in the Gar- night he died and ran away
analysis showed. den Homes neighborhood. covered in Powe’s blood.
Milwaukee County underwent Powe was shot six times Antonio “Tone” Smith was
a fundamental shift in witness after an argument on the charged in both killings.
protection tactics after the mur- street. He was able to tell
der of Maurice Pulley Jr., who police the nickname of the
was killed in 2007 after he resist- person who shot him be-
ed threats and bribes and testified fore he died, “Tone.”
against a man who shot him.
Vowing to beat back such bra-
zen efforts to undercut justice,
District Attorney John Chisholm
created a small team of investiga-
tors to target people who threat-
en witnesses.
“This never picnic and block party. The festiv-
ities ended before dusk, and peo-
to a parked SUV and drove off.
An older man rushed over to
The team has grown to seven affects just one ple lingered outside. hold Powe, a friend of his. Then Visit jsonline.com/intimidator
to read the entire series.
investigators who work closely
with sheriff’s deputies and police.
case; it goes to THE KILLING
Breanna Eskridge, Powe’s girl-
friend, ran to comfort him, taking
Using specialized software that the integrity of What exactly prompted the con- the man’s place.
flags cases where intimidation is
likely, the investigators pore over
the whole frontation between Tone and
Powe that evening remains un-
As Eskridge held her dying
boyfriend, she heard sirens get-
conviction, Spivey was barred
from having a gun.
recorded jail calls and online so- system.” clear, but it may have come down ting closer. Eskridge, 17, didn’t Facing several new charges,
cial networks. They stake out District Attorney John Chisholm to two things at the heart of many know what to do. In a panic, she Spivey soon decided to talk.
courtrooms looking for any sign disputes: women and money. picked up Powe’s phone, keys and That’s Powe’s blood, he told de-
of intimidation: a gesture in the built in the 1920s in what was A day or two before he was glasses. tectives, pointing at stains on his
court gallery or a photo taken of then the outskirts of town. Every killed, Powe argued with his for- She ran away, covered in his left sock and shoe. He described
someone on the witness stand. resident owned shares in the mer girlfriend over money she blood. how the shooting unfolded but
They’ve had successes, but the neighborhood, and it was racially owed him. The older man rushed to the claimed he didn’t know the real
volume of cases makes it difficult restricted to whites, according to Word of the confrontation got street corner and flagged down name of the triggerman.
for investigators to keep up. “No city documents. back to Tone, her new boyfriend the ambulance. Nine days later, detectives
face, no case” is still a common The restrictions fell, and new and the father of her unborn Even though he had seen ev- came to visit Spivey at the House
saying for those behind bars. families, mostly black, moved in child. erything, he didn’t hang around of Correction in Franklin. They
The stakes couldn’t be higher during the 1960s. Tone had been released from to talk to police. brought a selection of mugshots,
for police and a public safety sys- The coming decades brought prison five months earlier. One Instead, he walked home. His including a photo of Antonio
tem that struggles to remain white flight and disinvestment, witness told police about a possi- name was John Spivey. “Tone” Smith who they suspected
credible among communities be- starting with the loss of manufac- ble drug territory dispute. Powe to be the shooter.
set by violent crime. turing jobs in the 1970s and ’80s, had been selling around N. 27th RELUCTANT WITNESS Spivey pointed at Smith’s
“This never affects just one followed by the foreclosure crisis, and W. Atkinson, Tone’s turf be- Spivey told his girlfriend about photo.
case; it goes to the integrity of the evictions and tax delinquencies of fore he went to prison, the wit- the murder of Powe, known in “Yup, that’s the boy,” he said.
whole system,” Chisholm said. today. ness said. the neighborhood as “E.P.” She “It’s an old picture, but this is the
“We need people to trust in the As the challenges mounted, so Regardless of motive, several implored him not to get involved. boy.”
system. We don’t want it resolved did crime. other witnesses gave the same ac- Spivey, 48, drank a few beers He circled “yes” on the form.
out in the community.” The isolated neighborhood was count of Powe’s killing: and decided to go back out. He Then he wrote on the back of
Powe wasn’t the only one who plagued by drug-dealing, street The two men argued, at times stopped by his aunt’s house and the photo, misspelling his friend’s
told police a man named Tone gambling and prostitution. heatedly. After several minutes, grabbed his .40-caliber Glock to name: “To whom it may concern
shot him. Residents have worked to im- Powe pulled out a gun and waved take revenge on the person who this is the person that i observe
The killing took place before a prove the area and have come to it in the air. Tone told him to put had shot his friend. shoot Mr. Poe.”
small crowd on Port Sunlight rely on tight networks of it away. No need for a gun, he As he walked the dark streets, Detectives entered an order in
Way, a one-way curved street in neighbors. said. Spivey fired off a round in honor their computer system for offi-
the heart of the Garden Homes Safe Zones, a grass-roots effort As Powe turned and put away of Powe. cers to pick up Smith for ques-
neighborhood on the city’s north to combat gun violence, began in his weapon, Tone pulled out a The gunfire caught the atten- tioning if they saw him.
side. Garden Homes during the turbu- .45-caliber handgun and fired it tion of police in the area for the They knew the stakes were
The brainchild of Milwaukee’s lent summer of 2015. Hours be- multiple times. earlier homicide. Officers ran af- high.
first socialist mayor, the cluster of fore Powe was killed, the Powe crumpled to the ground. ter Spivey and arrested him. Be- One of the other witnesses to
two-story stucco cottages was initiative hosted a community Tone turned and casually walked cause of a prior felony drug Powe’s killing was already dead.

YOUR SAY Tracking the nation’s conversation


Hillary Clinton lost

the election on her own
Post-election favorable rating Our followers shared their
In an exclusive interview with averages of presidential thoughts on Hillary Clinton
USA TODAY, Hillary Clinton said candidates who lost: saying she’s convinced
she is now convinced that as- Donald Trump’s associates
sociates of candidate Donald Post-election Final pre-election helped Russia meddle in
Trump helped Russia meddle in the 2016 presidential elec-
Hillary Clinton 2016-17 tion.
the 2016 presidential election.
43% What happened to being
Clinton hasn’t accepted re- the graceful loser? It seems
sponsibility. If you take responsi-
bility, you don’t point fingers.
Chad Clausen
Mitt Romney 2012-13
like every month Clinton
finds someone else to Could DACA legislation
46% blame for her loss.

The Trump campaign prob-

John McCain 2008-09 @mws5689 bring a border wall?
ably colluded with Russians 64% It must be horrible to be very argument saying, “It’s not the
50% intelligent and yet vilified by FACEBOOK
before to the 2016 election. To- FACEBOOK.COM/ kids’ fault” is ridiculous. Their
gether they stole all the maps of Al Gore 2000-01 so many, who only know USATODAYOPINION parents violated the law.
the U.S., so the Clinton cam- what others tell them. Poli- Kabul Bulan
paign was unable to see that tics can be so ugly. A White House official con-
there are states connected to @kirkparent2 firmed that President Trump is Think about what Trump’s
the Great Lakes. The Clintons SOURCE Gallup poll conducted June 7-11 of 1,009 not insisting Congress fund a base means. His base consists
adults. Margin of error is ±4 percentage points. I have no doubt that Clinton
had no choice but to visit Cali- FRANK POMPA, USA TODAY would’ve lost the presiden- wall on the southern U.S. bor- of Americans who have rarely
fornia repeatedly and make tial election anyway, while der as part of a legislative deal thought about what a Trump
derogatory statements about Matt Lauer, it was the Russians, Sen. Bernie Sanders might to address the fate of undocu- presidency really means in geo-
working-class families. Impeach it was the DNC, it was Santa’s have beaten Trump. mented immigrants brought to politics, or even American poli-
President Trump, now. It’s the elves, etc. Clinton lost for one @Denkend_Holland the country as children. tics. Trump’s base thinks about
only way we, and Hillary, can reason: She focused her atten- nothing but itself, not others.
move on. tion on the liberal elites and There is no doubt in my The Deferred Action for Child- Nathaniel Kauffman
Eric Wittman identity politics. It can be mind, either. Trump was Rus- hood Arrivals program (DACA) is
summed up in her comment sian President Vladimir Pu- a card the Trump administration The games this administra-
Russians hacked into the that half of Trump supporters tin’s pick. can now play. It is just deciding tion plays with other people’s
Democratic National Committee are a basket of deplorables. @jrsuppon how to effectively use it to get lives are shameful.
accounts and paid for Facebook David Nelson Clinton is really embarrass- what it wants. Edward Scott
ads directed at certain minds. ing herself. How is her family Jim Reid
The chumps in Trump’s cam- The Trump campaign’s pos- not telling her that this book Undocumented immigrants
paign team were identified by sible collusion with a foreign is a car crash? Of course White House offi- need to be deported. End of
Russians, and they were fed lies government against U.S. sover- @WorldOfTruth1
cials will link the border wall in story. They’re criminals simply by
and propaganda. eignty drives destabilization of any DACA-related legislation, being in our country, and spare
This was a very calculated our country — a Russian For more, follow @USATOpinion which the majority of people us the sob stories.
attack on U.S. democracy. Clin- objective. or #tellusatoday. don’t want. Saving and allowing Rich Hibbard
ton is right. This is not a partisan David Gregory “dreamers” to stay in this coun-
issue. This is about our country POLICING THE USA try is something the majority of Trump is a coward. He could
losing its democracy. Clinton, consider the possibil- POLICING.USATODAY.COM people want, so that’s the only have defended DACA and still
Ann Davis ity you lost in 2008 and 2016 What has your experience way funding for the wall will given Congress six months to
because of your shortcomings, with law enforcement been? pass. revive and vote for the DREAM
She still has no clue why peo- not the machinations of all who Send your comments on Twit- Karen Benson Act. Or better yet, propose one
ple rejected her. It was Sen. did not share your opinion of ter using #policingtheusa or himself, but that would be work
Bernie Sanders, it was former your own wonderfulness. email letters@usatoday.com. Rescind DACA permanently! and he’s not good at that!
FBI director James Comey, it was Raoul Duke Why reward lawbreakers? The Carlme Dramer

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Billings, Mont. 81/51pc 58/42r Fargo, N.D. 93/63pc 81/58pc Louisville, Ky. 66/60r 77/61pc Providence, R.I. 83/65h 82/64pc Toledo, Ohio 72/57sh 73/56pc Moscow 73/53t 61/56pc
Birmingham, Ala. 70/61c 82/65s Fort Myers, Fla. 88/76pc 89/75t Lubbock, Texas 93/63s 98/68s Raleigh, N.C. 83/66pc 82/63pc Topeka, Kan. 89/59s 91/66s Mumbai, India 90/82sh 89/80t
Bismarck, N.D. 91/58pc 75/50c Fort Smith, Ark. 86/60pc 91/68s Madison, Wis. 79/54pc 80/59s Rapid City, S.D. 92/58pc 81/54c Tucson, Ariz. 101/75s 97/71sh Paris 65/51r 61/48sh
Boise, Idaho 87/57pc 73/48pc Fort Wayne, Ind. 68/56sh 73/54pc Manchester, N.H. 85/63h 83/64pc Reno, Nev. 84/56pc 78/48pc Tupelo, Miss. 69/58r 83/63s Rio de Janeiro 84/69s 86/70s
Buffalo, N.Y. 76/61pc 76/60sh Fresno, Calif. 90/65pc 86/59s Memphis, Tenn. 73/65r 85/68s Richmond, Va. 84/65pc 81/62pc Tulsa, Okla. 88/62s 93/70s Rome 77/61s 77/65pc
Burlington, Vt. 80/60h 80/59pc Grand Rapids, Mich. 74/55sh 78/56pc Milwaukee 75/57pc 75/61pc Rochester, N.Y. 79/61pc 75/59pc Virginia Beach, Va. 85/67pc 82/66pc Seoul 78/57s 81/61s
Cedar Rapids, Iowa 82/54pc 88/59s Green Bay, Wis. 79/54pc 79/59s Mobile, Ala. 83/65s 87/69pc Sacramento, Calif. 82/59pc 79/56s Wichita, Kan. 91/63s 94/68s Singapore 88/76s 86/79c
Charleston, S.C. 86/70pc 86/68pc Greensboro, N.C. 78/62pc 78/61pc Modesto, Calif. 87/62pc 84/57s San Antonio 95/71s 95/70s Wilmington, Del. 77/65pc 80/63t Sydney 89/52s 64/52s
Charleston, W.Va. 79/59c 70/57c Greenville, S.C. 76/60pc 79/62pc Montgomery, Ala. 81/62pc 87/67s San Jose, Calif. 79/63pc 74/55pc Winston-Salem, N.C. 77/61pc 77/60pc Toronto 73/58pc 78/58pc
Cheyenne, Wyo. 85/55pc 79/51pc Harrisburg, Pa. 77/64pc 76/61t Myrtle Beach, S.C. 82/71pc 84/69pc Santa Fe, N.M. 88/54pc 83/51pc Worcester, Mass. 79/63h 76/62pc Tokyo 84/71pc 82/67pc


Our view Opposing view

At Equifax, a Category 5 data Equifax: ‘We will
breach endangers consumers make changes’
As if it weren’t bad enough that hard to overstate. A breach at one sumer or commercial credit
Equifax exposed sensitive finan- of the nation’s three major credit Richard F. Smith reporting databases.
cial data of nearly half of all bureaus is far more dangerous We strongly recommend
Americans to cyber thieves, the than the typical retail credit card that every consumer visit our
credit bureau has bungled just breach. Last Thursday evening we website (www.equifaxsecuri-
about every attempt to remedy It’s easy enough to get a new announced a cybersecurity ty2017.com) to determine if
the mess. credit card, but you can’t change breach potentially impacting their data are at risk. As of
In an epic breach discovered your birth date or easily get a new 143 million U.S. consumers. It Tuesday, more than 15 million
July 29, hackers got away with the Social Security number. Armed was a painful announcement people have visited the website
Social Security numbers, birth with these data, thieves could because of the concern and and 11.5 million are enrolling in
dates and addresses of as many as open credit cards or bank ac- frustration this incident has credit file monitoring and iden-
143 million Americans, putting counts in your name that you created for so many consum- tity theft protection.
them at serious risk of identity know nothing about. Or try to file ers. We apologize to everyone We took the unprecedented
theft. a false tax return and make off affected. This is the most hum- step of offering credit file moni-
The company then waited al- with the refund. bling moment in our 118-year toring and identity theft pro-
most six weeks to reveal the hack. Because this information has history. tection to every U.S. consumer.
Its inundated website has provid- no expiration date, a thief could Equifax Security first discov- Every consumer, whether af-
ed confusing and conflicting in- hold onto it and strike many ered the intrusion on July 29. fected or not, has the option of
formation. Its call centers have years down the road. Yet with so Understandably, many people signing up for the services.
been too short of agents to an- Equifax website much at stake, Equifax was inept are questioning why it took six Consumers and media have
swer the deluge of calls. Its major the breach. If that’s true, you have at protecting the data it compiles weeks to report the incident to raised legitimate concerns
remedies — a credit freeze and to wonder about a company about you and just as clumsy at the public. Shortly after discov- about the services we offered
free one-year credit monitoring whose chief financial officer and trying to help customers. ering the intrusion, we engaged and the operations of our call
— won’t fully protect vulnerable president of information services Credit bureaus are supposed to a leading cybersecurity firm to center and website. We accept
consumers. aren’t told immediately about safeguard information, but no conduct an investigation. the criticism and are working
And, initially, it looked as if one of the gravest commercial da- government agency has authority At the time, we thought the to address a range of issues.
anyone who signed up for credit ta breaches in U.S. history. to go in and review their security intrusion was limited. The We are devoting extraordi-
monitoring was, under a clause in It’s hard to give Equifax the practices. Tighter federal over- team, working with Equifax Se- nary resources to make sure
the fine print, giving up the right benefit of the doubt, considering sight of the bureaus is needed. curity personnel, devoted thou- this kind of incident doesn’t
to sue over the breach. (More that the credit reporting agencies States could help by ensuring that sands of hours during the happen again. We will make
than 20 class action lawsuits have don’t give you the benefit of the credit freezes are free; seven following weeks to investigate. changes and continue to
been filed.) Only after a social doubt if you paid your mortgage states already do. Our top priority is doing ev- strengthen our defenses
media outcry did Equifax fix that late one month five years ago be- Equifax’s business is based on erything we can to support af- against cyber crimes. We will
problem. cause your kid was in the hospi- harvesting sensitive financial data fected consumers. Our team is make sure every consumer who
Oh, and there’s this: Three sen- tal. Nope, that’s just a black mark about you. The company has focused on this effort, and we wants protection has a full
ior executives sold shares worth on your credit scores, which af- proved it can’t fully protect that are engaged around the clock package of services. And we
nearly $1.8 million days after the fect your ability to secure a loan, data. Now it needs to prove that it in responding to millions of in- will continue to update every-
breach was discovered and weeks get a job, or rent an apartment. can at least do a better job of pro- quiries from consumers. Im- one on our progress.
before it was made public, when Though news of Equifax’s tecting millions of people from portantly, outside investigators
the stock tanked. A spokesman breach was overshadowed by the damage that its ineptitude found no evidence of unautho- Richard F. Smith is chairman
said the three did not know about Hurricane Irma, the impact is unleashed. rized activity on our core con- and CEO of Equifax Inc.

Melinda Henneberger
FOR WHOSE Trump’s Nixon-to-China
idea on the debt limit
atching cable
coverage of Hur-
ricane Irma was
kind of like
watching one of
VIEWING Bruce Bartlett
voted for that spending to later
vote against funding it on the
grounds of fiscal responsibility.
those Survivor-type reality shows
where the contestants eat bugs
and crawl through mud, or maybe
PLEASURE? I admit that I’ve had nothing
good to say about Donald Trump
Failure to raise the debt limit is in
fact the most fiscally irresponsi-
ble act imaginable.
the other way around, for our
viewing pleasure.
Hurricane TV is risky and absurd, and won’t since he became president, but
that could change. According to
Although the idea that both of
our major political parties are
In one live shot after another, change anyone’s mind about journalists news reports, he is planning to equally irresponsible is grossly
rained-on reporters were tossed abolish the debt limit. It’s a bud- overstated in political conversa-
around by the wind, worrying getary anachronism that does tions, it is unquestionably true in
aloud about flying street lamp nothing to restrain the growth of the case of the debt limit. As a
covers, and telling viewers in the debt and that threatens default practical matter, the party hold-
path of the storm not to even when it isn’t raised in a timely ing the White House has respon-
think of trying this at home. manner, roiling financial markets sibility for raising it. Thus the
The low point of this display and raising the cost of borrowing. hypocrisy shifts back and forth.
might have come when CNN’s Sa- It is a precisely correct analogy For example, as a senator, Barack
ra Sidner, live from Daytona to say that failure to raise the Obama denounced raising the
Beach, Fla., told anchor Don debt limit is equivalent to refus- debt limit under a Republican ad-
Lemon, “I am not a small woman; ing to pay your credit card bill. ministration. Later, as president,
as you know, Don, I’m a chunky The bill simply represents final he was forced to argue against his
girl, and it’s blowing me around payment for goods and services own position a few years earlier.
when the gusts come really really purchased previously. The spend- The debt limit needs to be
hard, so this is nothing to play ing already took place, the debt abolished, but realistically only a
around with.” was already incurred. To protest Republican can do it because the
“You are a beautiful woman, no one’s own indebtedness by failing GOP is more heavily invested in
matter what size you are,’’ Lemon to pay the bill is irresponsible at the idea of a balanced budget —
reassured her, in much the same best and criminal at worst. even if its actions, especially on
way contestants on Big Brother or The president cannot spend a tax cuts, repeatedly belie its
Project Runway customarily over- single penny unless Congress words. Thus, just as only the Re-
do it in bucking up a rival. “And permits it. If there is a budget publican Richard Nixon was able
there’s nothing wrong with hav- deficit, it is because Congress to open the diplomatic doors to
ing a little curve.” wanted one. It is as if Congress then-Red China precisely be-
Chunkiness aside, however, CNN senior national correspondent Kyung Lah reporting on gave the president its credit card cause he had a reputation for be-
there is something wrong with Hurricane Irma in Miami Beach on Sunday. and told him to buy certain things ing anti-communist, and liberal
this whole spectacle. — medical care for elderly Ameri- Democrat Bill Clinton was able to
pleading apologias about why re- journalists getting blown around cans, arms for our soldiers, roads reform welfare, so too only a con-
RITUALS OF EXPIATION porters do these things. to prove that storm warnings and bridges and so on. servative Republican president
Reporters have been lashing Our self-justification is every- aren’t “fake news,” I’m not sure The president bought those can get rid of the debt limit.
themselves to trees to show how where now, from that NBC com- what would stop anyone deter- things as Congress told him to — Whether Trump follows
hard the wind is blowing since a mercial in which Lester Holt mined to believe such a thing it’s against the law for the presi- through remains to be seen. But if
young Dan Rather covered Hurri- assures viewers he’s so human from believing that these live dent not to spend money appro- he does, he will have done a very
cane Carla that way from Galves- that he, too, wipes away the occa- shots are faked, too. priated by Congress. But when good thing for which he deserves
ton, Texas, in 1961. I’ve taken sional tear, to the self-coverage of Mostly, though, I worry that all the bill came due, Congress was credit — and the undying appreci-
some chances that weren’t strict- a news crew rescuing a man dur- this hurricane porn needlessly shocked that debt had been in- ation of every Treasury secretary
ly necessary in covering natural ing Hurricane Harvey. cheapens the very real, absolutely curred. Proclaiming everlasting in history.
disasters, too, like that time in “The reason why we are out necessary and very much worth it fidelity to fiscal responsibility,
San Salvador when I crawled un- here” in the wind and rain, Sidner risks that journalists take all over many members of Congress re- Bruce Bartlett was a Treasury
derneath a five-story building told Lemon during Irma, “is be- the world every day to report fuse to pay the bills that resulted official during the George H.W.
that had been flattened in an cause this is our job. We choose to news we couldn’t get any other from their own actions. Bush administration. His latest
earthquake, with a rescue worker do this and we get paid to do this, way. It is posturing in the extreme book, The Truth Matters, will be
known for his ability to slip into but we are here to be eyes for you, And yes, I wish we ourselves for members of Congress who published in October.
spaces others couldn’t. the witnesses for you, so that you paid less attention to the storm
I nearly got trapped under folks at home that are worrying chasers catching flak on Twitter
there myself in an aftershock, and about your homes, that are wor- than to someone like Austin Tice, "USA TODAY hopes to serve as a
worst of all, when we did make it rying about your business ... don’t the Marine Corps veteran and forum for better understanding
out, I didn’t even get to write have to put yourself or your fam- freelance correspondent for and unity to help make the USA
about what I had seen in the ily in danger.” McClatchy, The Washington Post truly one nation."
wreckage. The editors hadn’t Maybe some viewers see it that and other news outlets who was Allen H. Neuharth,
been expecting the story, they way, but others surely enjoy see- kidnapped in Syria on Aug. 14, Founder, Sept. 15, 1982
said, and so hadn’t saved any ing all those enemies of the peo- 2012, while reporting there.
space for it. (And how embarrass- ple shouting over the storm with Tice spent another birthday in
ing would that have been, dying water running down their cheeks. captivity last month, and I would Robert Dickey
for a piece my newspaper didn’t Then they get the fun of ques- be surprised if as many Ameri- GANNETT CHIEF CONTENT OFFICER USA TODAY PRESIDENT
even want?) tioning the wisdom of anyone cans had heard of him as know all & USA TODAY EDITOR IN CHIEF & PUBLISHER
Yet at a time when President who’d do that. about Sidner’s plus-size Joanne Lipman John Zidich
Trump casts journalists as “sick self-defense. EXECUTIVE EDITORS CHIEF REVENUE OFFICER
people,” the “enemy of the Amer- CHEAPENING RISK Patty Michalski, Beryl Love Kevin Gentzel
ican people” and Americans who The problem of justifying the cov- Melinda Henneberger, a mem- MANAGING EDITOR PRESIDENT, SPORTS MEDIA GROUP
don’t like America, these tele- erage as “news you can use” is ber of USA TODAY’s Board of Donna Leinwand Leger David Morgan
vised scenes of suggested self-im- that it isn’t. It’s not true that re- Contributors, is an editorial writer EDITOR, EDITORIAL PAGE
molation come across like rituals porters are out in the driving rain and a columnist for The Kansas Bill Sternberg
of expiation, complete with so you don’t have to be. As for City Star.



Deirdre Shesgreen, Erin Kelly, Eliza Collins, Bart Sullivan, Maureen Groppe, Ledyard King, Craig Gilbert and Heidi M. Przybyla l USA TODAY

WASHINGTON Buckle up for a dramatic, vicious, multi- Blowing in the other direction? ber 2018, resulting in major
With so much History. The party that controls shifts in the Senate’s 52-48
billion-dollar fight for control of the Senate next year,
which may end with almost no changes to the cham- at stake, there’s the White House almost always partisan balance. There’s no
loses seats in Congress in mid- question that both parties —
ber’s narrow partisan divide. About a dozen of those no question that term elections. President and their special-interest allies
contests will be competitive. Two competing cross- both parties — Trump’s public approval ratings — will mount a pricey, pitched
currents of this election — an unpopular Republican are below 40%. battle to sway the outcome.
in the White House vs. an electoral map that puts and their Democrats would need to pick Here’s a race-by-race look at
Democrats at a major disadvantage — could cancel special-interest up three seats to retake control of key contests with ratings from
the Senate, which is unlikely. Inside Elections, which pro-
each other out. Republicans defend far fewer seats, allies — will mount Republicans would need a net vides non-partisan analysis.
and only two GOP senators are truly vulnerable: gain of eight seats to hit the cov- “Tossup” indicates the race is
Sens. Jeff Flake of Arizona and Dean Heller of Nevada. a pricey, pitched eted 60-vote threshold to break a dead even; “tilt” ratings in-
Ten Senate Democrats are up for-election in states battle to sway filibuster, which is equally dicate a slight edge for the
that Trump won in 2016, and they all have targets far-fetched. specified party; and “lean”
the outcome. The political climate could ratings indicate a definite edge
plastered on their backs. change dramatically by Novem- but an uncertain outcome.


uIncumbent: Republican Jeff Flake uIncumbent: Democrat Bill Nelson uIncumbent: Democrat Joe Donnelly
uInside Elections rating: Tilt Republican uInside Elections rating: Tilt Democratic uInside Elections rating: Tossup
u2016 presidential election results: u2016 presidential election results: u2016 presidential election results:
Trump: 49%, Clinton: 45% Trump: 49%, Clinton: 48% Trump: 57%, Clinton: 38%

Flake’s re-election bid gained na- Nelson’s re-election bid could be A crowded field of Republicans vies
tional attention because Trump is his toughest campaign yet. for the opportunity to take him on.
trying to defeat him. His home state went for Trump Early attacks between the top GOP
Flake has been an unwavering last year. He’s likely to face term- candidates — Reps. Todd Rokita and
critic of the president. The senator’s limited GOP Gov. Rick Scott, whose Luke Messer — have been unusually
new book, Conscience of a Conserva- deep pockets and rising popularity personal.
tive: A Rejection of Destructive Politics make him the most formidable op- Republicans are united in their
and a Return to Principle, decries ponent Nelson has faced. Polls in- argument that, despite Donnelly’s
Trump’s noise over substance, his dicate lukewarm support at best moderate record, he votes with fellow
embrace of alternative facts and his among Sunshine State voters for the Democrats when it matters most.
Flake “volatile unpredictability.” Nelson Affordable Care Act, a law Nelson Donnelly They have an opening to define Don-
Trump has bitten back, denouncing Flake in a tweet has generally championed and Scott has vehemently nelly on their terms because there are many Hoosiers
as “toxic” and applauding Flake’s opponent in the GOP opposed. still getting to know the freshman senator, despite his
primary, former Arizona state senator Kelli Ward. She Nelson, who will turn 75 this month, remains a frequent travels around the state.
lost a primary challenge against Sen. John McCain last slight favorite to retain his seat for a few reasons: Cultivating an image of a low-key, keep-your-head-
year. Trump said Flake is “weak on borders.” 1) Trump’s approval ratings remain underwater; down-and-work-hard lawmaker has meant avoiding
Flake, who grew up on a cattle ranch working along- 2) Though Scott’s poll numbers have risen recently, the spotlight, particularly on controversial or highly
side Mexican immigrants, helped craft a bipartisan Nelson’s net favorability ratings continue to outpace partisan issues. Donnelly has focused on agriculture,
immigration bill that would have beefed up border the governor’s; 3) Despite deep concerns about Oba- national defense and veterans’ issues.
security while providing a pathway to citizenship for macare’s rising premiums and shrinking insurance The spotlight on veterans, as well as Donnelly’s
many undocumented immigrants living in the USA. options, voters in Florida overwhelmingly panned emphasis on workers and jobs, may help him with the
The Senate passed the bill in 2013, but it died in the GOP efforts in Congress to repeal and replace the law. blue-collar voters who flocked to Trump last year.
House. Hurricane Irma could play an important role in the While appealing to Trump voters — whom Donnelly
Several Democrats are considering whether to run campaign, as it’s given Scott an opportunity to demon- says were “originally Joe Donnelly supporters” — he
for the seat, including Rep. Kyrsten Sinema, the first strate leadership during the crisis, which could boost will have to keep liberal Democrats excited about turn-
openly bisexual person to be elected to Congress. his approval ratings. ing out to vote for him.


uIncumbent: Democrat Claire McCaskill uIncumbent: Democrat Jon Tester uIncumbent: Republican Dean Heller
uInside Elections rating: Tossup uInside Elections rating: Tilt Democratic uInside Elections rating: Tossup
u2016 presidential election results: u2016 presidential election results: u2016 presidential election results:
Trump: 57%, Clinton: 38% Trump: 56%, Clinton: 36% Trump: 46%, Clinton: 48%

Trump took aim at McCaskill last Tester could have faced the Nevada’s senior senator won his
month, urging a conservative crowd state’s sole Republican congress- last election by just 1 percentage
in Springfield to vote McCaskill out if man, Ryan Zinke, next year had point, and his state is becoming less
she didn’t support the GOP’s tax cut Trump not named Zinke secretary red. It was one of the only battle-
plan. McCaskill didn’t jab back, a sign of the Interior, removing a formida- ground states Hillary Clinton won in
that she’s treading carefully when it ble competitor from the field. the 2016 presidential race.
comes to Trump. McCaskill portrays The two-term Democrat with the Heller has at least one Democratic
herself as a no-nonsense moderate distinctive flat-top haircut isn’t out challenger, Rep. Jacky Rosen, who
willing to buck her party on tough of the woods. Montana voted over- was able to flip Nevada’s 3rd District
issues, such as environmental whelmingly for Trump in 2016 and to blue in 2016.
McCaskill regulations. Tester elected Republican Greg Gianforte Heller Before Heller faces off against
McCaskill spent nearly all of August holding town to replace Zinke in Congress, even after Gianforte Rosen or another Democrat, he must beat back a GOP
halls in rural, GOP-leaning parts of the state, defending physically assaulted a reporter. primary challenge from Danny Tarkanian — a conser-
her support for the Affordable Care Act and touting her The state is not toxic for Democrats. Months be- vative who is closely aligned with Trump and has won
willingness to fix its flaws. Her travel schedule reflects fore the special congressional election this year, multiple GOP primaries, though no general elections.
the reality that Missouri has become an increasingly Montanans re-elected Democratic Gov. Steve Bull- Heller has struggled to find a clear message in his
conservative state, where Republicans swept every ock. Tester narrowly beat incumbent Conrad Burns campaign as he tries to convince Nevada’s conservative
statewide office in 2016. in 2006 and edged out his 2012 opponent, then- base to vote for him in the primary and the more mod-
Republicans bank on Missouri’s attorney general, congressman Denny Rehberg, by 4 percentage erate electorate to pick him in the general.
Josh Hawley, to unseat McCaskill. points. He slammed the GOP-crafted bill to repeal Obama-
A rising GOP star, Hawley has tiptoed into the race State Auditor Matt Rosendale is the best known of care before supporting a slightly narrower version. He
amid pressure from GOP heavyweights, including three Republicans vying for the party’s nomination voted to stop Medicaid reimbursements from going to
Vice President Pence. A handful of other Republicans next year, and he sports the same buzzcut hairdo as Planned Parenthood, even though he promised to
are weighing a bid, setting up a potentially crowded Tester and many of the same “Make America Great protect the women’s health care provider when asked
primary. Again” themes as Trump. about that issue during a town hall meeting.


uIncumbent: Democrat Heidi Heitkamp uIncumbent: Democrat Joe Manchin uIncumbent: Democratic Sen. Tammy Baldwin
uInside Elections rating: Tossup uInside Elections rating: Tossup uInside Elections rating: Tilt Democratic
u2016 presidential election results: u2016 presidential election results: u2016 presidential election results:
Trump: 63%, Clinton: 27% Trump: 68%; Clinton: 26% Trump: 47%, Clinton: 46%

Shortly after Trump handily won In a sign of Trump’s popularity in Baldwin is half of the Senate’s lead-
her state, Heitkamp met with him at the state, West Virginia’s Democratic ing political odd couple, one of the
his Trump Tower offices amid spec- Gov. Jim Justice announced he was chamber’s most liberal members
ulation she was considered for a Cab- switching to the Republican Party, so paired with one of its most conserva-
inet post. She ended up without a he could be more helpful to the presi- tive (Republican Ron Johnson). That
nomination and voted against five of dent. shows how Wisconsin has swung in
Trump’s Cabinet picks, but she broke Manchin and Trump have had a recent years. Johnson got elected
with her party to support the presi- good personal relationship and were opposing Obamacare, while Baldwin
dent’s Supreme Court nominee, Neil speaking regularly, but they grew is a vocal defender.
Gorsuch. distant after Trump asked the moder- Baldwin is roughly aligned with
Heitkamp To win re-election, Heitkamp will Manchin ate Democrat to support Republican- Baldwin Trump on one set of issues — eco-
need to continue to distinguish herself from the Demo- led efforts to repeal and replace Obamacare, and Man- nomic populism, including “fixing”
crats’ national brand, as she did supporting the Key- chin said he could not. trade deals and enacting “buy American” laws — that
stone XL pipeline, and hope that Trump’s national According to the politics website FiveThirtyEight, resonate with some voters in a state that’s more reliant
approval rating stays low. Manchin has voted for legislation Trump supports on manufacturing than almost any other. One key to
Republican state Sen. Tom Campbell announced he about 54% of the time. her campaign will be whether she can hold on to blue-
will challenge Heitkamp, perhaps heading off a bid by Rep. Evan Jenkins — a Democrat-turned-Repub- collar counties she won in 2012 but swung from Obama
GOP Rep. Kevin Cramer, who was considering a run. lican who took West Virginia’s 3rd District from Demo- to Trump in 2016.
By creating an image as a centrist who can work with cratic hands in 2014 — announced he’s challenging Baldwin is the last big GOP target in a state where
Trump, Heitkamp may offend liberals, but they’ll vote Manchin. State Attorney General Patrick Morrisey is Republicans dominate the Legislature, hold five of
for her anyway. also in the running. eight U.S. House seats, have won the past three elec-
Heitkamp appears to be in no hurry to engage in the Manchin, a former governor who won his last race tions for governor and the most recent contests for U.S.
debate. She has not announced that she is running, but by 24 percentage points, benefits from his name recog- Senate and president.
she is paying for campaign staff and advertising, and nition in the state. A recent poll by West Virginia’s Announced or potential GOP challengers include
she ended June with more than $3 million in her cam- MetroNews has Manchin ahead of Jenkins by 10 points state Sen. Leah Vukmir, wealthy businessman Eric
paign coffers. and Morrisey by 14 points. Hovde and U.S. Marine veteran Kevin Nicholson.
No driver
for this
State by
News from
around the
nation 6B



Alexion Pharmaceuticals an-
nounced Tuesday it is moving its
headquarters from New Haven,
Conn., to Boston. In what it calls
a plan to “re-align the global
income up
organization with its refocused
corporate strategy,” the compa-
ny also said it is cutting 20% of its
to $59,039
workforce. The company said
about 400 jobs will move to
Boston by the middle of next
Increase over past
year. two years is most
since the 1960s
DowDuPont will bolster its @Pdavidsonusat
planned Delaware-based Spe- USA TODAY
cialty Products spinoff with the
addition of more than seven
business lines totaling more Americans notched solid fi-
than $8 billion in revenue. Under nancial gains in 2016 for a sec-
the new plan, DowDuPont will JOSH EDELSON, AFP/GETTY IMAGES ond consecutive year as
shift its automotive systems, Peter Schiller, senior vice president of Worldwide Marketing at Apple, talks about the cam- household incomes rose, pover-
building solutions, water, food era in the iPhone X, which will start at $999. Preorders start Oct. 27. ty fell and fewer people went
and pharma, performance without health insurance, sig-
polymers, microbial control naling an end to the stagnation
business and several silicones-
based businesses to the special-
ty products unit. APPLE GOES ALL that had lingered since the
Great Recession.
The median U.S. household
income climbed 3.2% to

DOW JONES INDUSTRIAL AVG. $59,039, the Census Bureau
said Tuesday. That followed
22,200 growth of 5.2% in 2015, the
largest on record dating to 1968.
4:00 p.m.
22,160 The combined increase over
22,120 SAMSUNG SITS SQUARELY IN ITS SIGHTS the past two years is the biggest
such rise since the 1960s.
“Real median household in-
come has finally completed its
22,040 Jon Swartz nine-year slog of digging out of
9:30 a.m. @jswartz the ditch,” says IHS Markit
22,000 22,057 USA TODAY economist Chris Christopher.
The median, inflation-adjust-
TUESDAY MARKETS ed income of $59,000 last year
INDEX CLOSE CHG CUPERTINO, CALIF. Apple surpassed the level in 1999 as
Nasdaq composite 6454.28 x 22.02 pulled out all the stops Tuesday the highest on record, but Cen-
S&P 500 2496.48 x 8.37 for its most important event in sus officials discouraged that
T-note, 10-year yield 2.17% x 0.04 three years: the unveiling of the comparison because the meth-
Oil, light sweet crude $48.23 x 0.16
Gold, oz. Comex $1328.00 y 3.80
new iPhone X. od for measuring income
Euro (dollars per euro) $1.1970 x 0.0008 New corporate campus. New changed in 2014.
Yen per dollar 110.11 x 0.77 theater named after its iconic The number of Americans
SOURCES USA TODAY RESEARCH, MARKETWATCH.COM co-founder. New iPhones. New living in poverty fell to 40.6 mil-
uUSA MARKETS, 4B Apple Watch. New Apple TV. lion from 43.1 million, lowering
With its flying saucer-shaped the poverty rate to 12.7% from
USA SNAPSHOTS© campus Apple Park as a back- 13.5% and placing it marginally
drop, Apple gave a glimpse of above the pre-recession level.
the future with iPhone X — a
Financial regret shimmering, edge-to-edge glass Schiller explains Apple’s “True Depth Camera System” in the v STORY CONTINUES ON 2B
from college model with OLED screen, facial iPhone X that allows facial recognition.
recognition, wireless charging
and talking emojis. Fancy iPhone X iPhone 8 and 8 Plus sent Apple INCOMES UP,
Two LCD models, iPhone 8 shares down 0.4% to $160.86 in POVERTY DOWN
and 8 Plus; Apple Watch Series is a showstopper trading Tuesday after they rose
For the second consecutive
3 with LTE cellphone connec- Apple’s new smartphone is during the keynote. Since Apple year, U.S. households made
tivity; and Apple TV 4K, capa- pricey, too, starting at $999 1A announced solid third-quarter solid income gains and experi-
ble of streaming 4K-resolution results on Aug. 1, the company’s enced a decline in poverty.
The most popular content, rounded out the prod- model, it also is the most expen- stock has risen 7%. 2015 2016
regret is buying uct-palooza at the Steve Jobs sive smartphone Apple has pro- The more affordable iPhone Percentage
new books instead Theater here. duced, albeit one that has created 8 and 8 Plus, with starting increase in median 5.2 3.2
of used, by The new iPhone X (pro- plenty of positive buzz among prices of $699 and $799, re- household income
nounced “10”), with its sleek re- consumers and Wall Street ana- spectively, did not produce Americans living in

30% design and crisp screen, is “the

biggest leap forward since the
lysts. It is available Nov. 3, weeks
after the iPhone 8, after reports
hoots and hollers from the typi-
cally boisterous Apple crowd
poverty (in millions)
Americans without
health insurance


SOURCE TD Ameritrade survey original iPhone” in 2007, Apple of production glitches. here. Yet the new models could (in millions)
of 2,001 U.S. Millennials and teens CEO Tim Cook boasted. News of its delayed release and SOURCE USA TODAY research
JAE YANG AND PAUL TRAP, USA TODAY At $999 for the lower-storage initial ho-hum reaction to the v STORY CONTINUES ON 2B

How hackers broke into

Breach was caused by While it might seem ro-day means it’s zero days from
when anyone knew about it, so no
a vulnerability in free, odd that a large one has fixed it.
open-source software corporation would Zero-days are worth a large
run on open-source amount of money and can be sold
software such as to hackers, governments and the
Elizabeth Weise companies whose software they
Apache Struts, it’s are based on. There is an entire
USA TODAY actually common ecosystem of zero-day brokers
and considered safe. who buy and sell them. Prices
range from $20,000 to as much as
SAN FRANCISCO How could this all since patched, but Equifax has $1 million. It’s impossible to
happen? not said which one was involved know how much the vulnerability
Other than how to protect in this breach. used in the Equifax breach would
themselves, that’s the question on If it was due to an older vulner- be worth without knowing what, Broadcast on
everyone’s mind about a security ability, many experts believe exactly, it was.
breach that could put as many as Equifax should have been aware But using a zero-day to get into
143 million Americans at finan-
cial risk for the rest of their lives.
of it and patched the flaw, as such
patches are quickly made
Equifax seems “an unlikely sce-
nario,” said Weston Henry, lead COMING UP
On Tuesday, credit reporting available. security analyst at SiteLock, a
company Equifax told USA TO- If it was a new and unknown website security company.
DAY the breach was due to an flaw, it was what is known in the And as a side note, while it
Apache Struts vulnerability.
Apache Struts is free, open-
security world as a zero-day, a
confusing term that stems from a
might seem odd that a large cor-
poration would run on “free,
source software used to create Ja-
va Web applications. Several vul-
count of how long a vulnerability
has been known and how long the
open-source” software, it’s actual-
nerabilities have been reported, vendor has had to correct it. A ze- v STORY CONTINUES ON 2B

Equifax NTSB: Tesla ‘limitations’ iPhone 8,

blames had role in deadly crash new Watch
also on tap
software Nathan Bomey
@NathanBomey v CONTINUED FROM 1B
prove attractive to iPhone users
ly very common and considered who have not upgraded since
safe. Lawmakers should require car iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus in
Open-source software is companies to use new technology 2014. The iPhone 8 family ships
worked on publicly by a commu- that effectively forces drivers to Sept. 22.
nity of programmers, in the case pay attention to the road when “Those who held off on the
of Apache through the highly-re- using partially self-driving vehi- iPhone 7 upgrade are prime can-
garded Apache Foundation. In cles, Federal transportation safe- didates” for the 8 with its im-
many ways, such software is con- ty officials recommended on proved camera and wireless
sidered safer than off-the-shelf Tuesday. charging, says Ross Rubin, princi-
software because users can in- The National Transportation pal analyst at Reticle Research.
spect the source code and make Safety Board’s unanimous recom- Apple Watch Series 3 ($399
sure it’s secure, said Gretchen mendation followed its ruling with built-in cellular, $329 with-
Ruck, head of the cybersecurity that Silicon Valley automaker out) and Apple TV 4K, at $179,
practice at Alix Partners, a San Tesla shared the blame for what’s “functioned as designed” but not- nology and drivers need to registered polite applause. Both
Francisco consulting firm. believed to be the first deadly ed no vehicles currently on the remain attentive at all times.” are available Sept. 22.
But even if Equifax had been crash involving such a car. road are capable of monitoring The automaker has empha- The real enthusiasm was re-
breached because of an Apache The design of Tesla’s so-called and responding to cross-traffic sized that drivers are always re- served for iPhone X. Not only is it
Struts vulnerability, that’s no ex- Autopilot technology contributed like the truck that killed Brown. sponsible for keeping their hands the most eagerly anticipated from
cuse, said Boris Chen, vice presi- to a crash that killed an Ohio man NTSB unanimously recom- at the wheel and monitoring their Apple in three years — iPhone 6
dent of engineering at tCell, a in May 2016, the four-person mended that automakers limit surroundings. But NTSB officials and iPhone 6 Plus made the com-
company that does Web applica- panel said. But the NTSB also the use of partially self-driving said Tesla’s method of reminding pany a player in the big-screen
tion security. ruled the driver had an “overre- technology by ensuring that driv- the driver to grab the wheel “was market in 2014 — but perhaps the
Equifax, by the nature of its liance” on the technology and ers are engaged at all times. The not an effective method for en- most crucial as Apple dukes it out
business as one of the top arbiters there were no technical defects. board concluded Tesla’s method suring driver engagement.” with Samsung and Chinese man-
of consumers’ creditworthiness, Robert Sumwalt, chairman of of making sure the driver’s hands Tesla CEO Elon Musk has said ufacturers for supremacy in the
should be a trusted guardian of NTSB, said Tesla’s “operational are periodically on the wheel is technological advancements im- worldwide smartphone market.
prized identity information such limitations played a major role in not enough and instead suggested plemented after the crash proba- Samsung is the largest seller of
as Social Security and driver’s li- this collision.” solutions, such as a camera that bly could have prevented it. smartphones, and several of
cense numbers. Joshua Brown, an Ohio resi- tracks eye movement and disen- The accident is believed to be iPhone X’s wow features, from
“A single vulnerability in a Web dent, was killed when his Model S gages self-driving systems if the the first deadly crash in which an charging wirelessly to facial rec-
component should not result in luxury electric car crashed at high driver is not paying attention. American driver was relying on ognition, already are familiar to
millions of highly sensitive rec- speed into a semi-truck while us- In response to the hearing, self-driving technology. The vic- Samsung users.
ords being exfiltrated. Security ing Tesla’s self-accelerating, Tesla said it’s “very clear” that tim’s family said it did not blame “For consumers, the iPhone X
controls should have existed at steering and braking. NTSB con- “Autopilot significantly increases the car for Brown’s death. “That will do very well,” says Patrick
many points along the way to cluded both drivers had “at least safety.” But the company said it is simply not the case,” the family Moorhead, principal analyst at
stop such a catastrophic out- 10 seconds” to spot each other would evaluate the NTSB recom- said. “There was a small window Moor Insights & Strategy. “But I
come,” he said. but there was “no evidence of any mendations “as we continue to of time when neither Joshua nor do fear it overshadows the iPhone
It’s unclear whether Equifax evasive action” by either. The evolve our technology. the Tesla features noticed the 8 and 8 Plus.”
used a standard security tech- agency did not interview the “We will also continue to be truck making the left-hand turn How it fares in that market will
nique of segmenting networks, so truck driver, who refused to coop- extremely clear with current and in front of the car.” The family go a long way toward determining
even if hackers do get in, they can erate in the investigation. potential customers that Autopi- praised Tesla for using the situa- Apple’s financial health in the im-
only gain access to a limited The board said Tesla Autopilot lot is not a fully self-driving tech- tion to improve its technology. mediate future, since iPhone ac-
amount of data. “You would think counts for roughly two-thirds of
that somebody like Equifax the company’s total revenue.
would go above and beyond the
standard security precautions,
simply because it’s sitting on such
Rolls-Royce reveals navy ship Apple expects sales of its new
iPhones in the last nine days of
September to lift its current
valuable pieces of data and is fourth-quarter revenue to be-
such an attractive target for hack- Company asserts tween $49 billion to $52 billion.
ers,” said Rahul Telang, a profes- If it’s a hit, as Apple and some
sor of Information systems at AI-powered vessel can analysts believe, iPhone X, 8 and
Carnegie Mellon University. operate on its own for 8 Plus could propel the company
Figuring out who was behind more than 100 days to $1 trillion in market value. No
the breach may prove difficult, or company has achieved that lofty
even impossible, to ascertain. figure. Apple is currently valued
There are many ways to ensure Nathan Bomey at $834.2 billion.
that things done online cannot be @NathanBomey But the lag time until the X’s
tied to a specific group. That in- USA TODAY availability — it arrives in the
cludes making an attack look like middle of Apple’s lucrative holi-
it came from a completely differ- day season quarter — could drive
ent location in the world, using Rolls-Royce plans to make a frustrated users to other brands
files containing other languages, self-piloting navy ship, powered Rolls-Royce says drones could help the ship accomplish its or lower-priced iPhones, deflat-
setting erroneous time stamps by artificial intelligence, sophisti- missions, including patrol and surveillance or mine detection. ing revenue.
and deliberately employing mali- cated sensors and advanced pro- “There aren’t enough OLED
cious code known to be used by pulsion, for sale to military forces the prospect of self-aware artifi- um-sized unmanned platforms, screens in the world to meet de-
certain hacking groups. around the world. cial intelligence systems becom- particularly in leading navies,” mand,” says Daniel Ladik, a mar-
“Without direct, first-hand With a range of 3,500 nautical ing a threat to humanity, the within about the next 10 years. keting professor at Seton Hall
knowledge of an attack, these as- miles, the 60-meter-long vessel company said it was already con- “Rolls-Royce is seeing interest University. “How are customers
pects alone make attribution dif- would be able to operate on its ducting “significant analysis of from major navies in autono- going to react when they can’t get
ficult,” said James Carder, chief own without human intervention potential cyber risks” to “ensure mous, rather than remote con- the phone? And how does it im-
information security officer as for more than 100 days. end-to-end security.” trolled, ships,” Benjamin Thorp, pact shipments and its status on
LogRhythm, a security intelli- Rolls-Royce, the British com- Drones could help the ship ac- Rolls-Royce general manager of Wall Street?”
gence company. pany known for its aircraft en- complish its missions, which naval electrics, automation and Tuesday’s two-hour spectacle
The reason the hackers wanted gines and luxury automotive could include patrol and surveil- control, said in a statement. started on a somber note in the
the data is likely financial — to heritage, revealed a concept ver- lance, fleet watch or sea mine de- The autonomous ship would underground theater named after
sell it to other criminals — or it sion of the vessel in multiple pho- tection. The company made no run on electrical propulsion de- Jobs, who died in October 2011. A
could have been the work of a tos released Tuesday. mention of use in combat. rived from diesel or gas engines moving two-minute video tribute
country looking for data to use Amid increasing concern The company said it “expects and would have solar panels for began with a voiceover from Jobs
for intelligence purposes. among some technologists about to see the introduction of medi- standby power. before Cook took the stage.

Incomes rise for 2nd year in row

“Real median Americans at every level, but the
gains were sharpest for those at 
John Bouman, president of the household the top. Income increased 2.6%
Sargent Shriver National Center for the bottom fifth of earners,
on Poverty Law, called the de- income has 4.4% for the next lowest group

cline “welcome” but “poverty re-
mains a persistent problem in
finally and 2.8% for middle-income
households. Those in the top fifth


this country, afflicting tens of mil- completed its saw incomes increase 4.4%, and 

    !"" #
lions of people.”
The number of people without
nine-year slog the top 5% realized a 5.6% gain.
As a result, the share of all in-


health insurance declined by of digging out come going to middle-class 
*+* ,,- #.#$%$%&' ($#/ % &(%+01 2 % 1&&' 1( 3*%(%%
#0&&0%4&'.#)$&*+/ 0 5&(  4&*' %% 2 &%2 *( 0  2 %&  2  3%(
900,000 to 28.1 million. The Americans sank to the lowest on
share of Americans without cov- of the ditch.” record, widening the wealth gap,
 ( #. (',*-.$/0 &1#/ %  3%(  67*0' * 2  %%0 2 &1 #
.&-*$/ %  4 0%( 0  0 #.2(.$#*  (+#+/  2 &1   )
2(& 8 %(%50% *) (  0 *) 2 0 2      
erage dipped to 8.8% from 9.1% IHS Markit economist Chris notes Jared Bernstein, who was  % &(%+ 0 99 --:  !""; &<') 6<%&  "! ,",,:9=  !"!; &<')
Christopher >*20*%+, ",:?, !"
the prior year. Vice President Joe Biden’s eco- 
*+*9-,- * (  ( @::A #. (* ($# *1#*/ &%%+ 0% ((
The report underscores that in nomic adviser and is a senior fel- &%25&%+2220&%)%B00
C**   6  (&& %% ( +4)& *% 1 4  0&%)  %&
the final two years of the Obama tance and refundable tax credits,” low for the Center on Budget and 0&%) +% ' 2       2
*+* ,,- ) 1 )  0%+
*0 %+  ')  D*%& )(' )'   
 #.*&&3 &3 4(%5/ 
administration, low- and middle- Bouman says. “If those proposals Policy Priorities.  2 /$&)#*   ($  . 5 .*#6(%4%'7 (+$#*' %5#" 2 +& 0(% #.#'#*(4
income Americans made notice- become law, they would under- “In the near-term, inequality (* ($#/; 
   &&' 1% 0   +4)& *% # (5( % 0% -#, 2 
67*0' ( ((&%  5&  C2 2 &%) +%   % 8('-(*0 9: ($  . 5
able progress after struggling in mine the quality of life and continues to grow,” he says. .*#6(%4%'7 (+$#*' %5#" #.&6#*'5#'$(4 (* ($#/ C2 2 &%) )'  5&( ' # (&%4
%+  0)&(%+( %+%& 2  C2 2 &%) 2) + 1% ' 00)'%+ (0*)%
the early years of the economic chances at upward mobility of Women earned 80% of male D*%( ' 67*0' *& 9--#0 ( 9--#( ' +*& )%&4%+ )%&0*% 4%0( (&%4
recovery. millions of struggling Americans.” pay on average last year, up near- '  %    % &%) C0%+  0E F,99"
4*& +*(
# 0)&%+  &0%0 C2 2 &%) 2) #.4#/$*&'%/ *&&3 &3 4(%5/ 4%&& &%  
Arguing that former President But Michael Tanner, senior fel- ly a percentage point and the first B 2)%G% &0(   % 0 0   % % (/$-(440
*#/#%6#1  &  "-- )#4%&%+  %)   &%0& 6  *&&3+ &3 /4(%5 +#'$
Obama had left working Ameri- low at the conservative Cato In- statistically significant increase )03(/+%5%4#&*#;5(%4<%44'&$)#(//#.$#1
cans behind, President Trump in stitute, says federal aid programs since 2007.


his campaign appealed to a base “are making poverty less miser- Advances in pay were broad-
"  !

of blue-collar households with an able but they’re not enabling peo- based across racial groups. The    


agenda centered on tax cuts and a ple to rise above poverty.” median income for whites in-  "  

get-tough trade policy aimed at While incomes rose last year, creased by 2% to $65,000; for C2 2 0&%) 2) )'  %( 2  0+ ' 4%%%+ FB 1%  111700&&0E4% 
' 00%+ F   % &%) C0%+  0E F,99"
4*& +*(
reclaiming manufacturing jobs. that’s chiefly because the econo- blacks, by 5.7% to $39,500; and ' )%&   %2H700&&00)  ' &  #: -= ?"-  %2 0&&%+ 2) *%(  3%(
But Trump also has proposed my added 2.2 million full-time for Hispanics by 4.3% to $47,700.   ( #?,? ,9! ,9-  &0%0 C2 2 &%) 2) )'  00( &%   B
 2)% G% &0(    F 0 (4% '* 1  5& 
cutting federal assistance for low- workers, economist Elise Gould Incomes were virtually un- 1'**&(5&C22&%)
income households and rolling of the left-leaning Economic Poli- changed for Asian households, 
%4 )&' (%50% *)  2&&1  % &(%+0#-:&<') 6<%&  #,:9=
back the Affordable Care Act, cy Institute says. Median, infla- but they were the highest at ( &<') >*20*%+  #?,  (B)%&%+ (( % ,," 1' 6*&4(* 
which has provided health insur- tion-adjusted earnings largely $81,400.
ance to millions more Americans. tread water. The Census Bureau’s “The solid economy is helping
“Tuesday’s Census report income measure also includes bo- to close the racial gap,” Bernstein
comes as the president and con- nuses, Social Security, public as- says. The tight labor market is
gressional Republicans are ad- sistance payments and interest prodding employers to hire low-
vancing a cruel policy agenda that and dividends from investments, er-skilled and disadvantaged
would decimate key anti-poverty among other sources. workers who had been left on the
programs, like federal food assis- Incomes climbed higher for sidelines.
OnePlus are not as strong as the

DON’T others mentioned here, and the

phone lacks water resistance and
only works on AT&T or T-Mo-
bile’s networks, limiting its ap-
peal. But at less than $500, it

represents one of the best deals
you can find for a top smart-
phone, especially if you’re on a


THE NEW At $499 unlocked ($408 on

Verizon), the Moto Z2 Play is a
strong rival to the OnePlus 5.
Like the original Z Play
from 2016, the Z2 Play has ex-

cellent battery life, a nice
metal design and support for
Motorola’s line of Moto-
Mods attachments that let
you add accessories such as
a gamepad, speaker or pro-

HERE ARE SOME jector (all sold separately).

The 12-megapixel rear
camera is similarly not as
strong as the best from

ALTERNATIVES Apple, Samsung and

HTC, and the processor
in here is slower than
the one in the OnePlus.
While the iPhone X’s dual cam- But again, for the
Eli Blumenthal era may trump the Galaxy S8s 12- price, the Z2 Play is a
@eliblumenthal megapixel single shooter, the S8 solid option.
USA TODAY still has an impressive camera.
The biggest reason the S8 has WHAT’S COMING
this spot, however, is its price. While the phones
On Tuesday, Apple introduced An unlocked, 64GB Galaxy S8 on this list are the
a radically redesigned iPhone X currently sells for $724.99 on best of what is out
with a slew of impressive new Samsung’s site, but the company today, Apple is far
features and, as expected, a has an aggressive promotion from the last ma-
$1,000 price tag. running (perhaps coincidentally jor manufacturer
For some, this may be the tied to the busy smartphone sea- to have new
iPhone they have waited years son) that allows you to trade phones in the
for. Others may be intrigued by many popular older devices for The Moto Z2 Play has works for this
the new iPhone 8, which features $200 to $300 off. excellent battery life. year.
a design similar to the iPhone 7 Under the promotion, you can Google is
and 7 Plus but adds iPhone X fea- even get $200 for trading in a 5- the S-Pen or dual cameras, at said to be re-
tures such as wireless charging year-old iPhone 5, assuming the $929.99 for the 64GB unlocked freshing its Pixel
and an improved camera at a device powers on and there is no version before trade-in (Samsung line in October and
more affordable price tag. other major damage to the phone also has an identical trade-in of- LG’s recently announced V30,
Before you commit to plopping or screen. fer available), you are better off with a sleek design and beautiful
down hundreds of dollars, howev- At $424.99 or $524.99, it’s hard saving the money and going with OLED display, should hit store
er, you should know there are to beat the S8. the S8. shelves in the next few weeks (ex-
quite a few very good Android al- act pricing and release date are
ternatives. RUNNER-UP: HTC U11 still TBA).
The HTC U11 is one of the There are
sleekest devices on the market. also new en-
While it lacks an edge-to-edge trants to the
display, dual cameras or a head- smartphone
phone jack, it is a top performer space, includ-
that is also gorgeous, not with- ing Essential
standing the fact that it is finger- ELI BLUMENTHAL, USA TODAY from Android
print prone. The OnePlus 5’s sharp display. creator Andy
The 16-megapixel rear camera Rubin, which
is a particular standout, and it has ON A BUDGET: ONEPLUS 5 packs plenty of
other 2017 staples such as water The OnePlus 5 is the latest device promise if it
resistance and a sharp display. from popular Chinese smart- can beef up its
However, at $649.99, you are still phone manufacturer OnePlus. camera (and
better off going for the Galaxy S8. For $479 unlocked for the 64GB other areas) via
version, the OnePlus 5 con- software up-
tinues the company’s tradi- grades. KENZO FONG HING
Samsung’s Galaxy S8 and S8+ tion of offering top- And if you The Essential
are packed with cool stuff. SEAN GALLUP, GETTY IMAGES
of-the-line specs at a much are looking to phone with
Samsung's Galaxy Note 8 sup- more affordable price. save even more, 360 camera.
BEST FOR MOST PEOPLE: ports the S-Pen stylus. While the display is not consider mod-
SAMSUNG GALAXY S8 edge-to-edge or as crisp as els introduced last year that are
The Samsung Galaxy S8 already RUNNER-UP: GALAXY NOTE 8 others on this list, the One- still are on the market, including
packs many of the new features The Note 8 is an impressive de- Plus 5’s 5.5-inch screen is the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus, Galaxy
Apple added to the iPhone X, in- vice that has nearly all the same still sharp, and the proces- S7 and original Google Pixel.
cluding a sharp 5.8-inch edge-to- features as the S8 but with a sor in here is the same These should only get cheaper
edge display, facial recognition slightly larger display, dual-cam- Qualcomm chip that pow- when the latest phones arrive.
and fast wireless charging, in ad- eras and support for the S-Pen ers the Galaxy S8, Note 8 In short, there are plenty of
dition to the already standard wa- stylus. While it is a strong device HTC and HTC U11. good options if you’re looking for
ter resistance. on its own, unless you really want HTC’s U11 is sleek but pricey. The dual-rear cameras on the a new phone this fall.

Pao hits ‘Reset’ button on Silicon Valley sexism

Says it’s time to ‘shake counts of sexual harassment led
to the resignation of two promi-
out’ those who don’t nent tech investors.
believe in inclusion With Reset, Pao says she’s not
out to settle scores but to shed
Jessica Guynn “People should really under-
@jguynn stand what is happening behind
USA TODAY closed doors inside these corri-
dors of power and what they are
up against,” said Pao, now chief
SAN FRANCISCO Ellen Pao has a diversity officer for Kapor Center
message for Silicon Valley: It’s for Social Impact and a venture
time for the tech industry to partner at Kapor Capital.
reboot. She’s also co-founder of the
Her new tell-all, Reset: My non-profit Project Include, which
Fight for Inclusion and Lasting helps companies foster diversity
Change, details her gender dis- and inclusion.
crimination lawsuit against pow- This interview has been edited
erful venture capital firm Kleiner for length and clarity.
Perkins Caufield & Byers and her JEFF CHIU, AP
uOn why she chose Reset
ongoing struggle to pry open the Ellen Pao, center, walks to the Civic Center Courthouse in San Francisco on March 27. A jury as the title: For me, it means
doors of the white-male-dom- ruled against Pao in her sex discrimination case against Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers. fundamental change, and that is
inated tech industry to underrep- what tech needs today. We need
resented groups. that now, it’s in no small part due “People should really was not alone. to really fix the culture.
“When I use the term reset, it’s to Pao’s headline-grabbing law- “There’s a point where I real- uOn the personal reso-
really that we need to shake out suit against Kleiner Perkins. understand what is ized that other women were do- nance of Reset: It was a shock to
the people who don’t believe in Little ink had been spilled on happening behind ing much better work and had me to realize tech was not a meri-
inclusion and bring in the people the gender imbalance in venture closed doors inside much more successful invest- tocracy and that there was no
who have been excluded,” Pao capital before Pao filed her case ments than the men,” she said. “It way for me to get promoted. It
told USA TODAY in an interview. in 2012. The tech industry had these corridors of made me realize the system really didn’t matter how much money I
In other words, it’s time for the successfully promoted itself as a power and what wasn’t fair, and it really wasn’t brought in. It didn’t matter what
tech industry — not just women young meritocracy where the they are up against.” based on merit.” my relationships were with en-
— to lean in. A big shift has taken best people and ideas win. One of The jury in her suit against trepreneurs. I didn’t have the
place since Sheryl Sandberg’s be- the believers was Pao herself. Ellen Pao Kleiner Perkins didn’t agree. In right gender.
stseller urged women to demand As the introverted, high- Reset, Pao writes that the lawsuit uOn why she wrote Reset:
a seat at the table, the 47-year-old achieving daughter of Chinese phy was discussed on a private “almost ended my career in tech, There’s just so much misinforma-
diversity advocate and tech inves- immigrants with a prodigious plane and sexist and racist jokes cost me half-a-million dollars and tion out there, and I wanted to
tor says. work ethic and multiple Ivy and remarks were routine. launched a thousand hit pieces make sure that if people were go-
“Five years ago I think Lean In League degrees, Pao says she Yet Pao figured hard work and on me and on my family.” ing to judge me, it was based on
was just starting to surface that clung to this notion of meritocra- her “super power” (sleeping very It also woke many to the treat- the facts.
there are these issues, but it was cy even as she confronted bias few hours a night) could over- ment of women in Silicon Valley uOn whether she thinks
oriented toward women changing and harassment. At the law firm come any inequities thrown her and emboldened other women to the tech industry can reset: I
their behavior,” Pao said. “I don’t where she worked, a male partner way. “It’s not something you want come forward: AJ Vandermey- know the industry can change.
think we were ready for people to routinely brushed up against to believe. It takes a lot to shake den, a former Tesla engineer who We’ve seen huge transformations.
say: You need to reset everything women in the hall and a female that belief out of you,” Pao said. is suing for gender discrimina- The question is: Do people have
that’s happening, and you need to lawyer was sent home for wear- But, when she had trouble get- tion; Susan Fowler, whose blog the will to make these hard deci-
break down these systemic ing pants. At Kleiner Perkins, she ting investments approved and to post about sexism and sexual ha- sions and to have the hard con-
barriers.” says women were paid and pro- holding onto companies that rassment at Uber helped oust its versations? Are they willing to do
If the industry is ready to do moted less than men, pornogra- were doing well, she noticed she CEO; and women whose ac- the work?



What to watch STORY STOCKS

Price: $68.52 Day’s high: $69.25 Low: $67.80 4-WEEK TREND
Dow among trio of stock indexes to hit highs DowDuPont $80
After the merger of Dow Chemical and DuPont in $68.52
ongoing threats from North Ko-
Adam Shell rea and an overheated market Change August, the chemical company has made changes to
@adamshell that’s getting more overvalued $1.67 its breakup plan, which will affect its materials sci-
ence and specialty products units. Eventually, it will $60
USA TODAY relative to corporate earnings. % chg
The bull storyline stresses the be split into three publicly-traded companies. Aug. 15 Sept. 12
positives, such as three major in-
The stock market on Tuesday dexes breaking out to new highs
enjoyed Wall Street’s version of a after stalling out most of August Price: $77.17 Day’s high: $77.91 Low: $76.81 4-WEEK TREND
triple play. and the early days of September.
The Dow, which is made up of The bulls’ main talking point is Yum Brands $80
30 brand-name U.S. companies, that pretty much the entire world The fast-food franchise operator’s Pizza Hut stores
closed at a record high. So did the is enjoying an economic rebound Change in Jacksonville are getting hammered online for an
large-company Standard & Poor’s or expansion, a positive trend -$0.63 internal memo to employees telling them not to
500 stock index. The tech- that occurs infrequently. evacuate Friday despite a mandatory evacuation or- $70
% chg Aug. 15 Sept. 12
packed Nasdaq composite also But market skeptics say stocks -0.8% der issued by Mayor Lenny Curry.
closed at an all-time high, even are too pricey and can’t keep go-
though shares of Apple edged ing up forever. They point to the
lower after the release of its fact that the S&P 500 is within 4 Price: $18.01 Day’s high: $18.31 Low: $17.96 4-WEEK TREND
iPhone X, its newest phone that points of hitting the 2500 level
lists for $999 and has facial recog- for the first time, a big number Toshiba $20 $18.01
nition and wireless charging that could act as a new price ceil- The electronics products conglomerate delayed its
capabilities. ing. Another negative is the fail- Change decision on the sale of its $18 billion chip unit at a
Investors keep pushing stocks ure of the small-company Russell -$0.25 board meeting planned for Wednesday. It now fa-
higher despite all sorts of negativ- 2000 index, which is still 2% be- vors Bain group as talks with a consortium includ- $15
es swirling around, including a low its late-July peak, to join the % chg Aug. 15 Sept. 12
-1.4% ing Western Digital ran into difficulty.
made-for-TV hurricane season, new high party.


+61.49 JONES +8.37 500 22,118.86

CHANGE: +.3% CLOSE: 22,118.86 CHANGE: +.3% CLOSE: 2,496.48

YTD: +2,356.26 PREV. CLOSE: 22,057.37 YTD: +257.65 PREV. CLOSE: 2,488.11
YTD % CHG: +11.9% RANGE: 22,087.09-22,133.97 YTD % CHG: +11.5% RANGE: 2,490.39-2,496.77

+8.64 RUSSELL 2000 INDEX
6,400 2,500
CHANGE: +.3% CLOSE: 6,454.28 CHANGE: +.6% CLOSE: 1,423.46
YTD: +1,071.16 PREV. CLOSE: 6,432.26 YTD: +66.33 PREV. CLOSE: 1,414.82
YTD % CHG: +19.9% RANGE: 6,429.54-6,455.03 YTD % CHG: +4.9% RANGE: 1,415.17-1,423.92


GAINERS Company (ticker symbol) Price $ Chg % Chg % Chg

Gap (GPS) 27.61 +1.67 +6.4 +23.0

Shares up in optimistic consumer spending environment. 5,600 2,300
March Sept. March Sept.
Range Resources (RRC) 17.92 +.95 +5.6 -47.8
Demand rebounds after hurricane, shares higher.
Perrigo (PRGO) 89.01 +3.94 +4.6 +6.9 Fund, ranked by size NAV Chg. 4wk 1 YTD 1
Vanguard 500IdxAdmrl 231.44 +0.79 +2.4% +13.1%
Jumps as company leans toward keeping generic unit. Vanguard TtlSMIdxAdmrl 62.47 +0.24 +2.6% +12.4% SECTOR DAILY YTD
Vanguard InsIdxIns 228.38 +0.78 +2.4% +13.1%
CenturyLink (CTL) 19.11 +.77 +4.2 -19.6 Vanguard TtlSMIdxInv 62.44 +0.24 +2.6% +12.3%
Technology 0.2% 22.0%
Vanguard TtInSIdxInv 17.67 +0.05 +4.1% +21.6%
Rises as company revises time frame for Level 3 deal. Vanguard TtlSMIdxIns 62.48 +0.24 +2.6% +12.4%
Vanguard InsIdxInsPlus 228.40 +0.78 +2.4% +13.1%
Health care 0.2% 20.9%
L Brands (LB) 39.36 +1.46 +3.9 -40.2 Fidelity Contrafund 120.99 +0.31 +3.3% +23.7%
Solid rating in optimistic market environment. Vanguard TtInSIdxInsPlus 118.20 +0.33 +4.0% +21.7%
Vanguard WlngtnAdmrl 72.28 +0.21 +1.6% +8.6% Materials 0.8% 13.1%
Comerica (CMA) 69.20 +2.45 +3.7 +1.6
Shares outperform on analyst upgrade. Utilities -1.7% 13.0%
ETF, ranked by volume Ticker Close Chg. % Chg %YTD
National Oilwell Varco (NOV) 33.38 +1.12 +3.5 -10.8 SPDR Financial XLF 24.81 +0.29 +1.2% +6.7% Industrials 0.5% 11.2%
Climbs along with peers on rebounding demand. SPDR S&P500 ETF Tr SPY 250.05 +0.84 +0.3% +11.9%
iShs Emerg Mkts EEM 45.44 -0.05 -0.1% +29.8%

CVS Health (CVS) 82.43 +2.71 +3.4 +4.5 VanE Vect Gld Miners GDX 24.67 +0.11 +0.4% +17.9% Consumer discret. 0.4% 10.6%
PowerShs QQQ Trust QQQ 146.22 +0.35 +0.2% +23.4%
Positive note, donates $125,000 to hurricane recovery. iShares Brazil EWZ 42.37 -0.18 -0.4% +27.1%
Barc iPath Vix ST VXX 44.55 -1.24 -2.7% unch. Consumer staples 0.2% 7.4%
iShares Rus 2000 IWM 141.54 +0.86 +0.6% +5.0%
Goodyear Tire & Rubber (GT) 32.63 +1.08 +3.4 +5.7 SPDR S&P O&G ExpPdtn XOP 30.83 +0.66 +2.2% -25.6%
Moves forward with automated tire facility, positive notes. CS VelSh 3xLongNatGs UGAZ 12.27 +0.61 +5.2% -73.4% Financials 1.2% 6.7%
Macy’s (M) 22.22 +.74 +3.4 -38.0 INTEREST RATES MORTGAGE RATES
Optimistic environment, shares climb. Telecom 0.4% 1.1%
Type Close 6 mo ago Type Close 6 mo ago
Prime lending 4.25% 3.75% 30 yr. fixed 3.74% 4.19%
LOSERS Company (ticker symbol) Price $ Chg % Chg % Chg
Federal funds 1.16% 0.66% 15 yr. fixed 2.95% 3.33% Energy 0.6% -13.2%
3 mo. T-bill 1.02% 0.74% 1 yr. ARM 3.10% 3.16%
5 yr. T-note 1.75% 2.10% 5/1 ARM 3.11% 3.29%
Anthem (ANTM) 189.24 -6.71 -3.4 +31.6 10 yr. T-note 2.17% 2.58% SOURCE: BANKRATE.COM CBOE VOLATILITY INDEX
Dips as it considers retreating further from Obamacare. Measures expected market volatility
COMMODITIES based on S&P 500 index options pricing:
McDonald’s (MCD) 156.33 -5.20 -3.2 +28.4 Commodities Close Prev. Chg. % Chg. % YTD

Shares decline on sales concerns over hurricane.

Cattle (lb.) 1.06 1.07 -0.01 -0.9% -10.7% 20
Corn (bushel) 3.40 3.46 -0.06 -1.6% -3.4%
Gold (troy oz.) 1,328.00 1,331.00 -3.00 -0.2% +15.5%
Extra Space Storage (EXR) 77.47 -2.26 -2.8 +.3 Hogs, lean (lb.) .59 .62 -0.03 -3.4% -10.1%
10 30
Natural Gas (Btu.) 3.00 2.95 +0.05 +1.7% -19.4%
Shares dip again since downgrade after hurricane. Oil, heating (gal.) 1.74 1.74 unch. -0.1% +2.1%
Oil, lt. swt. crude (bar.) 48.23 48.07 +0.16 +0.3% -10.2%
Hologic (HOLX) 38.19 -1.01 -2.6 -4.8 Silver (troy oz.) 17.80 17.81 -0.01 -0.1% +11.7%
Soybeans (bushel) 9.44 9.55 -0.11 -1.1% -5.2%
At risk of U.S. draft recommendation on cancer screening. Wheat (bushel) 4.20 4.12 +0.08 +1.8% +2.8%

Eversource Energy (ES) 62.64 -1.47 -2.3 +13.4 0 40

Sector declines, shares fall along with peers. FOREIGN CURRENCIES
-0.13 (-1.2%)
Currency per dollar Close Prev. 6 mo. ago Yr. ago
British pound .7523 .7591 .8212 .7499
FirstEnergy (FE) 31.76 -.75 -2.3 +2.6 Canadian dollar 1.2176 1.2111 1.3464 1.3044
Shares dip to month’s low in losing sector. Chinese yuan 6.5329 6.5238 6.9164 6.6873 The price-to-earnings ratio, based on
Euro .8355 .8359 .9352 .8896
Japanese yen 110.11 109.34 114.78 101.84
trailing 12-month “operating” earnings:
Dominion Resources (D) 78.18 -1.74 -2.2 +2.1 Mexican peso 17.7535 17.6680 19.6413 18.8831
Sector suffers in negative environment. 15
AvalonBay Communities (AVB) 184.63 -3.92 -2.1 +4.2 FOREIGN MARKETS
7.5 22.5
Country Close Prev. Change %Chg. YTD %
Reaches month’s low as fund manager trims. Frankfurt 12,524.77 12,475.24 +49.53 +0.4% +9.1%
Hong Kong 27,972.24 27,955.13 +17.11 +0.1% +27.1%
Consolidated Edison (ED) 84.21 -1.84 -2.1 +14.3 Japan (Nikkei) 19,776.62 19,545.77 +230.85 +1.2% +3.5%
London 7,400.69 7,413.59 -12.90 -0.2% +3.6%
Breaks winning streak as sector lags. Mexico City 50,480.97 50,359.32 +121.64 +0.2% +10.6%
WEC Energy Group (WEC) 65.63 -1.41 -2.1 +11.9 0 30
Sector falls in negative environment, shares follow. IN-DEPTH MARKETS COVERAGE SOURCE BLOOMBERG +0.07 (+0.3%)

Whole Foods sees a whole lot of traffic after price cuts

analyzes location data. It’s unclear whether purchase. I can’t imagine you had able prices than Whole Foods.
Zlati Meyer Amazon’s Whole Foods price the 25% spike in foot a lot of foot traffic that didn’t add Having lost some of that initiative
USA TODAY cuts took effect on Aug 28, the some incremental value,” said now, they certainly have some-
day the $13.7 billion deal closed. traffic was curious Bob Hetu, research director for thing to fear,” Hetu said.
Among the discounted items people taking a peek, retail at research and consulting Amazon-Whole Foods is the
Whole Foods’ foot traffic were Whole Trade bananas, down people cherry-picking firm Gartner. fifth-largest grocery retailer in
jumped 25% in the first two days 38% from 79 cents to 49 cents; the discounted items He expects the number of the country, according to analysts
after Amazon acquired it, but organic baby kale, cut 12% from shoppers to level out a bit. Whole at Cowen. Walmart is No. 1 fol-
whether the combination of low- $3.99 for a 5-ounce package to or consumers filling Foods, once derided as Whole lowed by Kroger, Costco and
er prices on select food staples $3.49; and “responsibly-farmed” their baskets. Paycheck for its high prices, could Albertsons.
and curiosity will continue to tilapia, reduced 33% from $11.99 appeal to a fresh group of cost- Cooper Smith, director of Am-
drive shoppers there remains a to $7.99. uals coming to take a peek, peo- conscious consumers. azon research for the research
huge question. Amazon declined to comment ple cherry-picking the discounted “Probably retailers like Kroger and advisory firm L2, wasn’t sur-
Traffic was up nationally Aug. on sales trends on those two days, items or consumers filling their have the most to be concerned prised that customers had flocked
28-29, compared to the previous so retail experts can’t analyze baskets with lots of food. about here, because they were to Whole Foods.
Monday and Tuesday, according whether the spike in the number “It’s pretty rare that someone making their mark as being a pro- “Price is still the No. 1 factor
to Foursquare, which collects and of shoppers was curious individ- will visit the store and not make a vider of organics at more accept- for consumers,” he said.
Google employee spreadsheet
alleges wide pay gap for women
Jessica Guynn

SAN FRANCISCO Women are paid

less than men at most job levels
at Google, and that disparity only
widens at more senior levels, ac-
cording to a spreadsheet obtained
by USA TODAY and first reported
No longer just a “factory town,” Pittsburgh is the top city for jobs based on by The New York Times.
hiring, affordability and job satisfaction, according to job search site Glassdoor. The spreadsheet, which con-
tains salary and bonus informa-

For hot job prospects,

tion for 2017, likely will heat up
debate over the gender pay gap at
Silicon Valley technology compa- The spread- less than men, the Times
nies, where men vastly outnum- sheet was reported.

head to the Midwest ber women.

Google says the spreadsheet,
which contains information sup-
plied by employees, does not
started by a
former Goo-
gle employee,
Erica Baker.
Google, which segments its
employees by levels from one to
seven, says the analysis features
“an extremely small sample size
paint an accurate picture of com- Above, Goo- and doesn’t include location, role,
Charisse Jones WHERE THE JOBS ARE pensation at the Internet giant gle’s head- tenure or performance.”
@charissejones because it does not take into con- quarters in “This means that the story is
USA TODAY Glassdoor’s Top 10 cities in the U.S. for finding a job: sideration important factors such Mountain comparing the compensation of,
as where an employee is based as View, Calif. for example, a high-performing
1. PITTSBURGH well as that employee’s tenure Level 5 engineer in the Bay Area
If you think you need to head uJob openings: 95,399 and job performance. with a low-performing Level 5
uMedian base salary: $44,000
to a big city on the East or West uHot jobs: Civil engineer, project manager, regis-
The spreadsheet was started by non-technical employee working
Coast to find a great job, you tered nurse a former employee, Erica Baker. in a different location. It doesn’t
might want to think again. By tracking salaries, she hoped to make sense to compare the com-
Midwestern cities such as 2. INDIANAPOLIS bring to light any disparities for pensation of these two people,”
Pittsburgh, Indianapolis and uJob openings: 80,561 women or people of color and Google spokeswoman Gina Sci-
Louisville were among the top uMedian base salary: $43,000 help her colleagues negotiate gliano said. “We do rigorous com-
cities in the U.S. for finding a job, uHot jobs: DevOps engineer, marketing manager, higher compensation. pensation analyses, and when you
feeling good after you get it and machine operator In 2015 she alleged the spread- compare like for like, women are
being able to enjoy an affordable sheet revealed “not great things” paid 99.7% of what men are paid
quality of life, according to a new 3. KANSAS CITY, MO. about pay equality at the at Google.”
study compiled by job search site uJob openings: 90,649 company. Allegations of pay disparities
uMedian base salary: $45,000
Glassdoor. uHot jobs: Software engineer, research associate,
Scrutiny of Google has intensi- come at a tense time for Google,
“If you weigh (those criteria) audit manager fied since the Labor Department Google which last month fired an em-
equally, these are some of the sur- began examining possible pay ployee who wrote an internal me-
prising cities that come to the disparities. In April, a Labor De-
says the mo suggesting men are better
top,” says Andrew Chamberlain, uJob openings: 65,810 partment official said it had found analysis suited for tech jobs than women.
Glassdoor’s chief economist. uMedian base salary: $50,000 “systemic compensation dispari- features Google, which three years ago
Pittsburgh was No. 1 in Glass- uHot jobs: Mobile developer, physician, civil engi- ties against women pretty much “an ex- pledged to close the race and gen-
door’s rankings, with the median neer across the entire work force.” der gap to make its workforce
value of a home costing roughly Google disputes that. In Janu-
tremely better reflect the panoply of peo-
three times the area’s median 5. ST. LOUIS ary, it said women make 99.7 small ple it serves around the globe, is
base salary of $44,000. Civil engi- uJob openings: 104,725 cents for every dollar a man sample still overwhelmingly male and
uMedian base salary: $45,600
neers, nurses and project man- uHot jobs: Electrical engineer, communications
makes at the Silicon Valley size and employs very few African Ameri-
agers were in particular demand company. cans and Hispanics.
in the one-time manufacturing
manager, recruiter
According to the Times’ analy-
doesn’t Baker says the company should
hub. 6. MEMPHIS sis of the spreadsheet, at five of include make this kind of pay data avail-
Indianapolis and Kansas City, uJob openings: 42,347 six job levels, women are paid less location, able to employees so they don’t
Mo., ranked second and third, uMedian base salary: $41,200 than men. At the entry level for role, have to collect it themselves.
with openings plentiful in job cat- uHot jobs: Physical therapist, software engineer, technical positions, women make “I would also encourage them
egories ranging from machine op- maintenance technician 4% less than men at $124,000 in
tenure or to understand and eliminate the
erator to software engineer and salary and bonus. By midcareer, perfor- biased practices in place that re-
audit manager. 7. COLUMBUS, OHIO women earn on average $11,000 mance.” sult in pay disparities,” she said.
Meanwhile, the tech and fi- uJob openings: 78,370
uMedian base salary: $45,000
nance capitals of San Francisco, uHot jobs: Office manager, database adminis-
New York and Boston didn’t even ADVERTISEMENT
trator, restaurant manager
crack the top 25.
“When many people think 8. CINCINNATI
about moving for work, especially uJob openings: 79,554
young people, they think about uMedian base salary: $44,637

big cities with flashy brand names uHot jobs: Data engineer, medical assistant, ac-
like New York and San Francis- count executive

OVER 80%!
co,” he says. But “while those cit-
ies have many jobs, they’re also 9. CLEVELAND
very expensive and competitive.” uJob openings: 66,410
uMedian base salary: $43,000
A key driver of job growth in uHot jobs: DevOps engineer, consultant, sales
many midsized U.S. cities is the associate
rising need for tech expertise in a
variety of industries, including re- 10. LOUISVILLE
tail and financial services, Cham- uJob openings: 49,213
berlain says. As a result, well- uMedian base salary: $40,138
known tech centers such as Seat- uHot jobs: Mechanical engineer, nurse manager,
tle and San Jose are No. 17 and warehouse associate • Uncirculated
No. 22, respectively, on Glass- condition
door’s list.
• 39 designs –
from 2010-date
SoFi CEO to step down • Never to be Enlarged
minted again! to show detail

after harassment lawsuit

Roger Yu
This month, Cagney confirmed
in a company memo that SoFi
hired attorneys to investigate the
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USA TODAY claims.
“To the extent we determine
that there is any truth to the alle-
National Park
Social Finance said Chairman
and CEO Mike Cagney plans to
gations, swift and severe action
will be taken,” Cagney wrote. “To Quarters issued to date!
step down following a lawsuit be blunt, that kind of behavior
that alleged sexual harassment by AFP/GETTY IMAGES
has no place at SoFi, and we’re Struck for only ten weeks each and then
managers and improper loan pa- Mike Cagney not going to tolerate it.” never again...The beautiful National Park
says he plans quarters honor a cherished site in each of the
perwork at the online personal fi- SoFi, based in San Francisco, is 50 states, D.C. and the 5 U.S. territories.
nance start-up. to remain as one of the hottest start-ups in the Order your set now for only $12.95 and SAVE
Cagney, who also is co-founder, SoFi CEO personal finance sector, with rev- OVER 80% off the regular price of $74.95. Respond
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the board names his successor, board names $134 million in the second quar- Uncirculated 2010 Lincoln cent – first with
likely by the end of the year. He a replace- ter. It also funded $3.1 billion in FREE the Union Shield reverse.
was replaced immediately as ment. loans during the quarter. You’ll also receive our fully illustrated
board chairman by venture capi- SoFi says it has so far lent catalog, plus other fascinating selections
from our Free Examination Coins-on-
talist Tom Hutton, who has been more than $20 billion to more Approval Service, from which you may
a board member since 2012. than 350,000 people. purchase any or none of the coins – return
Social Finance, often known as SoFi’s legal challenges are the when you order balance in 15 days – with option to cancel at
©2017 LCC, Inc.

within 30 days
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month by a former employee, pressure on some Silicon Valley
Brandon Charles, who claimed he companies to address workplace Mail coupon or order online at
was fired for reporting sexual ha- culture issues. www.LittletonCoin.com/specials Get all 39 issues from 2010-date and SAVE!
rassment of female colleagues by Two weeks ago, ride-service
their managers and outing im- provider Uber named Dara Khos- YES! Please send me the 39-Coin Set of Uncirculated
Method of payment:
proper recording of loans by sev- rowshahi as its new CEO after co- 2010-Date America’s National Park Quarters for ONLY ❏ Check ❏ VISA ❏ MC ❏ AMEX ❏ DISC
eral managers. founder Travis Kalanick resigned $12.95 – reg. $74.95, plus Free Shipping (limit 5 sets). Also
Card No. Exp. Date____/____
send my FREE Uncirculated 2010 Union Shield Cent (1 per
“I could not be prouder of the in June under pressure from in- customer, please).
company’s (sic) we’ve built to- vestors. Earlier this year, former QTY DESCRIPTION PRICE TOTAL

gether,” Cagney wrote in a com- Uber engineer Susan Fowler 39-Coin Quarter Set (limit 5 sets) $12.95
Name ______________________________________________________________________
pany blog post Monday. came forward with allegations Add Custom 2010-2021 $2.95
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“Recently, though, the focus has that her reports of sexual harass- America’s National Park
Quarters Display Folders
Address____________________________________________________ Apt# ____________
shifted more toward litigation ment went ignored by the compa- & SAVE 25% at $2.95
and me personally. The combina- ny’s human resources each (reg. $3.95). City___________________________________________State______ Zip _______________
tion of HR-related litigation and department. Amid accusations of
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negative press have become a dis- enabling a culture of sexism, Ka- Please send Littleton Coin Co®. Dept. 4QW437
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traction from the company’s core lanick fired more than 20 em- 45-Day Money Back Guarantee of Satisfaction
America’s Favorite Coin Source • TRUSTED SINCE 1945
mission.” ployees before he himself left.

News from across the USA
A former kennel owner who
ALABAMA Tuscaloosa: A truck
driver called police when an
Reunited after 50 years, couple say, ‘I do’ served jail time for animal cruelty
faces new charges that he failed
8-foot alligator crawled under his to care for dozens of animals on
parked 18-wheeler. Authorities his property. The charges stem
captured the animal and released young people experience. I call from a May 5 raid at Derbe Eck-
it back into its natural habitat. Patti Singer it the eternal flame of true hart’s farm.
Rochester Democrat & Chronicle love.”
ALASKA Bethel: A team of sci- They went on to live separate RHODE ISLAND Providence: A
entists is measuring the impact of lives. Meyerink’s family moved program that spreads poetry
ROCHESTER Jennifer Meyerink to Oakville, Ontario, Canada,
climate change on arctic wildlife through city transit systems has a
by tracking vulnerable plant and says it was her brother, who and she became a nurse. Each new audience. The “Poetry in
animal species like Alaska’s mi- worked at the U.S. Navy station married, and their spouses have Motion” program began reaching
gratory geese, KYUK-AM reports. in Trinidad and Tobago, who since died. Rhode Island Public Transit
One expert says geese that mi- introduced her to Stephen Wal- “Fate opened the door after Authority riders this week. The
grate to the area are declining by bert, who worked for the admi- all those years,” he says. September feature is an excerpt
more than 80% in Siberia and ral and was a disc jockey on the After Meyerink’s husband from Walt Whitman’s “Song of
East Asia. base. died, her sister found Walbert Myself.”
She remembers Walbert be- on Facebook. She set it up for
ing a regular at her family’s her to email Walbert, who was
home and the feelings she had retired and living in Wisconsin.
for him. They reunited in 2015.
Five decades later, sitting in As they recount their parting
Walbert’s hospital room at Stephen Walbert kisses his and reunion, Meyerink, 72,
Rochester General Hospital, new bride, Jennifer Walbert. holds Walbert’s hand or rests
their fingers intertwined and He proposed after the pair her hand gently on his leg.
Walbert stroking her arm and were reunited after 50 years. “I was elated,” Meyerink says
caressing her chin, the details about seeing him again. “I nev-
of their first meeting are lost to them. Her parents viewed the er stopped loving him.”
time. ceremony via Skype from their She kept Walbert’s dog tag in
Their lifetime spent apart home outside Toronto. Several a piece of Samsonite luggage.
will dissolve into whatever time members of Walbert’s care She gave it back to him, and he
Walbert, 73, has left, as he — team bore witness. gave her an engagement ring. SOUTH CAROLINA Greer: BMW
and his new wife — deal with “We thought about each oth- He wore the dog tag at the has celebrated its 4 millionth
his leukemia. “I have a firm be- er when we were listening to wedding. vehicle made in South Carolina,
lief — one day at a time,” Wal- oldies but goodies radio sta- This week, Walbert and his 23 years after the first car rolled
ARIZONA Kingman: Nearly 50 bert says. “That’s the way tions,” Walbert says. family will decide whether to off the plant’s assembly line. Last
people are under orders to appear you’ve got to live.” When he was on the island, continue treatment or choose year, the Greer plant produced
in court Sept. 21 to explain why City Clerk Hazel Washington he says, he would dedicate hospice care. Walbert says the more than 411,000 vehicles.
they shouldn’t be found in con- officiated Monday as the couple songs to Jenny and her family. leukemia diagnosis was a curve-
tempt for failing to show for jury exchanged vows and rings. Wal- Upon his discharge from the ball, but he is encouraged. SOUTH DAKOTA Sioux Falls:
duty, The Kingman Daily Miner bert and his wife are big Elvis service, he gave her his dog tag “I haven’t given up hope on Police say a suspect in last week’s
reports. The judge hopes the fans, and the bridegroom wore and promised he would return. myself yet,” he says. “I never Crown Casino robbery may also
orders encourage others to report a black Elvis suit with a purple “It was teenage love,” he says. will. But I have her back. And be responsible for two other
when they get a summons. scarf. Walbert’s son, Stephen II, “Puppy love. It was that kind of that gives me all the strength I similar casino robberies. In-
and Meyerink’s younger sister, love. It was a flame that started. need to get through the rest of vestigators believe the 27-year-
ARKANSAS Harrisburg: State Azora Schinkel, stood up for A flame that I hope a lot of you my life.” old man arrested in that case also
game officials acting on a tip are robbed Duece’s Casino and Rice
investigating the discovery of Lake Casino on Sept. 1 and 2.
seven tigers, six lions and a leop-
ard in a Poinsett County barn. IDAHO Boise: City officials say MASSACHUSETTS Boston: A NEW HAMPSHIRE Keene: Offi- TENNESSEE Camden: Unsafe
Authorities say all of the animals they’re happy with a program group that backed last year’s cials are holding up a permit for levels of the cancer-causing metal
were in cages. offering jobs in the Boise Parks charter school ballot question in Keene’s annual pumpkin festival cadmium have been found at an
and Recreation Department to Massachusetts has paid more amid concern about a repeat of abandoned Tennessee landfill,
CALIFORNIA Los Angeles: An homeless residents and have than $425,000 in a campaign violence that marred the 2014 The Tennessean reports. Ground-
Orange County man pleaded decided to expand it, The Idaho finance settlement. The forfeiture event, New Hampshire Public water tests measured more than
guilty to selling misbranded pet Statesman reports. The program is the largest in the 44-year histo- Radio reports. The City Council five times the acceptable limit for
medications without prescrip- is a partnership between the city ry of the state Office of Campaign received letters from the fire and cadmium.
tions. Prosecutors say Sean Ger- and the Interfaith Sanctuary and Political Finance. police chiefs warning of potential
son netted about $2.5 million homeless shelter. trouble. TEXAS Beaumont: Health offi-
over 15 years. MICHIGAN Copper Harbor: An cials in Texas say the Federal
ILLINOIS Rosemont: Hotel Upper Peninsula lodge built with NEW JERSEY New Brunswick: Emergency Management Agency
COLORADO Colorado Springs: employees found the body of a federal aid during the Great De- A state trooper accused of pulling is using modified Air Force C-130
Narcotics officers seized millions missing Chicago woman in a pression is for sale. The Daily over women so he could ask them aircraft to spray chemicals in an
of dollars in illegal drugs in Colo- suburban hotel’s freezer. The Mining Gazette reports that the out on dates has pleaded guilty to effort to control mosquitoes in
rado Springs. Nearly 11 pounds of Cook County Medical Examiner’s Keweenaw County Board has a invasion of privacy and others the aftermath of Hurricane
heroin with a street value of $2.4 Office says Kenneka Jenkins, 19, $1.5 million offer for Keweenaw charges. Prosecutors will recom- Harvey.
million and over 38 pounds of was last seen at a weekend party Mountain Lodge. mend probation for Marquice
methamphetamine with a street at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Prather, who will have to forfeit UTAH Salt Lake City: A Utah
value of about $6.3 million were Rosemont, the Chicago Tribune MINNESOTA St. Paul: The his job. school district put a high school
taken, plus $24,000 in cash. reports. state’s new computer system for teacher on leave for assigning a
vehicle license plates is drawing NEW MEXICO Albuquerque: questionnaire that asked stu-
CONNECTICUT New Britain: INDIANA Jasper: A coroner says criticism from car dealers and Police say thieves stole an SUV dents about their sex lives and
The Connecticut State Colleges & a man was fatally injured Monday drivers who cite long lines at and attached U-Haul trailer — other personal matters. Answers
Universities system is having when a lift collapsed at the Jasper license offices and delays in get- with a casket inside — outside an were scored with ratings: “nerd,”
solar energy installed on three High School football field. The ting plates. The Minnesota Li- Albuquerque motel. The casket “indecent” or “hopeless and
campuses. Officials say construc- (Jasper) Herald reports that the censing and Registration System that contained the body of the condemned.”
tion will begin in late fall at Man- lift was being used to install cost more than $90 million. victim’s father-in-law was found
chester and Middlesex lights. later nearby. VERMONT Windsor: The town
community colleges as well as MISSISSIPPI Jackson: Mis- is looking at options for an aban-
Southern Connecticut State IOWA Iowa City: The fate of one sissippi will get its first rural NEW YORK Greenwich: An doned National Guard armory,
University. of the city’s oldest homes remains charter school in fall 2018. The upstate New York railroad will The Valley News reports. The
uncertain. The University of Iowa Clarksdale Collegiate Public raise a Greenwich bridge that has building constructed in 1950 has
DELAWARE Millsboro: The is seeking permission to purchase Charter School will start with caused traffic jams because it’s sat vacant since 2011.
theme was “the sacred fire which the pre-Civil War home and ad- grades K-2 and grow to 675 stu- too low for the average tractor-
continues to burn within us.” The jacent apartment for $2.6 million, dents in grades K-8 by 2028. trailer to pass beneath it, The VIRGINIA Hampton Roads:
two-day Nanticoke Powwow that The Iowa City Press-Citizen re- Glens Falls Post-Star reports. The Pleasure House Brewing is turn-
serves as fundraiser and festival ports. MISSOURI Bourbon: A man is bridge will be raised about three ing rainwater into beer, The Vir-
was held in Millsboro last week- accused of breaking into a home, feet. ginian-Pilot reports. Some 300
end, the News Journal reports. KANSAS Wichita: Winter wheat carrying a mop around during the gallons of drinkable rainwater is
planting is underway in Kansas. burglary and trying on the resi- NORTH CAROLINA New Bern: being brewed to produce about
DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA: The The National Agricultural Statis- dent’s shirts before jumping from Someone tried to sabotage an 200 gallons of pilsner, in part-
Secret Service restored access to tics Service says 3% of the 2018 a coffee table to leap through a annual charity bicycle ride by nership with the Chesapeake Bay
the White House and surround- crop has been planted. That glass window to escape, KMOV- scattering tacks along the route, Foundation.
ing areas Monday after a sign and comes as state farmers are har- TV reports. The New Bern Sun Journal re-
notebook were thrown over the vesting some of their fall crops, ports. At least 130 riders in the WASHINGTON Seattle: Seven
Pennsylvania Avenue fence. A including sorghum, corn and MONTANA Gardiner: Authori- event Saturday for people living bikini baristas and the owner of
suspect was arrested. cotton. ties say a grizzly bear attacked a with multiple sclerosis had flat the “Hillbilly Hotties” coffee
woman on a private ranch but tires. stand chain sued the city of Ever-
FLORIDA Tampa: Two Florida KENTUCKY Lexington: The was driven off by bear spray. It ett on Monday, saying two recent
manatees were left stranded Blue Grass Stockyards reopened was the second grizzly attack in NORTH DAKOTA Devils Lake: ordinances banning bare skin
when Hurricane Irma in a rebuilt facility this week the region this month that was Lake Region State College has violate their right to free expres-
sucked water out of after it was destroyed by a thwarted by the spray. created a campus police force as sion.
Sarasota Bay. fire last year. The $600 part of an initiative to improve
Rescuers million annual business safety and security, The Devils WEST VIRGINIA Charleston:
were able claims to be the largest Lake Journal reports. The West Virginia Board of Edu-
to load the cattle market in the cation has proposed lowering
animals eastern U.S. OHIO Steubenville: Officials in some teacher requirements, The
onto tarps this Ohio city are investigating a Charleston Gazette-Mail reports.
and drag LOUISIANA Mon- string of fires. Four vacant houses Among the proposed changes are
them to roe: A woman faces a burned in eight days, The Steu- exempting education degree
deeper second-degree murder benville Herald-Star reports. holders who meet minimum
water. charge for allegedly grade-point averages from having
smuggling oxycodone to a OKLAHOMA Oklahoma City: to pass a basic knowledge test.
GEORGIA hospital patient, The News-Star The principals of three schools
Atlanta: A reports. The victim, found dead named for Confederate generals WISCONSIN Kewaskum: The
state law that on the floor with a syringe in his say there’s little support among owner of the local Dairy Queen is
lets students carry guns to college IV port, was being treated for a NEBRASKA Omaha: Several parents to change the names, The defending a sign describing his
has a flaw, supporters and oppo- drug-resistant staph infection. Nebraska cities report a wealth of Oklahoman reports. Oklahoma restaurant as “politically in-
nents say. But they dispute the butterflies. Officials cite at least City Public Schools Superinten- correct” for its unabashed sup-
fix, The Atlanta Journal-Constitu- MAINE Portland: A Civil War- 100 painted lady butterflies in dent Aurora Lora will take the port for “God and country,”
tion reports. Weapons are OK for era fort at the entrance to Port- some Omaha gardens that usually issue to the school board on Sept. WDJT-TV reports.
tailgating, but not in stadiums. land Harbor is closing for im- see only a few dozen. An ento- 25.
Opponents want a tailgating ban. provements. Officials say Fort mologist attributes the boom to WYOMING Cheyenne: A judge
Supporters want the stadium ban Gorgas will get safety measures ample rain this year in California, OREGON Hillsboro: Authorities ordered a comic shop to pay over
dropped. such as railings and gates. where painted ladies start their say a woman faces child neglect $100,000 and legal fees to Little
migration. charges for allegedly leaving her America’s Hotel and Resorts
HAWAII Hilo: An investigation MARYLAND Baltimore: Local two children, ages 8 and 3, alone where it hosted the city’s first
found questionable hiring prac- police and firefighters may get a NEVADA Reno: The University in a park while she went to get a Comic Con in May 2016, The
tices by Hawaii County, West property tax break, The Baltimore of Nevada in Reno plans to sell a tattoo. Police say the children Wyoming Tribune Eagle reports.
Hawaii Today reports. An audit Sun reports. Officials believe the coveted Stradivarius violin at an went into a park restroom when Loft Collectibles, Comics and
reviewed 46 civil service jobs that step would entice more emergen- auction to help pay for a new $35 it started to rain and they got Games LLC closed last month.
were filled in 2016, and deter- cy responders to live in the city. million arts building, The Reno scared.
mined that 42 raised concern. Gazette-Journal reports. Compiled from staff and wire reports.

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Patrick could be
changing direction
ANALYSIS cess, stay in the sport
Mike Hembree after announcing
@mikehembree Tuesday that she
Special for USA TODAY Sports won’t be back with
Stewart-Haas Racing
next season?
What’s next for Danica Although the NASCAR “silly
Patrick? season” is very active, there ap-
Will one of the most famous pears to be no viable spot available
personalities in auto racing, de-
spite her lack of sustained suc- v STORY CONTINUES ON 2C Driver Danica Patrick won’t return to Stewart-Haas Racing.
of assault
Shelby Harris, who blocked a
Chargers tying field goal at-
tempt in the final seconds in the
Broncos’ 24-21 victory. Fellow
defensive end Wolfe similarly
had broken through the offen-
at issue
sive line on the previous play
that was waved off because of
a timeout.
Notre Dame on
notice with suit

124, 184
Consecutive victories and Nancy Armour
games without a loss, respec- narmour@usatoday.com
tively, by the Watertown (Mass.) USA TODAY Sports
girls field hockey team until it
lost Monday to rival Winchester
3-0. The school’s last field hock-
ey loss was in November 2008.
Notre Dame isn’t yet on Bay-
lor’s level when it comes to cal-
lous indifference and blind
negligence to the safety of
women on its campus.
The smoke clouds are getting
Three games in, Brigham Young has 695 yards of total offense under coach Kalani Sitake. thicker, however.
A former female student at

Notre Dame filed a lawsuit last
month accusing the university
of mishandling and then trying
to cover up her allegations of
sexual assault by a football play-

already settles in
er when it suggested she close
LAST WORD the case so he could transfer.
“WE HAVE INCREDIBLE FAN Troubling enough as that is,
SUPPORT AROUND THE the woman’s lawsuit echoes
GLOBE, AND THIS PART- complaints made by other
NERSHIP IS ANOTHER WAY women who have said they
TO NOT ONLY CONTINUE TO were assaulted at Notre Dame.
GROW THE WARRIORS Confusion about the process.
BRAND GLOBALLY, BUT ALSO A lack of communication. A
FURTHER CONNECT WITH shoddy investigation that
OUR FANS IN JAPAN, ASIA seemed designed to protect the
AND EUROPE.” university rather than the
Warriors president and chief woman who said she was vio-
operating officer Rick Welts, in lated.
a statement after the NBA “The university chose this
champions agreed to a three- route as an expedient method
year jersey patch advertising to deal with the situation, fol-
deal with Rakuten, a Japanese lowing a pattern of dealing with
tech company. such cases in the manner that
made Notre Dame come out on
SPORTS WEEKLY top regardless of the impact on
While the Cowboys’ Dak Pres- the students involved,” the
cott got pass-happy in NFL woman, identified only as Jane
Week 1, the Eagles’ Carson Doe to the unnamed football
Wentz proved his elusiveness. player’s Jack Roe, says in the
Also, previews and predictions civil lawsuit, filed Aug. 17 in
for NFL and college games. To St. Joseph County, where Notre
subscribe, go to mysportsweek- Dame is located.
ly.com or call 800-872-1415. The Sound familiar?
Texas A&M, left photo, had a shocking loss at UCLA. East Carolina, right, is off to a 0-2 start. Baylor compounded its many
digital edition is available in the
Apple, Google Play and Ama- sins by ignoring or burying the
zon Kindle stores. It’s not even officially fall, but college football hopes have been dashed across the widespread allegations of sexu-
country by shocking losses, struggling offenses and troubled defenses. No team has al harassment and abuse. That
Edited by Joe Rayos
was possible because it’s a pri-
felt it more than Texas A&M, which squandered a 34-point second-half lead in a loss
to UCLA. Paul Myerberg lists the Top 10 Most Disappointing Teams of 2017 3C v STORY CONTINUES ON 2C

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Allen, all grit, was all-Memphis

Guard, who signed with New Orleans,
was synonymous with Grizzlies, city
ing through the Grizzlies’ open-
Geoff Calkins ing night.
@Geoff_Calkins So much for the Grizzlies eas-
USA TODAY Sports ing gently into a new era. So
much for trying to pretend that
nothing has changed.
MEMPHIS Tony Allen had only The Grizzlies will set off fire-
gotten off the bench because Ru- works and introduce their new
dy Gay was injured and O.J. Mayo roster. And there Allen will be,
was suspended. But on the night pacing, talking to himself, ready
of Feb. 8, 2011, Allen led the Griz- to turn the celebration off.
zlies to a road win over the Okla- And who could blame him if
homa City Thunder with 27 he did? Allen’s departure has
points, fives steals and three been messier than Zach Ran-
blocked shots. dolph’s, because the Grizzlies
After the could have paid Allen as much as
COMMENTARY game, he was he’ll be making in New Orleans
asked to de- and because Allen so plainly
scribe what wanted to stay.
happened. “My heart is here,” Allen told
What he said me as the regular season wound
has become a part of Grizzlies down. “That big ’ol blue face, that
and civic lore. Grizzly bear, that’s where my
“All heart,” said Allen. “Grit heart is.”
grind.” This summer: “Memphis is
And right there, in those four home. It’s my city,” Zach Ran-
words, an era and a city were dolph says
defined. Allen said he wouldn’t “break
Without Allen, grit grind the bank” to stay with the Griz-
would not be the municipal zlies. He said a parting would “al-
mantra. most be like a divorce.”
Without Allen, FedExForum Which is not a bad description, Good things began to happen for Memphis and the Grizzlies with guard Tony Allen, left.
would not be the Grindhouse. as it happens. Some younger
Without Allen, there would be prospects caught the Grizzlies’ Grizzlies have been to the play- throws. of the quote. All heart. The furi-
no Grindfather, no Grind City eye. The front office went out offs every year. So Memphis loved him, the ous play was mesmerizing. The
Media, no Tony Allen Pepper and signed Wayne Selden, Ben Allen was an original, unlike way no other city had ever loved first-team defense was something
Grinder. McLemore and Tyreke Evans to any other player who has ever him, the way no other city ever to see. But it was Allen’s heart —
Without Allen, we would not play Allen’s position. They decid- been. He was a shooting guard will. He was as gleefully unpol- the transparent and emotional
be who we are. ed it was time to move on. who couldn’t really shoot. He was ished as the place itself. He was way he both played and lived —
And, yes, it is finally time for To be clear: This doesn’t make a man who — altogether now — as frustrating, and as hard to fig- that really sealed the deal.
this, finally time to say farewell to Grizzlies general manager Chris hung his hat on the defensive ure, and as easy to forgive and It’s painful to think that Allen
the most entertaining, most in- Wallace a villain. If it hadn’t been end. He dominated games with embrace. won’t be part of the Grizzlies’
spiring, most exasperating, most for Wallace, Allen wouldn’t have his defense and his ferocity. He Is there any other city in daily adventures any longer, even
bewildering and most inexplica- left Boston for Memphis in the could drive even the greatest which Allen could have become though everyone has seen it com-
bly thrilling Memphis Grizzly of first place. players — Kevin Durant comes to the official spokesman for the ing for a good long while. Allen
them all. But it’s hard to imagine that mind — right around the bend. airport? wasn’t just central to the Griz-
Allen has reached a one-year, the Grizzlies couldn’t have used He was hilarious. Even his Is there any other city in zlies’ seven-year playoff streak.
$2.3 million deal with the New Allen a couple of more seasons, missed layups were hilarious. which Allen could have been en- He was central to the joy.
Orleans Pelicans, according to at least in a limited defensive Along with everything else. The listed by the school system to So maybe it’s fitting that he’ll
The Vertical, which means — oh, role. And it’s impossible to imag- flexing. The shimmies. The record a telephone message re- be back on opening night, as a
yes, it does — that Allen will be ine that the Grizzlies will ever be miked up, first-team defense minding parents to send their symbol of how things change.
back in the Grindhouse on the quite as much fun. proclamations. The time he kids to school? Memphians will say hello to a
very night the Grizzlies’ new sea- Allen is the man who truly de- talked about milking the horse. Is there any other city that new season as they say goodbye
son begins. fined the city. With his play and Allen once drew a technical for would have taken Allen’s post- to Allen, in the house that he
Is that not the most Tony Allen with his words. throwing a shirt on the court game musings and made them a named, and thrilled.
thing ever? The man who once Before Allen, the Grizzlies had during a playoff game. He then civic rallying cry?
wandered through a performance never won a playoff game and won that game by harassing Du- Grit, grind. That’s how Mem- Calkins is a columnist for the Memphis
by the Golden State Warriors kids had missed the playoffs four con- rant into a missed shot, grabbing phians will remember Allen. But Commercial Appeal, part of the USA
TODAY Network.
dance team will now be wander- secutive seasons. Since Allen, the the rebound and hitting two free let’s not leave out the other part

Patrick may Case isn’t first one

be done v CONTINUED FROM 1C ported two years ago that the

with driving vate school that isn’t beholden

to pesky things such as open-
university refused to even ac-
knowledge its request for com-
ment after finding the
records laws. Department of Education was in-
v CONTINUED FROM 1C But it was also possible be- vestigating Notre Dame’s han-
cause the school’s leaders and dling of two sexual harassment
for Patrick next year. She leaves supporters stood silent, their complaints.
SHR amid sponsor difficulties — naivete or cold calculation con- Even the university’s response
in a Facebook post she said, “My vincing them that Baylor’s pre- to the recent lawsuit is terse, al-
time driving for them ... has come cious reputation must be most to the point of being com-
to an end due to a new sponsor- preserved above all else. bative.
ship arrangement in 2018” — and Despite the mighty reckon- This is a woman who claims
there has been no indication that ing Baylor has faced for its igno- she was included in a Title IX in-
she could deliver a solid sponsor rance and arrogance, Notre vestigation against her will.
to another team after losing Na- Dame seems not to have taken When she expressed concerns
ture’s Bakery this year when the notice. about possible interaction with
company could not fulfill its mon- The university agreed in 2011 her alleged abuser, it was sug-
etary commitment. to make sweeping changes in gested she drop the case so he
While SHR earlier Tuesday an- the way it handled sexual abuse could transfer without raising
nounced a new relationship with complaints following the sui- any red flags.
sponsor Smithfield Foods, a driver cide of Lizzy Seeberg the previ- To this, the university says
was not named. ous year. The Saint Mary’s only that that allegation is one of
It’s unlikely that Patrick, 35, CAR analyst Steve Letarte said. She also has appeared twice College student had accused a “many false statements” in the
would accept a ride with a lower- “The business model she has out- in the Sports Illustrated swim- Notre Dame football player of complaint.
level team, and she has indicated side of the race car is very success- suit issue, a claim quite unusual sexual battery, and her family “Like every university, Notre
that she has no interest in racing ful.” for a NASCAR driver. questioned the university’s will- Dame has a legal obligation to in-
part time. She told USA TODAY Perhaps anticipating her depar- Patrick’s star has continued to ingness to investigate. vestigate allegations of sexual
Sports last month she would con- ture from driving, Patrick has be relatively bright despite her Yet Notre Dame has con- misconduct,” the statement from
sider racing for another team but traveled other avenues. Early this struggles in NASCAR circles. In tinued to stonewall requests for spokesman Paul Browne said. “It
would not consider a part-time year, she began an athletic cloth- four-plus Cup seasons, she has transparency and act in a man- takes this obligation and the safe-
ride. A return to IndyCar racing, ing line called Warrior by Danica had only seven top-10 finishes ner that puts its female stu- ty of its students seriously, and
where she started her major Patrick, and she has written a and has not been a realistic dents in harm’s way. proceeds in a manner that is as
league motor sports career, seems book — scheduled for release next threat to win a race. She scored The university is the subject respectful as possible of the pri-
extremely unlikely. year — on health and fitness. four consecutive top-15 finishes of two sexual violence investi- vacy of the students involved. We
“I think there is a larger chance An exercise and nutrition devo- for the first time this season. gations by the Department of did so in this case.”
that she won’t be in a car next tee, Patrick has blogged about life- Her biggest achievement in Education’s Office for Civil Notre Dame might truly be-
year than she will be just because style issues, and she has been NASCAR was winning the Day- Rights, both of which were filed lieve that. But a troubling pattern
of the race teams available and active in social media circles, in- tona 500 pole in 2013 as she be- last year. has developed over the last seven
the seats available,” NBC NAS- cluding Twitter and Instagram. came the first woman to lead When ESPN sought incident years, seriously eroding the
Many of her Instagram posts are qualifying for a Cup race. reports involving football and school’s credibility.
yoga poses of the day or shout- Although Patrick has not basketball players from 2009 to The spotlight shines brighter
USA SNAPSHOTS© outs to other yogis, photos of culi- been regularly competitive, her 2014 from campus police, the on Notre Dame than any other
nary creations she has whipped up departure from NASCAR race university fought it all the way school in the country. If there’s
Playoff chase or shots with her longtime boy- fields would eliminate one large to the state Supreme Court, anything behind those gathering
friend and fellow driver Ricky and diverse source of star power. where it eventually triumphed. clouds of smoke, it’s going to be
Stenhouse Jr. and their dogs. She And this would be on the heels “The Huffington Post” re- found.
Chase Elliott has at least has built a significant portfolio of the sport losing four-time
one top-five outside motor sports. champion Jeff Gordon, three-
finish at Part of Patrick’s appeal to spon- time champion Tony Stewart,
sors and media outlets is that she Carl Edwards and 14-time most Corrections & Clarifications
5 of 10
tracks used
has attracted new eyes to auto rac-
ing, bringing in fans who knew lit-
popular driver Dale Earnhardt
Jr., who is leaving at the end of
USA TODAY is committed to accuracy. To reach us, contact Standards Editor Brent Jones at 800-872-7073
or e-mail accuracy@usatoday.com. Please indicate whether you’re responding to content online or in
the newspaper.

in the NASCAR tle about the sport. this season.

Cup playoffs, She was featured in Super Bowl The Verizon IndyCar Series A Sportsline item about the
including commercials for online domain was Patrick’s big-time launching canceled Central Florida foot-
Chicagoland service GoDaddy (a major Patrick pad. She won an IndyCar event ball game in Tuesday’s edition
Speedway, site of this sponsor until it pulled away from in Japan in 2008 and threatened included a Danny White pho-
weekend’s opener. auto racing in 2015), and those to win the Indianapolis 500 in tograph that was the former
appearances spread her name — 2009 before finishing third, the Cowboys quarterback and not
SOURCE NASCAR and brand — across international highest finish by a woman in the the UCF athletics director, who is
lines. world’s biggest race. pictured at left.

Texas A&M tops the list after losing
big lead, then struggling vs. FCS team
Paul Myerberg

All those preseason hopes and

dreams can go up in smoke in
four quarters. By the end of Week
2, meanwhile, it’s possible to start
making grand statements about
more than a handful of teams
across the Football Bowl
I’m talking about the catastro-
phes, the letdowns, the early lem-
ons and washouts. You know, the
teams that even through just two
full weeks reek of
This week’s top-10 list focuses Temple coach Geoff Collins is
on the duds: Which teams at this 1-1 after a blowout loss and
early juncture stand as the big- narrow victory.
gest disappointments in the FBS?
against North Carolina alone.
1. TEXAS A&M The team’s lone win came in 20-6
It’s like the majority of Kevin snoozer against Portland State,
Sumlin’s tenure in reverse: In- which was followed by a 27-0 loss Texas A&M and RB Kendall Bussey are 1-1 going into a matchup with Louisiana Lafayette.
stead of steamrolling early and to LSU and a 19-13 loss to rival
fading late, A&M has stubbed Utah. sour play of the defense. Thought defensive coordinator, which UNM. Now that the Lobos have
their toe right out of the gate. Af- to be the strong link as the of- should tell you something. After tasted consistent success, and the
ter coughing up a 34-point lead in 4. EAST CAROLINA fense broke in a new quarterback, giving up 43 points in its opener loss Saturday to rival New Mexico
the opener to UCLA, the Aggies Expectations weren’t high at UNC has given up 1,174 yards on against Missouri State, the Tigers State is a bucket of cold water on
struggled to put away Nicholls ECU heading into the year, 8.53 yards per play through two kicked off SEC play with a 31-13 the expectations.
State of the Football Champion- though that was entirely the by- games. loss to divisional rival South Being 1-1 at this point is worri-
ship Subdivision to even their product of last year’s disaster Carolina. some for another reason: New
record at 1-1. rather than the program’s own 6. TEMPLE Mexico faces Boise State, Tulsa,
aspirations in the American Ath- While Baylor struggles under for- 8. ARKANSAS Air Force, Colorado State and
2. GEORGIA SOUTHERN letic Conference. But this is an mer Temple coach Matt Rhule — The locals are getting restless — Wyoming before the end of
So much for bouncing back from utter disaster. One week after get- an ugly first year was coming for or more restless, I guess — after October.
2016. After suffering through a ting blown out by James Madi- Rhule, so the Bears don’t make Arkansas didn’t get close against
losing season last fall, Tyson son, the Pirates were steamrolled this list — the Owls clearly have TCU in a 28-7 loss Saturday. Opti- 10. BOWLING GREEN
Summers and the Eagles sit at by West Virginia 56-20. Through taken a step back under his suc- mists might say recall that the It was only in 2015 that the Fal-
0-2 with losses to Auburn — un- two games, Scottie Montgomery’s cessor, Geoff Collins. After get- Razorbacks lost in Week 2 back in cons won 10 games under Dino
derstandable and explainable — group has been outscored 90-34. ting bombed by Notre Dame in its 2015 (and in Week 3 and Week 4) Babers, who parlayed that suc-
and New Hampshire. The pro- opener, Temple narrowly beat but won six of their last seven to cess into the gig at Syracuse.
gram is not in good shape. 5. NORTH CAROLINA Villanova 16-13. finish 8-5. Realists would offer Two years later, Bowling Green
Losing to California in the opener Not the expected start for a that stinking up your home field again looks to be in woeful shape
3. BRIGHAM YOUNG was an eye-opener. Now 0-2 fol- team off consecutive 10-win in Bret Bielema’s fifth season isn’t under Babers’ successor, Mike
The Cougars’ offense is a dis- lowing a loss to Louisville, the Tar seasons. a good look. Jinks. Losing to Michigan State in
grace. BYU has gained 695 yards Heels resemble a team that has the opener is fine, but to drop a
across three games; Louisville little hope of reaching bowl eligi- 7. MISSOURI 9. NEW MEXICO 35-27 decision at home to South
had 705 yards in Saturday’s win bility. What’s been striking is the Missouri already has dumped its There are new standards at Dakota is an embarrassment.

Ariz. State’s start sparks social media outrage

Asked about this at his weekly in his right (punting) leg. No mat- help #players excel on the field
Doug Haller news conference, coach Todd ter. The Australian simply has #bnice.”
@DougHaller Graham said Monday that he ac- punted with his off foot “ his left “ Plummer’s point: Although the
USA TODAY Sports cepts a fan’s right to criticize. something he did well in Week 1, Sun Devils struggled in 1994, two
When a team underperforms, it’s but not so much against San Diego years later they played for a na-
part of the deal. At the same time: State. One punt traveled 12 yards. tional championship.
TEMPE , ARIZ . Arizona State’s “It’s not productive,” he said. Twitter reaction: As the university’s highest-paid
football season is just two weeks “We talk to our guys about con- “Your the (expletive) punter on employee at $3.2 million per year,
old, but already a portion of its trolling the things we can control the planet.” Graham understands. He’s re-
fan base is fed up. After last Satur- and that’s our attitude and our ef- “You (expletive) suck.” sponsible for the back-to-back
day’s loss to San Diego State, the fort. All you have to do is go out Both Wilkins and Sleep-Dalton losing seasons. He’s responsible
social-media outrage got so bad and perform on the field and you on Monday were unavailable to for the shaky 1-1 start. Any insults
that the football program had to don’t have to worry about that news media because it was their directed his way, he can take. But
intervene, an act that got national kind of criticism. That’s why I weekly off-day, as mandated by he admits it’s bothersome to see it
attention. Todd Graham is bothered by don’t spend much time on social NCAA rules. For Wilkins, in his directed at his players, whom he
Posted at 12:46 a.m. Sunday on criticism directed at players. media.” second season of starting, this considers family.
the official ASU football twitter Junior quarterback Manny probably was nothing new. If “When I talked to our guys the
account: letes have Twitter accounts, fans Wilkins and sophomore punter you’re the starting quarterback at other day, that’s what I talked
“If you feel the need to Tweet/ can direct venom directly to an Michael Sleep-Dalton both took a Pac-12 school, criticism comes about,” he said. “When I came in
DM degrading and insulting com- athlete’s digital doorstep. For bet- abuse after Saturday’s 30-20 loss with the territory. here I said we’re going to be a pro-
ments at our student-athletes, ter or worse, this gives the public to San Diego State. Wilkins com- Social media just makes it a lot gram that competes for champi-
please direct it to this account in- an opportunity to communicate pleted 20 of 33 for 298 yards and more personal. That doesn’t mean onships. We’ve done that. We’re
stead. Thanks.” with players on the field. It also two touchdowns. He was sacked it’s acceptable, but simply part of a two games into (this) season so we
The best and worst parts of so- blurs the line over what’s appro- four times and lost a fumble. changing landscape that has no have a ways to go before this sea-
cial media: It gives everyone a priate and what isn’t. Among the comments tweeted rules, regardless if the player is son is evaluated. You bring criti-
voice. A decade ago, people could “I don’t think (fans) should be at him: paid millions or still young cism on yourself by not
say whatever they wanted about tweeting directly at players, but “If you are a true Sun Devil you enough to be turned away at a li- performing well and we did not
college athletes and no one cared now it’s so easy,” said former ASU will hang them up bro.” quor store. perform well. I deserve the criti-
because so few heard about it. Ba- receiver Derek Hagan, who played “Really appreciate you ruining “Hey @FootballASU fans,” for- cism when you have that.”
sically, what was said in the sports in the NFL from 2006 to 2014. this team and what Taylor Kelly mer ASU quarterback Jake Plum-
bar, stayed in the sports bar. “But it’s not like these guys are built. Pathetic (expletive) loser.” mer tweeted Sunday. “Remember Doug Haller writes for the Arizona
Much has changed. professional football players. Sleep-Dalton the past two ‘94? Don’t be lame, be a true fan Republic, part of the USA TODAY Net-
Today, since most college ath- They’re still in college.” weeks has battled a muscle strain and remain positive if you want to


Five takeaways from Champions League openers

This was a signal of intent from but until Tuesday night he had CSKA Moscow came from be-
Martin Rogers PSG — and a loud one. never scored in three attempts hind to win at Benfica in a tough
@mrogersUSAT against Juventus’ legendary goal- and intense struggle, while Sport-
USA TODAY Sports FLUKE OR GENIUS? keeper Gianluigi Buffon. That ing Lisbon looked sensational in
Chelsea scored six goals in an un- barren streak ended at the Camp bursting into a 3-0 lead at Olym-
impeded rout of Azerbaijan’s Qa- Nou, as the little maestro struck piakos, before narrowly surviving
The UEFA Champions League rabag, but there was one that got on halftime, then added another a frenetic finish to win 3-2. Food
came back with a bang on Tues- everyone talking. Davide Zappa- in the second half as Barca for thought when planning your
day, with the opening matches of costa either scored one of the cruised to a 3-0 win over the future viewing schedules.
the new campaign providing ac- most spectacular goals in Cham- team that dumped it out of last
tion and goals aplenty. pions League history or — he got season’s quarterfinals. What mo- THE RESPONSE
Big names and big scorelines lucky. tivates Messi these days? Re- Step up Real Madrid, the chal-
on the first night gave fans much Zappacosta burst down the venge did here. lenge has been laid down.
to ponder. right flank, beat two players, then With all the big hitters in rous-
Paris St. Germain’s Neymar is scorched the ball past the goal- LESSER LIGHTS, HOTTER ing form on Tuesday, two-time
MONEY DOESN’T BUY YOU off to a fast start. keeper’s despairing dive from ACTION defending champion Real Madrid
LOVE ... close to the sideline. It looked like Bayern, Barca, Chelsea and Man- will be keen to offer a strong
… but it does buy you a darn good close to unstoppable, as did Ky- an intended cross, and it probably chester United have all won the response.
soccer team. The lavishly assem- lian Mbappe, the French teenager was, but either way Chelsea is fly- Champions League within the Real begins its campaign on
bled Paris St. Germain attacking priced more than $200 million. ing and Zappacosta has one for past decade, and while their per- Wednesday at home to Cyprus’
line flexed its muscles, routing Celtic might be one of the the highlight reel. formances on Tuesday were all APOEL Nicosia, and if it gets off
Celtic 5-0 on the road to make a weaker teams in the competition, impressive, those favoring a bit the mark early, don’t be surprised
swashbuckling start. Neymar, but it is no pushover at home, MESSI ENDS JINX more suspense would have en- to see Los Galacticos try to run
newly installed as the world’s having beaten Barcelona and tied There’s not much Lionel Messi joyed a pair of games off the up the score to prove a point to
most expensive player, looked Manchester City in recent teams. has failed to do on a soccer field, radar. its tournament rivals.

already feel
the pressure
Colts’ poor showing in Los Angeles
puts Pagano atop hot-seat rankings
Chicago, either, even if the Bears
Nate Davis gave the NFC champion Atlanta
@ByNateDavis Falcons all they could handle Sun-
USA TODAY Sports day. Unless the Bears turn the cor-
ner with veteran QB Mike
Glennon, it’s hard to envision Tru-
The NFL season is now a week bisky being the guy who can sal-
old, but we all know it’s not un- vage Fox’s tenure.
heard of for teams to make coach- 3. Marvin Lewis, Cincinnati
ing changes as early as September. Bengals: His deal expires after
Will the axe fall somewhere this this season. He’s never won a play-
month? Probably not. But will the off game in 14 seasons and didn’t
proverbial coaching hot seats even reach postseason last year.
warm up as the autumn temper- And, most concerning, his club
atures cool? Inevitably. laid a Week 1 goose egg for their
Here’s this season’s initial in- lame duck coach. Not a good way
stallment of our weekly hot seat to get another contract, even for a
rankings: guy who’s enjoyed owner Mike
1. Chuck Pagano, Indian- Brown’s loyalty since 2003.
apolis Colts: His team didn’t 4. Todd Bowles, New York
look capable of beating the Los Jets: His roster doesn’t have 53
Angeles Rams even if Andrew NFL-caliber talents on it, seem-
Luck had been fully healthy and ingly by design. The real questions
at the top of his game. Luck’s seem to be 1) Will Bowles want to
health is obviously a major key to hang around after this slog of a
Indy’s fortunes, but this club has season? and/or 2) Do the Jets see
been in steady decline since blow- him at the helm as they embark
ing the whistle on Deflategate, go- on what appears to be a lengthy
ing 16-17 since the 2014 AFC rebuild?
Championship Game. That’s not 5. Hue Jackson, Cleveland
entirely Pagano’s fault, but former Browns: His team gave the Pitts-
GM Ryan Grigson has already burgh Steelers a spirited battle
been ousted. And showings like Sunday, further evidence Jackson
Sunday’s 46-9 stinker certainly has the Browns finally pointed in
won’t endear Pagano to first-year the right direction. But it’s worth
GM Chris Ballard, who may even- wondering if a franchise not
tually decide he needs his own known for patience will let him
guy on the sideline. see his long-term vision through.
2. John Fox, Chicago Bears: 6. Ben McAdoo, New York Chuck Pagano’s Colts are 16-17 since their last postseason trip in 2014.
The rumor mill would have you Giants: He had a strong maiden
believe that Fox and GM Ryan voyage in 2016, leading New York middling Dallas Cowboys D. The three consecutive 9-7 finishes, the develop rookie Deshaun Watson,
Pace do not see eye to eye, and it back to the playoffs. But the Giants better improve quickly, or last two good enough for AFC who seems to be the best hope
hit overdrive after Pace’s stunning weather can change quickly in the tabloids will be calling for Mc- South crowns. But this team’s ob- O’Brien’s had for a solution. But if
move to acquire the No. 2 selec- New York, and McAdoo’s offense, Adoo’s newly coiffed head soon vious weakness is the quarterback the Texans crater, and Watson
tion of this year’s draft to get QB which lacked injured WR Odell enough. position, and O’Brien hasn’t been doesn’t make strides over the
Mitchell Trubisky. But there’s no Beckham Jr. on Sunday night, was 7. Bill O’Brien, Houston Tex- able to fix it — which was apparent course of the season, O’Brien
sidestepping Fox’s 9-24 record in still shockingly inept against a ans: He’s guided a flawed roster to again Sunday. He’s earned time to might find himself in jeopardy.


Chiefs rise to the top after impressive opener

(12): Promising season got off to The injury to David Johnson is
Nate Davis scary start, and Bucs didn’t even catastrophic given how offense
@ByNateDavis play. At least they can move for- now runs through him. Maybe
USA TODAY Sports ward after Tampa avoided direct Kerwynn Williams (5.4 career
hit from Irma. ypc) can hold fort.
11. Baltimore Ravens (18): If 24. Chicago Bears (30):
1. Kansas City Chiefs (9): Joe Flacco only has to throw 17 Could rookie Tarik Cohen’s stel-
They’ve probably been unfairly times a week, there won’t be any lar start (113 scrimmage yards)
overlooked until now. Alex Smith, need to put this decimated but and Jordan Howard’s killer drop
Kareem Hunt and Justin Hous- battle-hardened team on his in- in clutch significantly alter RBs’
ton ensure they won’t be any jured back. share of touches?
longer after statement win. 12. Tennessee Titans (7): 25. Washington Redskins
2. Green Bay Packers (5): They didn’t live up to the hype in (22): Not a $24 million perfor-
The game ball goes to DT Mike Week 1, failing to establish the mance from Kirk Cousins (INT, 2
Daniels, who had 11⁄2 sacks and run or convert in the red zone fumbles), unless you count his
stripped Russell Wilson at his against Oakland’s defense. team-high 30 rushing yards. (You
own 6-yard line to set up Pack’s 13. Detroit Lions (23): Can shouldn’t count that.)
first TD. $135 million be well spent on a 26. Houston Texans (16):
3. Oakland Raiders (8): De- QB? Matthew Stafford had a rec- Given what they went through
fense was their biggest issue, but ord 8 4th-quarter comebacks last with Harvey, a letdown is proba-
it held a capable Tennessee of- year. He’s on pace to have 16 in bly understandable. But they
fense in check on the road. Very 2017. need direction at QB and defi-
positive start. 14. Carolina Panthers (14): nitely need LT Duane Brown.
4. Atlanta Falcons (2): Pre- Offensively, what we expected — Detroit quarterback Matthew Stafford threw four touchdown 27. Buffalo Bills (28): Nifty
dictably, Kyle Shanahan-less of- limited exposure of QB Cam passes Sunday and rallied the Lions to a victory. start for rookie coach Sean
fense wasn’t same in opener. But Newton’s and lots of touches for McDermott, who unexpectedly
we now know why Matt Ryan has Christian McCaffrey. Resurgent has long-suffering Bills alone in
been talking up sophomore TE D a nice surprise. first place. Next up, team he
Austin Hooper. 15. Minnesota Vikings (17): knows well — Carolina.
5. Pittsburgh Steelers (4): QB Sam Bradford, RB Dalvin 28. Cleveland Browns (29):
Since stats became official stat in Cook and WR Adam Thielen Rookie QB DeShone Kizer had
1982, T.J. Watt is first rookie to looked like quite a set of triplets encouraging debut (pass/rush
debut in Week 1 with 2 sacks and with blocking to help them. TD), and defense limited impos-
INT. Brother J.J. Watt has never 16. Philadelphia Eagles ing Steelers offense to 290 yards.
had such a game. (19): LeGarrette Blount caught a Factory of happiness?
6. Dallas Cowboys (6): Dal- TD pass Sunday. Why is that 29. Indianapolis Colts (27):
las caught the Giants without noteworthy? He’d only done that Nice job by QB Scott Tolzien, who
OBJ and exploited New York’s one other time in his eight-year threw 2 TD passes, while filling in
shaky O-line. But give young, be- NFL career. for Andrew Luck. Oh wait, Tol-
leaguered Cowboys D credit for 17. Los Angeles Chargers zien’s TD passes were to the
starting strong. (13): They showed a lot of grit in Rams. NVM.
7. New England Patriots (1): Monday’s 4th-quarter comeback. 30. Cincinnati Bengals (25):
Panic button? Start Garoppolo? They also suffered the type of Andy Dalton was picked off 4
Can Belichick? Definitely. Oh, by lapses that swung the outcome in times, lost a fumble, was sacked 5
the way, Pats won Super Bowl last Denver’s favor. times and hit on 3 occasions.
3 times (’01, ’03, ’14) they lost in 18. New York Giants (10): If Maybe Cincy will invest in O-line
Week 1. an offense with this many offen- in future.
8. Seattle Seahawks (3): sive weapons is that dependent 31. San Francisco 49ers
Russell Wilson was sacked 3 on Odell Beckham Jr., then this (31): To all of those pundits who
times and hit 7. The running evidently isn’t a very good foot- Kansas City, with quarterback Alex Smith leading the way, urged you to look out for the Nin-
backs gained 53 yards, averaging ball team. won’t be overlooked after winning in New England. ers as a sleeper, we now remind
3.5 per carry. Yeah, that O-line is 19. Los Angeles Rams (24): you to cover your eyes as we’d
still horrendous. QB Jared Goff notched first ca- huge wrench into their schedule mask their QB issues. warned all along.
9. Denver Broncos (15): For reer W and 300-yard game. The and lives. At least they catch Bolts 22. New Orleans Saints 32. New York Jets (32):
most of Monday, they resembled offense scored 30 points, which on short week. (21): The defense still stinks. The Whew, that was close. Nice effort
their 2015 championship form, Rams did once in 2016. Even bet- 21. Jacksonville Jaguars offense had empty-calorie pro- in Buffalo nearly cost them inside
playing suffocating defense with ter, the D scored 16. (26): No Jag has had 10-sack sea- duction. And Adrian Peterson track on No. 1 pick. But Josh
Trevor Siemian leading efficient 20. Miami Dolphins (20): son since ‘06. Yet they had 10 col- looked like a woeful fit for this McCown got memo and tossed 2
offense. Can’t catch a break. Numerous lectively Sunday, including 4 from scheme. 4th-quarter INTs.
10. Tampa Bay Buccaneers camp injuries, then Irma throws newbie Calais Campbell. Helps 23. Arizona Cardinals (11): (Previous rank in parentheses)

Loss of Johnson stings the Cardinals

Arizona’s star running back may not be
able to play again until mid-December
expects any less from those teams.
Kent Somers The maturity of this Cardinals
@kentsomers team, especially on offense, and
USA TODAY Sports the experience of coach Bruce Ari-
ans and his staff should serve
them well in dealing with the
After the Arizona Cardinals’ emotional impact of losing a great
abysmal performance in a 35-23 player.
loss to the Detroit Lions last Sun- Five offensive starters are older
day, quarterback Carson Palmer than 30. There isn’t much guys
predicted brighter days ahead. such as receiver Larry Fitzgerald,
“The sky is not falling,” he said. 34, and Palmer, 37, haven’t dealt
On Monday, however, a large with in their careers.
chunk of it landed on the Cardi- What would help in this situa-
nals’ heads when an MRI con- tion is if one of those prominent
firmed running back David players stood up in a team meet-
Johnson suffered a dislocated left ing, or maybe publicly, and said,
wrist. “We got this.”
Surgery is required, and John- It worked for the Green Bay
son is expected to miss two to Packers in 2014 when they started
three months. He won’t be eligible 1-2.
to come off injured reserve until On his weekly radio show, quar-
mid-November, and he might not terback Aaron Rodgers made this
be ready to play until mid- pronouncement: “Five letters
December. here just for everybody out there
Can the Cardinals stay in play- in Packer-land: R-E-L-A-X. Relax. Arizona running back David Johnson suffered a dislocated left wrist against Detroit.
off contention until their best of- We’re going to be OK.”
fensive player returns? Granted, Palmer is not Rodgers Were they going to pitch to year as a rookie. bounced back.
It’s possible, but it won’t be as a player. But sending a message Johnson? Line him up at receiver? So for the Cardinals to be suc- He didn’t play well in the first
easy. Johnson gained 2,118 yards that no one is panicking after Throw a screen to him? cessful, at least one of those run- half of last season but improved
from scrimmage last season, 36% Johnson’s injury could do no With Johnson out, no doubt we ning backs will have to do dramatically over the final seven
of the team’s total. He scored 20 harm. will hear Arians’ mantra of “next something he hasn’t done recently games.
touchdowns, 39% of the total. In many ways, coaching in the man up” a few hundred times this — or ever — at this level: produce Palmer also needs more help
Johnson doesn’t have a weak- NFL is about managing crises, and week. The problem with that is over an extended number of than he received Sunday. Johnson
ness, and much of the offense was Arians has proved capable in these the next man up is the next man games. fumbled twice. Fitzgerald failed to
constructed to take advantage of types of situations. He’s usually at for a reason: He’s not as good as Most likely, the Cardinals of- make a catch for a touchdown
his varied skills. his best when outsiders expect the the guy he is replacing. fense will look more like the 2013- we’ve seen him make numerable
So how do the Cardinals re- least. Chris Johnson, whom the Car- 14 versions. Those teams didn’t times. J.J. Nelson dropped a pass
main relevant for the next two to He helped the 2012 Indianapo- dinals are bringing back, has plen- rush effectively, but the passing that would have gained at least 45
three months? lis Colts make the playoffs after ty of experience, is strong in pass game made up for it. yards. The blocking by the offen-
First, by not whining. Injuries head coach Chuck Pagano was di- protection but was perceived to be The onus is on Palmer to play sive line and tight ends was poor.
are like our fantasy teams and golf agnosed with leukemia. expendable after a pedestrian better than he did last weekend, The defense gave up three touch-
games. They matter to us, but no He believed in the 2013 Cardi- preseason. but that was going to be true even downs in the final 18 minutes.
one else wants to hear about nals when no one else did. That Kerwynn Williams is an excel- if Johnson hadn’t been injured. The Cardinals don’t need a
them. team started 3-4 and finished lent runner but not great as a re- With Johnson out, the Cardi- bunch of guys to suddenly become
Everyone has them. The New 10-6. ceiver or pass blocker. nals need the Carson Palmer who heroes, although it wouldn’t hurt.
England Patriots lost receiver Ju- Actually playing football with- Andre Ellington is great in passed for 34 touchdowns and They just need guys to do their
lian Edelman. The Jacksonville out Johnson will be the biggest space but hasn’t proved he can run 4,671 yards in 2015, the one who jobs, something only a handful of
Jaguars are without receiver Allen challenge. The beauty of having inside. had 25 touchdowns and 11 inter- them did Sunday.
Robinson. The Kansas City Chiefs Johnson in the backfield is that Elijhaa Penny played in his first ceptions from mid-2013 through If that happens, the sky might
lost safety Eric Berry and running defenses didn’t have a good idea of NFL game last week and didn’t 2014. stay where it is until Johnson
back Spencer Ware. The Miami what was coming. touch the ball. Is Palmer still capable of that? returns.
Dolphins are minus quarterback Were the Cardinals going to run D.J. Foster, expected to be It didn’t look like it in Detroit on
Ryan Tannehill. “23 Double,” their favorite inside signed off the Patriots practice Sunday, but that was one game. Somers writes for The Arizona Repub-
No one, including their fans, running play? squad, played in three games last He’s had bad games before and lic, part of the USA TODAY Network.

2 rookies Alvarez hasn’t built

take aim crossover following
at Tour Martin Rogers
make him must-see viewing, and
there are plenty of fans who would

finale @mrogersUSAT
be loathe to see the fighter turn off
his gentlemanly persona to adopt
the kind of brash and often boor-
ish antics of Mayweather or
LAS VEGAS Oscar De La Hoya McGregor.
Steve DiMeglio would change just one thing Yet De La Hoya, who himself
@steve_dimeglio about Saul “Canelo” Alvarez. was beloved in the Mexican-
USA TODAY Sports He’d have him speak English. American community throughout
More specifically, De La Hoya his career but also reached all sec-
would have Alvarez, boxing’s tions of society, feels that English
LAKE FOREST, ILL . Mackenzie biggest pay-per-view attraction mastery would greatly enhance
Hughes and Xander Schauffele assuming Floyd Mayweather Jr. his boxer’s earning potential.
have been in the same boat this stays retired, speak English in “Canelo is a fighter,” De La
season during their maiden public. Hoya added. “He loves what he
voyage on the PGA Tour. Alvarez, who will take on does. He is always training. He
The rookies have each had to Gennady “GGG” Golovkin in a loves to study the art of boxing.
learn to maneuver around golf middleweight blockbuster Sat- That’s what makes him exciting
courses they’d never seen while Rookie Mackenzie Hughes says, “It’s hard your first year, urday, is a major star within the and personable and likable. It is
playing against the best players seeing these places for the first time.” sport, but De La Hoya feels he just a matter of waiting for that
in the world. Figure out the best has been held back in terms of day for him to speak English.
places to stay and eat in destina- ship and the HSBC Champions. said. “I’d love to finish the sea- growing a crossover following “When you go out there and
tions they’d never visited. Face, They also receive playing spots son off getting to East Lake.” because of linguistic factors. speak to Corporate America, you
at times, erratic schedules that in the following invitational Schauffele already is exempt The 27-year-old grew up in can go on TV shows and speak
had them on the road for long events: the CIMB Classic, Arnold into the Masters and the U.S. Guadalajara and lives in San English, it adds an extra value to
periods. Palmer Invitational, RBC Heri- Open. His win in the Greenbri- Diego, but while he is comfort- you and who you are. It’s
“Everyone knows what it’s like tage, Dean & DeLuca Invitation- er got him into the 2018 Mas- able conversing in English important.”
for rookies,” Hughes said. al, Memorial Tournament and ters; his tie for fifth in the U.S. among friends and away from In 2013, before he fought May-
But the two have more than Quicken Loans National. Open got him into next year’s the spotlight, he refuses to do so weather, Alvarez gave a hint his
held their own. Hughes just smiled when rea- U.S. Open. But all those other on camera or in interviews. English skills were improving.
Each won their first Tour title: lizing what he’s playing for. perks have his attention. “I don’t know how many Ro- Quizzed following the weigh-in by
Hughes in the RSM Classic last “You’d be lying to say you “It’s huge, in terms of setting setta Stone (CDs) we have Jim Gray, he was asked, at the end
fall, Schauffele in the Greenbrier weren’t thinking about it,” up a schedule and knowing bought for him already, but it’s of an interview that used an inter-
Classic in July. Each has won Hughes said Tuesday. where I’m going next year,” quite a few,” De La Hoya told preter, if he “was ready” for the
more than $2.3 million. Each has “But at the end of the day, it’s said Schauffele, 32. “As a rookie USA TODAY Sports. “He would battle that lay ahead.
seven top-20 finishes in the just golf. Once I start playing, I and before that, you’d show up connect with America. If that Immediately, without waiting
2016-17 wraparound season. won’t be thinking about the Mas- at events not knowing if you’d fan hears you speak English and for translation, Alvarez interject-
And both are one good week ters, the U.S. Open and all that get in or not. And you’ll get to make the effort, (they feel that) ed, in English. “I was born ready,”
from cashing big time at next stuff. And if you had told me 12 play in the best events in the you’re in America and you’re he said.
week’s Tour Championship at months ago that I would be at world playing against the best trying to somewhat be Ameri- Since then though, his stance
East Lake Golf Club in Atlanta. the BMW Championship playing players in the world, and that’s can and you respect this coun- has not shifted. When he is inter-
Heading into Thursday’s start for a spot at East Lake, I would what you dream of.” try. It goes a long way.” viewed he listens to the question
of the BMW Championship at have taken it in a heartbeat. So In many ways Schauffele’s The summer of 2017 has in English, then responds in Span-
Conway Farms Golf Cub — the that’s how I flip it. My glass is year turned around at the U.S. shown what gets boxing’s mon- ish and has his words translated.
third event of the four in the Fed- half-full. There’s pressure, but Open. Unknown to most every ey wheels spinning the fastest. He speaks frankly and whole-
ExCup Playoffs — Hughes is it’s a great place to be. I’m a bub- golf fan that week at Erin Hills Alvarez and Golovkin are genu- heartedly, although, like Golovkin,
No. 31 and Schauffele No. 32 in ble guy this week, but it’s a lot in Wisconsin, Schauffele stood ine stars in their prime and have he took the curious decision to
the standings. better than being No. 70 or not up to the course, the field and treated each other with respect. close his training camp to the
Only the top 30 after this being here.” the pressure and tied for fifth. Both fighters will make millions media for the final month, making
weekend head to East Lake and The priority this year for “It changed my belief on the in return for their efforts Satur- it harder than ever to generate fo-
have a shot at winning the Hughes, 31, was to secure his course,” he said. day at T-Mobile Arena, yet each cus amid the weight of the May-
$10 million bonus. playing status for next season. So Schauffele said the pres- stands to pocket just a fraction weather-McGregor promotion.
That alone turns up the pres- Then he won the RSM Classic in sure won’t get to him this of that earned by Mayweather And he brushes off questions
sure this week. a five-man playoff, and his focus week. and Conor McGregor for their about whether he will adopt the
Now add what comes with changed. “I’ve been living on the bub- August showdown. new approach De La Hoya so
making it to East Lake — the While he said he’s had a so-so ble a couple years now, so why To generate the more than clearly craves.
perks. year where he’s played well at not live another week on the $100 million each of those pro- Alvarez has been tipped for
The top 30 in the standings times but been inconsistent for bubble,” he said with a smile. tagonists tapped into means stardom since he was a teenager.
each receive one-year exemp- the most part, his spirits remain “I’ve been on the bubble and reaching a viewership that However, he admits that some of
tions into the Masters, U.S. Open, high. gotten through it somehow, would not normally watch com- the trappings of fame have taken
British Open and Players Cham- “It’s hard your first year, see- and that makes me feel a little bat sports but can appreciate him by surprise.
pionship. They get into two ing these places for the first time, bit more comfortable out here. the hype and hoopla. “I just wanted to train to fight,
World Golf Championships learning so much other stuff, but It’s a great week, and I’m just Having Alvarez speak in Eng- and I didn’t expect all these
events: the Mexico Champion- you just keep going,” Hughes trying to have fun.” lish would not automatically things,” Alvarez said.

AL MVP race gets more complicated
Altuve? Trout? Ramirez? Metrics shed
light on how much players contribute
ball-reference’s version of wins
Jorge L. Ortiz above replacement (WAR) with
@jorgelortiz 6.3, behind Jose Altuve’s 7.7.
USA TODAY Sports Both of them are among the
top six vote-getters in the latest
USA TODAY Sports power rank-
When he played for the Atlanta ings, along with Trout, the New
Braves, shortstop Andrelton Sim- York Yankees’ Aaron Judge, the
mons wondered how Mike Trout Cleveland Indians’ Jose Ramirez
could make a case in the MVP and Altuve’s teammate with the
race against Miguel Cabrera, who Houston Astros, George Springer,
outpaced him by significant mar- in what’s looming as an intriguing
gins in home runs and RBI on the race for American League MVP.
way to winning the award in 2012 All are playing for playoff con-
and ’13. tenders, which enhances their
Then Simmons got traded to chances, and all provide defensive
the Los Angeles Angels before the value. There’s not a designated
2016 season and found out the hitter in the group.
whole scope of Trout’s abilities, Altuve, who finished third in
which earned him MVP honors in last year’s race behind Trout and
2014 and ’16. Boston Red Sox right fielder
“When you see him play every Mookie Betts, noted that they’re Astros second baseman Jose Altuve finished third in last year’s MVP voting.
day, see all he does, how he helps both superior all-around players
the team defensively, running the who excel in the field and on the Game slumber has thrust him Altuve said. “He’s got a bunch of mance. Even in the era of Stat-
bases, hitting, you understand basepaths. back into the competition as the extra-base hits and has been very cast, precise statistics to gauge
why he’s won the MVP,” Simmons This year, when Altuve is lead- AL leader in home runs (41) and consistent. He’s really valuable fielding prowess remain elusive,
said of his teammate. ing the AL in batting average OPS (.990). because he can play second, third at least those available to the gen-
Indeed, the full array of contri- (.351) and steals (31) while rank- And Trout, whom manager and even shortstop if needed. eral public.
butions to team success has ing second in on-base plus slug- Mike Scioscia calls “an offensive He’s an MVP-caliber player.” But baseball insiders agree the
emerged as the gauge for MVP ging percentage at .976, he’s machine,” is trying hard to make Exactly what makes an MVP metrics have improved, boosting
consideration as the development getting an impassioned endorse- up for the 39 games he missed candidate remains amorphous, the case for Simmons, who’s tied
of advance metrics sheds light on ment from his manager, A.J. with a torn thumb ligament. His and the discussion is further for second in the majors in De-
other parts of the game besides Hinch. 1.108 OPS would lead all major clouded by the disparity in WAR fensive Runs Saved, and for other
hitting. No longer are the sluggers “Everything Altuve is about leaguers if he had enough plate calculation between Baseball- accomplished glove men.
who merely pile up counting sta- makes an MVP,” Hinch said. “His appearances to qualify. reference and another premier “I think more and more teams
tistics such as home runs and RBI strength, his consistency, his But the player whose case real- statistical website Fangraphs are looking at the right balance to
always the top contenders. dominance in a lot of aspects of ly seems to be picking up steam is .com. In the last one, Altuve still where defense has become a big-
A player such as Simmons, for the game. He really embodies Ramirez, who leads the league in ranks first but is followed by ger part of it,” Oakland Athletics
example, is building his candida- what an MVP is. So I think our doubles and extra-base hits while Trout, Judge and Ramirez among manager Bob Melvin said. “It’s
cy at least as much with his glove guy should win it. … His season splitting time between second position players before Simmons really the two-way players now,
as his bat. Although Simmons has has been second-to-none in the and third base. As the Indians’ comes into the picture. the guys who can do it on both
produced a modest 14 home runs American League.” winning streak has grown to epic And there are questions about ends, who get talked about for the
and 64 RBI, the nonpareil infield- Maybe. proportions, recognition of Rami- the worthiness of both calcula- MVP.”
er ranks second in the league Judge’s September awakening rez’s value has increased. tions, especially in regard to their
among position players in Base- after a prolonged post-All-Star “Ramirez is a complete player,” assessment of defensive perfor- Ortiz reported from Oakland.

‘Moneyball’ hero pulling

for streaking Indians
meled the opposition by 100 runs ing lineup. The A’s had an 11-0
in this streak, 132-32. They lead over the Kansas City Royals.
played 171 innings and trailed in Tim Hudson was on the mound.
Bob Nightengale only four of them. They have pro- Everyone was getting ready to
bnighten@usatoday.com duced six shutouts, with a major party.
USA TODAY Sports league-leading 1.68 ERA, and a The score became 11-5 in the
major league-leading .951 OPS fourth inning. It was 11-10 in the
with 90 extra-base hits and 37 eighth inning. And tied, 11-apiece,
homers. going into the bottom of the
Yes, they have hit five more ninth, as a crowd of 55,528 looked
They wrote a best-selling book homers than the total number of on in disbelief.
about his baseball team. runs their pitching staff has given “I just thought we were going
They made a Hollywood movie up. to cruise and celebrate,” Hatte-
about their winning streak. “I’ve got to tell you, if any team berg said. “There was just this
They made a celebrity out of is going to do it,” says Hatteberg, overwhelming confidence that
him. now a special assistant with the night. Even in the closest games,
Now, 15 years removed from A’s, “this is the team you want to we thought we were going to win.
his moment of glory, Scott Hat- see do it. They are really, really I thought nothing was going to Scott Hatteberg hit the homer that capped the A’s record win.
teberg finds himself mesmerized tough to beat now.” stop us.
by the Cleveland Indians, whose It was 15 years and a week ago “Then, that happened.” swept the Chicago White Sox and he is of us.
tale might not make the silver that Hatteberg hit the most dra- Hatteberg, with one out in the then went on a three-city, 10- “It was the first time during
screen but has nonetheless mes- matic home run of his life, put- ninth inning, was called to pinch- game trip. They won every game the streak that he mentioned the
merized everyone in the baseball ting the A’s in the record book hit for Eric Byrnes. He took an in- and returned home with a 15- streak, so you can guess what
stratosphere. and providing a chapter to Mi- side pitch for ball one off Royals game winning streak. happened.”
With a 2-0 home victory Tues- chael Lewis’ best-selling Money- reliever Jason Grimsley and then Not unlike the Indians’ fran- Yep, the streak died on Sept. 6,
day against the Detroit Tigers, the ball that was stranger than watched him throw a 96-mph chise-best 11-0 road trip that pro- 2002, at the old Metrodome with
Indians extended their winning fiction. fastball. He waited for it to sink. vided the foundation for their the Twins winning 6-0.
streak to 20 games, tying the “This has been such a fun team It hung. Hatteberg swung and current streak. “Come on, he should have
American League record set by to watch,” Hatteberg says. “I watched the ball soar into the “I didn’t equate it to any his- known better,” Hatteberg said,
Hatteberg’s Oakland Athletics mean, they’ve always been a fun right center-field seats. torical thing,” Hatteberg said. laughing. “You can’t talk about
team in 2002. If the Indians can team to watch, and I didn’t really History. “I just knew that we had swept the streak when we haven’t done
win 21 in a row — they are sched- pay attention until their streak “Crazy, just plain crazy. How a 10-game trip, and that’s some- it the entire time.”
uled to play the Tigers just after got to 15. You started looking at do you explain it?” Athletics Hall thing I’d never been part of be- Cleveland manager Terry
high noon on Wednesday — their lineup. Started looking at of Fame broadcaster Bill King fore. People started showing up Francona, who was on the Oak-
they’ll tie the major league record their rotation. said. in the stands with numbers on land coaching staff the following
for consecutive victories set by “And you’re thinking, ‘Man, Hatteberg pumped his right how many games we had won in a season, plucked a page out of that
the 1935 Chicago Cubs. The 1916 this is a team that can really do it.’ fist into the air as he rounded first row. I didn’t even know we really superstition handbook by barely
New York Giants played the most “What they’re doing now base, did a few windmills with his had a streak until about 15 games mentioning the streak during this
games without a loss, 26, but brings back so many good memo- arm on the way to second. By the in.” entire run. He has kept his an-
there was a tie. ries. I can totally relate to how time he reached home plate, the The Athletics, just like the In- swers consistent, methodical and
It was Hatteberg who hit the they’re feeling.” entire A’s team was waiting for dians are doing now, suffocated boring.
walk-off home run to ensure the Hatteberg was a protagonist of him, jumping into one another’s teams with their pitching, with “I just don’t feel like going
A’s 20th win, a soaring drive im- Moneyball, an unheralded, often- arms. their starters winning 15 games, there,” Francona said after Cleve-
mortalized in lengthy book and injured former catcher whose un- “I’ll never, ever forget it,” said including the first 11 games of the land’s 11-0 victory Monday
movie sequences in Moneyball. dervalued skills epitomized the Hatteberg, who had 106 career streak. They just weren’t as domi- against the Detroit Tigers. “I
He says he can hardly believe Athletics’ analytical approach, homers. “How could I? Actually, I nant as the Indians, yielding a think it sends the wrong message.
what he’s seeing, but the more he one that would consume baseball need to see that again. It’s been 2.65 ERA, outscoring the opposi- I think our message is always
sees, the more he believes. all the more after the book be- awhile.” tion by 76 runs, needing to win consistent: ‘Hey, show up and try
Logic tells him this streak will came a best-seller. And the movie, Moneyball, in their last three games on walk-off to outplay them today.’ ”
come to an end, but his senses His home run provided a dra- which he was portrayed by actor hits. Yep, talking like a man who
tells him it will keep going. matic hook in a tome that was Chris Pratt? “What I remember the most must have received a little intel
His mind tells him he should more business than baseball. “I’ve been forced to sit through was the pregame speech David from his days in Oakland, making
be rooting for the Indians to lose, It broke the American League that enough times,” he said, Justice gave before every game,” sure not to offend the baseball
but his heart wants them to win. record for consecutive wins, and laughing. “I’ve seen it enough.” Hatteberg said. “It started on our gods.
So he plops down on the couch the sequence ultimately made Who knows if Hollywood has 10-game road trip. I remember “Tito is the perfect leader for
in his Seattle-area home, and, like great cinema, too. any designs of producing a movie him saying, ‘You can’t sweep the that team,” Hatteberg says, “to
everyone else, is enjoying the By the time Brad Pitt was play- about the Indians’ winning road trip. You can’t sweep the navigate these waters. He’s calm-
ride, ready for the sequel. ing GM Billy Beane in the 2013 streak, or whether Charlie Sheen road trip unless we win tonight.’ ing. He has those guys loose and
“It’s tough to bet against them movie, the revolution Beane can be brought back for a sequel “Well, you know how supersti- having fun. He’s the right guy.
not breaking it, isn’t it?” Hatte- waged within it had long been to Major League, but the similar- tions are in baseball. So he said “So come on, how can you not
berg told USA TODAY Sports be- over. ities are eerie, Hatteberg says. that every single night. It was root for those guys? We had our
fore the Indians tied the AL “It was the greatest moment of The Oakland Athletics’ streak, something we actually waited on day. Now, it’s their turn.
record. “Honestly, they’re a fun to my career, top of the heap,” Hat- just like the Indians’ streak, came before starting every game. “I can’t wait to watch them do
team to watch. You look at the teberg says. “I can’t imagine any- out of nowhere. “We win our 20th at home, hit it.”
way they’re swinging it. You look thing even coming close.” It started on Aug. 13, when the road in Minnesota, and son of
at the rotation. Hatteberg, for virtually the en- they trailed the Seattle Mariners a gun if he didn’t call another FOLLOW MLB COLUMNIST
“There’s nothing fluky about tire game, didn’t even think he by 41⁄2 games in the AL West. meeting. Well, instead of saying BOB NIGHTENGALE
this streak.” was going to set foot on the field They won two games against the same thing, he starts talking @BNightengale for commentary,
Indeed, the Indians have pum- that night. He wasn’t in the start- the Toronto Blue Jays at home, about the streak and how proud insight and breaking news.


UF, BUCS, JAGUARS GAMES SET abilities Act over his treatment at a
Amid the misery in Florida caused by game this year. He seeks unspecified
AMERICAN LEAGUE Hurricane Irma, the state still has damages and requests a jury trial. The
Last places to play. The Tampa Bay Bucca- suit stems from Oakley’s confronta-
East W L Pct. GB Strk. 10 Home Away neers announced Tuesday tjat they tion with MSG security during a Los
Boston 82 62 .569 — W-1 6-4 45-27 37-35 will host the Chicago Bears as sched- Angeles Clippers-Knicks game Feb. 8
New York 78 66 .542 4 L-1 7-3 40-27 38-39 uled Sunday at Raymond James Sta- that eventually led to Oakley’s arrest
Tampa Bay 72 74 .493 11 W-1 4-6 37-35 35-39 dium. Across the state, the Jackson- on four misdemeanors (three counts
Baltimore 71 74 .490 111/2 L-6 2-8 44-30 27-44 ville Jaguars will host the Tennessee of assault and one count of trespass-
Toronto 68 77 .469 141/2 W-4 6-4 39-35 29-42
Titans. And the home of the Miami ing). A statement released on behalf
Central W L Pct. GB Strk. 10 Home Away Dolphins and Hurricanes was de- of The Madison Square Garden Co.
Cleveland 89 56 .614 — W-20 10-0 41-29 48-27 clared safe after structural engineers said: “This is a frivolous lawsuit and
Minnesota 74 69 .517 14 L-2 4-6 35-37 39-32 found no damage related to Irma. In nothing more than another attempt
Kansas City 72 72 .500 161/2 W-1 6-4 39-35 33-37 The Texans’ Deshaun Watson had a TD
college football, No. 23 Tennessee and by Mr. Oakley to garner attention. We
Detroit 60 84 .417 281/2 L-4 2-8 32-38 28-46 pass and an interception Sunday. No. 25 Florida will play as scheduled will deal with this accordingly.”
Chicago 57 87 .396 311/2 L-1 4-6 34-40 23-47 Saturday in Gainesville. No. 21 South
Last WATSON REPORTEDLY WILL START Florida was to resume practice Tues- IOC MEETS ON 2024, ’28
West W L Pct. GB Strk. 10 Home Away
AT QUARTERBACK FOR TEXANS day and will host Illinois on Friday. International Olympic Committee
Houston 86 57 .601 — L-4 6-4 41-31 45-26
Los Angeles 73 70 .510 13 W-1 5-5 38-31 35-39
The Houston Texans look to be mak- President Thomas Bach won’t have
Texas 72 71 .503 14 W-1 6-4 39-32 33-39 ing a quarterback change after one MLB OPENING DAY MARCH 29 an envelope-opening moment, and he
Seattle 71 73 .493 151/2 L-2 5-5 39-36 32-37 week. Deshaun Watson will start Major League Baseball on Tuesday isn’t going to get the signature cele-
Oakland 63 81 .438 231/2 L-1 5-5 42-33 21-48 over Tom Savage on Thursday released its 2018 schedule, a slate that bration from a city chosen to host the
against the Cincinnati Bengals, ac- will feature the earliest opening day Games. Instead, the meeting Wednes-
cording to NFL Network. Texans — March 29 — in history. The early day in Lima, Peru, is set to be drama
NATIONAL LEAGUE coach Bill O’Brien has yet to an- start is due to the most recent labor free. The IOC is expected to ratify an
Last nounce the decision. Watson took deal, which will create three to four agreement that would award the
East W L Pct. GB Strk. 10 Home Away over in the second half of Sunday’s additional off days for teams through- 2024 Olympics to Paris and the 2028
x-Washington 88 56 .611 — L-1 7-3 43-29 45-27 29-7 loss to the Jacksonville Jaguars out the season. As a result, every team Olympics to Los Angeles during its
Miami 68 75 .476 191/2 L-2 2-8 36-35 32-40
after Savage completed seven of 13 will open on the same day for the first four-day session. “To be able to have
Atlanta 65 78 .455 221/2 W-3 6-4 33-39 32-39
New York 63 80 .441 241/2 L-1 5-5 33-41 30-39
passes for 62 yards and lost two fum- time since 1968. The final day of the two cities go down there feeling like
Philadelphia 54 89 .378 331/2 L-1 4-6 28-37 26-52 bles. The rookie from Clemson led season is scheduled for Sept. 30. they’re both winners, working togeth-
Last Houston to its only score of the day, a er there, understanding for the next
Central W L Pct. GB Strk. 10 Home Away 4-yard touchdown pass to DeAndre OAKLEY SUES KNICKS, MSG seven years we’ll be working together,
Chicago 77 66 .538 — L-3 4-6 40-32 37-34 Hopkins, but also lost a fumble and Former New York Knicks enforcer there’s a lot of good feeling that
Milwaukee 76 69 .524 2 W-1 5-5 40-33 36-36 threw an interception. He finished Charles Oakley filed a federal law- should come out of that,” said Casey
St. Louis 75 68 .524 2 W-3 8-2 40-31 35-37 the day with 123 yards on 12-for-23 suit Tuesday against team owner Wasserman, chairman of LA 2028.
Pittsburgh 68 78 .466 101/2 L-1 4-6 39-34 29-44 passing. The 2017 No. 12 overall pick, James Dolan, Madison Square Gar- “So hopefully that just kind of per-
Cincinnati 62 82 .431 151/2 W-1 5-5 36-36 26-46 Watson would become the ninth den and MSG Networks for defama- meates the entire IOC session.”
West W L Pct. GB Strk. 10 Home Away starting quarterback for the Texans tion, assault, false imprisonment and
Los Angeles 92 52 .639 — L-11 0-10 52-23 40-29 since O’Brien took over in 2014. violations to the Americans with Dis- From staff and wire reports
Arizona 83 61 .576 9 L-1 7-3 46-26 37-35
Colorado 79 65 .549 13 W-5 7-3 41-31 38-34
San Diego
San Francisco
x-clinched division
NFL NO—FG Lutz 20, 7:49.
Min—FG Forbath 45, 4:00.
Colorado 70; Oregon 68; UCLA 57; Missis-
sippi State 37; South Carolina 27; Mary-
30 53
21 64
Oregon St
NO—Fleener 8 pass from Brees (Lutz kick), land 26; Notre Dame 24; San Diego State Appalachian St 231⁄2481⁄2 TEXAS STATE
1:56. 19; Memphis 11; North Carolina State 10; ALABAMA 281⁄2531⁄2 Colorado St
TUESDAY’S RESULTS All Times ET A—66,606. Minnesota 9; Houston 7; Navy 6; Vander- TOLEDO 9 74 Tulsa
AMERICAN CONFERENCE bilt 5; Iowa 4; Duke 3; Army 2; Central Flori- W MICHIGAN 20 54 Idaho
NO Min
East First downs 19 23 da 2; Michigan State 2; Appalachian State Southern Miss 61⁄2 57 LA-MONROE
American League W L T Pct PF PA 1; Boise State 1; Kentucky 1. Oregon 131⁄2671⁄2 WYOMING
Kansas City 4, Chicago White Sox 3 Oakland at Boston Buffalo 1 0 0 1.000 21 12 Total Net Yards 344 470 LSU 7 511⁄2 MISS ST
Miami 0 0 0 .000 0 0 Rushes-yards 21-60 30-129 HBCU Football Coaches Poll Kansas St 31⁄2 471⁄2 VANDERBILT
Detroit at Cleveland Seattle at Texas New England 0 1 0 .000 27 42 Passing 284 341 W-L Pts. Prev HOUSTON 22 53 Rice
N.Y. Yankees at Tampa Bay Houston at L.A. Angels N.Y. Jets 0 1 0 .000 12 21 1. NC A&T (14) 2-0 181 1 Troy 61⁄2 621⁄2 N MEXICO ST
Baltimore at Toronto Punt Returns 1-0 2-11
South Kickoff Returns 3-57 4-108
2. Tennessee State (3) 2-0 169 2 TEXAS TECH 71⁄2 76 Arizona St
National League W L T Pct PF PA 3. Grambling (2) 1-1 146 4 SO CAL 15 67 Texas
Jacksonville 1 0 0 1.000 29 7 Interceptions Ret. 0-0 0-0 4. NC Central 1-1 119 5 UTAH 27 56 San Jose St
Atlanta at Washington Cincinnati at St. Louis
Tennessee 0 1 0 .000 16 26 Comp-Att-Int 27-37-0 27-32-0 5. Howard 1-1 86 6 WASHINGTON 33 541⁄2 Fresno St
Miami at Philadelphia Colorado at Arizona Houston 0 1 0 .000 7 29 6. Bethune-Cookman 1-1 84 9 Mississippi 4 72 CALIFORNIA
Sacked-Yards Lost 1-7 1-5
Pittsburgh at Milwaukee L.A. Dodgers at San Francisco Indianapolis 0 1 0 .000 9 46 7. Southern 1-1 74 3 Stanford 91⁄2 461⁄2 SAN DIEGO ST
Punts 3-57.0 2-43.5 8. Alcorn State 1-1 67 8
N.Y. Mets at Chicago Cubs North Fumbles-Lost 0-0 1-0 9. Prairie View A&M 0-1 64 7 NFL
Baltimore 1 0 0 1.000 20 0 Penalties-Yards 6-52 5-50 10. South Carolina 0-1 23 10 Thursday
San Diego at Minnesota Pittsburgh 1 0 0 1.000 21 18 State Favorite Line O/U Underdog
Time of Possession 28:44 31:16 CINCINNATI 5 38 Houston
Cleveland 0 1 0 .000 18 21 Others receiving votes: Hampton (1-1) 17,
Cincinnati 0 1 0 .000 0 20 INDIVIDUAL STATISTICS Florida A&M (1-1) 6, Arkansas-Pine Bluff Sunday
RUSHING—New Orleans, Peterson 6-18, (1-1) 1.
West Favorite Line O/U Underdog
Kamara 7-18, Ingram 6-17, Ginn 1-5, Kuhn (1st place votes in parentheses)
W L T Pct PF PA Tennessee 11⁄2 43 JACKSONVILLE
WEDNESDAY’S GAMES 1-2. Minnesota, Cook 22-127, Murray 2-6,
Denver 1 0 0 1.000 24 21 McKinnon 3-5, Bradford 2-(minus 3), Diggs BALTIMORE 7 40 Cleveland
Oakland 1 0 0 1.000 26 16 CAROLINA 7 42 Buffalo
AMERICAN LEAGUE Kansas City 1 0 0 1.000 42 27
1-(minus 6).
PASSING—New Orleans, Brees 27-37-0-
GOLF New England 7 541⁄2 NEW ORLEANS
2017 Statistics L.A. Chargers 0 1 0 .000 21 24 Arizona 71⁄2 441⁄2 INDIANAPOLIS
291. Minnesota, Bradford 27-32-0-346.
Pitchers GS W-L Pct. WHIP ERA IP K KANSAS CITY 4 47 Philadelphia
NATIONAL CONFERENCE RECEIVING—New Orleans, Ingram 5-54, World Golf Ranking PITTSBURGH 6 45 Minnesota
Detroit at Cleveland, 12:10 p.m. ET (Line: CLE -285) East Fleener 5-54, Thomas 5-45, Ginn 4-53, 1. Dustin Johnson USA 12.42
Kamara 4-20, Lewis 2-52, Coleman 2-13. TAMPA BAY 7 43 Chicago
DET: Farmer (R) 7 4-2 .667 1.37 6.32 31.1 31 W L T Pct PF PA 2. Jordan Spieth USA 10.50 LA CHARGERS 5 45 Miami
Philadelphia 1 0 0 1.000 30 17 Minnesota, Thielen 9-157, Diggs 7-93, 3. Hideki Matsuyama JPN 9.27
CLE: Clevinger (R) 19 9-5 .643 1.26 3.30 106.1 121 McKinnon 3-32, Rudolph 3-26, Cook 3-10, OAKLAND 14 431⁄2 NY Jets
Dallas 1 0 0 1.000 19 3 4. Justin Thomas USA 7.99 LA RAMS 2 46 Washington
N.Y. Yankees at Tampa Bay, 1:10 p.m. ET (Line: TB -118) N.Y. Giants 0 1 0 .000 3 19 Wright 1-21, Treadwell 1-7. 5. Jon Rahm ESP 7.37
NYY: Garcia (L) 5 0-2 .000 1.78 5.11 24.2 20 Washington 0 1 0 .000 17 30 6. Rory McIlroy NIR 6.83 SEATTLE 131⁄2 43 San Francisco
TB: Archer (R) 30 9-9 .500 1.24 4.00 182.1 230 South 7. Henrik Stenson SWE 6.68 ATLANTA 3 531⁄2 Green Bay
W L T Pct PF PA 8. Sergio Garcia ESP 6.40
Chi. White Sox at Kansas City, 2:15 p.m. ET (Line: KC -156) Carolina 1 0 0 1.000 23 3 MLS 9. Jason Day AUS 6.20 Monday
CWS: Giolito (R) 4 2-2 .500 0.91 2.84 25.1 23 Atlanta 1 0 0 1.000 23 17 10. Rickie Fowler USA 6.07 Favorite O T O/U Underdog
Tampa Bay 0 0 0 .000 0 0 11. Brooks Koepka USA 5.95 NY GIANTS 4 3 43 Detroit
KC: () 0 0-0 .000 .00 .00 0.0 All times ET
New Orleans 0 1 0 .000 19 29 12. Alex Noren SWE 5.70
Baltimore at Toronto, 7:07 p.m. ET (Line: TOR -135) North EASTERN CONFERENCE 13. Matt Kuchar USA 5.34
BAL: Gausman (R) 30 10-10 .500 1.59 4.99 160.2 152 W L T Pct PF PA W L T Pts GF GA 14. Paul Casey ENG 5.28 DEALS
TOR: Stroman (R) 29 11-7 .611 1.30 3.18 178.1 148 Detroit 1 0 0 1.000 35 23 Toronto FC 17 3 8 59 59 26 15. Justin Rose ENG 4.87
Minnesota 1 0 0 1.000 29 19 NY City FC 15 8 5 50 49 36 16. Tommy Fleetwood ENG 4.58
Oakland at Boston, 7:10 p.m. ET (Line: BOS -190) Green Bay 1 0 0 1.000 17 9 Chicago 13 9 6 45 49 37 17. Francesco Molinari ITA 4.38 BASEBALL
OAK: Cotton (R) 22 7-10 .412 1.48 5.82 119.0 96 Columbus 13 12 4 43 43 43 18. Rafael Cabrera Bello ESP 4.37
Chicago 0 1 0 .000 17 23
New York 12 10 5 41 41 36 19. Patrick Reed USA 4.30 American League
BOS: Fister (R) 11 5-7 .417 1.28 3.91 73.2 65 West DETROIT TIGERS — Released RHP Arcenio
Atlanta FC 11 8 6 39 47 32 20. Louis Oosthuizen SAF 4.29
W L T Pct PF PA Leon. Selected the contract of OF Tyler Col-
Seattle at Texas, 8:05 p.m. ET (Line: SEA -108)
L.A. Rams 1 0 0 1.000 46 9
Montreal 10 11 6 36 42 43 21. Adam Scott AUS 4.24
lins from Toledo (IL).
SEA: Leake (R) 2 2-0 1.000 1.15 2.77 13.0 12 N. England 10 12 5 35 44 41 22. Marc Leishman AUS 3.92
Seattle 0 1 0 .000 9 17 KANSAS CITY ROYALS — Designated LHP
TEX: Perez (L) 28 12-10 .545 1.55 4.81 162.2 102 Orlando City 9 12 7 34 29 44 23. Charley Hoffman USA 3.89
Arizona 0 1 0 .000 23 35 Onelki Garcia for assignment. Claimed
Philadelphia 8 12 8 32 37 39 24. Daniel Berger USA 3.83
San Francisco 0 1 0 .000 3 23 RHP Mike Morin off waivers from the L.A.
Houston at L.A. Angels, 10:07 p.m. ET (Line: HOU -122) D.C. United 8 16 4 28 23 46 25. Kevin Kisner USA 3.62
HOU: McCullers Jr. (R) 20 7-3 .700 1.27 3.97 111.0 122 Thursday’s Games WESTERN CONFERENCE
26. Charl Schwartzel SAF 3.57
Houston at Cincinnati, 8:25 p.m. 27. Kevin Chappell USA 3.54 National League
LAA: Skaggs (L) 12 1-5 .167 1.43 4.86 63.0 60 W L T Pts GF GA MILWAUKEE BREWERS — Sent RHP Eric Han-
Sunday’s Games 28. Tyrrell Hatton ENG 3.44
Portland 12 9 8 44 49 45 29. Phil Mickelson USA 3.42 hold to the N.Y. Mets to complete an earlier
Philadelphia at Kansas City, 1 p.m. Seattle 11 7 10 43 42 35
NATIONAL LEAGUE Arizona at Indianapolis, 1 p.m. Sporting KC 10 6 11 41 32 21
30. Brian Harman USA 3.42 trade.
ST. LOUIS CARDINALS — Optioned 2B Breyv-
Minnesota at Pittsburgh, 1 p.m. 31. Thomas Pieters BEL 3.26
Atlanta at Washington, 7:05 p.m. ET (Line: WSH -334)
Cleveland at Baltimore, 1 p.m.
Vancouver 12 9 5 41 40 37 32. Jason Dufner USA 3.25 ic Valera to Memphis (PCL). Recalled OF
ATL: Gohara (L) 1 0-1 .000 2.00 13.50 4.0 6 Houston 10 9 8 38 46 38 33. Matthew Fitzpatrick ENG 3.12 Magneuris Sierra from Memphis.
New England at New Orleans, 1 p.m. FC Dallas 9 8 10 37 39 38
WSH: Scherzer (R) 27 14-5 .737 0.87 2.32 178.1 239 Chicago at Tampa Bay, 1 p.m. 34. Bernd Wiesberger AUT 3.04 FOOTBALL
San Jose 10 12 6 36 31 48
Miami at Philadelphia, 7:05 p.m. ET (Line: PHI -110) Buffalo at Carolina, 1 p.m. Salt Lake 10 14 5 35 42 51
35. Pat Perez USA 3.02 National Football League
Tennessee at Jacksonville, 1 p.m. 36. Branden Grace SAF 3.02 TENNESSEE TITANS — Released TE Jerome
MIA: Straily (R) 29 9-8 .529 1.22 3.95 161.2 145 Los Angeles 7 14 6 27 36 48 37. Siwoo Kim KOR 2.99
N.Y. Jets at Oakland, 4:05 p.m. Minnesota 7 14 5 26 33 53 Cunningham and OL Steven Moore from
PHI: Nola (R) 24 10-10 .500 1.24 3.71 148.0 156 Miami at L.A. Chargers, 4:05 p.m. 38. Bill Haas USA 2.98 the practice squad. Signed TE Tim Semisch
Colorado 7 16 4 25 25 41 39. Brandt Snedeker USA 2.97
San Francisco at Seattle, 4:25 p.m. and OL Cody Wichmann to the practice
N.Y. Mets at Chi. Cubs, 8:05 p.m. ET (Line: CHC -275) Washington at L.A. Rams, 4:25 p.m. Wednesday 40. Jhonattan Vegas VEN 2.95 squad.
NYM: Harvey (R) 15 5-4 .556 1.50 5.82 77.1 58 New England at Atlanta United FC, 7 p.m. 41. Webb Simpson USA 2.77
Dallas at Denver, 4:25 p.m.
42. Zach Johnson USA 2.77
CHC: Lester (L) 28 10-7 .588 1.30 4.35 159.1 164 Green Bay at Atlanta, 8:30 p.m. Minnesota United at Vancouver, 10 p.m.
43. Gary Woodland USA 2.73 National Hockey League
Pittsburgh at Milwaukee, 8:10 p.m. ET (Line: OFF) Monday’s Game Saturday 44. Ryan Moore USA 2.67 ST. LOUIS BLUES — Signed D Petteri Lind-
Detroit at N.Y. Giants, 8:30 p.m. Orlando City at Atlanta United FC, 4 p.m. bohm to a one-year, two-way contract.
PIT: Glasnow (R) 12 2-6 .250 1.91 7.45 54.1 50 45. Jimmy Walker USA 2.64
Columbus at Vancouver, 7 p.m. WASHINGTON CAPITALS — Named Jason
MIL: () 0 0-0 .000 .00 .00 0.0 Monday’s Late Games Minnesota United at Montreal, 7:30 p.m. 46. Adam Hadwin CAN 2.56
Serbus trainer, Michael Booi assistant trai-
Cincinnati at St. Louis, 8:15 p.m. ET (Line: STL -163)
Broncos 24, Chargers 21 Seattle at FC Dallas, 8 p.m. 47. Wesley Bryan USA 2.55
nedr and Cleo Bates massage therapist.
D.C. United at Chicago, 8:30 p.m. 48. Billy Horschel USA 2.51
CIN: Mahle (R) 3 0-2 .000 1.53 3.60 15.0 10 L.A. Chargers 0 7 0 14 — 21 COLLEGE
New England at Sporting KC, 8:30 p.m. 49. Ross Fisher ENG 2.49
Denver 7 7 10 0 — 24 50. Russell Henley USA 2.43 EMORY — Named Michael Patrick assistant
STL: Flaherty (R) 2 0-0 NA 1.78 6.00 9.0 10 NY City FC at Colorado, 9 p.m.
First Quarter Portland at Real Salt Lake, 9:30 p.m.
athletic director for events and marketing.
Colorado at Arizona, 9:40 p.m. ET (Line: ARI -163) Den—Fowler 5 pass from Siemian (McMa- Houston at San Jose, 10:30 p.m.
FORDHAM — Named Dawn Purington
COL: Marquez (R) 25 10-6 .625 1.33 4.27 141.1 136 nus kick), 4:50. Toronto FC at Los Angeles, 10:30 p.m. ODDS trainer.
NORTHWESTERN — Named A.J. Guyton di-
ARI: Corbin (L) 29 13-12 .520 1.44 4.16 168.2 161 Second Quarter Sunday rector of men’s basketball player develop-
LAC—Gordon 11 pass from Rivers (Koo
L.A. Dodgers at San Francisco, 10:15 p.m. ET (Line: LAD -202) kick), 14:55.
Philadelphia at New York, 1 p.m.
Pregame.com Line ment.
LAD: () 0 0-0 .000 .00 .00 0.0 Den—Siemian 1 run (McManus kick), 5:27. College Football
SF: Moore (L) 28 5-13 .278 1.49 5.31 162.2 137 Third Quarter WNBA
Den—Fowler 6 pass from Siemian (McMa-
Thursday TENNIS
Favorite Line O/U Underdog
INTERLEAGUE nus kick), 10:27. BOISE ST 151⁄2 581⁄2 New Mexico
Den—FG McManus 20, :00. Playoffs WTA National Bank Cup
San Diego at Minnesota, 8:10 p.m. ET (Line: MIN -173) Fourth Quarter All Times ET Friday In Quebec City
SD: Lamet (R) 18 7-7 .500 1.20 4.32 98.0 123 LAC—Allen 5 pass from Rivers (Koo kick), Favorite Line O/U Underdog
Semifinals TEMPLE 14 52 UMass Surface: Hard-Indoor; Purse: $226,750
MIN: Santana (R) 29 15-7 .682 1.15 3.45 187.2 151 8:10. Singles — First round: Sofia Kenin, United
LAC—Benjamin 38 pass from Rivers (Koo (Best-of-5) S FLORIDA 17 51 Illinois
States, def. Tereza Martincova, Czech Re-
(x-if necessary) Arizona 20 60 UTEP
Odds provided by Pregame.com. kick), 7:00. public, 5-7, 6-4, 6-3; Viktorija Golubic (8),
A—76,324. Minnesota 1, Washington 0 Saturday Switzerland, def. Barbora Krejcikova,
LAC Den Tuesday: Minnesota 101, Washington 81 Favorite Line O/U Underdog Czech Republic, 1-6, 7-5, 6-4; Tatjana Maria
RESULTS, UPCOMING GAMES First downs 17 22 Thursday: Washington at Minnesota, 8 S CAROLINA 6 50 Kentucky (4), Germany, def. Fanny Stollar, Hungary,
Monday Thursday Friday p.m. MARSHALL 141⁄2511⁄2 Kent St 6-2, 7-6 (4); Lucie Hradecka, Czech Repub-
Total Net Yards 249 321 lic, def. Andrea Hlavackova, Czech Repub-
American League American League American League Sunday: Minnesota at Washington, 3 p.m. Notre Dame 13 ⁄2 49
TOR 4, BAL 3 CWS at DET, 1:10 BAL at NYY, 7:05 Rushes-yards 22-64 36-140 x-Sept. 19: Minnesota at Washington, TBD VIRGINIA 10 49 UCONN lic, 6-1, 6-3; Alison Van Uytvanck (7), Bel-
CLE 11, DET 0 OAK at BOS, 1:35 BOS at TB, 7:10 Passing 185 181 x-Sept. 21: Washington at Minnesota, TBD MICHIGAN 24 53 Air Force gium, def. Carol Zhao, Canada, 4-6, 6-2,
NYY 5, TB 1 BAL at NYY, 7:05 CWS at DET, 7:10 Punt Returns 1-(minu 3-48 Los Angeles vs. Phoenix Coastal Carolina 2 581⁄2 UAB 7-6 (1); Sachia Vickery, United States, def.
TEX 5, SEA 3 KC at CLE, 7:10 KC at CLE, 7:10 Tuesday: Phoenix at Los Angeles, late MIAMI OHIO 6 (45 Cincinnati Taylor Townsend, United States, 7-5, 6-0; Bi-
Kickoff Returns 0-0 1-36 PENN ST 381⁄2541⁄2 Georgia St anca Andreescu, Canada, def. Jennifer
CWS 11, KC 3 SEA at TEX, 8:05 SEA at HOU, 8:10 Thursday: Phoenix vs. Los Angeles at Long
National League TOR at MIN, 8:10 TOR at MIN, 8:10 Interceptions Ret. 1-4 1-0 Beach, Calif., 10 p.m. Iowa St 91⁄2 63 AKRON Brady (6), United States, 6-3, 6-2; Lucie Sa-
PIT 7, MIL 0 HOU at LAA, 10:07 TEX at LAA, 10:07 Comp-Att-Int 22-33-1 17-28-1 Sunday: Los Angeles at Phoenix, 5 p.m. North Carolina 8 57 OLD DOMINION farova (1), Czech Republic, def. Anna Tat-
COL 5, ARI 4 National League National League Sacked-Yards Lost 1-7 4-38 x-Sept. 19: Los Angeles at Phoenix, TBD Oklahoma St 131⁄2 66 PITTSBURGH ishvili, United States, 6-0, 6-1; Francoise
SF 8, LAD 6 CIN at STL, 1:45 STL at CHC, 2:20 x-Sept. 21: Phoenix at Los Angeles, TBD MINNESOTA 101⁄2 50 Mtsu Abanda, Canada, def. Asia Muhammad,
Punts 5-46.0 3-48.0 UCLA 3 711⁄2 MEMPHIS United States, 6-4, 7-5.
COL at ARI, 3:40 LAD at WSH, 7:05
ATL at WSH, 7:05 MIL at MIA, 7:10 Fumbles-Lost 0-0 1-1 NEBRASKA 14 581⁄2 N Illinois Doubles — First round: Lucie Hradecka and
MIA at PHI, 7:05 PIT at CIN, 7:10 Penalties-Yards 4-40 3-62 COLLEGE FOOTBALL DUKE 14 60 Baylor Barbora Krejcikova (2), Czech Republic, def.
Sofia Kenin and Varvara Lepchenko, Unit-
NYM at CHC, 8:05 NYM at ATL, 7:35 Time of Possession 25:47 34:13 OHIO U 7 55 Kansas
SD at COL, 8:40 WAKE FOREST 13 481⁄2 Utah St ed States, 6-4, 6-4; Timea Babos, Hungary,
ARI at SF, 10:15
INDIVIDUAL STATISTICS Amway Coaches Top 25 Poll Clemson 31⁄2 57 LOUISVILLE and Andrea Hlavackova (1), Czech Repub-
RUSHING—Los Angeles, Gordon 18-54, Oli- SYRACUSE 10 661⁄2 Cent. Michigan lic, def. Usue Maitane Arconada and Caro-
Interleague The Amway Top 25 football poll, with first-
ver 4-10. Denver, C.Anderson 20-81, Virginia Tech 21 60 E CAROLINA line Dolehide, United States, 6-2, 6-2.
OAK at PHI, 7:05 place votes in parentheses, records
Charles 10-40, Siemian 6-19. Wisconsin 17 41 BYU
through Sept. 10, total points based on 25 WTA Japan Women’s Open
PASSING—Los Angeles, Rivers 22-33-1-192. MISSOURI 7 77 Purdue
points for first place through one point for In Tokyo
Denver, Siemian 17-28-1-219. IOWA 211⁄2 52 North Texas
25th, and previous ranking: Surface: Hard; Purse: $250,000
RECEIVING—Los Angeles, Ty.Williams 5-54, TEXAS A&M 24 59 La-Lafayette
Allen 5-35, Gordon 5-25, Benjamin 3-43, Record Pts Pvs NRTHWSTRN 22 57 Bowling Green Singles — First round: Magda Linette, Po-
AL LEADERS NL LEADERS Ekeler 2-18, Gates 2-17. Denver, Thomas 5- 1. Alabama (58) 2-0 1497 1 OKLAHOMA 34 57 Tulane land, def. Risa Ozaki, Japan, 6-1, 7-5; Miyu
BATTING BATTING 67, Derby 3-34, Sanders 3-26, Fowler 3-21, 2. Clemson (2) 2-0 1386 3 FLORIDA 5 49 Tennessee Kato, Japan, def. Nao Hibino, 6-3, 6-4; Alek-
Altuve, Houston .351 Blackmon, Colorado .337 Green 1-44, Heuerman 1-20, C.Anderson 3. Oklahoma 2-0 1385 6 TCU 19 64 SMU sandra Krunic, Serbia, vs. Kimiko Date, Ja-
Hosmer, Kansas City .327 JTurner, Los Angeles .326 1-7. 4. Southern Cal 2-0 1308 5 W KENTUCKY 7 62 La Tech pan, 6-0, 6-0.
MISSED FIELD GOALS—Denver, McManus 5. Penn State 2-0 1256 4
Garcia, Chicago .322 Harper, Washington .325 50. 6. Washington 2-0 1173 7
Reddick, Houston .315 Posey, San Francisco .321 7. Michigan 2-0 1082 8
Ramirez, Cleveland .307 Murphy, Washington .321 Vikings 29, Saints 19 8. Okla. State 2-0 1026 10
New Orleans 3 3 3 10 — 19 9. Ohio State 1-1 962 2
Andrus, Texas .305 LeMahieu, Colorado .316 10. Florida State 0-1 926 9
Minnesota 3 13 3 10 — 29
Abreu, Chicago .305 Votto, Cincinnati .312
First Quarter
11. LSU
12. Wisconsin
Mauer, Minnesota .303 Arenado, Colorado .310 NO—FG Lutz 43, 8:21. Times Eastern. Programs live unless noted. Check local listings.
13. Georgia 2-0 830 15
Schoop, Baltimore .302 Goldschmidt, Arizona .309 Min—FG Forbath 24, 1:01. 14. Louisville 2-0 658 16
Cain, Kansas City .299 Seager, Los Angeles .307 Second Quarter 15. Miami (Fla.) 1-0 551 17
MLB: Regional, New York Yankees vs. Tampa Bay, at Citi Field
HOME RUNS HOME RUNS NO—FG Lutz 21, 5:26. 16. Virginia Tech 2-0 509 18
Judge, New York 41 Stanton, Miami 54 Min—Diggs 18 pass from Bradford (For- 17. Auburn 1-1 488 13 (MLB Network, 1 p.m.) or Detroit at Cleveland (MLB Network,
bath kick), 4:08. 18. Kansas State 2-0 487 19 noon); Chicago White Sox at Kansas City (MLB Network, 4 p.m.);
KDavis, Oakland 39 Bellinger, Los Angeles 36 Min—Diggs 2 pass from Bradford (kick 19. Stanford 1-1 372 14
Gallo, Texas 37 Blackmon, Colorado 34 failed), :03. 20. TCU 2-0 271 NR Oakland at Boston (ESPN, 7 p.m.); Los Angeles Dodgers at San
Smoak, Toronto 37 Goldschmidt, Arizona 34 Third Quarter 21. South Florida 2-0 249 20 Francisco (ESPN, 10 p.m.)
Min—FG Forbath 32, 11:07. 22. Wash. State 2-0 244 22 SOCCER: UEFA Champions League, group stage, Tottenham vs.
Morrison, Tampa Bay 36 Votto, Cincinnati 34 23. Tennessee 2-0 219 21
NO—FG Lutz 24, 2:43.
Moustakas, Kansas City 36 Arenado, Colorado 33 Fourth Quarter 24. Utah 2-0 182 23 Borussia Dortmund (Fox Sports 1, 2:30 p.m.), Real Madrid vs.
Encarnacion, Cleveland 34 Ozuna, Miami 32 Min—Rudolph 15 pass from Bradford (For- 25. Florida 0-1 134 24 APOEL (Fox Sports 2, 2:30 p.m.)
Cruz, Seattle 32 Duvall, Cincinnati 31 bath kick), 12:52. Others receiving votes: West Virginia 74;

KISS sends fans a love note

Gene Simmons opening the vault 2D

“I would love to run for office.
I want to be the first
female governor
Sam Heughan: Highland
from North Dako-
ta. I worked in
the Senate last
fall, and I think
heartthrob to humor hotshot
that really
inspired me just Humble ‘Outlander’
to realize the
headliner hip to hit
impact you can
have as one per- as Hollywood hero
son standing up for the voices
of the people in your state.” Cara Kelly
— newly crowned Miss @CaraReports
America 2018 Cara Mund to USA TODAY
USA TODAY Tuesday.

CAUGHT IN THE ACT There are two important

James Corden stepped in some things to know about Sam
deep, deep Goop during Mon- Heughan: He’s as nice as his so-
day’s ‘Late Late Show’ mono- cial media persona and work on
logue. While recapping recent Outlander suggest. And he is
events for his audience, Corden that attractive in real life.
announced that Gwyneth Pal- Even after a week of nonstop
trow appeared on the cover of appearances promoting the
the first issue of ‘Goop’ maga- third season of the hit Starz
zine slathered in a mudlike fantasy drama, (Sundays, 8 ET/
substance before showing a PT), he’s all winks and Scottish
modified version of the cover
charm, joking about getting bad
with the title changed to “poop.”
Then, as if Corden saying her
takeout salad stuck in his teeth
name beckoned her from the and fanboying over Whoopi.
crystal store, Paltrow appeared “We’re going on The View,
onstage behind the funnyman. and I’d say 75% of people there
Always the educator, Paltrow were Outlander fans and they
opened his eyes to the number were just so enthusiastic, and
I’m like, ‘There’s Whoopi Gold- Sam Heughan stars in the comedy thriller The Spy Who Dumped Me, due next summer.
of people “living” the Goop life,
including bandleader Reggie berg!’ ” Heughan, 37, laughs. genre for a high-budget comedy
Watts and members of the He seems genuinely shocked thriller.
‘Late Late’ crew. by how many fans the show has Heughan plays a federal agent
amassed — and there are many in the film, which follows best
— but he’s quick to praise them. friends Audrey (Kunis) and Mor-
“They were just really happy gan (McKinnon), who unwitting-
to see us. I felt very lucky,” he ly become entangled in an
says. international conspiracy when
That might sound insincere Audrey’s ex-boyfriend shows up
if Heughan didn’t have that rare at their apartment with a team of
combination of charisma and assassins on his trail.
humility. It’s as if he was “Sam is that rare actor with
plucked from a Scottish hilltop such a breadth of talent that he
and dropped into Hollywood. can effortlessly move between
And fans, as well as casting di- genres. In our film, we asked him
rectors are eating it up. to do it all, and he did,” Fogel said
His lack of pretense may via email from Budapest, where
stem from the fact that his 2013 filming is nearly complete. “He’s a
casting in Outlander, the his- bona fide action star one minute,
torical fantasy series based on Fans of Heughan’s Outlander Jamie Fraser are legion. a grounded dramatic actor the
the best-selling books by Diana next, and a comedic foil for Kate
Gabaldon, came as Heughan to 20 years?’ ” The pair’s chemistry has helped McKinnon and Mila Kunis
was questioning his career Turns out, he was on the preci- the show become a ratings boon throughout.”
choice. pice of change. He got a call from for the premium-cable network The film may be the next break
“I was a little, like, not disil- his agent with a script for the part and a social media phenomenon. he was waiting for, hurtling him
lusioned, but certainly looking of Jamie Fraser, the 18th-century It also got him the attention of to a permanent place on the sil-
GETTY IMAGES at my life. I was 30, maybe 33. I Highlander who falls in love with director Susanna Fogel, who ver screen and giving fans a full-
had toured a lot, did bit parts in Claire, a nurse from the 1940s hired him, alongside Mila Kunis blown movie star to fawn over.
STYLE STAR TV and theater, was just com- who has traveled back in time af- and Kate McKinnon, for feature “It was exciting to give him an
Models Ashley ing back from America where I ter touching standing stones while film The Spy Who Dumped Me, opportunity to explore a different
Graham and Jor- tested on a lot of big TV shows on vacation outside Inverness. due next summer, after an audi- tone and dynamic in his work and
dyn Woods closed and films but still not sort of “I read it, and I just knew that I tion via iPad as he was shooting watch him master it like he did,
out the Addition broken that barrier yet,” he knew that character.” Outlander’s new season in South and I can’t wait to see what he
Elle show Mon- says. “I think I was just looking He was quickly brought on- Africa. It was enough to convince does next,” Fogel says.
day in confident, at life going, ‘Is this what I’m board, and helped with the cast- producers he was ready to break The Heughlians couldn’t agree
flawless fashion going to be doing for the next 10 ing of his co-star, Caitriona Balfe. out from the historical fantasy more.
for New York
Fashion Week.
The plus-size
lingerie retail-
er’s runway
show included a
capsule collection
designed by Woods
The Force is strong in director J.J. Abrams
based on her per-
sonal style. He’s the right choice J.J. Abrams is
years ago. The movie will benefit
from that shorthand.
to head ‘Episode IX’ back in the Abrams received some flak for
GRAHAM BY ANGELA WEISS, director’s chair following the structure of the first
NEWS This was the di- for Star Wars: Star Wars movie: another young-
& VIEWS rector they were Episode IX. ster finding his/her way, another
USA SNAPSHOTS© BRIAN looking for. Again. planetary destruction, another
For the second Death Star. Yet it’s a template that
time, J.J. Abrams obviously still works, and Abrams
The nation’s has been tapped for the biggest is about telling new stories as well,
best sellers film gig in Hollywood: first to
write and direct 2015’s Star
such as Boyega’s Stormtrooper-
turned-hero, and putting a woman
Top five best sellers, shown in Wars: The Force Awakens, the at the heart of the biggest cine-
proportion of sales. Example: huge return of the storied fran- matic series of all time.
For every 10 copies of Secrets in chise, and now to helm the fi- More important, though:
Death sold, Enemy of the State nale, Star Wars: Episode IX. Abrams respects Star Wars. He
sold 6.5 copies. The job opened up last week saw the first one when he was 11
when Lucasfilm and Colin Tre- and has been a fan ever since.
Secrets in Death 10 vorrow parted ways. That I’ll always remember the time,
J.D. Robb Abrams is taking over as Ron two years ago, when Abrams
Howard replaces Phil Lord and pulled out his phone and said,
Enemy of the State Chris Miller on the young Han “You have to see this.” It wasn’t a
Vince Flynn, Kyle Mills 6.5
Solo spinoff, makes it clear the forbidden sneak peek. It was a
Tower of Dawn Star Wars galaxy is no longer But with the tumult around re- ers to please, it’s understandable. video of his first time in a scoring
6.2 willing to gamble. cent choices, Disney and the So, yes, Abrams was the safe session with John Williams, and
Sarah J. Maas
Having Star Wars: The Last House That George Lucas Built pick. Many will say too safe. He’s the excitement as his face beamed
It 5.7 Jedi director Rian Johnson couldn’t afford to take a risk with also a visionary who has been in with pride was infectious.
Stephen King continue the saga seemed to me Episode IX, wrapping the tale that the trenches. There’s an inherent The key to doing a Star Wars
A Legacy of Spies the smartest course of action, launched Daisy Ridley’s Rey, loyalty there: When nerves got movie is going with your gut, he
5.6 but he’s probably still in the John Boyega’s Finn and Oscar the best of Ridley and she felt she told me that day. “When you’re
John le Carré
throes of post-production. And Isaac’s Poe Dameron and put Star shouldn’t be on the Force Awak- working on the story, you go,
THURSDAY Top 50 books list it would have been very cool to Wars back on the map. With the ens set, “J.J. definitely brought out ‘Oooooh, that feels so right.’ ”
SOURCE USA TODAY Best-Selling Books end the parade of white guys. clock ticking down to its Dec. 20, the best performance I could And so does the return of this
MARY CADDEN AND VERONICA BRAVO, USA TODAY That day will come. 2019, release date and sharehold- have given,” she told me two Jedi.

‘Experience’: 150 laborations, including demos of
three tracks with Van Halen and
unreleased songs a recording with Bob Dylan. One

of the most personal is My Uncle
and a lot more Is a Raft, the first song a teenage
Simmons ever wrote and record-
ed. The tune is about his uncle,

Simmons Patrick Ryan

George, who became a father fig-
ure when he and his mother
moved to the U.S. from Israel.
“I must’ve written over a hun-

cracks open NEW YORK Gene Simmons is dig-

ging into his archives for a one-
of-a-kind fan experience.
The eccentric KISS frontman
dred really horrible songs,” Sim-
mons says. “My first one (went):
‘My uncle is a raft and he always
keeps me floating. He is so good

the KISS is commemorating his 50-year

career in music with Gene Sim-
mons: The Vault Experience, a
to me.’ I didn’t have the gift of gab
— I wasn’t born in America — so
my lyrics were bizarre.”
limited-edition box set featuring The set goes for $2,000 and
‘Vault’ band memorabilia and 150 never-
before-released tracks. The limit-
ed-edition, 38-pound vault in-
will be hand-delivered to buyers
by Simmons starting Dec. 31. Ad-
ditional packages run $25,000
cludes 10 CDs, a non-makeup and $50,000 and include a Vault
Simmons action figure, a gold executive producer’s credit and a
medallion reading “In Gene We two-hour get-together with Sim-
Trust,” a book of never-before- mons at a fan’s home.
seen images, and a hand-picked Hefty price tag aside, Vault is
item from his personal collection. the only opportunity for fans to
“We all go through our lives hear new material from KISS for
doing whatever it is you’re doing,” the foreseeable future: Simmons
Simmons says over coffee at says the band has no plans to re-
Manhattan’s The London hotel. lease another album.
“Whether you think of it as a “What’s the incentive of work-
journey or a race, as you get clos- ing for six months to a year on a
er to the finish line, that’s when new record when people are go-
you turn on the heat. I’m 68 now ing to download it for free?” he
— I’m not going to live forever.” says. “KISS is not a charity.”
None of the music included in Simmons says he doesn’t think
The Vault Experience, which can about his band’s legacy, because
be pre-ordered at genesimmons “we’ve already scaled the
vault.com, will be released digi- heights.” When KISS was found-
tally. Songs include original de- ed in 1973, “nobody thought it
mos and studio recordings, some would go the distance. “ ‘Here’s
of which, “stylistically, (are) all an idea: I’m going to wear more
over the place, which is why makeup and higher heels than
(they) didn’t end up on KISS rec- your mommy, and we’re going to
ords,” Simmons explains. look completely different than
There are also a slew of col- any band that’s out there, and I’m
going to stick my tongue out and
spit fire.’ ... Not a chance in hell.”


“I’m not going to live forever,” says Gene Simmons, 68, who with partner Paul Stanley has kept
KISS rocking for almost 50 years. Eric Singer and Tommy Thayer complete the lineup.


Guthrie encourages kids to pull on their Princess Pants

‘Today’ Erin Jensen
co-host USA TODAY
and her
fellow Part the sea of tulle and make
author room for trousers.
Princesses Wear Pants (Abrams
have Books for Young Readers), a chil-
written dren’s book from Today show co-
anchor Savannah Guthrie and
a book educator Allison Oppenheim, of-
about fers pretend princesses an alter-
native to ballgowns.
getting Though the central character,
stuff done Princess Penelope Pineapple, has
a “closet full of tiaras and daz-
zling dresses” at her disposal, she
sometimes selects slacks, explain-
ing she’s “got things to do!”
“Now that I’ve released this
book, I have a lot of people telling
me on Twitter, ‘Savannah, you
never wear pants,’ which is true,”
Guthrie, mom to daughter Vale, 3,
and son Charley, 9 months, con-
cedes. “Almost every day, I wear
skirts. So, it’s not that I have such
an affinity for pants; the pants
were just a way to talk about
when you want to get things
done. It’s just a metaphor.”
She adds, “The message is you
can be a girly girl and you can still
be a strong woman.”
Guthrie and Oppenheim, mom
of three, conceived the idea for
their book at dinner, comparing
notes about how their daughters
were “such princesses.”
“We love princesses as much as
anybody, but we were
laughing and thinking,
‘Where does this come
from?’ and ‘How can we
make sure that they love
princesses, but they also
realize you can be a
princess but still be a Savannah Guthrie, left, and Allison Oppenheim wrote Princesses Wear Pants.
doer?’ ” Guthrie, 45,
explains. positioned in front of Bush Hager, Guthrie’s neigh- from, including Drew Barrymore
“It doesn’t mean just windows. It’s easy to bor and a Today correspondent and Kelly Clarkson.
look in the mirror all day draw a comparison to who also has penned a children’s “Drew very much inspires me,”
and admire yourself,” she the Oval Office, which book, was instrumental in bring- Guthrie says. “She’s so devoted to
says. “You can be out there Guthrie approved of. ing Princesses Wear Pants to her girls and she’s just a great,
helping people and doing “We thought that was fruition. committed mom and somebody
things, and so that’s where great,” she says of the “I literally couldn’t have done who’s doing it all.” And “Kelly’s
the idea came from.” drawing by Eva Byrne. it without her because she was such a regular person and she just
Princess Penelope’s agen- Kids also enjoy the book, ac- very encouraging and kind of adores her kids,” she says of the
da includes piloting planes for the cording to Guthrie who has read it gave me the road map on how you singer who also is author of River
Pineapple Air Command, working to Jenna Bush Hager’s daughters, go about getting a children’s book Rose and the Magical Lullaby.
in the garden and yoga. In one il- Mila, 4, and Poppy, 2. “It passed published,” Guthrie says. Fans of Princesses Wear Pants
lustration, she stands in front of a the kids’ test,” Guthrie says. “I was Guthrie has a group of celebri- can look forward to a sequel
chestnut desk, flanked by flags, very thrilled about that.” ty moms she draws inspiration scheduled for fall 2018.

Judi Dench seizes the day as Victoria

Queen of film again
portrays the monarch
in ‘Victoria & Abdul’
Andrea Mandell

TORONTO Hollywood is stuffed

with sequels, but few have the
caliber of Victoria & Abdul, which
boasts Judi Dench playing Queen
Victoria 20 years after she re-
ceived an Oscar nomination for
the same role in Mrs. Brown.
At Toronto International Film
Festival (where reviews of
Dench’s performance have been
rapturous), the beloved actress
revealed why she was up for a
second royal round.
“I consider it to be a sequel of
the story we told then,” says
Dench, 82. “I hope it will match
up to the person that I played in
Mrs. Brown.”
Victoria & Abdul (in theaters
Sept. 22 in New York and Los An-
geles, expands to additional cities
Sept. 29 and Oct. 6) fast-forwards
roughly 15 years from her last
performance, finding the queen
widowed, obese and in her final
chapter of life. Festooned with di-
amonds and underwhelmed by a
barrage of tony dinner guests, the
queen’s boredom and resignation
are palpable — until a handsome Judi Dench stars as Queen Victoria and Ali Fazal is Abdul Karim in Victoria & Abdul, which is based on a true story.
young Indian man arrives at the
palace to present her with a gift. ria & Abdul: The True Story of the same) now.”
Playful and impulsive, Abdul Queen’s Closest Confidante. Equally delicious is Dench’s
(played by Indian star Ali Fazal) In real life, Queen Victoria sensationally sloppy manner: At
breaks protocol, meeting the built Abdul his own house, creat- dinner, the queen loudly slurps
queen’s eye, smiling at her and ed a room in her residence dedi- her soup, chews her entrées
playfully kissing her foot. As cated to Indian treasures and open-mouthed and snores be-
guests look on aghast, Dench’s brought his family to the U.K. tween courses.
queen giggles. But what were Abdul’s inten- “She didn’t have much eti-
“Her life had kind of closed in” tions? It’s unclear as his char- quette,” says Dench. “I had a love-
after losing John Brown, her be- acter in Victoria & Abdul begins ly time. I ate a great deal. I ate 11
loved Scottish aide, Dench says. to impose his worldview on boiled eggs in one scene.”
“It was a blessed relief that sud- the queen. The Rock probably does that
denly she was able to find some- “You think he’s young, he’s every morning, this journalist
body (like Abdul).” naïve. He could have just been imagined.
A friendship blossoms, with playing the fool,” says Fazal. “What is ‘The Rock’?” asked
the 24-year-old man becoming Little information remains Dench.
the queen’s high-ranking “teach- about the mysterious Indian, Fazal widened his eyes. “Judi,
er,” instructing the monarch on but Fazal describes Abdul as a he’s, like, the biggest, biggest star!
the Quran and how to write and man “who was just sitting down He’s badass.”
speak Urdu. and unconditionally teaching her “He’s badass?” Dench asked,
Directed by Stephen Frears, Urdu. And of course, in those turning over her wrist to show off
the film’s story is based on letters, sessions, they would talk about the inked words “Carpe diem.”
journals and diaries between the so many other things. He was “That’s what somebody said to
pair that surfaced in journalist “It was a blessed relief that suddenly she was able to find an opportunist, why not? That’s me when I had my tattoo done.”
Shrabani Basu’s 2010 book Victo- somebody (like Abdul),” Dench says. fine. So many of us (do the At age 80.

Brie Larson tackles

sexual harassment,
still has unicorns
Her latest Andrea Mandell
film is @andreamandell
sweet and USA TODAY

but takes TORONTO Brie Larson may have
decked her directorial debut,
on some Unicorn Store, in rainbows, glitter
serious, and tulle, but there are serious
issues afoot in her tale of a direc-
murky tionally paralyzed twenty-
issues something.
The film, which screened Mon-
day at Toronto International
Film Festival, follows Kit (played
by Larson), an artist whose fanci-
ful, sparkly paintings earn her de-
rision at an art school that
promptly kicks her out. Direc-
tionless and moored to her par-
ents’ couch, Kit decides to grab
life by her mother’s borrowed
skirt suit and try out a temp job at
a PR firm.
Newly resigned to a mundane
maze of cubicles and copy ma-
chines, Kit begins receiving mys-
terious invitations to “the store,”
which, manned by an eccentric
shopkeeper (Samuel L. Jackson),
turns out to sell the one thing her
childlike heart has always desired
most: real unicorns. In Unicorn Store, Brie Larson plays Kit, a twentysomething
Threaded into the fanciful tale artist who dreams of owning a real unicorn.
are colder realities of traps that
often target young women, in- fusion with it is because I truly “But we all watch it and we go,
cluding scenes in which the com- have experienced that on a lot of ‘Whoa, he’s crossing a line.’ And I
pany’s vice president steps in too sets. Where you’re like, ‘Am I sup- felt like that was an important
close, sniffs Kit’s hair and corners posed to take this as a compli- thing to put in a film. That it
her for a private lunch. ment? Is this how I’m supposed doesn’t have to be so forceful.
At a Q&A for the film, an audi- to be talked to?’ As a woman, I’ve Sexual harassment is way subtler
ence member asked Larson about always had this question of, this and weirder and it’s a bigger gray
those micro-aggressions, ques- feeling like, ‘Well, I’m not pretty area.”
tioning her decision to “under- enough for them to do that to In total, the sweet and slightly
play what could be viewed as me.’ ” twee Unicorn Store successfully
sexual harassment in the The actress, a longtime activist showed a strong comedic side of
workplace.” for sexual assault survivors, drove Larson, who told USA TODAY in
Larson politely disagreed, cit- home how murky the waters in August that she’d sought out
ing her own experience in the workplace can be. “It’s so con- lighter fare after a string of som-
Hollywood. fusing. Because in reality, say ber dramas.
“Personally, I don’t feel like the (Kit) went to HR, and was like, “I’ve had a really nice run with
sexual harassment stuff is lightly ‘He’s giving me a problem.’ What drama, but I wanted to do some-
played,” said the future Captain would she say? He smelled my thing that would inspire me and
Marvel. “I think it’s pretty strong- hair? There’s nothing that she can restore my faith and allow me to
ly there. But I do think that Kit’s Mamoudou Athie and Larson attend the pre- say that (proves) he actually laugh on set all day.”
unawareness of it at times or con- miere for the film, her first directing gig. crossed a line.

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BY Tracy Gray By David L. Hoyt and Jeff Knurek 9/13 Y R R P T T O O T H U R
FABRICATIONS Find and Circle: Y B E A I E Z D G O S E
Nine three-syllable words ☑☐☐☐☐☐☐☐☐ D O L A D N A E R N I V
Four four-letter colors ☐☐☐☐
© Andrews McMeel

Airline, or river mouth ☐ O E J U Z I K L A E C E

1 Pictogram in a text Humorous ☐
6 Stretched rides, for ____ Fairy ☐ L D K L E K O T Y S A R
14 Staple at Staples
15 Eye-fooling works QUICKCROSS UP & DOWN WORDS
16 Many a Federer By John Wilmes 9/13 By David L. Hoyt and Russell L. Hoyt 9/13
17 Carnival confection 1. FAIR
19 ___ the line (obey) Sitcom diner
20 Vein find 2.
21 Pesky sort Greeting in Milan
22 Inform on the mob,
say ____ 500 4.
23 Tasty morsel 5.
25 “The Money Class” Roadside bombs, for short
author Suze
© Andrews McMeel

27 Boric and citric DLI x II 7.

30 Visitor to Little Miss
Muffet Clues: Tuesday’s Answer
German article
33 Brits’ outerwear 1. Pleasant conditions LOOK INSIDE
2. It carries climate instruments INSIDE STRAIGHT
36 Subterranean pest Tuesday’s Answer
Actor Alan 3. Hot-air contest STRAIGHT TALK
38 Search blindly S O N G 4. Hurry back to your place TALK UP
39 Area of 1 chain x 1 Tofu beans 5. Hank Aaron
furlong © Andrews McMeel 9/13 O P E R accomplishments
6. Chases and locates
40 Vapers’ buys 69 “___ size fits all” 24 Last place, in 55 NPR commentator D I V A 7. Understood perfectly COUNTRY ROADS
42 Extorted money 70 Inmates’ reprieves sports lingo Roberts QUICKCROSS
from 71 “Start over” button 26 Car-sticker stat 56 “Me likey!” S E E S ON YOUR PHONE PLAY ONLINE
9/12 mobilegames.usatoday.com PUZZLES.USATODAY.COM © Andrews McMeel
43 This puzzle’s title 28 Google ___ (online 57 Special Forces
tips it off DOWN word processor) garb, for short
45 “Amscray!” 1 Disney-planned 29 Like roads with SUDOKU
58 Yemeni coast city
46 Beers brewed from “utopian city” black ice 60 Touch-and-go
top-fermenting 2 Indigenous New 31 Bit of fencing gear 61 Does away with, Complete the grid so that every row, column and 3x3 Complete the grid so that every row, column and 3x2
box contains the numbers 1 through 9 (no repeats). box contains the numbers 1 through 6 (no repeats).
yeast Zealanders 32 Wine shop array mob-style
47 Conical shelters 3 Chose, with “for” 33 Damon of “The
49 Show reverance, in 4 MetLife Stadium Martian”
64 “Big Brother” 8 4 9 6 1 5 4
a way gridder 34 Tylenol target
51 Mushroom at sushi 5 Like many O. Henry 35 Desert Boot
65 Actor’s prompt 2 9 8 1 4 1 6
bars endings feature Tuesday’s Answer
53 Bloomers in a Walt 6 Off one’s rocker 37 “A Visit From 6 2 5 9 5 3
Whitman poem 7 Galaxy Tab the Goon
57 Fly fisher’s competitor Squad” novelist 2 9 6 6 5
maneuver 8 Juicy drupe Jennifer 1 3
59 “Rat race” or “cash 9 Doctors’ directives 41 Sailors’ patron 3
cow” 10 Home to boars (Abbr.) 6 3 2
62 Heed the coxswain and sows 44 Fair-hiring 5 4 3
63 Ruckus 11 Duke Ellington initials DIFFICULTY RATING $$ )))
64 Light, fluffy dessert classic 48 Cap with 1 7 4 6 Tuesday’s Answers
66 Torme, “the Velvet 12 App symbol earflaps, often 9 4 8 6 2 1 7 3 5 5 1 2 6 3 4
Fog” 13 Take a gander 50 Former Disney 3 6 1 4 7 6 2 5 3 7 8 4 1 9 4 3 6 2 5 1
67 Alberta resort 18 “Sorry . . . too CEO Michael 7 3 1 5 9 4 2 8 6
town busy!” 52 “Let It Go” 5 6 2 9 3 8 7 2 5 9 1 6 4 2 6 4 5 1 3
5 9 6 1 4 7 3 2 8
68 Blake whose music 22 Drive that hits singer Menzel 9/12 9/13 DIFFICULTY RATING )))$$ 4 1 2 8 6 3 5 9 7
3 5 1 4 2 6
was featured on the foul pole, 54 Kings Fahd and CROSSWORDS SUDOKU FUSION 1 4 5 3 6 2
2 7 3 4 8 6 9 5 1
Broadway paradoxically Saud, for two ON YOUR PHONE ON YOUR PHONE 1 6 9 7 3 5 8 4 2 6 2 3 1 4 5
Answers: Call 1-900-988-8300, 99 cents a minute; or, with a credit card, 1-800-320-4280. mobilegames.usatoday.com mobilegames.usatoday.com © Andrews McMeel 8 5 4 9 1 2 6 7 3 9/12

1 2 3 4
Today’s theme © WIGGLES 3D GAMES
House and home S O R A N G E
Across Down Author Louis L’Amour Rearrange the words to complete the quote.
5 1. 3737737 1. 33267283 Use the 5 talks about education. CONTINUING EDUCATION GET
5. 9675 2. 32837 phone A R U M A
6 keypad to
6. 6239 3. 739 R B P
7 8 7. 7455 4. 78725 decode the 6 7 8 ________ ________ CAN ________ AN ______________, FOR OF
clues. B R U S S E L
9. 882 7. 7433 For example:
E T N I ______________ EDUCATION IS A ______________ ___________.
10. 3375 8. 5625 2 could be A,
9 9/13
9 B or C ... and P A P A Y A M
5678 could 10

10 be LOST N N P E A

Tuesday’s Answer: “If a man has any greatness in him, it comes to light, not in
© USA TODAY and Rich Coulter Yesterday’s solution one flamboyant hour, but in the ledger of his daily work.” - Beryl Markham

Rihanna goes freestyle for her Fenty x Puma show

down in Fashion Week history,
Maeve McDermott featuring four high-flying motor-
@maeve_mcdermott cyclists somersaulting over the
USA TODAY mountains, coming scarily close
to the light rigs mounted on the
Even by Rihanna’s high stan- Once the bikers safely landed,
dards, this was breathtaking. the presentation began of Rih’s
After unveiling her Fenty futuristic-yet-wearable visions of
Beauty makeup line earlier this athleisure and swimwear, in front
week, Rih staged a New York of an audience including Ashley
Fashion Week show like we’ve Graham, Cardi B, Whoopi Gold-
never seen before Sunday night berg, Ty Dolla Sign, Offset, Big
when she brought BMX riders, Sean, Jhene Aiko, Joey Bada$$
Millennial pink mountains and and more.
a parade of futuristic athletic The BMX inspirations extend-
wear to Manhattan’s Park Avenue ed to the many brightly colored
Armory for her Fenty x Puma biker suits seen on the runway,
spring 2018 runway show. alongside wide-leg pants, off-the-
In stark contrast to the stan- shoulder spandex, oversize jack-
dard-issue runway Tom Ford ets, clunky creepers and high-
setup at the venue days before, heeled flip-flops.
Rihanna’s team transformed The show concluded with the
the room into a glittering models circling the mountains as
pink mountain range with pastel the bikers zoomed over their
peaks of sand rising from the heads, ending with Rihanna
floor. herself on the back of a bike,
As if the setting weren’t stun- circling the crowd and waving.
ning enough, the show opened It was an iconic finish to an un-
with a scene that deserves to go Rihanna wraps up her high-flying show Sunday night at the Park Avenue Armory in New York. forgettable night.

8:00 8:30 9:00 9:30 10:00 10:30 11:00 11:30
ABC The Goldbergs Speechless Modern Family American 20/20 (N) Local Programs Jimmy Kimmel Live
Summer plans. Retreat search. Housewife Sean Spicer. (N)
Kelly Lawler CBS Big Brother Houseguests try to earn Salvation Darius, Grace and Harris work Criminal Minds Reid is forced to confront Local Programs Late Show
@klawls Power of Veto. (N) together. (N) old nemesis. Stephen Colbert
USA TODAY Fox MasterChef Top 6 make a family inspired dish; home cooks are given skill tests. (N) Local Programs

NBC America’s Got Talent The votes determine Marlon A social club. Marlon First date Midnight, Texas A demon from Hell Local Programs Tonight Show
which acts advance. (N) (N) rehash. (N) arrives. (N) Jimmy Fallon (N)
PBS Earth’s Natural Wonders NOVA Cassini space probe. (N) USS Indianapolis Live Charlie Rose (N)
CW Arrow Violent criminals. Supernatural Targeted hunters. Local Programs
ION Law & Order Polygamist cult. Law & Order Crane collapse. Law & Order Tourist killed. Law & Order Child prostitute.
Telemundo Jenni Rivera: Mariposa de Barrio (N) Sin senos sí hay paraíso (N) El Señor de los Cielos (N) Al rojo vivo (N) Titulares y más
Univision Enamorándome de Ramón Consejos. Mi marido tiene familia Fiesta familiar. Hoy voy a cambiar Sobredosis. Primer (N) Noticiero Univ. (N)
A&E Wahlburgers Wahlburgers Wahlburgers (N) Wahlburgers (N) Lowe Files (N) Wahlburgers Wahlburgers Wahlburgers
AMC The Italian Job A gang of career criminals’ heist of a gold bullion shipment. Mark Wahlberg (2003) Focus Opposing con artists attempt same scam. (2015)
Animal Planet Treehouse Masters: Branched Out Pete builds a bird nest-treehouse. (N) Pet Nation Renovation (N) Treehouse Masters: Branched Out
BBC America Star Trek: The Next Generation Cliffhanger Ranger tracks missing millions. Sylvester Stallone (1993) Cliffhanger Sylvester Stallone (1993)
CARA HOWE, COMEDY CENTRAL BET Nutty Professor II: The Klumps Klump tries to rid himself of Buddy. Eddie Murphy (2000) Martin Martin Martin
Abbi Jacobson, Ilana Glazer Bravo Below Deck Jax & Brittany (N) Odd Mom Out (N) Real Housewives of Orange County What Happens (N) Jax & Brittany
and Broad City return. Cartoon King of the Hill American Dad! Cleveland Show American Dad! Bob’s Burgers Bob’s Burgers Family Guy Family Guy
CMT Old Dogs Company deal halted by twins and oddities. John Travolta (2009) Old Dogs Company deal halted by twins and oddities. John Travolta (2009)

BROAD CITY CNBC Shark Tank Grilled cheese. Shark Tank Plush slippers. Shark Tank Animal washcloths. Billion Dollar Buyer Business troubles.

COMEDY CENTRAL, CNN Anderson Cooper 360° (N) Anderson Cooper 360° (N) CNN Tonight with Don Lemon (N) CNN Tonight with Don Lemon (N)

10:30 ET/PT Comedy South Park South Park South Park South Park South Park (N) Broad City (N) Daily Show (N) Daily Show

Broad City may have been gone Discovery Misfit Garage: Fired Up (N) Misfit Garage 1955 Chevy Bel Air. (N) Garage Rehab Roanoke auto shop. (N) Misfit Garage 1955 Chevy Bel Air.

for longer than usual, but after Disney Raven’s Home Stuck in the Middle Bizaardvark Bizaardvark Liv and Maddie K.C. Undercover Bizaardvark Raven’s Home

a 17-month break it’s back DisXD Star vs. Forces MECH-X4 Gravity Falls Gravity Falls Parker Plays Polaris Player The Attack The IGN Show
tonight for a fourth season with DIY Stone House Stone House Vintage Rehab (N) Vintage Rehab (N) Vintage Rehab Vintage Rehab Stone House Stone House
as much biting humor as ever. E! E!’s Look Book E!’s Look Book (N) Total Bellas Marital problems. (N) Eric & Jessie (N) Eric & Jessie E! News (N)
New episodes feature more of Food Worst Cooks in America Worst Cooks in America (N) Cooks vs. Cons Breakfast hash. (N) Cooks vs. Cons Chili cheese fries.
Abbi (Abbi Jacobson) and Ilana’s Fox News Tucker Carlson Tonight (N) The Five (N) Hannity (N) Tucker Carlson Tonight
(Ilana Glazer) adventures in Freeform Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2 Harry, Ron and Hermione search for the three remaining Horcruxes. (2011) The 700 Club
New York, including new jobs, FX The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Peter ignores fame as Spider-Man to find new foes targeting loves ones and NYC. (2014) The Amazing Spider-Man 2 (2014)
a parental visit and the series’ FXX X-Men: Days of Future Past X-Men fight to prevent dooming event. (2014) (7:00) You’re the Worst (N) You’re the Worst You’re the Worst Jimmy in hiding.
much-publicized decision to GSN Family Feud Family Feud Emogenius Emogenius Idiotest Idiotest Cash Cab Cash Cab
bleep the word “Trump.” The Hallmark Last Man Standing Last Man Standing The Middle The Middle The Middle The Middle The Golden Girls The Golden Girls
premiere flashes back to first HGTV Property Brothers at Home Property Brothers: Buying & Selling (N) House Hunters (N) International (N) Property Brothers A vintage house.
time the best friends met. History American Pickers Ford headlights. American Pickers American rarities. (N) American Pickers Ice cream wagon. American Pickers Priceless relics.
HLN Primetime Justice (N) Forensic Files Forensic Files Forensic Files Forensic Files Forensic Files Forensic Files
ID Homicide Hunter: Lt. Joe Kenda Homicide Hunter: Lt. Joe Kenda (N) Shattered Vicious attack. (N) Homicide Hunter: Lt. Joe Kenda
IFC European Vacation Chevy Chase (1985) Vegas Vacation Vacation in Vegas goes downhill. Chevy Chase (1997) Baroness (N) Vacation (1997)
Lifetime Little Women (N) Little Women (N) Little Women: LA (N) Growing Up Supermodel (N) Little Women: LA
MSNBC All in with Chris Hayes (N) The Rachel Maddow Show (N) Last Word with Lawrence O’Donnell (N) The 11th Hour with Brian Williams (N)
MTV Catfish: The TV Show Catfish: The TV Show Are You the One? (N) Catfish: The TV Show Stolen photo.
NatGeo World’s Toughest Prisons Aryan Brotherhood White supremacists. Locked Up Abroad (N) Russia’s Toughest Prisons
NatGeo Wild Wild Japan 18 active peaks. China’s Wild Side High-altitude Tibet. The Himalayas Rock and snow. Wild Japan 18 active peaks.
Nick The Thundermans Exposed secret. Full House Full House Full House Full House Friends Friends
OWN Greenleaf Inclusivity sermon. Greenleaf Grace’s nightmares. Greenleaf Jacob’s first day. (N) Greenleaf Inclusivity sermon.
Oxygen NCIS Franks counseled. NCIS Vance’s demons. NCIS A lieutenant dies during blackout. NCIS Child prodigy.
Pop Swedish Dicks (N) Unfaithful A suburban housewife has an extramarital affair with a young Frenchman. Diane Lane (2002) Swedish Dicks
TV LAND Science BattleBots Vernon Davis joins. BattleBots 32 teams continue. Mythbusters: Best Myths Ever (N) BattleBots Vernon Davis joins.
Sutton Foster and Nico Torto- Spike Cops Cops Cops Cops Cops Cops Cops Cops
rella keep Younger fresh. Sundance Saturday Night Fever A youth becomes a nighttime disco king. (1977) (7:30) Transparent Transparent Yom Kippur. Transparent
Syfy 300 (2007) (6:00) G.I. Joe: Retaliation The remaining Joes are out for revenge. Dwayne Johnson, Bruce Willis (2013) Face Off: Game Face
YOUNGER TBS Big Bang Theory Big Bang Theory Big Bang Theory Big Bang Theory Big Bang Theory Full Frontal (N) Conan Jackie Chan. (N)
TV LAND, 10 ET/PT TCM Harold and Lillian: A Hollywood Love Story Lillian Michelson (2015) Cinderella Liberty A sailor falls in love with prostitute. James Caan (1973)
Season 4 of the series, about a TLC The Little Couple Fire station. The Little Couple Jen plans a party. The Little Couple Garage sale. The Little Couple School preparations.
fortysomething woman pretend- TNT Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest A devious pirate tries to avoid paying his debt to a cursed sea captain. (2006) Percy Jackson & Olympians (2010)
ing to be a twentysomething to Travel Expedition Unknown Buried treasure. Expedition Unknown British history. (N) Expedition Unknown Mysterious ruins. Treasure (N) Pirate Treasure
get a job in publishing, has been a TruTV Inside Jokes Inside Jokes Inside Jokes Inside Jokes Inside Jokes Inside Jokes Comedy (N) Comedy (N)
bit uneven, but it’s still finding TV Land M*A*S*H Loves Raymond Loves Raymond Loves Raymond Younger (N) (Season finale) The King of Queens Funny new driver.
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Father John Misty

preaches on Trump,
liberals, pop music
Gaga, that was a song I really be-
Patrick Ryan lieved in and I was very happy to
USA TODAY see her put those ideas out into
the world. That was very gratify-
ing, but that’s kind of a unicorn
Father John Misty has the per- opportunity: to work with a pop
fect explanation for why he quit star like her who has the autono-
Twitter this summer. my and vision that she does.
“Imagine if Twitter was a phys- That’s not going to come around
ical space: Would you ever go very often.
there?” asks the sardonic singer-
songwriter. “I just decided to stop
going to that bar. It’s, like, the
Q There was some minor
controversy about your
“bedding Taylor Swift” lyric
worst bar.”
in Total Entertainment Forev-
It’s certainly a less interesting
er. Did you ever hear from her
place to visit in the absence of
team about it?
Josh Tillman, 36, who’s devel-
oped a polarizing reputation for
withering sarcasm and cynical
rants as folk artist Father John
A No. To me, that’s a very sur-
realist kind of lyric. If some-
one else’s name had rhymed with
Misty. Fortunately, you can still “Oculus Rift” so well, I would’ve
find him on the road this fall on used that name.
his 21-city North American tour,
which kicks off Wednesday in
Q Have you listened to her
new songs yet?
Tillman recently caught up
with USA TODAY to chat touring,
pop music and writing the follow-
A Yeah, I heard Look What You
Made Me Do. The video was
kind of a jaw-dropping spectacle
up to his ruminative third album, and I appreciated it. The thing I
Pure Comedy, released in April. like about Taylor Swift is that
she’s a country singer, and coun-
Q You just finished playing
festivals all summer. Do
you approach those sets any
try music is about injustice and
heartbreak and settling scores. Josh Tillman, who goes by stage name Father John Misty, begins at 21-city North American tour
Wednesday in Boston to promote third album Pure Comedy.

She does that very well.

differently than solo shows?

A I just headlined my first fes-

tival in the U.K., which is def-
initely the only market that
would ever invite me to headline
a festival. But outside of having a
cake-throwing DJ onstage with
me, I haven’t really changed



Come explore the Canadian Rockies with an unforgettable

rail adventure. Aboard our luxurious coach, you’ll make
friends from around the world and enjoy regionally inspired
MARK HORTON, WIREIMAGE cuisine while being surrounded by world-class scenery.
Tillman spent the summer
playing music festivals, in-
cluding Osheaga in Montreal.

Q What’s the worst show

you’ve ever played?

A I had one spectacularly bad

show the day after Trump
got the nomination. Just the
whole enterprise of being an en-
tertainer became incredibly gro-
tesque and I couldn’t go through
with it. I just ended up having a
good cry onstage that I should
have had in the shower.

Q Have you channeled any

of those feelings about
Trump and his election into
your new music?

A No. When I made (Pure Com-

edy), I was writing in 2015
and there was Trump the candi-
date, but I saw Trump the candi-
date as being symptomatic of the
media hellscape and whatever
else is going on. On the song Two
Wildly Different Perspectives, that
was me poking holes at what I saw
as liberal exceptionalism: that lib-
erals (believe they) are not com-
plicit in the violence and misery
of the world. The album was com-
ing from exhaustion with certain
liberal platitudes and it was a fair-
ly subtle self-satirization. PEAKS & PERKS OFFER SPEND IT ON EXTRA HOTEL

everything (in pop culture) then
became about Trump, including 2018 PACKAGE PER COUPLE IN
my album. That was disappoint- AND RECEIVE UP TO ADDED VALUE.
ing, because it was not particular-
ly the message that I wanted to CHOOSE FROM PACKAGES LIKE
Q You co-wrote songs for
Beyoncé (Hold Up) and
2,729 * PER GUEST,



A I don’t particularly enjoy

that kind of work. When the
opportunity presented itself, you

can’t say no. You want to know

what that’s like. But I don’t think
I’m particularly well-engineered
to do a whole lot of that stuff. In *Offer must be requested at the time of booking and will not be automatically allocated or retrospectively added. Credited option must be selected at the time of booking and can only be added to a Rocky Mountaineer package. Offer valid on
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But Come to Mama for Lady