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TEACHER NAME: Xiangshan He DATE: 3/15/2018

Attach any handouts or materials required for this lesson.

ESL Course: TOEFL 4
Level Beginning Intermediate Advanced Multilevel
Topic/Theme: TOEFL
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Speaking Question 5
Listening Students will be able to listen to the conversations and take notes about
Objectives the main idea and details in the materials.
Students will be able to listen to the teacher’s instructions in order to
follow them correctly, and they will also listen to their peers in pair
discussions for the purpose of practicing listening and speaking skills.
Speaking Students will be able to produce spoken language focusing on organizing
the information they hear from the listening material. The organization
should be: the problem and two possible solutions for the problem.
Students will be able to discuss their notes and their opinions on the
solutions in pair work in order to provide advice to an example TOEFL
Speaking Question 3.
The students will be able to share their opinions in pairs and also in small
groups using.
Reading The students will be able to read the instructions and prompt on the Prezi
and textbook in order to follow them correctly.
Writing The students will be able to take notes while listening, and write down
what they learned at the end of the class. .
What background knowledge Prior to this lesson, the students have learned how to respond to the
do the students already have? TOEFL Speaking Question 3. The procedure of Question 3 and
Question 5 is similar, thus preparing the students for the new material.
What will you do to activate I will start my lesson by asking the students how they are doing, and
or link students’ prior what they did last time for this course. Before I let them know what the
knowledge or experience to topic of the lesson, I will give them a real-life problem which I have
upcoming content? what does this mean?, and listen to a recording in which my friends
provides me some suggestions a recording of your friends?. The
students will be asked to choose which suggestion they prefer and say
the reasons. Providing suggestions for real-life problems is the
experience the students might have experience with and will peak their
interest. .
Engagement with New Material
What will you do to engage I would have students work in groups and take turns to share their
students in the active learning opinions and answer questions. This needs to be expanded on. This is
of the new material? the only time the students will be engaged with the new material?
What will you do to ensure I walk around the classroom to check on each student and make sure
that all students are engaged? they understand what we are doing. How will you check? How will
you know they understand? Is this the only way you will ensure
engagement throughout the entire lesson?
What opportunities will you After finishing the prompt - what was the prompt?, I will ask students
provide students to practice to practice saying the response themselves. What are the responses? Is
and apply their this the only time the students will apply their knowledge in an activity
knowledge/skill to meet the or exercise? I’m guessing not. You need to list all of the times the
objectives for this lesson? To students will be practicing throughout the lesson in detail.
apply to other contexts?
How will you assess their For informal assessment, I will assess student learning by observing
learning of the objectives? them during pair work and group work. Observing does not mean
assessment - what will you be observing *for*? How will that show
you if they are meeting the objectives? I will look into their ability to
describe their own answers to the questions. Rephrase this past
sentence. How will you “look into their ability”? Be specific.
For formal assessment, I will ask Ss to do an exercise on their own.
Which exercise? I will come to each student and listen to their
responses and them give them the individualized suggestions for them
to improve their answers. For example...
How will you help students I will sum up for what Ss learned and did . I will ask them to write
recap the learning and link it down what they learn today, and provide comments on my teaching.
back to the original purpose Be specific here - what will you say to get the students to “provide
of the lesson? comments on your teaching”?
If applicable for your context I will integrate technology into my lesson by using Prezi instead of
and your lesson, how will you writing on the board. The use of Prezi will help Ss have a visual map of
meaningfully integrate what we will do and what are the objectives of the class.
technology into your lesson?

What went well? How do you
What didn’t go as planned?
What contingency plan did
you employ?
What would you do
differently next time?
Did your students meet the
purpose and objectives for
this lesson? What is your
evidence for each?
What do your students need
next? How do you know?
What did you learn about
your glows and grows as a
teacher? What can you do to
work on your areas needing
Lesson plan: (1.5 hour)

9:15-9:20 Greeting, review from last class (herd behavior & grammar

9:20-9:30 Warm-up activity: T tells Ss a problem of hers, and play a voice

recording in which T’s friend gives suggestions. Ss are asked for their
opinions. Introduce the teaching object.

9:30-9:40 Introduction to question 5 in TOEFL speaking part. Ask Ss to

explain what they should do in this section to each other.

9:40-9:45 Turn to page 346. Step 1: Play the conversation and have Ss take

9:45-10:00 Step 2: Ask Ss to read the prompt and write down their

10:00-10:15 Break

10:15-10:25 Review first and play the sample responses. Have Ss write
down useful expressions. (Step 3)

10:25-10:40 Step 4: Ask Ss to tell their partners the complete response with
the help of the prompt.

10:40-10:45 Review the procedure of question 5. State the instruction of


10:45-10:55 Assessment: Ask Ss to listen to a conversation for 2 times and

they have 90 seconds to prepare and 2 minutes to record themselves
providing a complete response.

10:55-11:00 Closing: Ask Ss to review what we did today and have them
write down what they learn today, and provide some comments on my