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Name of Organization : THE NEXT ECONOMY AFRICA

Abbreviation :TNEA

Type: Non Governmental Organization

Mode: Association/Network


The Next Economy Africa (TNEA) is a non governmental organization and a network of African
youths who are in the pursuit of making the economy of their respective nations work by
carrying out programs and projects that promotes economic growth and development for the
main purpose of alleviating unemployment and poverty among the average African youths.

The Next Economy Africa as an organization was founded in the month of April 2018 by a group
of young Nigerian who are alumni and direct beneficiaries of a specialized economic
empowerment program tagged The Next Economy, an initiative of SOS Children's Villages,
1%Club, Enviu and Afrilabs. The Programme is made possible by the Dutch Ministry of Foreign

The program which began in 2016 was targeted at empowering about 4500 African youths in
selected parts of Africa. TNE as a program has been on in: Lagos, Abuja, Jos (Nigeria), Bamako
(Mali), Hargeisa (Somaliland), Mogadishu (Somalia), Nairobi & Kisumu (Kenya). The organizers
have been working closely together with local partners such as: FATE foundation, Enspire ATV,
nHUB, ImpactHub Bamako, Digital Hargeisa, Shaqadoon, Iftin & Nailab in all the countries where
the program has been initiated.

As TNE will be coming to an end in 2018, seeing the importance of sustaining the program, the
beneficiaries came together and in one voice kick-started The Next Economy Africa for the
continuity of the vision and that more youths be reached in the pursuit of reducing
unemployment among them until every average African youth across the continent become
empowered for economic relevance.

Seeing TNE as a propellant for the emancipation of African youths from the woes of
unemployment and poverty via capacity building and enterprise support, the beneficiaries
deem it fit to create a network of African youths for the continuity of the vision.

As African youths, this has become a challenge to us and we will by unity make things work in
our respective nations via Next Economy Africa as an organization. Being proactive, we have
taken the bull by the horn, taking a passionate pursuit to light the fire across nations in Africa,
creating quantum energies via networking, capacity building and enterprise projects full of
innovation for the achievement of our vision.
Our Vision: To be a network of youths making Africa work via capacity building and value-driven

Our Goals:

1. To be a network of African youths promoting economic growth and development in our

respective nations and localities

2. To empower about 1 million youths across Africa for Entrepreneurship and Employability from
2018 to 2023.

3. To carryout capacity building programs for the achievement of goal two and ten

4. To promote financial, career, entrepreneurial and economic education via the publishing
periodical magazines, organizing of seminars, trainings and conferences.

5. To set up revenue generating platforms such as enterprise and leadership academy, radio
stations (or programs) , television stations (or television programs) for sustainability and the
realization of our vision and mission statement.

6. To have a membership of over 1 million members in the network in the space of 5 years.

7. To promote unity and economic prosperity in Africa through The Next Economy Africa