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Instill one drop of “pilocarpine 2%” 30 minutes before the UV-A treatment.

Place the patient in clinostatic position.

Clean the area around the eye with a suitable antiseptic solution.

Starting 30 minutes before the UV-A irradiation, instill RICROLIN ®TE for 15 minutes:
one drop every 2 minutes (at least 8 drops over 15 minutes), using the needleless syringe.

Starting 30 minutes before the treatment, and before the application of the corneal silicone
ring, instill topic anesthetic (single dose): 1 drop every 5 minutes, repeated 4 times.

After 15 minutes of contact, position the corneal silicone ring on the cornea and fill it with
RICROLIN ®TE. Leave the cornea in contact with the solution for a further 15 minutes , keeping
the ring filled with riboflavin throughout the phase.

Remove the corneal silicone ring and position the blepharostat.

Add another drop of topic anesthetic (single dose) before the UV-A treatment.

Accurately focus the light spot on the cornea.

Proceed with irradiation for a total of 30 minutes (six five-minute phases), adding one drop of
RICROLIN® TE at the start of each irradiation phase using a syringe fitted with a canula needle.
During the irradiation phase, if the cornea tends to dry up, it can be kept moist with BSS.

At the end of 30 minutes of irradiation, wash the cornea thoroughly with BSS.

A therapeutic contact lens can be used for 3-4 days, according to the discretion of the

“Topic anesthetic” (single dose)

Before the treatment:
1 drop every 4 minutes, repeated 4 times

“Pilocarpine 2%”
1 drop
30 minutes before
the UV-A treatment

15 min 15min * 5’ 5’ 5’ 5’ 5’ 5’
Starting 15 minutes before the irradiation (pre-UV-A) and * Position the
for the next 15 minutes, instill one drop of RICROLIN® TE
every 2 minutes (at least 8 drops)
"Corneal Silicone Ring"
and fill it with RICROLIN® TE
UV-A exposure: 6 x 5 min

Topic anesthetic Instillation of RICROLIN® TE 5’ Irradiation and UV-A duration G.L.- 0610