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EN 934-2
T 3.1-3.2-7

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Super-plasticiser for pre-cast concrete

DESCRIPTION OF PRODUCT • infill wall panels;

Dynamon NRG 1030 is a highly efficient
super-plasticiser used to make high quality • pre-cast segments and blocks;
concrete for use in the pre-cast sector.
• predalles.
Due to its physical and mechanical properties, TECHNICAL CHARACTERISTICS
Dynamon NRG 1030 improves the performance Dynamon NRG 1030 is an admixture made from
characteristics of concrete during the casting a new generation of modified acrylic polymers in
phase and improves its strength and setting water solution with zero formaldehyde content.
properties during the hardening stage. The special molecular structure of the polymers
Dynamon NRG 1030 is particularly recommended used in the product allows the cement particles
for producing concrete that requires low water to be dispersed efficiently to obtain a highly
content, workability characteristics compatible plastic mix. Dynamon NRG 1030 allows the mix
with the production processes adopted in pre-cast to maintain the same consistence for a long time
plants and a rapid development of early strength without affecting the hydration process of the
to speed up the manufacturing times. cement. The mechanical strength of concrete
The properties of Dynamon NRG 1030 make admixed with Dynamon NRG 1030, are always
it particularly suitable for the production of guaranteed at early ages.
conventional and self-compacting concrete. In
Dynamon NRG 1030 also has the capacity to
such cases, Dynamon NRG 1030 may be used in
control the total amount of air entrapped into the
combination with viscosity modifiying admixtures,
concrete. Low air content reduces permeability
such as Viscofluid SCC/10 or Viscostar 3K, to
provide more stability to concrete mixtures, even and improves durability and fair face of concrete.
with higher slump.
Dynamon NRG 1030 is strongly recommended HOW TO USE
in pre-cast concrete plants, especially for the The product is supplied ready to use. Dynamon
production of concrete elements such as: NRG 1030 develops its maximum dispersion
effect when it is added after all the other
• pre-stressed beams; components in the mix (cement, aggregates,
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TECHNICAL DATA (typical values)

Consistency: liquid

Colour: white

Density according to ISO 758 (g/cm³): 1.04 ± 0.02 at +20°C

Main action: increase in workability and/or reduction of mixing

water and acceleration in the development of mechanical

Classification according to EN 934-2: high-efficiency water-reducing agent, super-plasticiser

and hardening accelerator according to tables 3.1, 3.2
and 7

Classification according to ASTM C494: type C and type F

pH according to ISO 4316: 6.5 ± 1

Water-soluble chloride content according to

EN 480-10 (%): < 0.1 (absent according to EN 934-2)

Alkali content (equivalent Na2O) according to

EN 480-12 (%): <1

mineral additives, etc.) or at least after • fly-ash and lime-based fillers used
a part of the mixing water. for making conventional and self-
After adding Dynamon NRG 1030 it is compacting concrete;
strongly recommended to extend the
mixing time by at least two minutes • release agents from the Mapeform
Eco and DMA ranges for instant or
to enable all the components to be
delayed demoulding;
distributed evenly throughout the mix.
• curing agents from the Mapecure
COMPATIBILITY WITH OTHER range to prevent rapid evaporation
PRODUCTS of mixing water from concrete;
Dynamon NRG 1030 is compatible with
other MAPEI S.p.A. products used in When manufacturing concrete resistant
the production of special concrete and to freeze/thaw cycles our Technical
particularly with the following: Services Department is available to
advise on the most suitable product from
• chloride-free, hardening accelerating the Mapeair AE range according to the
admixtures from the Mapefast range type of cement used.
to achieve very high performance at
early ages strength; DOSAGE
Dosage in volume:
• Viscostar and Viscofluid ranges of from 0.5 to 1.5 litres every 100 kg
viscosity modifiers used for making of cement for conventional concrete.
self-compacting concrete; Different dosages from those suggested
recommended above must be tested
• Mapeplast SF silica fume-based beforehand on concrete and, in all cases,
powdered admixture used in the only after consulting MAPEI S.p.A.
production of highly durable concrete Technical Services Department.
and mortar;
• Expancrete expansive agent used Dynamon NRG 1030 is available in bulk
in the production of shrinkage- quantities, 200 litre drums and 1,000 litre
compensated concrete; tanks.
Dynamon NRG 1030 may be stored Although the technical details and
up to 12 months in sealed containers recommendations contained in this
protected from freezing weather. If product data sheet correspond to the
best of our knowledge and experience,
exposed to direct sunlight the product
all the above information must, in every
may change colour without affecting its case, be taken as merely indicative and
performance characteristics. subject to confirmation after long-term
practical application; for this reason,
SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS FOR anyone who intends to use the product
PREPARATION AND APPLICATION must ensure beforehand that it is suitable
Dynamon NRG 1030 is not considered for the envisaged application. In every
case, the user alone is fully responsible
hazardous according to the current
for any consequences deriving from the
regulations regarding the classification use of the product.
of mixtures.
It is recommended to wear protective Please refer to the current version of
gloves and goggles and to take the usual the Technical Data Sheet, available
precautions for handling chemicals. from our website www.mapei.com
For further and complete information
about the safe use of our product please
refer to the latest version of our Material All relevant references
Safety Data Sheet. for the product are available
upon request and from
na G 10
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