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The Executive Leadership Remuneration Act

A bill to establish a guaranteed leadership award for the President, Vice President for
Administration, and Vice President for Student Affairs of the University of Chicago Student
Government (“Executive Slate”), and for other purposes.

Be it enacted by the Student Association of the University of Chicago,

Title I: Quarterly Award Structure

(a) For each qualified quarter of service, members of the Executive Slate shall receive a
leadership award paid from the Student Government Administrative Budget.
a. Under this statute, Autumn Quarter, Winter Quarter, and Spring Quarter are
qualified quarters of service. Members of the Executive Slate shall not be eligible for
paid remuneration provided for under this statute during the Summer Quarter.
(b) Administration of the awards shall be done by the Committee on Recognized Student
Organizations in the same manner as Student Leadership Recognition Awards (SLRA) are
a. This statute shall not be construed as amending the prohibition on members of the
Executive Slate receiving SLRAs.

Title II: Award Amounts

(a) The total value of the awards to the Executive Slate shall be $9,000, paid from the
Administrative Budget or from a future dedicated line item.
(b) The President shall receive $1,500 per completed qualified quarter of service.
(c) The Vice President for Administration and the Vice President for Student Affairs shall each
receive $750 per completed qualified quarter of service.

Title III: Restrictions on Remuneration

(a) Remuneration shall only be paid for a qualified quarter during which the recipient serves in
office for the full duration of the quarter as defined by the University’s Academic Calendar.
a. Those who resign from office or cease service as a result of imposed or voluntary
leaves of absence, suspension, or expulsion shall not receive that quarter’s award
amount. Previously accrued awards shall not be affected.
b. Those who study abroad in violation of the Assembly By-Laws shall not receive the
award for the quarter during which they are abroad.
(b) In the event of a vacancy, the newly appointed member of the Executive Slate shall start
receiving the award for the first full quarter of service.
(c) In extraordinary circumstances and in consideration of extreme hardship, a 2/3 vote of the
Assembly may restore a quarterly award otherwise denied under this Title.