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DATE: Monday, LESSON NO.2 UNIT: can/ can’t.

March 5th,2018 Adverbs of frequency

COURSE: Teaching Practice of English. TOPIC: Sixth grade: school show, bingo
with can and can´t.
SUBJECT: Lesson plan. Seventh grade: Life in UK; My daily life
with can/ cant and Adverbs of frequency.

INSTRUCTOR: Stephanie Arroyave Gil.

TEACHER: Javier Dario Restrepo.


1. Icebreaker for getting know us with the song: who took the cookie from the
cookie jar? (6°, 7°).

2. Explanation or topic: I am going to explain the uses of can/can´t using students’

examples and I going to make others with them (6°, 7°). Take into account their
daily routines, their school activities and free time activities. Also, I am going to
explain Adverbs of Frequency. I am going to take into account his abilities,
physical skill and so on. Then, I am going to explain how to make affirmative,
negatives, and interrogative sentences with can / can´t, Adverbs of frequency.
3. Work individual: page 20 Achievers (sixth grade).
Page 12-14 Achievers (seventh grade).
4. Work all the group: check the students ‘answers through a game which name is:
who took the cookies from the cookies jar?


 Get to know the students (6°, 7°).

 Understand the uses of Can /Can´t (6°, 7°).

 Learn the structure to form affirmative, negatives, and interrogative sentences

with can / can´t (6°, 7°).

 Recognize the uses of Adverbs of frequency (6°, 7°).

 Recognize some activities that all do in their daily routine; free time activities;
school activities. (6°, 7°).
 Improve their pronunciation.


students’ book, markers, board,etc.

NOTES: The times between of activities and explanation depends of the class and their
participation or doubts, I set an estimated time for each part of the class.


 I will use the Task-Based Language Learning method for the learners to
complete a task about the previous knowledge they have in the topic. In the
explanation part, I will use the direct Method to explicate the topic entirely in
the target language. The students will be not allowed to use their mother tongue,
they have to participate in the class speaking in English. In the final part of the
class, I will use the Suggestopedia Method applying music to introduce new
concepts and words to make students learn without mental blocks. In
conclusion, I will usage different strategies taking into consideration the
different methods that can be used to have a successful lesson.
 The main skill that will be developed is: writing, but this lesson could help the
students improve other communicative competences like listening and reading.

Teachers can use creative strategies to enriched teaching-learning process. According
to Khameis (2007) “Teachers should choose activities that enhance students learning,
and avoid ones that are a waste of teachers’ and students’ time” (p.113). Teachers play
an important role in the implementation of adequate strategies that engage students to
get a better performance in the Communicative Competences.


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Lesson plan By Stephanie Arroyave Gil.

Universidad Pontificia Bolivariana
Faculty of Education and Pedagogy /Bachelor’s in English-Spanish
Course: Teaching Practice of English II /Professor: Javier Dario Restrepo.