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Fig 1

The film Belleville Rendez-vous was created by Sylvain Chomet, he is a four-time Oscar Nominated
and BAFTA winner. Sylvain’s work spans from movies, commercials, music videos and also printed
pages. Most of his movies’ quirks are inspired by Jacques Tati, another French director and comedic
actor famous for movies like Mon Oncle (1958) and Play Time (1967). A lot of the physical comedy
and slapstick humour are inspired by his films, and The Illusionist is in fact based on one of Tati’s
semi-autobiographical scripts. (Tagle, 2011)

Fig 2

The movie is set in France, The Metro roars past on schedule, and his dog races upstairs on schedule
to bark at it, the Metro has been replaced by an elevated highway that shoulders the house to one
side, so that it leans crookedly, and the stairs are dangerous for the dog to climb. The Boy and His
grandmother have a dream of winning the Tour de France. When the Boy is kidnapped by two
mysterious men during the race, the search leads to the megalopolis of Bellevile and the old Triplets
of Belleville.
The film had a combination of hand-drawn and computer-animated technique, which was creating a
framework for a scene in 3D and then adding hand-drawn details. The hand-drawn animation gives
the primarily dialogue-free Belleville Rendez-Vous a deliberately antiquated visual style, and Chomet
relishes caricaturing the body shapes of his characters - whether it's the overly muscular thighs and
protuberant nose of Champion, or the grotesquely obese residents of Belleville. (Dawson,2014)

The film was nominated for two Academy Awards, this included Best Animated Feature, and Best
Original Song(Benoît Charest and Sylvain Chomet for the song "Belleville Rendez-vous", sung
by Matthieu Chedid in the original version).


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