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May 11, 2018


Team Edgar

Dear Edgar:
Grand Rapids, MI
It is with genuine enthusiasm that I submit my application for the director of marketing
position with MeetEdgar. As a department manager with four years of visual
merchandising experience, I am looking for a change of pace, an adventure in which I can
apply my diverse skills and qualifications to a new marketing role. After undergoing a
life-changing experience, a spark ignited within me to find a group of like-minded
individuals—a “team of thing-doers, fun-havers, and goal-crushers”— with which I could
grow and learn. MeetEdgar is this team.

As you will see from the attached resume, I’ve built my career in a variety of roles within
the same company. Each position, whether it be visually inclined, team development
focused, or customer facing, allotted me opportunities to fuel my natural curiosity and
passion for learning. Growing quickly from mentee to mentor revealed my knack for
leadership in a customer service industry. As a department manager, I am a force of
positivity in the workplace, leading with big energy, humor and kindness, and training
associates to do the same. I utilize my resources of key performance indicators
partnered with customer and team feedback to ensure customers are provided with an
unimagined experience. This positivity and resourcefulness exemplify the type of skills I
would contribute to the MeetEdgar team.

Thank you for taking time to consider me for the director of marketing role with
MeetEdgar. I look forward to speaking with you further and demonstrating how my
qualifications will contribute to a build in customer engagement for those who choose to
implement Edgar into their lives.


Clara Becker


Department manager with 4 years of in-depth market research experience. Proven ability to
317.435.5539 positively impact sales through building genuine and honest customer relationships, and
developing a 30+ team of associates. Extensive practice of utilizing business analysis to
influence customer experience through use of problem solving and innovation.



Apparel Department Manager

Grand Rapids, MI Anthropologie, Grand Rapids, MI / September 2016 - Present

• Assess apparel business daily through use of key performance indicators, applying
observations to merchandising strategies and team development to maximize sales.
EXPERTISE • Strategize alongside Home Department Manager to execute company-wide
direction, fostering team engagement on brand goals and messaging.
Visual Merchandising • Uphold the customer experience by building genuine relationships in a non-
commissioned sales environment resulting in a 50% conversion rate, consistently
Team Leadership the highest regional rate.
• Coach team on company objectives of apparel merchandising, business analysis,
Business Acumen
store operations, and standards, setting clear expectations for delivering an
Problem Solving exceptional customer experience.
• Develop supervisor in weekly training meetings geared towards the use of original
Improving Efficiency applications to impact business, resulting in a 10-month positive build on accessory
Task Delegation
• Partner with Store Manager on all talent acquisition, leading thorough and
Effective Communication thoughtful orientation and training for new hires while building store bench
Time Management • Collaborate with team on social media management as a tool to promote customer
engagement and increase traffic.
Customer Service
• Manage payroll daily, achieving company’s payroll goal 29 of the last 30 months.
Collaboration • Consistently exceeds yearly shrink goals through leading team-focused loss
prevention training.

Home Department Supervisor
Resourcefulness Anthropologie, Grand Rapids, MI / February 2016 – September 2016

• Prepared and presented weekly objective reports analyzing beauty department

sales and measuring customer experience quality, resulting in positive comps for 2
EDUCATION consecutive quarters and exceeding company goals.
• Delegated consistent and constructive feedback to associates encouraging them to
BACHELOR OF ARTS problem solve customer engagement methods.
French • Developed associates’ customer service skills through one-on-one mentoring,
MINOR bringing about multiple customer compliments and repeat business.
Studio Art
DePauw University
2010 – 2014

! EXPERIENCE continued
! 317.435.5539 Apparel Department Supervisor
Anthropologie, Grand Rapids, MI / July 2015 – February 2016
• Successfully organized all in-store events for two quarters through executing
! claravictoria.becker@gmail.com customer outreach, event set-up, and team involvement, consistently exceeding
expected attendance.
! Grand Rapids, MI
Visual Sales Associate
Anthropologie, Grand Rapids, MI / February 2015 – July 2015

• Trained associates on company standards to cultivate a well-loved and inspiring


Display Coordinator
Anthropologie, Grand Rapids, MI / July 2014 – September 2014

• Effectively executed in-store and window displays through use of material-

manipulating creative applications, drawing in numerous first-time customers.

Administrative Intern
Galerie Papillon, Paris, France / September 2012 – December 2012

Artist Assistant
Elsa Sahal, Paris, France / September 2012 – December 2012

Visual Merchandising Intern

Domestic Construction, Brooklyn, NY / June 2012 – August 2012

Display Intern
Anthropologie, Indianapolis, IN / June 2011 – August 2011