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Hindu Tengger and Hindu Bali

Of all the religions still exist, perhaps the most oldest Hindu religion. This religion is
sinkrestisme formed from the consensus of many types of religion and culture of Indian society.
In the development of the Hindu religion evolved into five religious belief that is Dravidian, Vedas,
Brahma, the Upanishads, Sri Krishna. Moreover, if viewed from the framework of the
implementation of the teachings of Hinduism can be classified into five major groups or commonly
called Panca Maha Yajna consisting of god Yagna, sage Yagna, Human Yagna, Pitra Yagna,
Bhuta Yagna. Tengger tribe in society and also the people of Bali are equally embraced Hinduism
Brahma. However there are some differences in the implementation of religious and social
activities of his community.
Starting from the historical Hindu Tengger tribe and on the island of Bali. In the Hindu
Tengger tribe development work started from the heyday of Majapahit. Where at the time of the
Majapahit empire reached the pinnacle of power beyond this archipelago. While the development
of Hinduism in Bali Island has several versions. The first is the inscription in Pejeng, Gianyar, in
the inscription reads that Bali has grown Hindu Shiva Siddhanta sect in the 2nd century BC to 8.
The inscription is supported by Shiva statue found in the village of Bedahulu. The second
inscription Sukawana in Bangli, in this inscription explains that the government has recognized
the Dharma Udayana Shiva religion and Buddhism. Third namely Hinduism evolved during
Gajahmada Patih successfully occupied the island of Bali. It can be said that Hinduism in Bali also
influenced by Hinduism in Java at the time.
Furthermore, in the conditions of the community, where the Tengger tribe did not adopt
the caste system like the one in Bali. Balinese Hindu community has several castes ranging from
the lowest to the highest. Besides the activities of the funeral, people on the island of Bali is
predominantly use cremation ceremony. While in the Tengger tribe people use their burial
ceremony. However Hindu Tengger and Bali also have similarities such as the Big Day Ceremony
Galungan and Kuningan. But the people of Bali over the ceremony celebrated with fanfare than
the Tengger. This happens because the Tengger community assess their Big Day is a feast day
celebrated Kasada Karo and festive.
Basically the difference Hinduism in Bali is located in the Tengger and acculturation of the
Hindu religion with the culture of the community. It is natural to happen when Religion and
Culture has become an inseparable unity. In addition to the factors of culture is religion itself,
culture is also called habitual habits surrounding communities that are difficult to be left behind.
When a culture in a different place then it can not deny if later on the activities of religious (Hindu)
will be different from the others, even though they have the same religion. As well as the island
community and society Tengger although religious affiliation of the same, but in the religious
activities tend to be very different.
Maulana Ismail Rhomandana / 165120600111035 / C-1-IPM