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The Management and Accountancy Training Company Ltd

P. O. Box 27800, Kampala. Phone: 0414-253081 or 031 2263118

Plot 1, Second Street, Industrial Area, Kampala Website:www.matuganda.com

MAT ACCA Fee Schedule

ACCA Tuition/ Revision for December 2010 Examination Diet

All Amounts in
(FK) Knowledge Tuition Revision
F1 (AB) Accountant in Business $140 $75
F2 (MA) Management Accounting $140 $75
F3 (FA) Financial Accounting $140 $75
(FS) Skills
F4 (CL) Corporate & Business Law $155 $85
F5 (PM) Performance Management $155 $85
F6 (TX) Taxation $155 $85
F7 (FR) Financial Reporting $155 $85
F8 (AA) Audit & Assurance $155 $85
F9 (FM) Financial Management $155 $85
(PE) Professional Essentials:
P1 (PA) Professional Accountant $170 $100
P2 (CR) Corporate Reporting $170 $100
P3 (BA) Business Analysis $170 $100
P4 (AFM) Advanced Financial Management $170 $100
P5 (APM) Advanced Performance Management $170 $100
P6 (ATX) Advanced Taxation N/A $100
P7 (AAA) Advanced Audit & Assurance $170 $100

Tuition fees include the provision of the FTC Kaplan study texts, and Revision Fees include the
provision of the FTC Kaplan Revision Kits subject to full payment – see overleaf.

RANGE OF COURSES: MAT reserves the right to vary or cancel any of the courses described in this
schedule, or alter the composition of the relevant lecturing team as well as the venue for lectures should
the circumstances so require.

REPEAT PAPER DISCOUNTS MAT provides a very high standard of tuition, and MAT students have
exceptionally high pass rates. Nevertheless MAT cannot guarantee that all students will pass all papers.
To underwrite the quality of the tuition provided, MAT offers a discount scheme for students who having
studied with MAT, need to re-sit. For approved applications, students will pay only $110 per course for
tuition fees. For revision courses the discounted fees are $55 for Fundamental Knowledge Courses,
$60 for Fundamental Skills Courses, and $70 for Professional (Essentials and Options) Courses.

This repeat paper discount is ONLY availed for the same courses(s) you registered and paid at MAT
at the last semester. If, for example, you only paid for tuition to MAT at the last semester for a
particular paper, you will be entitled to discount ONLY for tuition, not the revision courses, and only for
that particular paper. To obtain any of these discounts, please apply at the time of enrollment. Note that
if you are allowed a repeat paper discount you will not be eligible for an advance payment discount.
ADVANCE PAYMENT DISCOUNTS. Students who fully pay for both tuition and revision before 5
September, 2010 for the same paper, may be entitled to an advance payment discount. You must
apply to the administration at the time of payment to obtain this discount. This discount (is subject to
change and) is currently set at $20 for Knowledge courses, $25 for Skills and $30 for Professional
courses. Note that if you have been allowed a repeat paper discount you will not be eligible for an
advance payment discount.

OUTSTANDING BALANCES: No new enrollment into a course will be accepted if there are any
outstanding balances from previously enrolled courses.
ENROLLMENT –TUITION COURSES: For a student to be enrolled for tuition courses, the enrollment
form must be completed and accompanied with your ACCA identification card, along with full fees or
a minimum deposit of US$110 per course. Students will not be enrolled unless these minimum fees
are paid. At the discretion of the management, students may be allowed to attend courses up to 30th
September, 2010 if they pay a lesser amount, but will not receive any course material until full fees
are paid. Sponsored students will not be enrolled without either the full deposit or an accepted letter of
ENROLLMENT-REVISION COURSES: For a student to be enrolled for revision, the completed
enrollment form must be accompanied by full fees. There are no part payment or installment schemes
for revision courses. An enrollment form which includes a revision course will not be accepted without
full payment.
If you have previously enrolled for tuition, and subsequently wish to enroll for revision, you must
complete another enrollment form and submit it accompanied by full revision fees. If there is an
outstanding balance on your account, the enrollment will be rejected.
EXAMINATION FEES. Your tuition and revision fees are for classes only. Your full registration,
examination and subscription fees must be submitted to the ACCA by the deadline(s) set by the ACCA.
We strongly encourage early registration and payment to the ACCA, since this will allow you time to
make corrections should there be any errors on your registration(s).

Every student is responsible for their own examination registration and payment. MAT has
no authority over examination registrations and deadlines, and cannot accept any
responsibility if a student fails to register with, or pay to the ACCA in time. In the event of any
doubt whatsoever over examination matters, you must contact ACCA directly at 1 Floor
Podium, IPS Building, Parliament Avenue, Kampala. Tel: 041 4251328/9 or 031 2262503.
ACCA Connect, 2 Central Quay, 89 Hydepark Street, Glasgow, United Kingdom,G3 8BW
General Enquires: info@accaglobal.com, Student Enquires: students@accaglobal.com
tel: +44 (0)141 582 2000 fax: +44 (0)141 582 2222 www.accaglobal.com/contacts/connect/

ADMITTANCE TO CLASS: Students will be required to show their duplicate enrollment form and proof
of identity to enter the class or use other college facilities, and are therefore instructed to carry both the
duplicate enrollment form and their ACCA student identity card when in the college to minimize
inconvenience. Students who do not have an ACCA student identity card should make an appointment
with the administration to arrange an alternative means of identification. Without this duplicate
enrollment form and an accepted ID you may be refused admittance to class or use of college
facilities. An enrollment for an ACCA course in this semester, entitles the student to access
MAT facilities from the date of enrollment up to and including 15 December, 2010 ONLY.
PAYMENT OF FEES: Once enrolled, students are obliged to pay the balance of outstanding fees not
later than 30 September, 2010. Any student with fees outstanding after this date may be refused entry
to class and will need to make a special arrangement with the administration to continue studying.
RECEIPT AND VERIFICATION: Students must ensure that receipts are given for any payments
made and must carry their receipts whenever they are at the college, as they may be asked to
produce them to obtain admittance to the classes.
AWARD WINNING SCHEME MAT operates an internal prize winning award for its top students. To
participate in this scheme, MAT must receive your results from the ACCA. As an Approved Learning
Partner “ALP”, MAT will apply to the ACCA for your results. Your individual results will not be disclosed
to anyone without your permission, and will only be used to verify the prize winners and to compute
MAT’s overall success rates, to help further improve our tuition performance. If you do not wish MAT
to receive your results, please inform the management before 30 November, 2010. The prize is a
refund of your tuition and/or revision fees for that particular examination.

No refunds or transfers will be allowed once a course has commenced or course material has been issued.
All applications for deferments must be notified in writing within two weeks of commencement for tuition
courses and four working days before a revision course commences. Retrospective applications (i.e after these
times) will strictly be rejected. NB. A course may only be deferred once, and then only to the next semester.
There are no discounts, refunds or deferrals for late enrollments or for non attendance of classes.