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26 -09-2017


Very Very long term cycles <><> outer planets

pluto 27
neptune 14+

long term cycles <> saturn jupiter rahu ketu

saturn 30+
jupiter 12+
rahu & ketu 18+

- mars 45 days short 45-210 2 months <> 6 months

Venus 28 days
mercury 22
sun 30
moon 2.5 day one rasi transit

lagna with in day...during trading hours

uttarayan <> dakshinayan as per sun

Sun entering Aries

Country chart of india ...over view

Transit Cycles at the curreny day month year

Nifty Bank listing 2005

erect chart of nifty
nifty 50

nodal return
natal return
rahu on ketu
ketu on rahu

venus rah moon mar

Moon mar meru mer rah

who is strong between lagna and moon
lagna star lord
now lagna star lord for this day si rahu
rahu si cancer aspected by none so take moon sign lord
between lagna star lord and moon star lord ...who ever is stronger
consider that for that day

lagna (avg 2 hours one lagna)

trading hours is 6.5 hrs so avg 3-4 lagnas
moon in subs of mercury

sectorb ased
we should transit

saturn exiting scorpio since for 2.5 years

oil and petrol had literally gone through a bad phase

that will have some period to have breath

satun moves to sagittarius

saturn contracts

rasi gunas
plantary karakatawas

1 5 9 wealth luck bhagya prosperity growth UP

1 4 7 10 hard ships blessings progressive with hardships ...even though
there is volatility at the end of the day they will be positive UP/Down

6 8 12 down loss of money ...losses troubles DOWN

11 gains mars sharp gains shoot ups spikes UP

2 (wealth money but still it has negagivity )

3 progressive but 25% negativity 8 to 8

Matrimony ltd
sep 21 2017 9:15 am new delhi

9:30 am

individual company chart (date of incorporation) time sunrise

or western method mid noon to know the company affairs future

individual company's listing date in NSE take time of first bell

on first trade day

bank nifty it got listed in 2005 or 2008

moon has travel mercury ketu venus sun subs TODAY /For That DAy


lagna how many rasis

every month new contract

interval how much osscillation

post 1992

pre period

few data 1998

few data from 2005


usa oil industry

hess corporation