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Actividad de aprendizaje 2

Evidencia 2: Workshop “Products and services”

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Jeryca Magaly Contreras Neme

Fase de Análisis


Germán Argáez


Negociación Internacional
Febrero 2018
1. Find the main idea of paragraphs 1, 2, 9, 10, 11, and 12, and write them in a paragraph.

At this moment the economy is living a digital revolution similar to what happens before with
the industrial revolution. The economy is digital, every company should be prepared to use
digital technologies, yet the eu it's still slow in that aspect, but is addressing this issue trying to
be innovative to compete with the rest of the world, and gain some lost ground. There is no line
between products and services, national or international, that doesn’t matter anymore, the
integration between product and services it’s what matter is what generates and added value and
allows to the economy to grow

2. Write a summary of ten lines from the text.

Since the change of the economy in the world, Europe have to innovate to retain losing ground,
now that we live a second revolution , different from the industrial this one is digital, now
instead of the standardization of the industrial revolution, we have the customization, a closer
relationship between the products and services and the clients, now the people not always invest
in tangible products but in intangible services, we have a new economy thanks to the
globalization and technology, the line between products and services is erased and now it’s the
mix of those two what counts. Every company small or big have the same tools thanks to the
digital world, now big companies rely on startups and in his innovations looking for inspiration
and new ideas. This new market is available to everyone for every part of the world and to every
area that you can think of, is a totally connected economy in when the added value is between
the blending of services and products to make tailored experiences for everyone.

3. Choose a paragraph and translate it with your own words.

Europe has everything going for it in this new, hyperconnected, interoperable economy:
traditional strength in manufacturing must now urgently be complemented by world-class

-Europa tiene todo andando para esta nueva, hiperconectada, interoperable economía: fuerza
tradicional en manufactura debe ir ahora urgentemente complementada por servicios de clase

4. Choose ten words from the text and organize them alphabetically. Look for the meaning of
each word.

Advantage- ventaja
Blurring – desdibujando
Customisation – personalización
Disruptive – desestabilizadora
Engine – Motor
Framework – marco
Growth- crecimiento
Increasingly – crecientemente
Productivity- Productividad
Unleashing – desencadenando

5. Match the term with the corresponding meaning.

a Client e Things created by projects.

b Solution d A series of tasks to be done in a specified sequence.
c Engagement a A customer.
d Project b Products and services that solve a client’s problem.
e Deliverable c An agreement between client-service provider.