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Charlotte Pearce

9th H Lit/Period 2
April 17, 2018
Scholar’s Journal Entries
Motif: Parent and child relationships (control)
Entry 4
Act: IV
- Prospero offers to Ferdinand, “Then, as my gift and thine own acquisition,/ Worthily
purchased, take my daughter. But,/ If thou break her virgin-knot before,/ All
sanctimonious ceremonies may,/ With full holy rite be ministered,/ No sweet aspersion
shall the heavens let fall,/ To make this contract grow; but barren hate” (IV, i, 14-20).
- Ariel exclaims, “What would my potent master? Here I am” (IV, i, 37).
- Prospero orders Ferdinand to talk to Miranda: “Sit then and talk with her. She is thine
own” (IV, i, 35).
Prospero is now allowing Ferdinand to love and marry his beloved daughter, Miranda, but he is
giving him many orders to keep Miranda safe. He says they may not have sex until proper
marriage ceremonies have been held, and he tells Ferdinand when he is allowed to speak to
Miranda. He is very controlling and protective of his daughter. He also treats Ariel like a son,
and Ariel treats Prospero like his master. Prospero seems to have control over Ariel.