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 Requirements

 Bachelor’s degree in molecular biology genetics, forensic sciences, or any other related field
 High school diploma
 Knowledge of laboratory procedures and equipment
 Strong verbal and written communication skills

 Skills
 Active listening
 Writing
 Speaking
 Critical thinking
 Reading comprehension
 Complex problem solving
 Science
 Active learning
 Judgement and decision making
 Monitoring
 Social perceptiveness
 Time management
 System analysis
 Learning strategies
 Systems evaluation
 Operation monitoring
 Coordination
 Persuasion
 Instructing others
 Management of Personal Resources
 Service orientation
 Mathematics
 Operation and control
 Quality control analysis

 Colleges
 Kaplan University - $371 per quarter hour
 American InterContinental University - $15,290 per year
 Stanford University - $48,987 per year

Responsibilities/Daily Activities

 Cataloging DNA
 Analyzing DNA evidence
 Identifying DNA samples such as blood, hair, or other bodily fluids
 Performing maintenance and quality control checks of equipment
 Conducting peer reviews on each other’s findings
Career Outlook and Income

Median income

 $60,090 per year

Job outlook

 Expected to increase by 27%


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I would enjoy this job because I really like discovering and providing results. For example, if I was in the lab
analyzing a hair follicle to conclude who committed a crime, I would really enjoy being the one who found the
conclusion. Also, usually when people are working in a closed environment like this, they do not have much
human interaction, however, this job seems to provide a chance to work with others. The fact that they
conduct peer reviews on each other brought me to that conclusion.