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Accelerated Geometry Final Review

1. Find the missing angles. 2. If the measure of ∠s is equal to 37° and ∠p is equal to 80°, solve
for the remaining variables. Assume l and m are parallel.

3. 4. Lines n and p are parallel lines cut by transversal m. If the

measure of ∠115, find the measure of ∠8.

a.) Name a set of congruent triangles in order of corresponding


b.) Name corresponding line segments.

5. In ΔABC and ΔLMN, ∠A and ∠L are congruent, ∠B and ∠M

c.) State the postulate that proves ΔGIJ is congruent to ΔKML. are congruent and ∠C and ∠N are congruent. Using the information
above, which postulate proves that ΔABC and ΔLMN are
a. SSS
d.)Find the measure of ∠V. b. SAS
c. ASA
d. It cannot be determined.
6. If Anna went to the beach on July 25, July 28, July 31 and August 7. If RAGDE is a regular pentagon, what is the measure of ∠G?
3. If this pattern continues, when will Anna go to the beach again?

8. Find the volume of the following triangular pyramid. 9. If an angle in a rhombus measures 21°, what do the other three
angles consecutively measure?

10. Roberta draws two similar pentagons. The perimeter of the

larger pentagon is 93 ft.; one of its sides measures 24 ft. If the
perimeter of the smaller pentagon equals 31 ft., then the
corresponding side of the smaller pentagon measures _____.

11. Which of the following is NOT valid for proving that triangles 12. Write the converse, inverse, contrapositive, and biconditional of
are congruent? the following statement:
If I do my math homework, than I get good grades.

a. SSA c. SAS Converse:

b. ASA d. HL

13. What is the height of the equilateral triangle below? Round to

the nearest hundredth.


16 ft.
14. a. If AD = 3 and DB = 27, find CD.
b. If AD = 7 and AB = 28, find AC.

16. What is the midpoint between (1, 2) and (13, 8)? 17. What is the distance between points (3, 5) and (1, 1)? Round
answer to the nearest hundredth.

18 Find the equation that runs through point (5,3) and is 21-24. Draw the following in each triangle.
perpendicular to y=-4x-3.

Median: Altitude:

19. In the figure below, which triangles are congruent? What

postulate proves it?

20. ΔHGO is a ________ triangle. ∠x measures ________ degrees. Angle Bisector: Perpendicular Bisector:
25. Which set of points are coplanar? 26. Dorothy is standing directly 300 meters under a plane. She sees
another plane flying straight behind the first. It is 500 meters away
from her, and she has not moved. How far apart are the planes from
each other?

a. C, A, N, T
b. C, A, N
c. T, A, N
d. C, A, T

27. At Washington Prep, students must take Algebra 1 before 28. For ∆MNO, the length of NO is _______. Round to the nearest
Geometry. Michael is in Geometry, therefore…? hundredth.

a. Michael is in the 10th grade

b. Michael has failed Geomety
c. Michael took Algebra 1
d. Michael needs Geometry

29. Find the value of j and k. 30. Write the equation of a line in slope-intercept form that runs
through the point (3,7) an has a slope of 4.

31. If a triangle has two legs with the lengths of 4 and 9, what is 32. Which of the following does NOT make a triangle?
the range of the third side?
a. 3, 4, 5
b. 5, 5, 10
c. 6, 7, 8
d. 10, 10, 18
33. What is the sum of the interior angles of a triangle? 34. True or False?

AAA can be used to prove triangles congruent.

35. Is ∆ PYT congruent to ∆ HAG? How do you know? 36. Use the Segment Addition Postulate to solve for x

37. Find the area of a regular heptagon with a side length of 26 38. Find x and y.

39. Which postulate proves the following triangles congruent? 40. Find the value of angle B

41. Find the value of x? Then list the sides from least to greatest. 42. Which of these is NOT a name for this shape?

a. Quadrilateral
b. Parallelogram
# a. Rectangle
a. Rhombus

43. Segment MN is the mid-segment of the given triangle. What 44. Use special right triangle ratios to solve for the variables.
is the value of x and the length of segment MN? Do not round.

6x-10 x+1

45. Is there enough information to prove that the following 46. If the surface area of a sphere is 25 meters squared, find
quadrilaterals are parallelograms? the volume. Round answer to the nearest hundredth.
47. Two parallel lines are cut by a transversal. If mA = 55◦, what 48. How much does the interior angles of this quadrilateral add
is the measure of angle F? up to? ______

What is the value of x? _______

49. Solve for the missing angle. Round to the nearest degree. 50. Solve the following proportion. Do not round.

2m+2 = 12
3 2m-2

51. Find the measure of an interior and an exterior angle of a regular 52. Find the value of x.
polygon with 15 sides.

53. If two similar rectangles have areas of 18 and 50, what is the ratio
of their sides.
54. Find the area of the following highlighted sector. Round to the 55. Find the length of the highlighted sector pictured in number 54.
nearest tenth. Round to the nearest tenth.

56. Find the surface area and volume of a cylinder that has a height 57. Find the area of the following figure.
of 10cm and a diameter of 14cm. Leave answers in terms of pi.

58. Find the surface area and volume of a cone that has a slant height 59. Find the surface area and volume of a sphere that has a diameter
of 19cm and a radius of 12cm. Round answer to the nearest tenth. of 15inches. Round to the nearest tenth.

60. Complete the following proof.