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Intern Review Sheet

Name: Annisa Narapuspa Razak Mustafa

# Item Evidence

1 Project Objective reducing the use of water by the example of 4472 kg with water
Used Water used is 28.242,89 liters so it is obtained average that it takes water
approximately 6.41 m3 for fish one ton processed. The use of water
is the same as the resulting liquid waste.
The recycled water used in the company ranges from 2 to 4 m3 per
day which is used for spraying incoming raw materials
2 Current Report on Progress as for the standard benchmark for processing fish with this fillet is
from Student 5.0 - 7.4 m3 for one ton and the company itself provides a standard
usage of 5-10 m3 for one ton.

3 Project Charter Watch the process and record the process steps,
observing water used during processing

4 Envisaged End Result The standard obtained that the water used is 5,0 - 7,4 m3 and that
obtained from the data retrieval during practice that is water used
is 6 m3. But to minimize the water used is to improve the slope of
the floor, easy to clean the floor material.

5 Evidence of Progress he data obtained in some embedding obtained a value of about 6

cubic meters per ton and the standard water usage standards of
5.7-7.0 meters cubic

6 Factory Review the plant uses excessive water in the production area and
suggestions that can be given that floor materials made of marble
for younger cleaned and reduce the use of water for cleaning and
sloping floor that standarkan that is at least 3 degrees

7 Final Steps / Action Plan Efficiency water can be implemented if the building has been
adjusted to the predefined building standard. This efficiency will
impact on the resulting liquid waste, electrical water and electric
power at the pump on the recycled water treatment process that
1 tujuan
Kurangi jumlah air yang digunakan per nada ikan dengan target yang disepakati misalnya dari 9827
liter per 1,5 ton Patin dll. Tingkatkan persentase air daur ulang yang digunakan berdasarkan air yang
digunakan di pabrik
2 standar patokan saat ini dilaporkan .. pendekatan baru untuk mengurangi air akan diukur dengan
standar ini
3 Piagam disusun .. akan diubah dengan menggunakan laporan ini
4 hasil akhir. Standar pengaturan membantu perbaikan dan kami dapat meninjau sejumlah solusi
5 progress ... data yang diambil dan set standar. Intervensi akan didokumentasikan
6 ulasan .. pabrik menggunakan air yang berlebihan di area produk dan laporan dengan saran untuk
mengurangi air akan disusun untuk tim pabrik
7 langkah terakhir..menyambut
8 aob .. dokumen seafish akan diulas bentuk tips tentang intervensi untuk pabrik

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