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Support File for ELCC Standard 3

A building-level education leader applies knowledge that promotes the success of

every student by ensuring the management of the school organization, operation,
and resources through monitoring and evaluation of teachers, school management
and operational systems; efficiently using human, fiscal, and technological
resources in a school environment; promoting and protecting the welfare and safety
of school students and staff; developing school capacity for distributed leadership;
and ensuring that teacher and organizational time is focused to support high-quality
instruction and student learning.

Standard Artifact/Activity Reflection Source

Element (Course)
3.1, 3.2, 3.3 Program In this assignment, I EA 747- Action
Evaluation worked on evaluating my Research II
school’s remedial reading
intervention program. The
program involved looking
at various aspects and also
how it correlates to
students’ self-motivation.
3.5 Six Principles By completing this EA 740- School
Analysis assignment, I was able to as a Formal
analyze and examine Organization
various aspects in my
school. Then I was able to
create a potential solution
to improving areas of
weakness for the school.
3.5 4 Frames This activity allowed me to EA 740- School
Analysis reflect on the school from as a Formal
various standpoints. I Organization
gained insight into looking
at a school from these
points and reflect on the
functioning of the school
through these lenses.
3.1, 3.5 UbD Unit Design Unit creating is an integral EA 746-
part in effective Curriculum
classrooms. The unit I and Staff
created allowed me to Development
implement a unit I teach
yearly, and this helped me
to create a more direct and
engaging unit with a set
3.5 Creating This presentation allowed EA8820-
Meaningful and me to build P.D. that is Human
Effective P.D. meaningful and useful to Resource and
the staff at my school. Management
3.4 Final Paper This final paper allowed EA8820-
me to evaluate the overall Human
human resource aspect of Resource and
my school. I was able to Management
look at strengths and areas
of improvement. Seeking
feedback from all levels of
staff, I was able to come up
with suggestions to fix
issues and increase
3.2, 3.3 Back to school This planning time allowed Administrative
documents and me to create documents support
planning necessary to ensure the
flow of responsibilities
were assigned. As well, I
was able to help modify the
school handbook to update